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Now, the government security staff and Rakhine community are applying a new strategy of genocide killing upon

Rohingya community after the departure of investigation commission. The application is as follows;
Sr. 1 Date 12/9/12 Name Azizul Haque@ Futuya Father Husson Juhar @Halaboda Age Address Kayin Tan(Myoma) Event arrested and also forcibly taken 2lakhs Ks from his father when father went to see him Kayin Tan(Myoma) Bagone Na Zawmatat 8/9/12 17/9/12 17/9/12 17/9/12 17/9/12 17/9/12 15/9/12 15/9/12 15/9/12 Abul Kasim Abdul Lothi Md. Enose Mg Kyaw@Nur Mohamed Nur Hakim Sawlim Ullah Robiullah Abul Husson Mothi Ward-1 Ward-5 35 Du Chi Ra Den(west) Ward-5 Ward-5 Ward-5 Myo Thu Gyi (Thaung Paing Nya) arrested arrested arrested and 113000Ks he has got was taken also arrested arrested killed when he went to the forest to collect firewood arrested arrested arrested accusing illegally that he tortured an old tortured-Rakhine man who was actually tortured and put in the place where Rohingya Shwe Yin Aye village 14 14/9/12 Mohammed Fozol Amin Myo Thu Gyi (Thaung Paing Nya) community lives by Natalas from 2 Nasakas with their guns and 8 Rakhines from Wai Thali village Nasakas and Rakhines released by 21-lakhs Ks Arrester/committer Police Status Still in detain

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

16/9/12 14/9/12

Shu Haib@Murtoza Hussein Ayub

Md. Sawlim Abadullah

Police Police Police Police Poilce Rakhines from Kinn Chaung Village Police Police Police Nasaka

Still in detain Still in detain Still in detain Still in detain Still in detain Found Dead body with sword injury Still in detain Still in detain Still in detain released by 7lakhs Ks released by 7-lakhs Ks still in detain

Rahman Abdur Razak Hanfujjya Wasi Rahman Hamza Nur Husson Abdul Lothi Hanfujjya Abdul Korim

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with their swords enterred to the village Thaung Paing Nya and 15 21/9/12 Hala Ahmed Furuk Ahmed Kayin Tan(myoma) used violence, finally arrested him Police arrested him on the way back from the market and tortured severely 16 19/9/12 Md. Ullah Amir-Kamal Udin Ward-2 Police Still in detain

The police group entered his

house and arrested and said when you are arrested you must pay money otherwise you will be prosecuted

Police group of Saya Hlamyint

released by 3.5laks Ks



Md. Enose

Chin Kali

head injured by catapult, and also tortured severely all together destroyed his home He was killed in his own garden near the forest when he went there

Security forces and Wadi Natala village

Natalas from Morar 7Rakhines from Morar Wadi Natala village Security forces and Rakhnes from Kan Phuu Natala village Seccurity forces and Rakhines from Kan Phuu Natala village Rakhines

18 19

19/9/12 19/9/12

Saiful Islam Hamid Ullah

Sultan Ahmed Gula Ahmed 25

Chin Kali Kan Phuu



Josim Ullah

Husson Amed


Kan Phuu

killed while he was tending his

cows in his own farm land near on a creek bank

the forest and put the dead body 21 16/9/12 Soyod Akbar Umar Hakim 35 Myint Hlut Killed by using swords

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