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Energy Adion Network fleft to rightl - Front Row: Daniel Cohn , Mettice Davis(8ROCK3 Social Service Organiation), Sherraine Leachman (Unity Parenting & Coun5eling), Winona Stiff (BROCKI Social Service Organization), Nilsa Ortiz (Puerto Ricans lJnidos En Accion), Lu Wang (Unity Parenting & Counseling),soonae Ahn (Hanul Family Alliance) Second Row: Dafyl Coleman (Unity Parenting & Counseling), Connie Dogaru (Romanian Community Center), Jinxia Hui (Chinese American Service League), Ben Lau (Chinese American Seryice League), Donna Cicinelli (Chicago Department of Energy), .,ennifer Hirsch (The Field Museum), Chu Vu (south-East Asia Center) Third Row: Phillip White (Unity Parenting & Counseling), Pastor Debra Dull (Universal Prayer Towers), Ronald Sistruah Yolanda Garth (MACEO lnc. ), Greg Reger (CEDA). Jisun Yu (Hanul Family Alliance) Middle Row: Patricia Wojcikowski (Hegewisch Community Committee), Mega Merriweather (Hope Organization ll), Chasmic Robles (Puerto Ricans Unidos En Accion) Fourth Row: Curtiswitek(The Field Museum),Jenniferschmidt (CEDA), Noemi Salinas (Ca5aAztlan), Katie Milton (Unity Parenting &Counseling),JenniferSmith (CEDA). Lisa Schneider Fabes, Lavora Logan (CEDA) Last Row: Jesse Starr (CEDA), Jonathon Bruce (CEDA), Maurice Jones (Eyes on Austin), Eernice Thomas (HOPE Organization ll), RenneThorpe (Bethlehem Star M.B, Church), Paul Patterson {CEDA), Troy Peters (Chicago Department of Environment) Marsha Belcher (CEDA)

Energy Action Network forges partnerships with communities to help families stay connected, save on energy costs
The need for more households to become energy efficient is greater than ever. Hard working families are hampered by rising energy costs. Many homes lack proper insulation and therefore require greater usage of heat and cooling systems to maintain comfortable living conditions, which results in higher utility bills for renters and homeowners alike.
CEDA is part of a collaborative initiative, led by the City of Chicago, called the Energy Action Network (EAN). The EAN brings together community organizations, utility companies and

not-for-profit groups who are committed to creating energy efficient communities throughout Chicago. EAN partners include the Field Museum, lllinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Northern lllinois Energy Project, ComEd and Peoples Gas.
EAN consists of 21 existing organizations from across the city that will be able to expand the support they provide because of the partners'contributions.

At these sites, people will be able to apply for a range of servicel including LIHEAP (Low-lncome Home Energy Assistance Program),Share the Warmth, ComEd Special Residential Hardship Fund, and Home Weatherization, which help to make energy usage more affordable for thousands of families who struggle to pay their utility bills.

"This network provides a tremendous opportunity for us to reach deeper into communities where there is a growing need to embrace energy conservation practicesi'said CEDA's Jennifer Smith, Director, Home Energy Assistance Programs. "We commend Mayor Daley and the other EAN partners for taking up such an important initiative that will help so many families save money and live more comfortably during the winter and summer seasonsi'
The idea for EAN came out of the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) as part of an overall goal to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. CCAP outlines five strategies and 35 actions to address climate change and prepare for changes already underway. EAN sites include faith-based institutions, housing organizations and other community-based organizations that have experience working in and serving their communities. Residents in need

of help are encouraged to find and visit their local intake sites immediately, to apply for

One of the goals

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EAN is


significantly reduce the number


households that are

disconnected from their utility service.

information visit CEDA at or call

(8OO) 571-CEDA (2332).


Chicago Defender . . February 3-9, 2010