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aaa aeqeeqaifaera TEAGeA TAUTTY-AHATT UA VETTE wefan aay veaq Reg dame etiam | 20 . VACHASPATY A ” COMPREHENSIVE SANSKRIT DICTIONARY PART VIE. COMPILED BY PROFESSOR TARANAHTA TARKAVAGHASPATI ete CALCUTTA THE KAVYAPRAKASHA PRESS. Printed by Brahma Vrata Samadbyayi. 1875. Published by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara B. A. Superintendent, Free Sanskrit College Caleutta: Advance price 80 Re, Price of each part 6 Rs, Price to subsoribecrs 100 Rs 2°78 PROFESSOR TARRAVACHASPAITS 77° WORKS AND PUBLICATIONS. > 1.) arqate aivee@ Asubodham Vyakaranam. A new Sansktit Grammar founded on tho system of Panini by Professor Taranatha Tarkavachaspati of Caleutta Freo Sanskrit College, for the use of the undergraduates of the Indian Universities. Royal 12 mo. 500 pages. Revised Edition, Re. 8, Ans, 4 2 2 wraweured Dhaturupadarsha. Paradigm of Sanskrit Conjugation-by the same atithor for the use of Schools and Colleges 8 vo, 274 pages. 2 0 3. to meeitererfafa (gera afirTt ) Sabdastoma ‘Mahanidhi. A-Sanskrit Dictionary in alphabetical order by Professor Taranatha Tarkavachaspati, for the use of Schools ‘and Colleges 4 to 550 pages. The words are explained in Sanskrit. 10 ° 4. tt faqrarstadtecar afyat Siddhantakoumudi with Sarala, or Panini mothodized by Bliattoji dikshita with a com- mentary entitled the “Sarala” by Professor Taranatha Tarka- ‘vachaspati. in 2vols, 8 vo, 1400 pages. uu = 5. faqrafaeqare (@z1) Siddhantavindusara, A treatise ‘on the Vedanta philosophy by tho same author 0 8 6. 8 qararteuafa Tuladanadipadhati on the sixteen ‘Mahndanas or largossess by the same author (in Bengali charae- ters.) 4 o 7. ¢ maraterfguafa Gaya Shradhadipadhati. A treatise ‘on the Gaya Shradha by the same author. Revised edition. 1R. * 8 fl) wagraxa Sabdartharatna A treatise on thephilosophy ‘of Grammar by the samo author. Revised oditiod. 0 12, 9. Lataqagey. Vakyamanjari. A treatise on the Sanskrit | composition, by the same author,(In Bengali characters.) 0 4 10. We aegtaReh war catatae es Vrittaratnakara and Chhandomanjari with notes, by Prof, Tarkayachaspati, ‘Two popular works on prosody. LO 10 LL ¢ adhdgte atze—edte Venisanhara with the com- mentary of Prof, Tarkavachaspati, Revised edition, T- 0 12, tn Sgietee ares azte Mudrarakshasa. A drama with the commentary of Prof, Tarkavachaspati, 1 | 8 13. il aTaet Ratnavali Ditto, A drama edited by Prof. Tarkavachaspati, o 7~ 19 14. 0h atafeatfen wat seta Malavikngnimitra, A drama of Kalidasa with a eommentary by Prof, Tarkayashonpati 15, | wagafisa we Dhananjayavijaya, A drama edited with notes byProf. Tarkavachaspati 0 4 16, 1 werhiesfca Mahaviracharita, A drama of Bhaya- Dhuti edited by Pandit Jibanada Vidyasagara B. ALT 8 17, & agzatiadl wis Sonkhyatatwokoumudi. The system-of Sankhya Philosophy by Vachespati Mishra with the coramentary of Prof. Tarkavachaspati, 2 0 18. 11 faracaewagte Veiyakarana Bhusanasara,.A tren tise on Grammar, by Kounda Bhatta the revised edition, Edit- ea by Prof, Tarkavachaspati. ° 412. “19, inranqat Lilavati, Arithmetic and Meusuration by Bhaskaracharya, odited by Prof. Tarkavachaspati, 0 12 20 ¢ isafan Vijaganita. Algebra of Bhaskaracharya edited 6 | / D2 RNY RTT aE RG AAT ya Ditto BA by Bandit Jibananda Vidyasagara B.A. 4 £923. | WeTeEWrT WeieaE Kumarasambhava Pury Khaudam Ditto (First sevm cintos-vuly) this edition contai certain portions of Sivapurana from which Kalidasa has bo; rowed his poom, edited by Prof. Tarkavachaspati, 0 24 MW gwTeeae sutEEy Kumarasambhava Utiny kavachaspati. 25. i @ewe wifqviag Panini, odited by Prof. Task. kknvachiaspati. 26. tee qreerary (eyefauTT) A Comprehensive Sanskiife Dictionary. by Prof. Taranatha Trakavachaspati of Calout Free Sanskrit College, in 20 parts ; the words dre explained Sanskrit aud intended for those students.of Sanskrit, who aff desirous of obtaining a through knowledge of the Language. -| The Work s Composed of the following materials, 1, Panini on genders, 2. On the suftxes. 3. On the primitive and dorivative words. 4, The derivation and different. meanings with’ illustrat ons of all the, words which aro found in the Wilson's Sansk Dictionary and Radhakanta's Sabdakalpadrama, Also numero words not to be found inthe said or any previous Dictionaries 5. The derivation and different meanings of the words q tho Vedas. 2 6, Numerous Vaidik words not to:be found in Bobtlink Sanskrit and German Dictionary. | ‘Technical words and doctrines of the following systems q Philosophy are filly explained. : Charvaka, Madhyamika Yogachara, Vaibbashika, Soutraintil Arhata, Ramanuja, Madhwa, Pashupata, Saiva Pratyayiyn Rasheswara, Panini, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimansa, Sankhy, Patanjala and Vedanta : 7, ‘The technical terms of the Shranta and Gribya sutras, 8. The technical words of Hindu law. 9. Tho plan and scope of all the Pursns and Upapuran 10, ‘The plan and scope of the Mahavarata and Ramayan LL, ‘The History of the ancient kings of India as far as ga ‘thered from the Purans and Upapurans. 12. The position and description of the different countris according to Hindu ancient Geography. 15, ‘The technical terms of Hinda medioal science are full explained ; also an account of Hindu anatomy and the prep | raiicn of ‘drags : 14, The explanation of thé tochnical-terms of Hindu tronomy. -Also.tho theory of the celebrated Hinda astronomer regarding the celestial regions, 15, “The principles of Hindu astrology. 16. ‘The technical words of the Tantras, Politics, Rheti prosody Musical science, Military soionea, Kookery, Sikshs Kalpa, science on Horses, pratayoga, and Vastushastra, IT. Classifications of the Vedas. ‘This work is expected to be-comploted before 1878. Person? intending to subseribe are requested to communicate with thd author (in the Press) Nine parts (1-9)of this important Sanshi Dictionary have been delivered ftom the Press, ‘The prico ol each paré i Re 6, To subscribers 100 Rs, for the comple work, But persons advancing, Rs, 80 before the month of Jund | 1876 will got the complete work as i€ is Published in parts, 27, g wrgved} a21H Kadambari, ‘The celebrated Sanskrit prose work of Bana Bhatta with the commentary of Professo Toranaths Tarkavachaspati. ° 4 q 28. = craqaler Rojaprasasti, A poom by’ Prof. Turkey vachaspati, 0 4 29. 8 agaTafemtafa ( agarrdifatadiay afga) Am manachintamani by Gangesopadhyaya with the commentar of Raghunath Siromani, entitled, the Apumcnadidhiti