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Nibiru and Resolution

September 19, 2012. The autumn equinox marks the completion of inputs for the coming year in the earths akashic printing que. If its going to happen during the coming year it must be in the printing que by the autumn equinox. It has always been this way and always will be this way. This year it also marks the end of 4th density harvest and many things have happened during the past weeks, but the most important happened this morning in the astral. The arrival of Nibiru on the scene has long been anticipated and even feared. Months ago I sensed that the passing of Nibiru would trigger the final ascension and it would conclude by the winter solstice. I can only share what I have seen and let others determine for themselves. This morning in the astral Nibiru swept past the earth at 4th density level. As Nibiru entered the force field of earths Unity Grid it suffered much damage. Many feared that earth would be damaged by the passing of Nibiru but the opposite has been the case. Nibirus electromagnetic core has been damaged and it will suffer a pole reversal. In the meantime, those dark entities seeking to escape earth were transported to Nibiru as it passed. They caught a ride on the wrong horse this time! As the dark entities were purged from the earths Unity Grid balance and unity was achieved. I sensed Nibiru and the dark ones once more moving out of our solar system. The Orion forces remaining with Gaia are in deep karmic debt and obligation to make right those things that they screwed up. They must serve to pay off their karmic debt. There is no danger from them. There was a pause in the astral and the Galactic Federation was requested to leave Gaias space for their own protection as a new quarantine was prepared to be placed around her for the coming great cycle and the new game. It was then that a most wonderful thing happened. In the stillness, the Galactic Federation chose to remain and held the gates open for earth and its inhabitants to move into 5th density. Something gave way in the astral and the entire earth and all living things simply dissolved into the higher realms, entered into the realms of the Galactic Federation. There was no more earth, no more Gaia! She had completely ascended leaving nothing at all behind! This was a 4th density and remains to be played out in 3rd density but will do so by this coming Winter solstice. What does this mean? I dont know. I only know that something very big happened today and it was not planned. It was spontaneous and happened as the result of the Galactic Federations choice to hold the gateway open for Gaia and all upon her. Ive been thinking about this all day at work and believe that it means earth and her inhabitants have all ascended from 4th to 5th density with 1st, 2nd and 3rd densities soon to follow. The manner of her ascension has been finalized and is in the printing que for the coming months. I dont know what it means that Gaia completely dematerialized but it must mean a major change in the nature of our coming reality. Bright blessings,


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