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Thomas Frieden Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Mailstop D-14 Atlanta, GA 30333-9946 July 19, 2012 Dear Dr. Frieden, I am writing to you with a compelling request that the CDC intervene in an unfolding emergency involving EMF and RF radiation exposures that are impacting the public health right now. This is a crisis levels as hundreds of wireless technologies are rapidly being developed and deployed, unchecked, even being forced on all Americans, wherever they live and work. Unfortunately, the federal government is actively helping to expand the emergency, unwittingly. I am certain that, as Director of the Centers for Disease Control, you can help correct this situation. I ask that you take simple actions that will address and prevent serious, costly, debilitating health problems for tens of millions of Americans. I am convinced that you, as director of the CDC, are the only one in the position to intervene in a meaningful and appropriate way, to stop a public health disaster that is happening right now, sadly, due to unfortunate federal errors. I ask for your immediate help on a most urgent basis and that you speak to President Obama directly. THE PROBLEM: Two decade-old, scientifically obsolete government policy on non-ionizing radiation which ignores current science and warnings of experts, combined with catering to industry vs. protecting the public, is causing us to be surrounded by dangerous toxic, pulsed RF radiation exposures that are harmful to Americans. The FCC has allowed this to occur - it is not a health agency and believe me, that is having terrible consequences, combined with misinformed White House enthusiasm for wireless technologies. At this time, the federal government is the major source of funding and the White House the major source of encouragement for such egregious mistakes as universal wireless (WIFI) (in our schools, hospitals, medical facilities, grocery stores, shopping malls, libraries, hotels), a thick forest of cell towers including now on tops of many churches and next to schools, and especially forced smart (utility) meters, a prime example. Thanks to White House encouragement, no rural area is safe. There is now nowhere to even escape to. Then, of course, we see that nearly every American is using cell phones thoughout the day, including pregnant women and children, unchecked, with a federal plan in place to make this the only way to communicate, to do away with all landlines (and thus, safety). We need your emergency help. Just this week, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine issued a set of "Recommendations Regarding Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Exposure" as guidance for physicians to consider patients' total EMF and RF exposure in their diagnosis and treatment, as well as recognizing that this may be an underlying cause of disease processes. Further, AAEM recommends that those with many named medical conditions - including pregnancy - avoid these

EMF/RF exposures, and especially, that smart meters be removed from their homes and the surrounding area, as an accommodation (see attached). People are experiencing severe tinnitus, vision problems including loss of vision, severe ear pain, cardiac, circulatory, and blood pressure problems, pains in chest and head, headaches (moderate to severe and daily), vertigo, dermal problems (rashes and cancers), memory and other cognitive problems, joint and tissue pain, bleeding and painful sinuses, breathing problems, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, seizures, unconsciousness, and an increase in inflammation, just to name a few. These symptoms are consistent with exposure to RF radiation per thousands of independent studies (many are double-blind, peer-reviewed) and even military technical information on use of non-ionizing radiation in electromagnetic weaponry. The experience for many is that of being tortured. People are beside themselves and have nowhere to go to escape, as entire communities are being blanketed with this deadly, pulsed radiation that they are reacting to, sometimes within seconds of the installations. I personally know of three professors, a doctor, and one dentist who have been living tragic, suddenly very ill lives, homeless at times - two are unable to work - because they can't live in their homes now due to smart meter installations, in particular. I know of many thousands more like them. Some can no longer work, due to a WIFI or smart meter-laden environment at the workplace, as well. Citizens are struggling desperately to maintain their health and protect their families and children. This costly federal mistake is making a mockery of all public health efforts, including yours at the CDC, and will shortly destroy our public healthcare system and the public health if it is not stopped. This is already starting to happen as people go to emergency rooms and physicians at a higher rate in areas where smart meters have been installed. I attach a letter "Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation" clarifying the dangers of smart meters, recently signed and published by 40 international scientists and experts, including many Americans, to spell out the problems, and show you just how serious this error is. I attach other warnings and documents written by authoritative bodies and scientists, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). I have many more expert warnings and position statements on our website and thousands of scientific studies on EMF/RF on our project site: Please, heed these warnings and take immediate, substantial action. CDC ACTIONS REQUESTED: Your immediate attention and intervention is needed, especially speaking to President Obama, who obviously is not getting good advisement thus far, on this topic. Also, changing the CDC's web information on non-ionizing radiation would help a great deal - the new material may be obtained from current WHO information, to start with, as well as that available from authoritative bodies of independent physicians and scientists, internationally and nationally, such as has been attached herein. The CDC can help today by: 1. Asking the Obama administration to stand down on funding smart meters and a wireless electrical grid (smart grid), as well as halting encouragement for all technologies that use wireless, including encouraging the extreme exposures from the proliferation of enhanced cell towers and extreme amounts of cell phone use by the general population. 2. Personally discussing these problems with President Obama on an emergency basis and offering immediate solutions to protect the population from the errors made thus


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far. Our organization has a immediate plan for undoing the mistakes of the wireless smart meters that would not interfere with the running of the electric grid (see attachment). Formally recognizing what the World Health Organization announced on 5/31/11, that RF radiation is a potential carcinogen, which was added to WHO's 2B carcinogen list. Following that announcement, the Parliament of Europe (PACE) issued an advisory to all its government members, that RF radiation exposures should be reduced, as a precautionary measure, for citizens. Issue such an advisement here in the USA, immediately. Reviewing and recognizing the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)'s Position Statements and Recommendations on avoidance of EMF (electromagnetic fields), which includes RF radiation commentary. (attached) Reading the letter "Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation" attached, inviting Dr. David Carpenter to meet with you and even present at the CDC, on an emergency basis, about these issues, and extrapolating and disseminating information that CDC needs to know. Meeting or speaking with additional independent scientists, physicians, and experts who will confirm and explain the situation, on an emergency basis. One such eminent scientist is Dr. Henry Lai, of Washington State University. Ask for a White House directive to suspend the portions of the Telecom Act of 1996 which forbid evaluation of environmental health and safety when siting wireless communications devices. Discussing immediate, practical solutions with our organization. We have a number of these.

These actions would cost nothing, and would not mean that CDC agrees 100%, but it would be a much needed, emergency, overnight starting point that could help turn around this disaster, which we truly desperately need. The information gained may then be referred to for guidance when FCC reviews its guidelines for non-ionizing radiation, which it is now preparing to do, for the first time in nearly 20 years. There is a fear that they may actually loosen the guidelines to allow more, to please industry, without proper guidance from CDC. Even continuation of the current mistakes is a recipe for destruction of the public health and thus, the nation. We simply must reverse this mistaken course. BACKGROUND: Non-ionizing radiation is clearly no longer thought to be harmless by independent scientists or environmental physicians. Nor was it thought to be so even two decades ago, but in a political move planned to please the telecom industry, US EPA lost control of this area, just as serious questions and requests for funding to study the emerging dangers were occurring. In fact, in the past two decades, independent scientists worldwide show very strong evidence regarding the biological and health effects of non-ionizing RF microwave radiation is rapidly mounting. Guidelines at the FCC are hopelessly obsolete. FCC tells us that "from time-to-time" it receives guidance from health agencies of the United States, like the CDC. But that has not occurred recently. In Europe, WHO is recognizing the dangers, as is the Parliament of the European Union, which issued a warning to all its member governments last June, to reduce RF radiation exposures for their citizens, based on the WHO findings.

Why are we in this position? It is, regrettably, very clear that heavy lobbying to cover up the truth about the dangers of non-ionizing radiation has gone on since the mid-1990's, at least, when the telecom companies began erecting cell towers all over, and the birth of a lucrative industry began. At that time, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed, which forbids municipalities from making decisions based on health or environmental effects, pertaining to the siting of high-RFemitting base stations (ie. cell towers and antennae). This is truly wrong. Now, to compound the errors, our federal government, with President Obama's encouragement, is exponentially exposing the population to far more RF radiation, even forcing the most dangerous type (pulsed) on every home, from smart meters that are federally funded, unsafe, and untested. CONCLUSION: We must not allow public health to take a back seat to corporate financial interests. There is no way to avoid the truth - it comes back to us anyhow, in the form of a populace with destroyed health, a destroyed economy, a destroyed healthcare system, with increased cancers, increased inflammatory diseases, a host of symptoms such as .... that significantly adds to the economic woes, healthcare burden and individual and family stressors. As a result of the lack of governmental consideration for current science pertaining to nonionizing radiation, and the evolution of many technologies that emits non-ionizing radiation, we are most unfortunately being exposed to millions of times more RF radiation than is considered normal ambient levels without any protection or knowledge that it could be harmful. A parallel to rampant smoking of cigarettes in the 1940's era can be derived. Everywhere, we see people pressing cell phones to their heads, cell towers doubling and tripling their power and quantities, smart meters placed forcibly on every residence and commercial building by utilities with federal funds and encouragement - including banks of them, pulsing exponential amounts of RF radiation right next to unsuspecting multi-family housing dwellers. This impacts the current and future public health of the nation, which, in turn impacts everything important- our economy, our productivity. I am available to speak with you or your staff about any of the above, and can help arrange contacts and meetings with key, very authoritative, renowned scientists, physicians and experts who can confirm all of the above, and provide as much information as you would like, including presentations. I ask that you take a look at the attachments and take swift action to HALT these preventable, very harmful environmental exposures from continuing. That is why we have a CDC and I have faith in you, personally, Dr. Frieden, based on your history, that you have "what it takes" to step in and right this wrong. Sincerely, Susan Brinchman Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention a California nonprofit xxx-xxx-xxxx