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array requaafirata aaa awl * Parcate-aaarTeg le wera wgfarq | . ata ETH (ERR TER atkaT VACHASPATYA — A COMPREHENSIVE SANSKRIT DICTIONARY IN TWENTY PARTS—PART IX EOMPILER BY PROFESSOR TARANATHA TARKAVACHASPATI CALCUTTA; PRINTED AT THE SARSAWATI PRESS. PUBLISHED BY PANDIT JIBANANDA VIDYASAGARA B, A. . [1] . - ‘ | PROFESSOR TARKAVACHASPATI'S WORKS AND PUBLICATIONS. 1. ql agate qraca Asubodham Vyakaranam. A new Sanskrit Grammar founded on the system of Panini by Pro- fessor Taranatha Tarkavachaspati of Calcutta Free Sanskrit College for the use of the undergraduates of the Indian Universities. Royal 12 mo. 500 pages Revised Baition. . Rs 3 Ans. 4 2. g wrgented Dhaturupadarsha. Paradigm of Sanskrit the samo author for the use of Schools and Colleges 8 v0. 274 pages. 2 0 3. te waeie wafafy(sqa fiwrt) Sabdastoma Mahanidhi A Sanskrit Dictionary in alphabeticol order by Professor Taranatha Tarkavachaspati, for the use of Schools and College 4 to. 530 pages. The words are explained in Sanskrit 10 0 4. tt fagiaatedt-ecar efgat Sidhantakoumudi with Sarala, or Panini methodized by Bhattoji dikshita with a com inentary entitled the “Sarala” by Pofessor Taranatha Tarka- vachaspati. in 2ovls. 8 vo. 1400 pages. 10 5. 0 fagrafaecart (82177) Siddhantavindusara, A typati- se on the Vedanta ‘philosophy by the same author 0 8 9. 8 qareratfguyfa Tuladanadipadhati on the sixteen ‘Mahadanas or largessess by the same author (in Bengali ch- aracters.) 4 0 __ 7. t maraarfguefa Gaya Shradhadipadhati.. A treatise on tlie Gaya Shradha by the same author. Revised edition 1Re 8, i weTeca Sabdartharatna, A treatise on the philos- ophy of Grammar by the same author. Revised edition.12Ans. 9. | ataqamet Vakyamanjari A treatise on the Sanskrit composition, by the same author. (In Bengali characters) 0 4 10. ye aetagdl war eatarat sztH Vrittaratnakara and Chhandomanjari with notes, by Prof. Tarkavachaspati. ‘Two popular works on prosody. 0 LL, t aeiegre wrzz—e2 15 Venicanhara with the com- mentary of Prof. Tarkavachaspati. Revised edition, 1 0 12° qh egicaerizs sZte Mudrarakshasa. A drama with the commentary of Prof: Tarkavachaspati 18 18. 6) carawt Ratnavali Ditto. A Drama edited by Prof. ‘Tarkavachaspati. Oo” 12 14 ys arefearfenfaa ete Malavikagnimitra. A Drama of Kalidasa with a commentary by Prof. Tarkavachaspati. 1 8 15 { urga'wxa wziw Dhananjayavijaya. A Drama edited with notes by Prof. Tarkavachaspati Oo. 4 16. ty Werstcafea Mahavirscharita, A drama of Bhava- bhuti edited by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara B.A. 1 8 17. 3 Sng aazt ezia Sankbyatatwakoumudi. The system of Sankhya Philosophy by Vachaspati Mishra with the commentary of Prof. Tarkavachaspati. 2 0 18, a FaracayTqure Veiyakarana Bhusanasara, A trea- tise on Grammar, by Kounda Bhatta the revised edition, Bdited by Prof. Tarka¥achaspati ~ 0 12 19. th Wrataat Lilavati. Arithmetic and Mensuration by Bhaskaracharys, edited by Prof.Tarkavachaspati 0 12 20. 1 diaafaa Vijaganita. Algebra. of Bhaskaracharya edited by Prof. Takavachaspati 1 0 21. 9 fargataaa Sishupalabadha with Mallinath’s com- 2 i jibananda Vidyasagara, na. 4 0 10 26. too aiereray (exefuura) A Comprehensive Sanskrit, Dictionary by Prof. Taranatha Tarkavachaspati of Calcutta Free Sanskrit College. in 20 parts ; the words are explained in Sanskrit and intended for those students of Sanskrit who are desirous of obtaining athrough knowledge of the Lang- uage. The Work is Composed of the following materials. 1. Panini on genders. 2. on the suffixes. 8, On the primitive and derivative words. 4. The derivation and different meanings with illustrati- ons of all the words which are found in the Wilson’s Sanskrit Dictionary and Radhakanta’s Sabdakalpadruma. Also numer- ous words not to be fouod in the said or any previous Dictio. naries. 5. ‘The derivation and different meanings of the Words of the Vedas, 6. Numerous Vaidik words not to be found in Bohtlink’s Sanskrit and German Dictionary, Technical words and doctrinds of the following systems of Philosophy are fully explained. Charvaka, Madhyamika Yogachara, Vaibhasika: Soutran- tika, Arhata, Ramanuja, Madhwa, Pashupata, Saiva Pratya- vijna, Rasheswara, Panini, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankbya Patanjala, and Vedanta. . 7. The technical terms of the Shrouta and Grihya sutras. 8. The technical words af Hindu law. 9. The plan and scope of all the Purans and Upapurans. 10, The plan and scope of the Mahavarata and Ramayana 11. The History of the ancient kings of India as far as gathered from the Purans and Upapurans, : 12. ‘The position and description of the different countri- es according to Hindu ancient Geography. 2 18. The technical terms of -Hindu medical science are fully explained ; also an account of Hindu anatomy and the preparation of drugs. 14, ‘The explanation of the techical terms of Hindu as- tronomy. Also the thet of the celebrated Hindu astrono- ‘ters regarding the celestial regions. 15. ‘The principles vf Hindu astrology. 16. ‘The-technical words of the Tantras, Politics, Rhieto- rie, prosody Musical science, Military. science, Kookery, Siksha, Kelpa, science on Horses, Hatayoga, and Vastus- astra. 17. Classifications of the Vedas. ‘This work is expected to be completed before 1878. Per- sons intending to subscribe are requested to communicate with the author (in the Press) Ten parts (1-10) of this Impor- tant Sanskrit Dictionary have been delivered from the Press ‘The Price of each part is 6. Bs To subseribers 100 Rs. for the complete work. . But persons advancing Rs, 80 before the month of June ‘1876 work as it is Published in parts, Lae davpbari, The/celeheated Sanskrit