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SoftwareEngineeratViduraInc. Github

College :- Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT Ropar) Degree :- B-Tech, Computer Science And Engineering, 2008 - 2012.

A quick learning and hard working guy, with lots of passion about technology, problem solving and designing software architectures. Always looking for programming challenges and projects which can further improve my skills. Following are some of my specialities :1. Framework oriented, bringing general solutions. 2. Coding at software-hardware interface. 3. Writing perfectly reusable and extensible code.

Extending the OpenSource freeRDP protocol to enhance its capabilities to work on all windows systems, modifying it to construct a application streaming framework around it rather than desktop streaming which is already done.

FrontendFrameworks:Ember js, Ember Data js, Angular js, Handlebars js

BackendFrameworks: Ruby on rails, Java Spring Stack, Spring Roo, Node js TestingFrameworks: JUnit, Jasmine, Mocha, Rspec


:- MongoDb, PostgreSql, Mysql

CodeManagement:Git HelpingFrameworks:Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, Font-Awesome Ability :Can create a single page web application or convert existing web

application to single page application which can be easily ported on different devices using phoneGap

SoftwareEngineeratNavyugInfosolutionsPvt.Ltd.(May2012June2013) 1. Built an automated worker process and non-relational data generator for a project.


Express framework, Node server, Ember/Handlebars UI (MVC frontend), Mongodb Database, Deployed it on Heroku.

2. Created a learning content management system as a single page browser application.

Tech Spring framework, Tomcat server, Ember/Handlebars UI, Sql Database.

3. Worked on SCiCustomer for PrimeRevenue along with contribution to open source project Tent, another single page browser application. Tech Ruby on Rails backend, with datamapper and thin server for authentication and
unicorn for application server. Ember/Handlebars UI, Postgres Database.

Developed an application for company AMRIDE. The application automates the process of hiring a driver from amride for a ride depending upon the real-time geo-positions of drivers. The application finds the most suitable driver, suitable both for Company(low fuel usage) and for User(faster response time). The application is highly user friendly. Tech Simulation
:- HTML, CSS, Javascript .

Development :- Google Maps API, Android 2.3, Java

Developed a GUI (from scratch) for a hand-held projector. The GUI does not use X, and writes to frame buffer directly. The device has the functionality of displaying File-Systems, and System Information. The GUI built has three versions Tech
Development :- Desktop version (Using GTK), Android Version (Using Android SDK)

HonorsandAwards Company :NavyugInfoSolutions Title :MostPromisingNewComerfor20112012

This prize is awarded annually to a new employee who has quickly picked up the technology and delivered a product in short time interval.

B-Tech Project

Automated the process of creating a timetable (basically a scheduler) for IIT Ropar institute. The scheduler has many capabilities such as i. Prefixing some slots or rooms for faculties. ii. Changing the timetable schedule in real time, according to preferences of faculties or administrators and many more. The scheduler contains many soft-constraints for facilitating students and faculty for fixing appropriate schedules. It includes beautiful and nearly real-time responsive Web interface for displaying and manipulating the timetable.

Tech Simulation

:- HTML, CSS, jQuery. Development :- Python, Gurobi (IP Solver).

Java Projects
A web browser which parses basic HTML files and renders the content. This browser is capable browsing through pages and saving the browsing history.

Tech :Hyperlink Listener,swing.text.html, JEditorPane SynonymousScore(Aug2010toNov2010)

Built an application for calculating the similarity of two files (for search Engines) using concept of proportionality with their synonymous scores.

Tech :- JAWS library for finding synonyms , Trie data structure for fast string search. DNSLookUp(Aug.2009toNov.2009)
Developed a DNS cache, which gives responses to DNS lookup, Insert, delete and find minimum available free-IP queries. The cache gave a performance of O(log(n)), on any primitive query.

Tech Data Structures : - A hybrid of red black trees and Hash Tables.

C/C++ Projects
Created a desktop application that will automatically compile the codes written by students, check the results based on standard output and grade student as decided by the faculty.

Tech GTK, Objective C AnimatedBilliardsGame(Nov2011toNov2011)

Wrote a billiards game using own Physics Engine. The physics engine is able to handle collision between two balls, a ball and a rod, and between two rods.

Tech OpenGL, curve interpolation & buffer swaping ImageRenderingUsingRecursiveRayTracing(Oct2011toOct2011)

Wrote a recursive ray tracer for rendering 3-D images using Phong illumination model ( recursion to depth 3). A scene file gives the information about image to be rendered

Tech OpenGL, Phong illumination

Artificial intelligence
Developed a web based intelligent checkers game using JavaScript interface updates. Computed Move, Created a game tree up to a depth of 7 and applied alpha beta pruning on it to get the best move faster according to heuristics applied.

Tech alphabetapruning,gametheory

Web Development
Developed an automated system for health care integrated with web. Keeping the users health information on a database server frees user from carrying the bunch of files of his/her previous records. Every time a new treatment is done the data is entered on the server, which manages the data in an intelligent way.

Tech PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin.

Developed a generic e-commerce web application following MVC architecture Models were written using sql procedures and administered using phpMyAdmin Views were written using php, css and html. Controller was basically set of JavaScript procedures managing ajax for data exchange. Supports user accounts and shopping history, full text-search on products with search results ranked by relevance. The application was fully engineered using AJAX elements for fast responses CSS for pleasing UI and modular database for further extensibility.

Software-Hardware Interface

Implemented the functionality of prioritizing the threads, preemption of threads, file systems, and system calls in a given primitive and very simple operating system pintos as a part of course Operating Systems. Handled Synchronization and Process Creation.

Implemented MIPS 16 instruction subset on a simulator. This includes different ALU components of a processor like multiplication, division, matrix multiplication hardware. Did this using a MultiCycle design and implemented the control path using microprogramming.

Tech Logisim software

Software Development
Developed accounts branch of a bank service. The software written was able to do database management along with automated updation of account information for different types of accounts. Built a full fledge API using PHP. Integrated our software with different departments via JSON web services. The powerful and pleasant UI running over a highly modular API gave a huge amount of flexibility of doing almost any operation by an authorized user. Explored every aspect of software development from design to deployment such as :design using mockups, agile development, code maintenance, versioning, unit testing, iteration cycles, sprints and releases.

Tech PHP, MySQL, git, freemind, phpMyAdmin, planner, trac, argoUML, phpUnit and

Computer Networking
Simulated the detection and cure from black-hole nodes, in ad-hoc computer networks using power adaption. The ad-hoc scenario was made using Object Oriented TCL (OTCL), and the lowest level protocol implementation was done in C++.

Introduction to Programming, Concepts Of Computer Architecture, Software Systems Laboratory, Analysis And Design Of Algorithms, Data Structures And Algorithms Paradigms Of Programming Languages, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Introduction To Database Systems,

Concepts Of Operating Systems, Logic And Computability, Introduction To Computer Graphics, Vector Field Theory, Complex Analysis, Modern Algebra , Quantum Physics, Phonetics, Introduction To Economics, Introduction To Probability And Stochastic Processes.

Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Calculus, Digital Electronics Circuits, Psychology, Leadership,Communication and Decisions, Engineering Drawing

Skills & Expertise

C / C++ Ember.js Handlebars.js Heroku Android GTK NS2 Git STL Spring 4 years 11 months 11 months 1 application deployed 3 months 5 months 2 years 2 years 1 year Java Node.js Ruby on Rails MongoDB Qt jQuery OpenGL Rspec Spring-Roo 4 years 3 months 3 month 3 months 1 application 3 years 5 months 3 months 2 months

Societies and Activities

1. Vice-President and founder of Coder Zone [ Programming Club at IIT Ropar ]. 2. Volley Ball Representative. 3. Inter IIT Bodybuilding 2nd position (2011-2010 and 2009-2010).