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Piyush Upadhyay Address: K-II/302, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi-110062, India Mobile: +919555678768 E-mail:

Piyush Upadhyay

Address: K-II/302, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi-110062, India Mobile: +919555678768

Date of birth: 14 th July 1987


To transform my enthusiasm, creativity and experience into a position, where I can continue to provide the strategic/ technical contribution to the effective growth of the organization and to achieve a challenging position where my skills, knowledge and experience can be shared, enriched and exhibited.

IP Professional Experience:

Indian Institute Of Patent and Trademark Attorney (IIPTA) Patent Department Designation Patent Analyst Trainee Duration (May 2012-July 2012)


1. To conduct prior art searches on various paid and non-paid databases and prepare analysis report.

2. To create/ provide opportunity for client (by means of invalidation and/ or oppositions of patents and/or non-infringing options.)

3. To identify new product opportunities by patent landscape analysis

4. To assist the team in preparing company portfolio and competitive analysis,

5. To conduct various types of searches novelty search, clearance search, infringement search, patentability search etc.

6. To help IP attorney for office actions and patent filing and drafting.

Project undertaken:

Company portfolio of ARM Limited. The main objective of this assignment was to conduct a “Patent portfolio analysis” of ARM Limited to identify patent documents (includes granted patents, published patent applications, inventors) that exclusively disclose technologies / methods / processes / system and / or its components (e.g. Architectures, Processing systems, Debugging systems, control systems etc.) of data processors that use digital/analog data/instructions with improved efficiency.

Patent Landscaping analysis of Optical biosensors. This report seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of available technologies in the Optical biosensor landscape including types of detections / types of sensing methodology etc.

White Papers:

Compulsory licensing in India.

Section 3(d) interpretation, The Indian Patent Act, 1970.

Novartis Glivec Case study.

Technical Work Experience:

Designation: Technical Support Engineer Organization: G.K. Instrument Duration: Jan, 2012- Aug, 2012 Duties:

Testing and verification

Products Demonstration



From: Dec, 2010- Dec 2011:

PCB Design (Protel 99SE and Orcad layout 16.0) Work: Layout design, Copying and editing PCB, Placing of components by manually, strategic placement & by Auto Placement, Routing board by manually, Auto-routing,

Creation of Net List & Component list.

Schematic Design(Orcad capture CIS 16.0) Work: Schematic entry, customize symbol creation, adding properties to symbols & instances, Footprint assignment.

Embedded systems (Atmel AT89C51) Work: - 1. PWM generation using AT89C51. 2. Water level Detector using AT89C51.(College students final project)

Circuit Simulation using Pspice A/D analysis. Work:-BJT, Op-amp circuits, power supply LM7805 etc, Analog/ Mixed signals, Digital circuits (Latches, flip-flop, counters.), Filters etc.

Academic Profile:

Dec 2011- Present Global institute of Intellectual Property, Okhla, New Delhi Certificate course (Intellectual Property Nucleus Advanced) Subjects: Basic concepts of IP, Indian Patent law, US Law and EU Law

2010: Bachelor of Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, 59.54%, Faculty of Engg. and Tech., Agra College, Agra, GBTU (Formally UPTU)

2004: XII th , Sarvodaya Boys SSS No.1 Sarojini Nagar New Delhi. 62%, CBSE: Subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English literature

2002: X th , V.C.S.G Sarvodaya Boys SSS, J-Block, Saket, New Delhi, 76%, CBSE: Subjects: Math, English, Hindi, Social studies, Science, Sanskrit

Short term Courses:

Organisation : F.E.T, Agra College, Agra,U.P. 282002


: Three days


: Workshop on MATLAB AND ITS APPLICATIONS (Dayalbagh Educational Institute), Deemed University,Agra


: Appin Knowledge Solutions, New Delhi.


: Two months.


: Embedded Robotics.


Organisation :

Appin Knowledge Solutions, New Delhi


: 2 Months.


: 1. Line follower robot (2007-08)


2. Obstacle finder robot (2007-08).



College final year project



1 year



Automatic Pilot System. ( APS 2009-10) based on GPS.

No. of team members : 4 Project description:

The project is autonomous i.e. human less system performing self navigation. It comprised of two Parts.

G.P.S. (Global Positioning System)

Automated Vehicle

It is based upon the principle that GPS provides the location coordinates along with a direction pointer when it is demanded. Aim of the project was to reach from source to destination which is predefined by GPS or like system (Pseudo GPS). Task of device/vehicle is to overcome all the obstacles like Pitts on the track, crowd, traffic light signals etc in the following path. The vehicle can also choose an alternate route if necessary. It was a futuristic project. NASA already province its two such land rovers, “spirit” and ”opportunity” are example of such autonomous system which are successfully running on the Martian surface.


Web Technologies

: HTML and Well versed with internet searching and surfing.


: C/C++, Assembly “C”


: SQL and Ms-Access

Operating Systems

: Windows 9X, Windows NT/2000, XP.


: uVision Keil compiler, Microsoft Office 2007, Protel 99 SE, Orcad Capture 16.0, Orcad layout, PSPICE.


: Complete knowledge on Microcontrollers and other electronic devices at

component level, Sensors interfacing, PCB Schematics, layout designing, Circuit simulation, EMC/EMI.

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Searches and reports (Prior art, Novelty, Patentability, Invalidity, Infringement, FTO/Clearance, Citations), Patent filing procedure, PCT, Patent Law(US, Europe, India), Patent landscape reports, Patent portfolio analysis reports. Familiarity with Databases: USPTO, WIPO (Patentscope), EPO (Esp@cenet), Singapore patent office(epatents), Google patents, Delphion, Free patents Online, ScienceDirect.


I hereby declare that the above-furnished details are true to the best of knowledge and belief.

Place: New Delhi Date:

Piyush Upadhyay