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Filled Up, Sent Out | Rick Rusaw, 2012 NACC President

Headed into the 2012 NACC in Orlando, the goal of the week was to provide those who serve in ministry an opportunity to be refreshed; to allow ministers, church leaders, missionaries and more a time to relax, reconnect and refill. And refreshed we were! Throughout the week, consistent encouragement came from speakers who brought their own twist to the message of being refreshed; they spoke specifically to the convention audiencean audience of Kingdom Workers. They made us laugh and reminded us why we began our commitment to serve in the first place. Attendees took advantage of a wide variety of fellowship and networking opportunities through workshops and presentations, as well as numerous occasions to reconnect with former colleagues and old friends. Topped off by powerful worship that left us wanting more, many attendees agreed that the 2012 convention was one to remember. In addition, the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort didnt disappoint. From fantastic accommodations, state of the art convention facilities and world-class area attractions, the 2012 NACC provided many attendees with a vacation of a lifetime (and a lot of kids an amazing summer to talk about once they returned to school!) Make plans now to attend the 2013 NACC in Louisville. 2013 NACC President Matt Proctor and his team are preparing another unforgettable week that you wont want to miss!

NOrtH AMeriCAN CHriStiAN CONveNtiON 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Customer Service: (513) 772-9970 tHe MeetiNG CONNeCtiON, iNC. Exhibit Booths: (614) 898-9361 Hotel Reservations: (614) 898-9361 2013 NACC exeCUtive COMMittee President Matt Proctor Vice President Tom Ellsworth Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Welch National Prayer Chairperson Chris DeWelt At-Large Members Todd Bussey Reggie Epps Cam Huxford Mont Mitchell Ruth Reyes John Seitz Advisor Judy Russell NACC StAFF Managing Director Larry D. Collins Support Staff Rick Coyle Debbie Maurer Abi Platt Carie Schultz The NACC UPDATE has been in print since 1973. This is Volume 41, Issue 1 NACC Event Photography Tom Patrick Speaker Photos Provided by the speaker

We asked NACC attendees to share an NACC story or experience. Here are some of their responses . . .
I was drawn by the title, Refreshed. I needed that, because my well had run dry. I wondered what I was still doing in ministry worn out and frustrated. I wondered what I was doing here at the NACC and had no clue what it was. Then Todd Clark spoke and through him God spoke to me and to my heart. I know God wanted me here and I know this is a step in Refreshing. - Jack Cohen, Port Deposit, MD Florida is the sunshine state; however, Im leaving this 2012 convention with more of Gods Sonshine shedding light throughout my heart and soul. I thank God and each of you for making this possible for me and others. - Teresa Edwards, Jonesboro, AR I was very weary, given my extensive work at home. I truly needed every aspect of this convention. The preached word encouraged me the most! - Frank M. Smith, Jr., Louisville, KY As a minister and wife, we never felt so ministered to as we did while attending this convention. Thank you. Worship was healing, rich, delightful and packed with the power of the Holy Spirit. - Cam Ruyle, St. Augustine, FL This was my first time attending and it wont be the last. I worshipped with people from 8 to 80; what a blessing! - Skip Broome, Lexington, SC The networking and main sessions were phenomenal! Thank you very much for your efforts great job all! It was wonderful for our church volunteers to see such an amazing conference they had no idea how great it was! - Doug Reed, Ocala, FL



I brought nearly 100 of our church folks, who had a wonderful first time experience! Thanks. - Mark Fessler, Wildwood, FL The first night of the convention, after we picked up our son from the childrens program, he told us, I love learning about God! Made our week! - Ben and Dawn Boles, Painesville, OH

The NACC brought us together with cherished friends and mentors like no other opportunity. - John Lawless, Margate, FL

Came this year needing encouragement ready to quit was absolutely refreshed, restored, energized.

I had one of those moments when I recognized what a huge part of my life NACC has been. It came full circle for me when I heard Todd Clark speak on the main stage. I remembered him speaking at the Student Convention when I was a teenager. NACC has spanned my lifetime and has shaped my walk with Jesus. - Emily Lawler, Waynetown, IN


Gifts given September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012

Memorial & Honor Gifts

In Memory Of
Florida and Elizabeth Adona Federico G. Adona L.H. Appel Veva C. Appel Deron Baker John Baker J.K. Jones, Sr. Betty Jones

For Families

In Honor Of
Dick Alexander Patricia McCane Glen and Kitty Barton Carol Barker

Dr. Medford Jones Patricia L. Bishop Marjorie Kline Floyd Kline, Jr. Dale V. and Dearie Knowles Victor Knowles James McIntosh Wanda K. McIntosh Sisko Edward Moore Orval M. Morgan Sandra Morgan Bernice Pittman Wayne Pittman

Enned R. Baker Marjorie Baker Smith

Glen E. Barton Frances (Kitty) Barton Jay Brinson Kathleen Brinson Harry Bucalstien Les Christie Helen E. Carlson Lana Haltom

Bruce Burdick Mark and Brenda Haven Mitzi Campbell Dr. David and Gladys Campbell Larry Collins Bill Behrman Jesus Doris J. Mills Chaplains (Our U.S.) Glenda M. Craycraft David Faust Jack and Mary Blanche Jungers Bob and Ruth Martin Ethan and Misty Stivers

Russ and Marion Blowers Tom and Brenda Warner

Jan Burdick Mark and Brenda Haven Brent Christman Greg Holbert

Ken Neisler Dale and Sally Miller Max Ward Randall Gladys Randall and children

Grace Conklin Ruth Mc Cario

George W. Crane, Jr. Donna Crane

Dale Snell Herman Lippert Gaudencia Sulit Mario C. Sulit

Donald Gehring Margaret Gehring Audrey Faye Jaeb Dennis L. Jaeb Arthur L. Grove David Grove

Rena Lynne del Rosario Resurreccion S. del Rosario

Clyde and Christine Watkins Larry and Karen Boren Donna Weinsheimer C.M. Weinsheimer P.H. Welshimer Jean Hackathorn Dorothy Woods John R. Woods

Orval M. Morgan Sandra Morgan

Roy Weece Woody and Rose Wilkinson

Wayne Smith Robert and Ramona Hunsaker Leonard Wymore William Dennis Helsabeck, Jr.

In your gift correspondence, please clearly print the remembered/honored and donor names in the way you would like them to appear. Memorial and honor gifts appear for a limited time on 4 NOrtH AMeriCAN CHriStiAN CONveNtiON

Donald R. Jeanes North American Christian Convention

Dan Williams Richard and JoAnn Garner

Stu de n

Barbara Clark Boots and Adelle Roberts Billy Paul Collins Larry and Marsha Collins Don and Clarinda Jeanes

Earl and Ethel Raulston Bob and Etta Kastens Beatrice L. Sladek Beatrice Sladek Trust

Ralph Sims Don and Clarinda Jeanes

Gene McElroy George and Carolyn McElroy

Kid s
Adults who register as couples or individuals may add all children (birth 12 years) in the family household (see registration form for pricing). Child programs operate during the NACC Main Sessions (morning and evening), and the 1:30-3:00 afternoon seminars/workshops. Visit for details.

Brownstown Christian Church Esther Hotchkiss

Pat and Harry Merritt Carrie L. Griffin


Children who are 13 or older register at the student rate. Students may register individually, and registered adults may add students (1324 years) to their registration for $30 per student. This $30/ student rate includes every session of the NACC Student Convention as well as all NACC programs. There is also a $10/ student one-day rate. See the Student Convention schedule for hours of operation.

the registration form is on the back page

hey will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them . . . and with him will be his called, chosen, and faithful followers. Revelation 17:14 NIV

When the battle youre fighting seems hopeless, the 2013 North American Christian Convention invites you into a story that will end Victorious. Many avoid the book of Revelation, thinking it too hard to understand, but the 2013 NACC will dig deep into the Bibles last book. Written to persecuted and discouraged Christians, Revelation proclaims a powerful message of hope. At the end of time, Jesus will triumph over all the forces of darkness! At NACC 2013, well hear overcoming testimonies from persecuted believers from around the globe. Well pray and worship and fellowship and look forward in joyful anticipation of heaven. Life is a battle, and if youve ever felt discouraged and hopeless, join us in Louisville. We will be reminded: If we stay faithful in the middle of the story, well be victorious in the end!

Tuesday, July 9
8:30 12:00 7:00 8:30

Pre-Conference Events (t) Exhibit Hall Opens Evening Main Sessions NACC Presidents Opening Night Reception

Thursday, July 11

Wednesday, July 10

The schedule may change. Tickets are required for programs marked with a (t). Visit for updates and information.

7:30 NACC Ministry Networking Breakfast (t) 8:30 Bible Study 9:00 Exhibit Hall Opens 10:00 Morning Main Session 12:00 NACC Seniors Luncheon (t) 1:30 Seminars 3:30 Seminars 5:15 NACC Presidents Open to All Banquet (t) 7:00 Evening Main Session 8:30 Receptions

7:30 NACC Ministry Networking Breakfast (t) 8:30 Bible Study 9:00 Exhibit Hall Opens 10:00 Morning Main Session 12:00 NACC Ladies Luncheon (t) 1:30 Workshops 3:30 Workshops 6:45 Bible Bowl Winner Presentations 7:00 Evening Main Session 8:30 Receptions

matt proctor

2013 NACC President

rIcK atchley

friday, July 12

8:30 Bible Study 10:00 Morning Main Session 12:00 Convention Ends

aaron BrocKett

JonI earecKson tada

randy harrIs

Kyle Idleman

amanI mustafa

franK smIth, Jr.

ann VosKamp

Jon Weece

WIng Wong
www.GOtONACC.OrG 5

galT house hoTel
NACC rates: Standard $107 Executive Suite $125 Miscellaneous Fees: Hotel Tax 15% (not incl. in rate) Parking $5


galt House Hotel is a five-minute walk to the convention center. Its rooftop revolving restaurant overlooks the city. It also has a health club, outdoor pool and a glass-domed conservatory with an aviary inspired by Londons Crystal Palace. Spacious accommodations include cable TV and marble-accented baths.

hyaTT regency
NACC rates: Standard $113 Miscellaneous Fees: Hotel Tax 15% (not incl. in rate) Parking $15

Hyatt Regency Louisville is a two-minute walk to the convention center through the skywalk. Hyatt Regency Louisville delivers the impeccable service you expect with a gracious dose of southern hospitality. This hotel features outdoor tennis courts, indoor heated pool, 24-hour fitness center, a vast array of shopping and dining establishments just outside its doors, largest guestrooms in the city, plush Hyatt grand Beds and deluxe amenities. Marriott Downtown Louisville is a four-minute walk to the convention center through the skywalk. Amenities include indoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, modern rooms, plush bedding, Wi-Fi access, large work desks, room service and free coffee, tea and newspaper.

NACC rates: Standard $120 Miscellaneous Fees: Hotel Tax 15% (not incl. in rate) Parking $15


2013 nacc hoTel reservaTon form

thank you for booking your hotel through the NACC. it helps the NACC negotiate the best possible pricing for everyone.

Do not use this form after June 12, 2013. Do not call the hotel directly. Contact The Meeting Connection if you want multiple rooms or need to request items not listed on this form. Contact The Meeting Connection, Inc. with changes, cancellations, or to make reservations over the phone (614) 898-9361.

tHiS reServAtiON FOrM exPireS JUNe 12, 2013

Select One Hotel:

See hotel description for parking rates and hotel tax (not included in rate).

galt House Hotel (Standard $107) galt House Hotel (Suite $125) Hyatt Regency Louisville ($113) Marriott Downtown Louisville ($120)

Reservations will be processed only if you submit a credit card number or a $130 check deposit (write check to The Meeting Connection) with this form. The Meeting Connection will not charge your credit card but will use the information to reserve and block your hotel room(s). Therefore, you must bring some form of payment with you to the hotel in order to pay for your room(s) upon checkout Visa* MasterCard* *Do not use a debit card Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: Cardholder Name: Billing Address: City: State/Prov, Zip/PC: Cardholder Signature & Date: Phone: Home SeND tO: Work ( ) / Security Code: Discover* American Express*

Your Name: Spouse/Roommate: When sharing a room, only one occupant should submit this request. Email: Email verification of receipt will arrive in ten days. Hotel confirmation will arrive in thirty days. Reservation cancellations made anytime before your scheduled arrival date are subject to a $50 processing fee. You will be charged one nights room rate plus tax if you cancel inside 72 hours before your scheduled arrival. Check in time is 3:00 p.m. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. Rates are available July 6 - 13, 2013 2013 2013

Your Arrival Date: July Departure Date: July # adults in room: # youth in room: Special requests:


All rooms are non-smoking Addl rollaway bed

Wheelchair accessible Other:

Phone: Fax: Email:

NACC Housing c/o the Meeting Connection, inc 6373 Meadow Glen Drive North westerville, OH 43082-8299 (614) 898-9361 (614) 898-9364

www.GOtONACC.OrG 7

Thank You
Supporting Churches // September 2011 August 2012
Thank you to each and every church who is listed below for their continued faithful support of the NACC throughout fiscal year 2012 (September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012). We are grateful for the sacrificial gifts that bless our entire family of churches! Approximately 27% of the NACCs annual expenses are funded by church contributions. If your church was not a giving partner this past year, please prayerfully consider becoming one this year to support what God will be doing throughout the 2013 convention year through the NACC ministry. Your gifts are vitally important and appreciated!
$80,000+ LifeBridge Christian Church, Longmont, CO $15,000 to $20,000 Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, MD Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY West Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL Columbia Christian Church, Columbia, KY Community Christian Church, Tamarac, FL First Christian Church Ministries, Kernersville, NC Greenwood Christian Church, Greenwood, IN LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH New Beginnings Christian Church, Tampa, FL Northside Christian Church, New Albany, IN Northside Christian Church, Wadsworth, OH Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, VA Owensboro Christian Church, Owensboro, KY Plainfield Christian Church, Plainfield, IN Real Life Christian Church, Clermont, FL Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, IN South Telegraph Christian Church, Saint Louis, MO SouthBrook Christian Church, Miamisburg, OH Town & Country Christian Church, Bartlesville, OK University Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA Valley View Christian Church, Dallas, TX Westerville Christian Church, Westerville, OH $1,000 to $1,499 Anchor Christian Church, Rochester, NY Bella Vista Christian Church, Bella Vista, AR Broadway Christian Church, Lexington, KY Central Christian Church, Mount Vernon, IL Christs Church of Oronogo, Joplin, MO Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville, MD Church of Christ Christian Chapel, Cayuga, ON Community Christian Church, Frankfort, IN Crosspoint Christian Church, Cape Coral, FL Crossroads Christian Church, Hutchinson, KS Crossroads Christian Church, West Lafayette, IN Eastside Christian Church, Jeffersonville, IN Fairmount Christian Church, Mechanicsville, VA Fairway Christian Church, The Villages, FL First Christian Church, Columbus, IN First Christian Church, Dodge City, KS First Christian Church, Evansville, IN First Christian Church, Fort Myers, FL First Christian Church, Greenville, IL First Christian Church, Laverne, OK First Christian Church, Morris, IL First Christian Church, Sullivan, IN Fort Caroline Christian Church, Jacksonville, FL Heyworth Christian Church, Heyworth, IL $25,000 Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA $10,000 to $14,999 Chapel Rock Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN Christs Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, IL $3,000 to $4,999 Christs Church, Jacksonville, FL Christs Church at Mason, Mason, OH Churchill Meadows Christian Church, Mississauga, ON Crossroads Christian Church, Evansville, IN First Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA First Christian Church, Hugoton, KS First Church of Christ, Burlington, KY Journey Christian Church, Apopka, FL Mt. Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, IN Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Longmont, CO Summit Christian Church, Sparks, NV Worthington Christian Church, Columbus, OH $1,500 to $2,999 Antioch Christian Church, Marion, IA Bright Christian Church, Lawrenceburg, IN Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV Central Christian Church, Wichita, KS Christian Church of Clarendon Hills, Clarendon Hills, IL Christs Church of Flagstaff, Flagstaff, AZ Horsepasture Christian Church, Ridgeway, VA Huntsville Christian Church, Huntsville, AL Inglewood Southside Christian Church, Inglewood, CA Journey Christian Church, Wayne, NE Knott Avenue Christian Church, Anaheim, CA Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL North River Avenue Christian Church, Toronto, OH Northside Christian Church, Clovis, CA Oak Grove Christian Church, Beckley, WV Ocala Christian Church, Ocala, FL Outlook Christian Church, McCordsville, IN Rockville Christian Church, Rockville, IN Second Church of Christ, Danville, IL Shelby Christian Church, Shelbyville, KY Southwoods Christian Church, Overland Park, KS Victor Valley Christian Church, Hesperia, CA Washington Christian Church, Washington, IL Westbrook Christian Church, Bolingbrook, IL


$5,000 to $9,999 Chandler Christian Church, Chandler, AZ Connection Pointe Christian Church, Brownsburg, IN Eastside Christian Church, Fullerton, CA Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN Generations Christian Church, Trinity, FL Harvester Christian Church, Saint Charles, MO Kingsway Christian Church, Avon, IN Lakeside Christian Church, Lakeside Park, KY Legacy Christian Church, Overland Park, KS Savannah Christian Church, Savannah, GA

$500 to $999 Academy Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO Anchor Christian Church, Bonita Springs, FL

Avalon Church of Christ, Virginia Beach, VA Bellevue Christian Church, Pittsburgh, PA Blountville Christian Church, Blountville, TN Broadway Christian Church, Mattoon, IL Cambridge City Christian Church, Cambridge City, IN Capital Area Christian Church, Mechanicsburg, PA Center Christian Church, Knightstown, IN Chapel Hill Christian Church, Kokomo, IN Christian Church in Lindsay, Lindsay, CA Christian Church of Holiday, New Port Richey, FL Christs Church at the Crossroads, Anthem, AZ Deer Creek Christian Church, University Park, IL DeKalb Christian Church, De Kalb, MO Discovery Christian Church, Cocoa, FL Downtown Christian Church, Johnson City, TN Eastpointe Christian Church, Blacklick, OH Fairfield Church of Christ, Fairfield, OH First Christian Church, Big Stone Gap, VA First Christian Church, Frostproof, FL First Christian Church, Herrin, IL First Christian Church, Kissimmee, FL First Christian Church, Margate, FL First Christian Church, Monmouth, IL First Christian Church, Morristown, TN First Christian Church, Villa Grove, IL First Christian Church, Yucca Valley, CA First Christian Church of Brock Hall, Upper Marlboro, MD First Christian Church of Chicago, Chicago, IL

First Church of Christ, Painesville, OH Highview Christian Church, Washington, IL Hope Christian Church, Avon, OH Hopwood Memorial Christian Church, Milligan College, TN Journey Christian Church, Fairbanks, AK Kenwood Heights Christian Church, Louisville, KY Lake Ridge Christian Church, Paris, IL Manchester Christian Church, Manchester, NH New Hope Christian Church, Marshalltown, IA Parkview Christian Church, Findlay, OH Perry Christian Church, Canton, OH South Daytona Christian Church, South Daytona, FL Swiss Cove Christian Church, Jacksonville, FL Tates Creek Christian Church, Lexington, KY Taylorville Christian Church, Taylorville, IL Tonganoxie Christian Church, Tonganoxie, KS Tri-Village Christian Church, Pataskala, OH Westview Christian Church, Amarillo, TX Woodlawn Christian Church, Knoxville, TN Up to $499 Antioch Christian Church, Pittsburg, MO Bay Area Christian Church, Houston, TX Bethel Christian Church, Conyers, GA Boones Creek Christian Church, Gray, TN Bridges Christian Church, Russell, KY Bridgetown Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH Buchanan Christian Church, Buchanan, MI Canarsie Church of Christ, Brooklyn, NY


Central Holston Christian Church, Bristol, TN Central Park Church of Christ, Tilton, IL Centropolis Christian Church, Ottawa, KS Christian Church of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, AR Christian Church of Witt, Witt, IL Christs Church of Marion County, Ocala, FL Community Christian Church, Metropolis, IL Community Christian Church, Saint Joseph, MO Cornerstone Christian Church, Dawsonville, GA Crestwood Christian Church, Saint Louis, MO Creswell Christian Church, Bel Air, MD Crossroads Christian Church, Joliet, IL East Sparta Christian Church, East Sparta, OH Eastside Christian Church, Lake Placid, FL Fairfax Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN First Christian Church, Anna, IL First Christian Church, Caruthersville, MO First Christian Church, Crescent, OK First Christian Church, Downs, KS First Christian Church, East Prairie, MO First Christian Church, Erwin, TN First Christian Church, Greeneville, TN First Christian Church, Greenville, AL First Christian Church, Harrisburg, IL First Christian Church, Junction City, KS First Christian Church, Kewanee, IL First Christian Church, Lake Butler, FL First Christian Church, Lamar, MO

First Christian Church, Lansing, IL First Christian Church, Mountain City, GA First Christian Church, Shelburn, IN First Christian Church, Stuart, FL First Christian Church, Warsaw, IN First Christian Church, Wauchula, FL First Christian Church, Wilmington, IL First Church of Christ, Bryan, OH Forest Dale Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH Franklin Heights Christian Church, Vincennes, IN Gateway Christian Church, Saint Albans, WV Gethsemane Church of Christ, Mechanicsville, VA Grandview Christian Church, Johnson City, TN Hillsboro Church of Christ, Hillsboro, OH Homeport Christian Church, St Augustine, FL Huron Christian Church, Huron, SD Jackson Church of Christ, Montezuma, IA Journey of Faith Christian Church, St. Augustine, FL La Mirada Christian Church, La Mirada, CA Lake Superior Christian Church, Marquette, MI Leesburg Christian Church, Cynthiana, KY Little Rock Christian Church, Paris, KY Lockland Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH Macedonia Christian Church, Williamston, NC McCook Christian Church, McCook, NE Medaryville Christian Church, Medaryville, IN Memorial Church of Christ, Livonia, MI Montpelier Church of Christ, Montpelier, OH

Nelson Christian Church, Bardstown, KY New Brighton Christian Church, New Brighton, MN New Day Christian Church, Fort Myers, FL North Liberty Church of Christ, North Liberty, IN North Terre Haute Christian Church, Terre Haute, IN Northside Christian Church of North Lakeland, Lakeland, FL Northview Church of Christ, Huntington, IN Oakland Drive Church of Christ, Portage, MI Pana Christian Church, Pana, IL Paoli Christian Church, Paoli, IN President Drive Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH Reddington Christian Church, Seymour, IN Rolling Hills Christian Church, Topeka, KS Russell Springs Christian Church, Russell Springs, KY Seaford Church of Christ, Seaford, VA South Side Church of Christ, Washington Ct House, OH Southside Christian Church, La Crosse, WI Southside Christian Church, Ottawa, IL Spring Road Christian Church, Lanett, AL The Church at Mt. Gilead, Mooresville, IN Union Christian Church, Hodgenville, KY Valley Christian Church, Billings, MT Warren Church of Christ, Warren, IN Westwood Hills Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA Woodstock Christian Church, Woodstock, GA

The NACC is in the process of closing books for Fiscal Year 2012 (9/1/11 thru 8/31/12) The NACC is committed to fiscal integrity and accountability. The financial records are independently reviewed annually by Capin Crouse, LLP, a national accounting firm specializing in not-for-profit Christian organization accounting/audit services. The NACC is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and all gifts to the NACC are tax deductible in the U.S. Preliminary Results 2012 is projected to break-even on revenue base of $1.34M Sources of revenue: Churches and Individuals = 46%; Registrations/Exhibits/Ads/Ministry Partners= 54%

www.GOtONACC.OrG 9


It takes a lot of combined financial support to offset the expenses of NACC events. NACC Ministry Partners and Sponsors help with approximately 9% of the expenses.

Earn intErEst. HElp cHurcHEs.

its tHat simplE!

When you invest with Church Development Fund, you do more than earn interest; you help provide financial resources to growing churches and ministries all across the United States. | (888) 540-7112

The purchase of CDF securities is subject to risks, which are described in CDFs Offering Circular. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy Church Development Fund securities. Such an offer is made only by an Offering Circular and only in those states where the Church Development Fund securities may lawfully be offered or sold. CDF securities are not F.D.I.C. or S.I.P.C. insured nor are they bank deposits.

A Provision Ministry Partner

10 NOrtH AMeriCAN CHriStiAN CONveNtiON

This early Bird pre-registration form expires March 31, 2013


Registration will continue to be available online and on-site after this form expires on March 31, 2013. get an instant confirmation when you register with your credit card on Registration materials and badges are not mailed. Badges will be distributed at the NACC Pre-Registration Counter, open 8:00 AM Tuesday, July 9, 2013 through the end of the NACC. Cancellation fee is $25. No cancellations will be accepted after May 15, 2013, but may, upon request, be converted to a donation or applied to a registration for the next NACC. Register for the 2013 Louisville NACC (Select one rate per form): $170 Married Couple $85 Individual $30 Student (13-24 years) Register for one day: DAY: Tue. July 9 Wed. July 10 $50 Married Couple $25 Individual $10 Student (13-24 years) 1. Registration Amount Due 2. Add students (13-24 years) # of students x Event $30 = # of students x 1 Day $10 = 3. Add children (birth-12 years) # of children x Event $20 = # of children x 1 Day $10 = = $ $ $ $ $

Thur. July 11

Fri. July 12

Sub-total Amount Due $ Protected Family Value: If Sub-Total Amount is more than $250, change Sub-Total Amount Due to $250.

Your registration comes with a FREE six month subscription to Christian Standard. This free subscription does not require purchase and will be delivered to your home beginning in September. No, I want to opt out of the Christian Standard free subscription. PLEASE NOTE: By opting to receive this offer you are granting NACC permission to provide Standard Publishing with your email and mailing addresses for fulfillment of this offer. >>> Also, you may sign up for a 50% discount to Worship Leader at Your Name: Spouse Name: Home Address: City: State/Prov, Zip/PC: Phone: Home Work ( )

4. Add Donation Please consider making a donation along with your registration. Your US tax deductible donation helps us continue inspiring and encouraging ministry leaders through the NACC. Thank you for being a blessing to this ministry. I will support the NACC with a love gift and/or non-attending registration ($25) $ = total Amount Due Check enclosed payable to NACC Visa MasterCard Discover $

Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: Cardholder Name: Card Billing Address:
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Email: If you provide your email address, your confirmation will arrive by email. By providing your email address, you are authorizing the NACC to include you in email updates about this and future NACC events, NACC offers and NACC partner offers. You may unsubscribe at any time. Check here to decline this service if you do not want emails from the NACC.

Cardholder Signature & Date: SeND tO: NACC, 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Fax: (513) 772-9980 Questions: (513) 772-9970
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end s i to s py s of th your ap e h copie with e ar We more share . Pleas ly you tter to fami ailing g. sle s and y em ne.or new iend st b -onli fr eque acc r @n act ont c

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage

NACC 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Phone: (513) 772-9970 Fax: (513) 772-9980 Web:

Cincinnati, OH Permit No. 511

on the exhibit floor

Dwight D. Loken, CMP, The Meeting Connection, Inc., (614) 898-9361

The 2012 NACC had a wonderful turnout of exhibitors and attendees. It was a great time for ministries to inform others about what they are doing and to connect with contributors; for colleges to connect with alumni, friends and future students; and for church leaders to learn about new programs and services. If you want to be a part of the action for 2013, visit to sign up to exhibit. The exhibit space is already more than 40% sold out!