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Hotels, holiday homes, guesthouses, pensions, hostels & camping sites near Springen

In Springen (5 minutes walk to the center)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Familie Holzhuser Katja Holzhuser Alte Ecke 7a 65321 Heidenrod-Springen Telefon: +49 (0) 6124 12227 Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Dillenberger Sieglinde Dillenberger Odilienstr.8 65321 Heidenrod-Springen Telefon: 0049-(0)-6124-9335 Fax: 0049-(0)-6124-9335 Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Frau Diel Fasenweg 18 65321 Heidenrod-Springen 0049-(0)-6124-1449 2 Small Flats 2 bed rooms plus kitchen, bathroom Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Berndt Fam. Waltraud & Roland Berndt Gutenbergstrasse 2 Tel.: 0049-(0)-6124-9112 Mobil: 0049-(0)-162-9386089

In Kemel (4km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Famile Manfred und Irmgard Bender Neustrae 26 65321 Heidenrod Kemel Tel.: 0049-(0)-6124-3636 e-mail: Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Frau Ventler Domne 4, 65321 Heidenrod-Kemel Tel 00 49 (0)6124 2598 1 holiday apartment (Adults: 22 Euros/night; Child: 11 Euros/night) 1 double room with WC/shower

In Watzelheim (5km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Johanna Familie Ehlert/Brmsel

Am Sonnenberg 43 65321 Heidenrod-Watzelhain

Tel.: 0049-(0)-6124-720223 Mobil: 0049-(0)-177-3837749 0049-(0)-170-5883588

In Egenroth (9km from Springen)

Freizeithaus Klostergut (monastary) Gronau Fam. von Nell 65321 Heidenrod-Egenroth Tel.: 0049-(0)-6772-8479 Fax: 0049-(0)-6772-2286 E-Mail:

In Geroldstein (9km from Springen)

Familie Reiter Camping Wisperpark Wisperstrasse, 65321 Heidenrod 0049-(0)-6124-9297 e-mail: or Family E. Drschug 0049-(0)-6120-978552/ 0049-(0)-6120-972120

In Ramschied (8 or 10km from Springen)

Gasthof-Pension Zum Wispertal Wisperstae 1 56307 Ramschied (Bad Schwalbach) 0049-(0)-6124-1324 Single Room 31 36, Double Room 52 57, Triplet Room 69 78

In Bad Schwalbach (10km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung Strohwald Pestalozzistr. 17 65307 Bad Schwalbach Tel.: +49-6124-2131

Gasthaus (Guesthouse) Parkblick Parkblick 2 65307 Bad Schwalbach Tel.: 0049-6124-1303 Weinstube Fortuna (Inh. Emma Schopf) Brunnenberg 7 65307 Bad Schwalbach Tel.: 0049-6124-8367 Hotel Fhrenhof Parkstrae 10e 65307 Bad Schwalbach 0049-(0)-6124-8427 www.hotel-foehrenhof .de Rooms from 25 per person Kaiserhof R.Maa und Shne GbR Goetheplatz 5 -7 65307 Bad Schwalbach 0049-(0)-6124-4061 www.hotel-restaurant -kaiserhof .de Single room from 45 onwards Double Room from 75 onwards Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Reintgen Angelika Reintgen Emser Strasse 19 65307 Bad Schwalbach Tel.: 0049-(0)-6124-9912 Mobil: 0049-(0)-162-9554620

In Grebenroth (12km from Springen)

Gasthaus (Guesthouse) Klauser Mhle

Dorfstrae 20 65321 Heidenrod-Grebenroth Tel. 06772 - 5848 Fax 06772 - 961285 e-mail:

In Fischbach (12km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Zum Wildpark Heidrun Schnert Zum Wildpark 29 65307 Bad Schwalbach-Fischbach Tel.: 0049-(0)-6124-6195 Fax: 0049-(0)-6124-7244396 1 Person/day = 40 Euro 2 Person/day = 45 Euro Minimum overnight stay = 2 nights

In Niedermeilingen (14km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) Emmely Fam. Geyersbach Brhlstrasse 5 65321 Heidenrod-Niedermeilingen Telefon: 0049-(0)-6772-2257 Handy: 0049-(0)-160-99466119 Fax: 0049-(0)-6772-961215 E-Mail: Homepage:

In Obermeilingen (15km from Springen)

Ferienwohnung (holiday home) von Knoop Petra & Carsten von Knoop

Am Dietrichstein 1 65321 Heidenrod-Obermeilingen Tel.: 0049-(0)-6772-967869 E-Mail: 2 Person 38 Euro/night or 250 Euro/week Each additional person 10 Euro/night or 60 Euro/week (maximum 5 Person) 30 Euro for cleaning

General Websites for staying near to Sprignen: www.wambacher http://schwalbach Please note that this list contains not all hotels etc. in or around Springen. You can help updating the list or find new lodging near Springen for all the guests. Please confirm with the owner if her or his accommodation can be put on this Lodging List. Also you could ask the owner if they want to be contacted by e-mail or phone. Many thanks.

Travel Information
All travel information can be found on (search for Frankfurt(M)Flughafen - Springen Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Heidenrod, or 'Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, Hahn (Hunsrck)' - 'Springen Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Heidenrod) As an alternative you can go on Traveling by bus shuttle from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Mainz: Travel information from Mainz to Springen: Airport journey planner: All bus timetables (for lines 200, 275, 274 & 205) from Wiesbaden to Springen can be found here: Please note that buses from Kemel to Springen and reverse are mostly by requests if they have the note 90 (call 90min. prior departure) or the note 92 (call on previous day latest at 22:00hrs) on the timetable. The number for bus bookings is + 49 (0)1803-101113 (Mo - So, 6 - 22 Uhr, 9ct/min from Germany). Bus timetable in Springen; search for Heidenrod-Springen Dorfgemeinschaftshaus: Taxi For all those guests coming to the center via Frankfurt International Airport & Hahn Airport it is possible to take a taxi since there are numerous taxi providers. For all those guests coming to the center from Wiesbaden or Bad Schwalbach we recommend you take one of the three local providers: Taxi Taunusstein +49 (0)6124 1 25 25 (up to 8 persons) Taxi Giovanni Sostanza +49 (0)163 82 99 00 (up to 8 persons) Taxi Hhn +49 (0)6124 37 37 or 22 22 (up to 8 persons). Taxi Hauk & Hauk Car sharing +49 (0)6543-889962 (Airport Hahn)

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