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FASH30073: Personal Project Stage 2
Angie Jones
About Coggles
Report Objectives
What Weve Learnt
04The Business
The Issue
The Solution
The Search for Authenticity
08The Answer
The Consumer
The Strategy
The Market
14The Future
Costs, Risks & Reccomendations
List of illustrations, Bibliography & References
18The Appendix
Coggles started life in York, England 1974.
Coggles is the world of design and creativity, music, books, and the
people behind the scenes, the people who create and are passionate
about what surrounds them, the quality of simple design.
Its about the clothes you choose to wear, the bike you ride to work, the
book you read in bed, your favourite chair at home, the world that you
design to live in.
Coggles 2012 Online
1. From stage one weve learnt that the
homeware market is gathering more momentum
as furniture sales decline. As discussed with
many people in their early thirties in the UK
seek to become home owners for the frst time.
They are expected to spend more on homeware
with some people in this group being fashion-
conscious when it comes to their homes they
redecorate every few years to ensure their
surroundings refect the latest design trends.
(Granton, H. 2012). With the Coggles consumer
aged from 25-35 the Coggles homeware should
do well.
2. The Competitor map in stage one led to
identifying the gap in the market for a company
to breach between design led homeware and the
mid-high market. By increasing the appeal of the
Coggles homeware there will be an increase in
popularity and therefore sales. Coggles is currently
neglecting their homeware collection and
therefore failing to take advantage of potential
3. The fndings from stage one allows us to
implement the core aspects of what it takes to
make a lifestyle brand. Stage two must circulate
around consumer desires, the Coggles archetype
and must create an emotional attachment with
the consumer. Doing this will help to develop
Coggles into a lifestyle brand and begin to alter
the consumer decision journey, creating more
loyal consumers.
As in stage one, the aim of this report is to redevelop Coggles homeware and bring the brand to the
forefront of the design conscious consumers mind.
As consequence to the research in stage one this
reports two aims are to implement the relaunch
and development of Coggles homeware and to
improve Coggles popularity amongst their target
Stage ones aims were to market the Coggles
brand to bring widespread recognition to
potential Coggles consumers. Through identifying
the brands core consumer and structuring a
relationship with them Coggles can become an
intricate part of the consumers life developing
the brand into a lifestyle. As identifed in stage
one, by becoming a lifestyle brand Coggles will
enhance the relationship with its consumer
altering the consumer decision journey and
creating more loyalists customers.
After identifying Coggles homeware as a weak
link in the Coggles image this report aims to
implement the research from stage one and
redevelop the Coggles homeware range to
strengthen the Coggles brand identity. By ensuring
the brand is strong in all consumer touch-points
the brand can develop a stronger relationship
with the consumer. Through developing Coggles
homeware the brand can become a stronger and
more vibrant competitor in the mid to high price
homeware market aiming to increase homeware
sales by 60%.
Figure One Coggles 1ina100
Screen Grab by
Figure Two Coggles Books
Screen Grab by
Coggles currently operates as an independent
online retailer stocking brands from APC to
YMC. Originally operating as a modern boutique
department store collaborating with the best
new designers and established fashion houses,
Coggles has developed into the best-kept secret
in online fashion and design (Coggles 2012
Coggles products fall into four categories: Fashion,
Life, Books and Vintage. As well as retailing
Coggles has created further touchpoints with the
consumer via a cultural blog, consumer image
upload platform (The Wall) and showcases the
UKs largest Street Style Archive.
Coggles fashion retailing is without any faws and in
terms of engaging content Coggles excels with its
blog, street style and weekly Sunday Supplement
email. As fgures one and two show the website is
clear and simple mirroring the brands values of
simple design and quality. Indeed, in the words
of an interviewee and Coggles customer They
provide interesting, relevant content that isnt the
average spam, spam, spam that so often clogs
up my inbox from e-tailers. (Lister, K 2012) (See
Coggles currently limits its online identity through
the retailing of its homeware. Currently Coggles
only stocks one brand of homeware Rockett
Saint George. The Rockett Saint George brand
echoes Coggles individual and independent
style although some products on the website
seem redundant and irrelevant to the Coggles
consumers wants and needs. Rockett Saint
Georges items such as stamp rugs and kiss print
wall stickers lack the innovative design or classic
styling which the Coggles brand demands.
By only stocking one brand of homeware Coggles
is limiting its appeal to the consumer in the
homeware market. One of the main selling points
of Coggles fashion retailing is that it stocks a
large array of brands giving the consumer choice
and becoming a one-stop-shop for their lifestyle.
By improving their homeware Coggles opens the
gates to becoming a stimulating and thorough
lifestyle brand.
can be improved to emulate the Coggles brand
The illustration also identifes the brands core
principles to be consistent throughout the
implementation stage. They principles are:
authenticity, independence and Britishness.
By sticking to these three main elements the
marketing of the brand and homeware can
maintain consistent with the Coggles attitude.

After researching the brands website the four
main consumer touchpoints were identifed these
were its email subscription (Sunday supplement
and weekly look book), Cultural information (blog),
its consumer upload platform (The Wall) and
street style page. However with a rise in the trend
of offine and conviviality it is important for the
Coggles to attract the attention of its consumer
offine to create a more intimate connection with
its consumers who are most likely to be interested
in rising trends.
Figure Three The Anatomy of Coggles.
Figure three is an illustration of the Coggles
brand image. The graphic demonstrates the vital
ingredients of the Coggles anatomy which were
selected after conducting interviews with Coggles
consumers and advocates. Through conducting
conversations with these consumers over email
it was possible to collate the consumers views of
the brand to insure that the brand image and the
brand identity were consistent. The consumers
and advocates were selected using social media
to identify those who were talking about the brand.
After fnding consumers on social media sites
such as twitter, pinterest and facebook informal
discussions were conducted through email. (See
appendix for details)
One of the main elements of the graphic is Coggles
relationship with design. After researching what
makes good design it became clear that the
brand follows Dieter Rams ten principles of design
(Rams, D in Rosenfeld, K 2012 Online). This is a
concept which is apparent in its fashion sales and
an idea which needs to be improved and followed
in its homeware. By looking at Dieter Rams
principles the homeware stockists
With this in mind stage two is setting out to solve the issues with Coggles homeware and offine presence
developing Coggles as a lifestyle. The inconsistent brand image and lack of awareness is preventing the
brand to develop as a leader in the mid-high lifestyle market. By marketing offine the brand is able to
create a multi-sensory impact creating a more authentic connection with the consumer and a deeper
emotional experience. Martin Lindstorm explains Emotional connections are effectively made with
a synergy of all fve senses, and as such those brands that are communicating from a multi-sensory
brand platform have the greatest likelihood of forming emotional connections between consumers
and their product. (Lindstorm, M 2006). By marketing offine Coggles can effectively manipulate the
consumers sense creating an emotional impact developing Coggles as a lifestyle.
By looking at the Halo Effect we can justify the
development of the homeware range on Coggles.
com. Killing homeware on the website wouldnt be
an option as halo effect states the brand should
be successful with its sales. The Halo Effect
dictates that if a brand has one successful product
then in the consumers eye their other products
will be equally as successful. This is seen in
Apple products where Apples iPod sparked huge
interest in the rest of the brands products as the
item was such a hit with its consumers. Through
sales of their iPod Apple had attracted consumers
to the rest of their products and became a leading
brand. (Holbrook, M 1983: 247-252)
Coggles isnt currently taking advantage of the
Halo Effect despite that its values and personality
translate well onto the homeware market. Its
ethos about quality and design is what attracts
consumers such as Amy Diggle who stated that
it was Coggles reputation and quality clothes
(Diggle, A 2012) that bring her to the brand. The
reputation of Coggles should help carry the sales
of their homeware however in failing to present
their homeware well the brand has failed to attract
necessary sales.
As researched in stage one Coggles doesnt currently position its self like the typical brand, as their
chief operating offcer stated, Where our competitors at the high-end are focused solely on brands and
at the lower end on value, the Coggles emphasis differs in that it is on design. (Hatfeld, R 2011 Online).
As the perceptual map in stage one identifed, there is a gap in the market for a design led mid-high
market homeware retailer (See Appendix).
Further research into independent homeware brands led to an
interview with the Do-shop, a small brand who retails online as well
as offine with a store in Covent Garden. An interview was made
with their head of buying, Fernando Gonzales (see appendix).
The Do-Shop collaborates with graduates to create products for
their stores. Sourcing designers from degree shows the Do-Shop
then showcases their work in The Do-Masters exhibition which
takes place during the London design festival. The Do Masters
programme offers the graduates a chance to sell their products
to the public in the Do-Shop, giving the designers an opportunity
to gain commercial experience. Gonzales explained that 90%
of the profts from the sales of the products at the store are
returned to the graduate designers. Gonzales also explained that
this venture allows the Do-Shop to provide their customers with
unique products People want something new and original, I went
to Milan and still everything was the same. We use graduates
so that our customers get something theyve not seen before.
(Gonzales, F 2012)
Taking inspiration from the Do-Shop, Coggles will sustain its creative archetype by frequently seeking out
new and upcoming designers. Sourcing small, upcoming brands based in the UK from online channels
such as and EBay, Coggles will maintain its values on independence and innovation as well
as help British business. This will also be used as a way to gain public interest both for the upcoming
brands and Coggles; the website will have a description of the brand, its relationship with Coggles and
how Coggles is trying to support them. This venture will assist the promotion of the Coggles identity
and especially its values on Britishness, which is also a current trend sparked from the recession as
discussed in the PEST analysis in stage one
An example of a potential brand is Little Wren Pottery
a small company based in Sunderland that specialises
in contemporary handmade English dinnerware. The
owner Victoria Baker inherited her pottering talent from
her father and hand makes each piece. The company
launched on Etsy in 2009 and has a small twitter fol-
lowing of 871. The aesthetic of the brand follow Coggles
values on design, Figure four is an example of her work
and more can be found at
Figure Four Little Wren Pottery
The new Coggles product range will contain diverse brands who share Coggles passion for design.
Avoiding the furniture market, the products available will be soft furnishings, textiles and household
accessories only. Website analysis of competitor websites (Anthropologie, Urban Outftters, John
Lewis and Next) indicates that products are usually divided by room or product type. Currently Coggles
showcases its products by room and product type which can be confusing for the consumer. By changing
the titles to room alone it will give a clear indication of what the consumer can expect. Figure fve is a
table demonstrating the products which will stock.
Bed Linen
Having identifed that Coggles doesnt position itself on price or prestige but on design, a visual has
been created to illustrate the positioning of the brand in terms of product range. Unlike how it currently
operates, Coggles will stock a diverse amount of brands that focus on the importance of design. Figure
six shows the essence of Coggles homeware. Understanding that the Coggles consumer wants creative
thought behind their products and have an interest in design and innovation, the Coggles homeware
range will contain inventive and interesting brands.
Figure Five Product Range
Figure Six Homeware Essence
The Coggles homeware Unique Selling Point is
its passion for design and independent brands.
The consumer will choose to buy the product
from Coggles and not a competitor because they
will share interests with the Coggles ethos on
creativity and culture. The consumer will also buy
into the design of the products because of their
unique style and simplicity and the large scope of
brands which is sold on the website. As a result of
developing the homeware, the consumer visiting
the Coggles website will be immersed in the
image of Coggles in every corner of their life.
Currently Coggles homeware prices range from
2.50 for a tumbler to 1,025 for a chandelier.
The scope in pricing mirrors Coggles fashion, after
all Coggles isnt concerned about price its about
design. Because of this Coggles it is diffcult to
compare pricing with competitors as its not a
priority of the Coggles consumer. As a result of
this the pricing of Coggles homeware will continue
to be diverse as long as the product refects the
diversity. The smaller independent brands which
Coggles will sell will be sold at a higher price.
However, 80% of profts made on these will be
given back to the brands to ensure that they are
able to continue as successful companies.
Figure Seven New Homeware Website
Alongside the changes to Coggles homeware, the
website will change to improve the shopability
of the products. Figure seven is an illustration
of the changes to the homeware section of the
Coggles website. Number 1 in the illustration
shows the change to the title of the homeware
on the webpage. Currently the website titles its
homeware as Life which could be confusing to
the consumer especially when combined with
the other titles on the website which are more.
A survey was conducted to ask shoppers what
their thoughts were about using Life as the title
for Coggles homeware on their current website.
Only 3.1% preferred to keep the title, 25%
preferred homeware, 25% preferred home and
31% preferred Living (See appendix). Adopting
this change will mean that new customers to the
website will instantly now what to expect when
they click on the title. Number 2 in fgure seven
illustrates the changes to the product titles on
the website. As previously discussed currently
the website showcases its products in a mix of
titles, some by room Kitchen, Outdoor Living and
some by product lighting, cushions. By titling
the products by room alone shoppers will be able
to select the room they are currently looking for
products for and then search products available.
This change will mirror the shopping style of
fashion products on the website allowing a more
fuid shopping experience and together brand
image. The bubble number 3 on the illustration
also shows the improved fuidity of the website.
By listing the brands that will be sold on the
website alongside the title of the room, shoppers
will be able to select their favourite brands as
well as what room they want to purchase for in
the same style as the fashion products, creating a
more consistent brand image. Number 4 in fgure
seven shows the improvement to the homeware
homepage. Instead of listing products available
and explaining Rockett St George, the improved
page imitates the fashion pages on the website
showing collections, new brands and promotions.
These alterations aim to create a more predictable
shopping experience making it easier for the
consumers to purchase on the Coggles website.
The success on the marketing of the Coggles brand will rely on making a more real and emotional
experience with the consumer and not just providing another way for the consumer to buy.
Figure Eight Placemaking Portfolio
As Gina Piccalo writer for LA Times wrote:
In the blink of a satellite, modern life has become
an endless high-speed connection. Its streaming
24-7, with crystal clear reception thats virtually
lifelikeIts no wonder youre always online -- and
on medication -- checking e-mail, checking voice
mail, checking e-mail.
What you crave is something far more visceral.
You want callused hands and a lungful of fresh air.
Or black coffee and a hand-rolled cigarette. You
want the stripped-down, low-f version of life, the
kind that feels vintage, handmade or homegrown.
(Piccalo, G LaTimes: 6/12/2003 Online)
The marketing of the homeware will follow the
trend of conviviality and authenticity due to
Coggles lack of offine presence. As the brand is
primarily an etailer it is important for the brand
to appear elsewhere. By looking at Gilmore and
Pines placemaking pyramid we can see that
for a brand to be authentic it needs fve levels
of placemaking or touchpoints. Figure eight is
an illustration of Coggles current placemaking
portfolio. The pyramid demonstrates Coggles
main (biggest) touchpoint is through its website.
Its derivative presence (a presence inside
something else) is from its promotions through
dazed digital videos and targeted advertising on
separate webpages. The brands experience hubs
are seen through items such as its blog and street
style page as well as social medias. The ultimate
Coggles touchpoint is in the Sarah Coggles store
where the whole brand and Coggles experience
began and is at its purest form.
The placemaking portfolio however shows Coggles
lack of Major Venues Gilmore and Pine state
that Here lies the heart of most companies
placemaking portfolios, where they put their
primary outlets that reach the most people right
where they live (Gilmore, J et al. 2007:157). Due
to Coggles status as an etailer it already has an
omnipresence however the true visceral essence
of Coggles isnt being sent to the consumer right
where they are unless they go to the fagship store.
Understanding this and the fndings from stage one, the relaunch of Coggles homeware and the
promotion of the brand to new consumers and loyalists must be:
With this is mind big idea is the Coggles Street Market.
musicians and artists the Street Market will remain
true to Coggles values around independence,
culture and creativity.

In conjunction with the relaunch of Coggles
homeware the Coggles Street Market would take
place in locations across the UK selling Coggles
brands, including the redeveloped homeware. The
Market will have stalls from the individual brands
which Coggles stocks as well as authentic British
food, music and street artists.
Set across different locations on different dates
around the UK the Coggles Street Market will
be targeted at potential and current Coggles
consumers the 25-35 year old working creative.
Only the correct audience will be targeted to
maintain the notion of the brand being retails
best kept secret (Coggles 2012 Online), to insure
this, a strategic guerrilla marketing campaign will
take place to market the events.
The idea of the Coggles Street Market comes from
the original retail experience, both historically
and for the brand (which began as a market stall
in York). The street market creates a vibrant,
energetic vibe with young bright things focking
to other markets like Brick Lane and Portobello.
Through using the brands Coggles sells online as
well as local independent food stall owners,
(Gilmore & Pine 2007:201)
In 2007 Prada held an event in Valencia, Spain for the
beginning of the 32nd Americas Cup. Held in the thriving
produce market Mercado Central in the heart of Valencia
the event offered something the Prada consumer had never
experienced before. The organisers of the event left many
of the stalls intact including a deli stall which housed the
DJ of the event (Figure nine) . Other stalls were converted
into stalls showcasing Prada products including accessories
(Figure ten) and perfumes (Figure eleven) (Prada, 2007
Online). The event offered an unusual experience with the
cultural contrast from the lavish Prada products and the
daily staples of the average Valencian. The event offered
more than publicity for the Americas Cup, it demonstrated
Pradas passion for cultural stimulation, luxury and the
brands sense of humour.
Figure Nine Prada Market 1.
Figure Eleven Prada Market 3.
Figure Ten Prada Market 2.
The aesthetic of The Coggles Street Market
will be less elaborate than the Prada event
due to Coggles values of simplicity in design.
Nonetheless the visual impact will still be as
stimulating and vibrant. Taking infuence from
Nishiki Market in Kyoto (See Figure twelve) with
its array of colours and textures, the Coggles
market will be equally as eye catching. Like
Nishiki Market the Coggles market will sell
local food produce and street food to carry the
multi-sensory impact of the authentic street
market. Using large industrial buildings as
venues will create a solid architectural impact
that will represents Coggles values of simple
and functional design. Researching markets
like Hays Galleria and the Central Market
in Budapest, indoor markets have defned
acoustics that will add to the multi-sensory
experience of the Coggles Market as well as a
visual impact. Figure thirteen is a mood board
Figure Thirteen Nishiki Market.
Figure Twelve Market Moodboard
to illustrate the desired aesthetic of the market
which will be sent to event organisers.
Figure 14 Coggles Consumer Graphic
The Coggles Street Market will be targeted at the
Coggles consumer discussed in stage one (see
appendix). To insure the street market is interesting
and appropriate for the consumer further research
was taken into the interests of the consumer.
Through qualitative interviews with Coggles
advocates and an interview with a Sarah Coggles
sales assistant it was clear the Coggles consumer
is creative. The research found that 100% of the
interviewees were from creative industries varying
from bloggers, creative marketing assistants and
PR managers. The fndings of these interviews
were confrmed through interview with a Sarah
Coggles store assistant who said:
More often than not the consumer has an interest
in creative aspects of fashion/lifestyle, e.g. fabric
types, printing techniques, image and fabric cuts
etc. (Duffy, K 2012)
An interview with the editor of Betty magazine
(Betty Magazine 2012 Online)-a magazine which
shares interests with the Coggles brand, revealed
that our readers identify with good design and
appreciate all things visual. (Jacklin, C at Betty
Magazine 2012) (see appendix) The creative
minds of the consumer mirrors Coggles passion
for design and as stated in stage one: The
Coggles consumer is switched on to their cultural
environment and thrives on learning new things
especially within the world of art and design
(Granton, H 2012).
In Richard Floridas The Rise of the Creative Class
he discusses the emergence of a new class of
consumers called the Creative Class people
who work creatively for a living. In this Florida
writes, Members of the Creative Class are not
looking for a life delivered through a modem.
They want one that is heart-throbbingly real
(Florida, R 2004:166). By developing a Coggles
Street Market the Coggles consumer will get an
experience that is both authentic and culturally
stimulating. A report by Regeneris Consulting Ltd
on London markets explains that Customers cited
variety of goods available, atmosphere, value, an
interesting experience, convenience, a chance
to browse and friendly stall holders as reasons
to visit the market. (Regeneris Consulting 2010
Online). The street market experience offers a
convivial atmosphere which is different to any
other retail environment. By returning to its routes
and adopting the Coggles Street Market the
brand can offer something different but attractive
to its consumer. Furthermore, reaching to the
consumer offine means that the consumer will
get a tangible representation of what the brand
Another important fnding form the further research was that each respondent expressed a passion
for design be it in graphics, art, fashion or architecture. One interviewee explained:
ARENA. (Quillin, J 2012)
These consumers buy into the Coggles image
because of their shared passion for good design
and cultural stimulation. As a response to this the
Coggles Street Market needs to go beyond selling
a product and relaunching homeware. To insure
the street market attracts and appeals to the
consumer a range of culturally stimulating stalls
will appear (which will be discussed further on in
the report). The stalls will represent the brands
passion for all things designed well.
As one of the objectives of this report is to
attract potential consumers who are unaware
of the brand the Coggles Street Market is taking
the brand to the doorstep of the consumer. The
potential consumer shares the same interests
as the current consumer they just dont know
the brand exists because Coggles has remained
stagnant in the marketing of its brand. Therefore
the Coggles Market should be successful due to
its brand status in the mind of the loyal consumer
as well as its attractiveness to those that are
currently unaware of the brand.
The marketing of the Coggles Street Market
should only target the consumer mentioned. By
targeting any other consumer the brand will lose
a sense of authenticity to current consumers as
Beverland notes Being authentic also places
limitations on how far a brand can be stretched
(Beverland, M 2009:184). By ensuring the brand
is only known amongst the correct consumer the
Coggles brand can maintain its authenticity as an
independent brand retailer. To insure this doesnt
happen a guerrilla marketing campaign will take
Figure 15 Market Locations
The location of the street markets will depend on
the popularity of certain districts in cities amongst
the creative class. As Currid notes in The Warhol
Economy, members of creative industries hang-
out in the same places. For these people, these
places may be hip, cool and diffcult to get
into (Currid, E 2007:95) but they also exist as
important networking locations where creative
people discuss ideas and collaborations: These
places are also the sites of meaningful social and
economic interaction they are nodes of creative
exchange (Currid, E 2007:95)
A part of the success of the Coggles Street Market
will depend on the event appearing within these
districts. The cities selected for the market are
presented on the map on fgure 15. The cities
were selected based on their reputation for
cultural stimulation, their population and their
geographical location (as widespread around
the UK as possible to be accessible to as many
consumers as possible). Realising that each city
is unique the markets will cater differently to each
city. To help understand the different aspects of
each city two tastemakers were selected from
each city to identify their citys requirement.
The tastemakers were selected for their status
amongst creative social networks and how they
represent the Coggles brand and share similar
values and passions as the brand.
The two selected tastemakers from each city
were asked to contribute to their cities board
on These boards gave a visual
representation of what they liked to do, where
they went and who they spent their time with. This
information makes it possible to cater to their
cities culture.



Figure 16 is the Brighton board (available at whos taste
makers were Anna Taylor a 25 year old business
development co-ordinator from Brighton and Tony
Marks 29 year old radio DJ from Brighton.
The Brighton board demonstrates the vibrancy
and multi-cultural essence of the city as well as
the cities passion for music and life by the sea.
Unlike the other two boards Brighton is appears to
be more colourful and has a retro aesthetic with
its beach huts and promenade. The image Dyson
Mitsubishi hand dryer demonstrates a passion for
innovative and simplistic design which is a notion
that also translates into the image of the black Cos
blouse. There are also images of the North Laines
area of Brightons suggesting the tastemakers
associations with that area. Therefore, choosing
the North Laines area of Brighton would refect
the tastemakers choice and enter the geography
of the Brighton creative class. The coastal
location of the city is clearly important to the citys
tastemakers, the images of the sea, beach huts
and the promenade suggest that the city dwellers
has a strong affnity with the seaside. With this in
mind the Coggles Street Market in Brighton will
take infuence from the vivid colours of the city
and sea whilst maintaining the brans own simple
design aesthetic. Food sold on the market will be
local from the area, concentrating on traditional
British fsh & chips and sea food, imitating the
retro aesthetic of the city but also maintaining
the brands values on simplicity. The tastemakers
choice of music is electronic based; therefore, DJ
sets will be played rather than acoustic musicians.




Figure 17 is the board used for the Manchester
tastemakers. (Full board is available at pinterest.
com/hangran/Manchester). The tastemakers
used for these boards were Guy Godfrey a 25 year
old graphic designer from Greater Manchester
and Kayleigh Marsh also 25 who works as a PR
account executive in Manchester.
The Manchester board shows the citys Northern
charm with dark and grey city streets and
panoramas. The citys passion for live music is
clear with many images of popular bands from the
Manchester area. There are a few images of the
Northern Quarter a popular area of Manchester
among bright young things, positiong the
Coggles Street Market in this region of the city
would allow the brand to enter Manchesters
creative class social hubs. There are images of
The Liquorist a Manchester drinks company which
creates experiences around cocktails and spirits,
available for hire at events. Hosting this as a stall
at the Manchester market would add an original
experience to the Coggles Street market whilst
fulflling the brand values of cultural stimulation.
The board also shows the citys passion for art
and cultural stimulation. Manchester hosts a
huge array of galleries and museums which is an
element which will be implemented into the street
market. Street chalk artists will be employed to
create a visually stimulating market and to add to
the entertainment of the Coggles Street Market.
The overall dark aesthetic will be assisted with the
indoor, factory conversion aesthetic and the food
supplied will be the typical greasy-but-good food
supplied by street food vendors and inspired by
the ridiculously cool burger-bar almost famous in
the Northern Quarter.




The Edinburgh tastemakers were Terry a
34 year old casting director from Edinburgh
and Jen a social media co-ordinator.
Figure 18 represents the Edinburgh board (Full
board available at
Edinburgh). The board visualises how the citys
passion for the arts juxtaposes with its dense
history, the bright famboyant colours contrast
with the grey backdrop of the historical buildings
and streets. This visualisation will be imitated
by the Edinburgh Coggles market giving visual
recognition to the citys consumers but also
showing Coggles passion for culture. The
tastemakers board also shows the citys passion
for live acoustic music, a trait associated with the
Edinburgh Fringe festival. This passion for music
will also be adopted and is discussed further on
in the report. The food in the city appears to be
diverse, spouting from the multi-cultural nature
of large cities. However the tastemakers show a
passion for Great British Food and make a point
by having images of pies and haggis. Adding
these images clearly means that the tastemakers
have a passion for their cities food especially
coming from their Scottish heritage. This sort of
typical Scottish/British food will be served at the
market, ensuring that it is authentic to develop
the sense of originality and independence which
Coggles stands for. The Market in Edinburgh will
be in the New Town area as images suggest the
tastemakers affliation with the area. Positioning
the market as close to this area of the city will
allow the market to target the creative class
The products featured on the market will be the
brands sold at Each brand sold
on the website will have their own stall at the
market, branded and styled in their own way.
Through collaborating with the brands sold online
at, Coggles will create a visually
appealing market with contrasting vibrancy and
individuality. As the Coggles brands sold online
have their own unique identity each stall will
be different to the other, offering both visual
contrast and diverse styles. However each brand
sold on the website is connected with through
their passion for independence and design.
Selling the brands sold on the Coggles website
at The Coggles Market will completely redevelop
the image of poor quality, cheap clothes and
knock-offs usually associated with the fashion
sold at street markets. Through selling brands
already sold online at the market
will maintain the diversity and vibrancy of the
street market but bring it to the more modern
consumer that connects with the Coggles
To create the multi-sensory environment needed for a lifestyle brand it is important for The Coggles
Street Market to have food stalls. Having researched popular street markets it was clear that the smells
of cooking food and the banter of the stall owners played an important part in the buzz of the market
environment and so food stalls will add to the authentic market experience. Coggles already expresses
an interest in the importance of food to connect with its consumer through its Sunday supplement and
Facebook page. The use of food stalls will develop the relationship between Coggles and food. The
development will mean that Coggles encapsulates all its consumers needs- assisting the growth of
Coggles as a lifestyle brand.
The British street food scene has completely
changed over recent years and has become the
new thing in experiential eating, as an article in
The Guardian reads: Its no secret there has been
a recent surge in the London street-food scene.
The number of vendors is growing. The standard
of the food started high and is getting higher.
(Spens, E and Gilland, C 2012 Online)To research
this further an interview with food writer and
creator of the British Street Food Awards (British
Street Food 2012 Online) Richard Johnson took
place (see appendix). The interview proved that
street food offers more than a meal, it has a
great element of theatre you see whats going
on, you see pizza dough being thrown, you see
the churros dough being extruded, you see the
frying going on, you see the crepes being folded
all these things you fnd behind the restaurant
swing doors is going on in front of your eyes.
(Johnson, R 2012) In offering street food Coggles
also makes a connection with its consumer with
Johnson also saying that Street Food was most
popular amongst cool and younger consumers
as well as foodies (Johnson, R 2012). With this
in mind it is important that the execution of street
food at the Coggles Market goes beyond greasy
burger vans and hot dog stalls. With a key part of
street food being the mobility of vendors and with
it being an ever growing trend, accessing good
street food has become easier than ever.
The Flaming Cactus is an example of the street
food available, owned by Rowland Hewes it serves
up Mexican inspired food from an Airstream
trailer (Figure 19). Many street food vendors have
elaborately designed vans to gain consumer
attention; as Johnson notes the best ones are
beautiful polished well looked after or weird
old fashioned funky and eye catching, theres a
place called what the dickens where they dress
up in costumes selling old fashioned breakfasts
and lots of tripe (Johnson, R 2012) Hewes also
understands the visual importance of street food
and the enjoyment taken from watching food made
right in front of you (British Street Food Heros
2012 Online) adding to the theatrics of the market
experience. The Flaming Cactus attends festivals
nationwide as well as private and corporate events.
Vendors make proft from the costumers so there
is not change for hiring them at events.
Figure 19 The Flaming Cactus
Having visited Portobello market one observation
made was how street musicians added a sense of
enjoyment and experience. Having independent
musicians added to the multi-cultural aesthetic of
the street market and connected to the consumer
in a multi-sensory way. Martin Lindstorm writes
Music creates new memories, evokes the past
and can instantly transport us to other places and
other times (Lindstorm, M 2010:75) by adding
music to the street market the brand can create
new memories for the consumer associated
with that brand. As the tastemakers boards
demonstrated, each city has a unique music
Manchester, a city once known as Madchester
because of its music scene is still thought
as the most vibrant, all-encompassing and
downright exciting music scene in the UK right
now (Wilkinson, M NME Online 2010). The city
is still passionate about rock and indie bands
and thrives on live music with large venues like
Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester
Apollo and Manchester Academy and smaller
ones in areas of the Northern Quarter. With this
in mind, bands will play at set times at areas of
the Coggles market. Local bands will be selected
after using social media sites such as MySpace
and Twitter to fnd bands who emulate both the
Manchester music scene and the Coggles brand.
An example of this is the Manchester duo We Are
Willow available to hear at: http://www.myspace.
Brighton is known for its famboyant music scene
with music tastes varying from metal to Jazz. The
tastemakers showed interest in live live DJ sets
and bands suggesting their eclectic taste in
music. With events like the Brighton Fringe which
demonstrate the broad spectrum of Brighton
music it is diffcult to pin-point a specifc genre
of music that will represent Brighton but will also
demonstrate the simplicity of Coggles. Audio
Brighton is a successful clubbers club(Audio
Brighton 2012 Online) in the city which showcases
the mix talent coming from DJs both nationally
and internationally. Taking inspiration from the
success of this club DJs from across the UK will
have a set showcasing a mix range of music
tastes from French house to Jazz Funk which will
encapsulate the multi-cultural nature of Brighton
and the simplicity of Coggles. An example
of the music played is Alexkid- Electro Jazz
available to hear at:
With Glasgow being Scotlands main music
hub researching Edinburghs music scene is
challenging. However The Edinburgh scene has
grown rapidly over the past fve years or so,
according to Dave Cummings DJ and promoter
(The Scotsman 2009 Online). Emulating the
citys grey backdrop and dense history dark and
smooth live bands will play at the Coggles Street
Market in Edinburgh. Using bands like Belle and
Sebastian as inspiration, mellow sets will be
played. Edinburgh band Aberfeldy is an example,
which can be listened to at: http://www.myspace.
The communication and promotion of the brand must only reach the Coggles target consumer to
maintain the forward, exclusive image of the brand. As Coggles already takes advantage of online
promotional mediums such as social media, email subscriptions and targeted advertising, targeting
current consumers is simple.
Coggles has gained much recognition over the years for its online presence including Drapers independent
etailer awards 2009 & 2010. However over the last two years the website has not changed or developed
since. The frst month of the Coggles communication strategy will bring the launch of alterations to
the website. By looking at the AIDA marketing model in web design it is possible to see how Coggles is
currently succeeding and failing with its website:
A- Attention (Through imagery and typography)
Coggles currently uses bold rectangles of images which create a linear and simple design. Its use of
typography is simple and direct imitating the brand philosophy.
I- Interest (Through practical benefts)
Coggles showcases its practical benefts by showing zoomed in images of the quality of the fabrics used
in their products
D-Desire (Through organisation of content and sliders)
Coggles creates desire around its products through using editorials on the website (although not
previously homeware). The website gathers products of a certain aesthetic and showcases them together
in a way that consumers may not have thought to put them, making them appear more appealing to
the consumer.
A- Action
This is where Coggles is currently failing. Consumers need to be able to fnd the product they want and
buy it in the least amount of time and clicks necessary. By implementing a few simple changes this will
improve the shopability of the website.
Figure 20 Website Changes
Figure 20 is an illustration of the changes for the
Coggles website. Number 1 on the illustration
shows the addition of a search box to the website.
A survey was made to ask people how they search
for products on websites, 80% of respondents said
they use the websites search engine. The addition
of a search engine to the website will make it
easier for the consumer to fnd specifc items
on the website. This will prevent the consumer
going elsewhere to fnd a product by reducing the
clicks to purchase. Number 2 on fgure 20 shows
the change to the touchpoints on the website. By
putting the touchpoints under one title of The
Life it will reduce the clutter on the website page
mirroring the brands values of simplicity and
Dieter Rams principles of design. Putting the
touchpoints under one title also means creating
a single space for the consumer to connect with
the brand on the website giving the consumer
a more complete view of the Coggles brand.
Also in naming the touchpoints as The Life the
consumer automatically becomes aware that
they are a representative of the Coggles life, and
in becoming a Coggles consumer you are a part
of that assisting Coggles in becoming a leading
lifestyle brand.
Finally, number 3 on the illustration shows the
homepage of The Life, this is where the consumer
can quickly view what is new on Coggles Life and
select what interests them. This maintains the
image of the other areas of the website creating
a consistent appearance throughout the website.
These small changes will improve the websites
shopability making it easier for consumers to
use, as consequence this should help drive sales
through eliminating any problems with usability.
The venture between the small brands sourced
from Etsy and EBay will be explained in the
product descriptions on the website. These new
companies will have a summary of their brand
story (like other brands on the current website)
and the venture between Coggles and the brand
will be clarifed. It would be out of character for
Coggles to label these brands separately from
other products or to promote them differently
due to Coggles passion about simplicity. However,
when the small brands are launched on the
website they will be promoted through the Sunday
Supplement and an initial press release will be
As previously discussed the weekly email Sunday
Supplement provided by Coggles allows the
website to contact consumers and subscribers
of the website to share interests with the brand.
Not only does the Supplement share interesting
and informative material but it also keeps the
consumer up to date with the Coggles website.
Utilising the promotional touchpoints Coggles
already has, the Sunday Supplement will
introduce the relaunch of Coggles homeware. As
respondents have previously stated that they have
more interest in this newsletter than any other:
it isnt the usual spam, spam, spam (Lister, K
2012), utilising this touchpoint will allow Coggles
to automatically gain the interest of subscribers.
Figure 21 illustrates how the Sunday Supplement
will launch the homeware.
As fgure 22 demonstrates further use of the
Sunday Supplement will be required in promoting
the Coggles Street Market. Using the Sunday
Supplement to promote the event will mean
that the market infuences current consumers,
reaching those that the market is targeted at. As
these consumers already share an interest in the
brand online, reaching these people will
develop a relationship offine strengthening the
relationship between company and consumer.
Figure 21 Homeware Sunday Supplement
Figure 22 Street Market Sunday Supplement
Figure 23 Facebook Event
Social media will be vitally important in the
promotion and aesthetic of the Coggles Street
Market. To gain a grass-roots feel to the market
Coggles will exploit these mediums to create an
independent and authentic experience. In utilising
social media and no other online medium (other
than the Sunday Supplement) for the promotion
of the event it will create uniqueness and an
unexploited feeling to the event rather than the
spam, spam, spam usually associated with
cooperate events. A facebook event for each
location will be created and all the followers of
the Coggles facebook page will be invited to each
event. Figure 23 shows how the event page will
look and be explained to the consumer. The event
page will only be used to assist the offine guerrilla
marketing campaign as the event is primarily
about creating an offine authentic experience for
the consumer.
This report is principally an offine operation and
it is crucial to the authenticity of the promotion
of the event that minimal online promotion is
made. However it is still important for the brand
to continue with its current online operations in
targeted advertising to maintain current
consumers. However, to gain new consumers and
to fulfl the goal of becoming a lifestyle brand the
marketing of Coggles will chiefy be offine in the
promotion of the street market and consequently
the homeware.
Although online marketing is good for spreading
second-hand knowledge about brands i.e. people
discussing the brand on blogs and social media,
offine marketing sends people directly to the
website, allowing the consumer to get to know
the brand frst-hand (Abdul, R 201 Online). As the
purpose of this report is to reach new consumers
for the brand it is important to project Coggles
onto areas which havent been exploited by the
brand. It is also imperative that the promotion
is authentic and represents Coggles as a way
of life to the consumer. For these reasons, the
communication and promotion strategy will
largely take place offine.
With magazine sales falling and consumers
turning online for information, investing in print
advertising can be risky. However, seven in ten
adults currently read magazines and the large
part of them are aged 16-34 echoing the Coggles
target consumer age (Mintel 2011 online). One of
the advantages of print advertising is that you are
more aware of who is going to see your advert and
as more people turn online, reading a magazine
will give a more tangible and distinctive
experience. Competitors with similar audiences
such as The Kooples and Zara also choose to use
print advertising to target their consumers. For
these reasons Coggles will use print advertising
as a medium to contact new consumers.
Figure 24 is an illustration of three potential
adverts for the Coggles offine campaign. As
the aim of this report is to develop Coggles into
a lifestyle brand, the Coggles adverts are not
product orientated. Instead of selling the product
the aim of the campaign is to sell the lifestyle and
the idea of Coggles to the new consumer. Coggles
has the UKs largest street style archive and
utilising these images in the adverts will give the
consumer an immediate idea of who Coggles are
and how buying their products will represent them.
The adverts promoting the homeware range are
images used on the website, showing the products
in their environment, the imagery is to represent
the values and lifestyle of Coggles rather than just
the product. The adverts will feature in magazines
associated with the creative class. The adverts
will only feature in Wallpaper Magazine, Dazed
and Confused and The Creative Review because
of their high readership, audience and monthly
circulation, (See appendix)allowing a the adverts
to target as many of the target consumers as
The adverts will run for three months, after which
time the success of print advertising will be
assessed and considered for future use. As it is
diffcult to monitor the success of print advertising,
Coggles will have to monitor changes in the traffc
going to the website. The brand will also use
software such as Google Analytics to monitor
Google searches.
Figure 24 Print Advert
Figure 25 Rag and Bone Campaign
The inspiration for the guerrilla marketing plan
comes from Rag and Bones DIY ad campaign.
Featuring models Abby Lee Kershaw, Sasha
Pivovarova, Lily Aldridge and Edita Vilkeviute,
campaign asked the models to photograph wearing
the brands clothing (See Figure 25). The images
were launched in a guerrilla-style campaign in
Manhattan. In an interview with Dazed Digital the
brand said These four girls have amazing style
and represent the cool, downtown, New York girl
that Rag & Bone is all about. We wanted to take a
completely different approach to the traditional,
highly polished campaign, so we decided to let
them take the reigns (Dazed Digital 2011 Online).
The campaign went viral with almost half a million
hits online (Google, 2012 Online) and resulted in
huge publicity for the brand.
A guerrilla marketing strategy will take place for the Coggles Street Market to insure that the correct
audience is targeted. Taking place in Brighton, Manchester and Edinburghs coolest areas, authentic
street fiers will be posted in well reputed areas of the city.
Using The Rag and Bone campaign as stimulus the Coggles Street Market campaign
will be plastered across the cool areas of the three city: Brightons North Laines,
Manchesters Northern Quarter and Edinburghs New Town. The posters will vary
from the three designs shown in fgures 26, 27, and 28. The appearance of the
posters needs to be as raw and homemade as possible, therefore imitating Rag and
Bone the tear-away website information will be feature at the base of the posters.
The Coggles market poster will lead the potential consumers to the Facebook event
page and also visually represent the street markets aesthetic. Alongside this, the
posters will be printed from a basic printer on simple A4 paper to give an understated
fnish. Ensuring that the posters remain untarnished in case of weather constraints
the damaged posters will be replaced by a Coggles team member.
As this offine campaign is offine it creates a more immediate connection with the
consumer. With this in mind, it is important that the campaign visually represents
the brands values of simple design and independence. Using the guerrilla marketing
campaign allows the brand to show that it is independent from over-marketing
and large corporations. The aesthetic of the promotional material is also simple in
design and understated.
After the launch of the guerrilla marketing press invitations will be sent out. A
press pack (See attached) will be sent out to bloggers and journalists in local and
surrounding areas of the cities. The press pack will contain a press release detailing
the event and will also be posted on the Coggles blog. To drive as much traffc
to the blog post the press release will be search-engine-optimised ensuring key
words are used throughout such as Coggles Street Market, Coggles, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Brighton.
Figure 26 Coggles Street Market Ad 1
Figure 27 Coggles Street Market Ad 2
Figure 28 Coggles Street Market Ad 3
The Coggles street markets will take place in
the penultimate month of the six month strategy
allowing time to promote the brand before the
markets and gather consumer interest. After
the events Coggles will remain vigilant in the
PR of the markets. Bloggers and Journalists will
be contacted again asking if they attended the
event and if they require any more questions or
photographs for their posts. Social media will
continue to promote the event posting photos on
Facebook and twitter accounts and asking fans to
tweet and post their own. Followers will be asked
if they attended the event and those that respond
will be asked contacted to ask what they liked
and disliked about the event. Following this the
Coggles blog will create a post about the markets
and discuss the days events.

Post- event the success of the Coggles Street
Market will be measured in a variety of ways. The
overall popularity of the event will be measured
by looking at the sales of Coggles brands on the
market. Social media will be used to account for
the amount of attendees at the markets. Facebook
event attendees will be measured against the
amount of Twitter and Facebook followers and
against the amount of actual attendees. The
amount of hits the street market press release has
on the Coggles blog will be counted alongside the
hits on blog posts after the event. Software such
as Google analytics will also be used to monitor
how many times Coggles Street Market has been
To insure that Coggles homeware is a success,
close monitoring of sales performance will be
necessary. After relaunching the homeware
interviews will be conducted with Coggles
consumers found through social media to gather
their views and thoughts on product ranges and
brands on and thoughts on product ranges and
brands on the website. Furthermore the homeware
products will be monitored through referencing
the product life cycle model. By using the product
life cycle as a reference, Coggles can ensure
proftability through altering and terminating
products and brands when necessary. Making
sure that all products dont fulfl their lifecycle
at the same time will also maintain proftability.
Therefore it is imperative that Coggles does
not remain stagnant in buying products for the
online store and consequently not all brands will
be launched together. Through not launching
all brands to be sold on the website at once,
Coggles will also maintain consumer interest in
the homeware line. After the 6 month strategy
there will be an expected 60% sales increase for
the Coggles homeware which will be measured
against actual sales.
When implementing the strategy there are many risks to consider. There must be thorough
communication to ensure the branding is fuid between brand and promotions.
There is a risk that the event appears inauthentic to the consumer and come across as purely
another way to sell. This will only be able to be assessed after the execution of the event and so
communication beforehand is imperative so as not to ruin the image of the Coggles brand.
The location of the market in the cities relies on the tastemakers social breeding-ground. It is
therefore vital that the tastemakers selected are respected members of the creative class within their
Promotion of the event: Guerilla marketing is vital to ensure that the event is only directed at
the target consumer. If the information is incorrect from the tastemakers the event could become
popular among the wrong audience and lose the integrity of the brand (as seen in Burberry and the chav
The promotion of the homeware range could be risky because of its understated nature. Not
heavily promoting the homeware creates a chance that products become unnoticed. Therefore the
communication needs to not be so subtle that it becomes unnoticeable. The wording of promotional
material needs to be persuasive and communication between marketing and social media teams needs
to be constant in the frst few months of the relaunch.
Print Advertising Costs: 98,000
Designs and visual: 1000
Event: 60,000
Event Promotion: 5,000
The predicted costs add to 164,000 for a 6 month campaign. Although this seem like an expensive
campaign Coggles has recently had investment from Pentland and is an in an international brand.
The most expensive part of the marketing strategy comes from print advertising. However magazine
advertising will mean that Coggles can immediately target people they want to sell to.
Pending on the success of the campaign the following recommendations will be put forward:
1. A permanent Coggles Market could take place on an already existing market. This will reduce
costs that would be involved in a store and would also reduce overheads. This would also mean that
the brand connects to its roots and maintains an independent and convincing brand.
2. Developing Coggles further as a lifestyle brand will require creating more touchpoints with the
consumer. The Coggles Street Market could travel around the UK to reach out to all the Coggles con-
3. As Coggles ships internationally it is possible for the Coggles Street Market to go international
and take place across Europe pending on fnancials.
4. Should the furniture market improve, Coggles could extend its homeware into the furniture
market as well. The brand values and image combined with the halo effect will refect well onto the
furniture market. However as the market is competitive and struggling for proftability at the moment,
this is unlikely to happen within the next 5 years.
As more people pour into the virtual online
domain there will be a further demand to create
something more tangible and authentic. As
Coggles primarily retails online the store needs
to create authenticity by operating offine. By
creating offine experiences Coggles can create
a physical connection with their consumer. The
Coggles Street Market addresses this issue by
connecting to the roots of the brand and creating
a multi-sensory environment which will engage
consumer emotions. By engaging consumer
emotions through multi-sensory experiences the
Coggles brand can assist the development of the
brand into a lifestyle.
To further the lifestyle branding, Coggles also
needs to engage the consumer through its
products. Currently Coggles excels in its fashion
retailing; however, the homeware range is limited
and not engaging. By relaunching the homeware
and creating editorials for it the consumer will
have more motives to buy the ranges. Moreover,
the changes to the retailing of the homeware on
the website will create a more fuid brand image,
which in turn will allow the Coggles consumers to
fully understand what they are buying into when
the make a purchase at Coggles.
Through these changes Coggles aims to create an
engaging lifestyle brand that provides the
consumer with well-designed products and
cultural inspiration.
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Would you say the Coggles consumer is the creative type?
More often than not the consumer has an interest in creative aspects of fashion/life-
style, e.g. fabric types, printing techniques, image and fabric cuts etc.
Coggles is the world of design and creativity, music, books, and the people behind
the scenes, the people who create and are passionate about what surrounds them,
the quality of simple design. Its about the clothes you choose to wear, the bike you
ride to work, the book you read in bed, your favourite chair at home, the world that
you design to live in.
Are they wealthy?
Usually - Coggles do however offer a range of high-quality/premium fashion at vary-
ing prices.
The quality of the garment or standard of the designer usually refects the price, and
this is something that the consumer is aware of.
Also Im interested in creating an offine experience for them thats nationwide. I
know they have the original Coggles store but do you think it would be a good idea to
do a pop-up market in different areas of the UK that sells the Coggles brands so as to
attract more of the right people to Coggles?
(This is my personal opinion as a sale assistant)
Coggles have many world-wide consumers (online) and in my opinion it works very
well in having the website and the 2 unique and family owned stores in York. Because
of the target market I think having pop-up markets may commercialise the unique-
ness of Coggles.
Annnnd fnally Im interested in developing their homeware. Do you know why online
they only sell Rockett St George? is it the same instore? How well does the homeware
Sorry, Im not very familiar with this area of Coggles at the moment and we do not
sell home-ware in our stores.
1. Age: 26
2. Sex: Male
3. Occupation: Sales Assistant / Creative Marketing Assistant / Classroom Assis-
tant (3 jobs that is!)
4. Passions: Design, Graphics, General Style, Homeware & Art
5. What does design mean to you? No matter what it is, when someone designed
something they made several design desiscions (good or bad is subjective) and how
they reached their outcome is most interesting to me. Design desiscions effect every
piece of your lives in England. Thats how I see it.
6. What brings you to the Coggles website? Always loved it to be honest, they
have a great eye for modern design, interesting menswear brands and great street
style. It was one of the frst online stores I bought from, maybe about 6 years ago. I
havent been to the shop but I know plenty who have, it looks great. Really my sort of
place, my gf loves it too.
7. Finally what is your view on buying homeware online? Fine yeah, totally fne.
Its always better to see stuff in person but if you do your research beforehand and
see something online then I see no reason why not. I buy lots of homeware and ac-
cessories online. Im always looking for vintage and antique homeware pieces online
and at fairs (when I can).
1. Age: 25
2. Sex: Female
3. Occupation: PR Manager
4. Passions: Good design, be it fashion, graphics, interiors or architecture.
5.. What does design mean to you? It means the combination of utility with style.
6. What bring you to the Coggles website? I found them through Twitter.
7. Would you ever consider purchasing homeware online? Have you looked at the
Coggles homeware? I have looked at it and I would consider buying it although I
havent yet :)
AGE: 25
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: Student/Blogger
IMPORTANCE OF DEISGN: Design is quite important to me. It defnitely shows what
you represent etc.
WHAT BRINGS YOU TO COGGLES? Bolzoni and Walsh brought me to Coggles as I
wanted to purchase the Lea Shirt.
WOULD YOU BUY HOMEWARE ONLINE? Yes I would however I would only shop online
if I KNOW that I am buying online is going to be in great quality.
HAVE YOU LOOKED AT COGGLES HOMEWARE? Yes I have but I didnt pay much at-
tention to it though.
1) I understand that one of your passion and interests is fashion and luxury so what does design mean
to you?
To me, design is both an art and a science. It is beautiful and functional, public and private. In my
mind, good design carries meaning beyond a designers imagination into the larger cultural arena.
Have you ever made any purchases from the Coggles website? Are you familiar with them and do you
subscribe to their emails?
Unfortunately, I havent purchased from them and do not subscribe to their emails. However, I like
their streamlined site design and focus on vintage wear.
Finally what is your view on buying homeware online? Im interested in developing their homeware
range and develop the brand into a lifestyle brand.
Buying homeware online can be a tricky thing. I have purchased homeware that I returned because
it looked different in person than it did online. But, the internet obviously is a logical place to make
these types of purchases. People are looking for innovative design at an affordable price.
What does design mean to betty magazine and its readers?
Design is really important to us here at Betty, it affects everything we do. Each page, layout and
image has to be unique to Betty and really compliment / work within the layout. I think our readers
identify with good design and appreciate all things visual.
Have you ever made any purchases from the Coggles website? Are you
familiar with them and do you subscribe to their emails?
I have never made a purchase from the online store, but have purchased in the shop. Although I
havent purchased online I am an e-mail subscriber and visit their website on a regular basis.
What was it that drove betty magazine to their website?
York is one of my favourite cities and I know as Sarah Coggles the boutique which has
been around for many years. Its a beautiful shop, with a great edit of collections, it is really good to
see the translation online.
Finally what is your view on buying homeware online? Im interested in
developing their homeware range and develop the brand into a lifestyle
I like buying homewares online, I like Urban Outftters and their selection. Having homewares online
works well for me, as going to different stores for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom accessories
can be quite time consuming. I would be reluctant to buy furniture online though.
Any comments or anything you might suggest I look at would be really
I would look at a website called x
Why is street food different from any other culinary experience?
I think that it has a great element of theatre you see whats going on, you see pizza dough being
thrown, you see the churros dough being extruded, you see the frying going on, you see the crepes be-
ing folded all these things you fnd behind the restaurant swing doors is going on in front of your eyes.
You then get that they are all great sales people they are cost abundant they make their living by their
interactions, theyre not going to be quiet theyre not going to be shy and retiring they are big mouths
so theyll have the old fashioned patter which makes it entertaining to watch. Then the vans the best
ones are beautiful polished well looked after or weird old fashioned funky and eye catching, theres a
place called what the dickens where they dress up in costumes selling old fashioned breakfasts and
lots of tripe that sort of thing is typical of street food, you need to draw attention to what you are do-
ing and there are increasingly restaurants , the big heads, that are doing the same thing, its not just
a starter and a main course dessert, you need to be a bit more clever about what you do which is why
places like the fat duck and elBulli and Noma are so clever at presenting what they do.
Do you think the sensory element is a strong point for street food?
Yes! Actually, yeah, when youre walking along and you smell a baked potato or fried chicken or a
curry being stirred I think absolutely. I think when you see it being prepared you see how fresh it is,
when you see a stir fry being specially made just for you its not something thats gone on out of sight
you know its fresh.
Who is buying into it? Why?
I think it is a younger thing, its quite a cool thing, I think that its quite a foodie audience, people who
are a bit narked they couldnt afford a hundred and ffty quid for the taster menu at the Fat Duck but
wanted something that was their own. They want to repossess the food culture in this country on a
smaller budget. Street food was seen as boring but people wanted to get on board this change and
trend in British food culture they didnt have the money but starting off on street food came as a start
and in some cases an end too.
What is the new thing in street food?
The idea of fusing together different food cultures. I think it was about recreating food from your child-
hood fsh and chips, pies it was about those kind of foods but actually now because youre having so
many qualifed chefs getting into street food youre starting to get more creative.
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