"Anglo- saxon" trends or Glocalized post fordists trends?: a)U.N.

:Orange Day against violence, b)Laszloean (2004: 1-29) personal ethics, c)post Fordist paradigms and the Da-Vincians -cross cultural and multidisciplina ry- legacies d) on self education on early XXI century. Some Selected useful readings for open minds, citizens and stakeholders, by Yoe F. Santos/cciav Serie: Time for harvest or time for reality? waiting for november, 2012... Towards digital narrative for children: from education to entertainment, a histo rical perspective K Madej - Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 2003 - dl.acm.org ... in the mind rich in religious meaning, and children learned about symbolism and allegory bylistening ... while there is a guide for teachers for the Arthur print books, self-directed activities ...Now that education and entertainment are striking a balance, let's add meaning as a critical... PARADOXES OF MEDIA INFLUENCES ON KNOWLEDGECONSUMPTION AND USE C Mazza, JL Alvarez - 2001 - iese.edu embedded in artifacts and composed of emotional, tacit, and explicit aspects (Law, 2000). ... The mass media also produce and diffuse management knowledge by popularizing academic ideas and reporting Glocality, Diversity and Ethics of Distributed Knowledge in Higher Education NSA da Silva, IMSB Alvarez… - … Dilemmas inKnowledge …, 2010 – e-learning is a ...This dilemma is a corollary that resumes the extreme boundaries of knowledge (codified or,tacit ... The Connecticon: learning for the connected generation F Rennie, R Mason - 2004 – (Rhcingold, 2002, p. xxi) If ... This overabundance of low quality information, which Shenk (1997) has called "data smog," is com-parable in its emergence and ... Reflective practice: Writing and professional development G Bolton - 2010 - Sage Publications Limited Mass rape: The war against womenin Bosnia-Herzegovina C Enloe, R Gutman, M Faber, A Stiglmayer - 1994 – badly informed, because the only reading materials they receive... Violence, Democracy, and Education: An Analytic Framework

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hnologies J Kwiat - 2008 - ipcp.org.br __ UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign - the United Nations endviolence.un.org/ Say NO - UNiTE | End Violence against Women saynotoviolence.org/ Orange Day to End Violence against Women and Girls www.unric.org/...un.../27720-orange-day-to-end-violence-aga... 24 Jul 2012 – United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) Orange Day! U.S. National Committee for UN Women www.unwomen-usnc.org/ UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign names 25th day ... www.unwomencanada.org/index.php?...violence-against-wom...2009 UN Women Canada www.unwomencanada.org/ Wear Orange & Say NO to Violence against Women and Girls www.unbrussels.org/.../459-wear-orange-a-say-no-to-violence... UN Women Caribbean - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality ... www.unifemcar.org/UN Women Caribbean UNiTE to End Violence against Women ... - UNIFEM - Caribbean www.unifemcar.org/ne_new_.cfm?ID=167 24 Jul 2012 – UN Women Caribbean - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the ... UN Women | United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the ... www.unwomen.org/ __ Scholarly articles for trends, emerging post Fordist, paradigms, self education, future, child, human rights, children rights Social Action with Children and Families: a community … - Cannan The politics of post-Fordism: or, the trouble with" new … - Rustin … state: strategic dilemmas for state feminismin education … - Blackmore Call for Solidarity and Press Inf WHY Close a Comm Unitary Web ...

www.scribd.com/.../Call-for-Solidarity-and-Press-Inf-WHY-Cl... 7 May 2012 – #Ivan-Ilich-legacy-XXI-SELF-education #child-vocational-calls ... particularly, discrimination against human rights, children rights and youth rights, for persons ..... helping to define and build a future, wide open to freedom and free of .... -EMERGING UNDER POST Fordist, POST-Cartesian, Paradigms,Within ... Bulletin 00 Eng www.scribd.com › Creative Writing › Essays The Child Indicator - Child Trends www.childtrends.org/ci Child Trends is a nonprofit, Best ... XXI century, post fordist paradigms ______ Education International - Peace .... and future roles of child protective services PA Schene The Future of Children, .... THE ROLE OF HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION IN PREVENTING AND ... EL NIÑO INCOMPRENDIDO - Sabadell, Spain - Non-Profit - Facebook www.facebook.com/TDAHVALLES Centro UNESCO - Derechos Humanos Ciudadania Mundial y ... www.facebook.com/...Humanos...y.../225189880824738Audio Visual is an Region Buzz - Rwanda 27.04.2012 regionbuzz.com/Africa/Rwanda/---2704201227 Apr 2012 – The super-gifted Region Buzz - Brazil 27.04.2012 regionbuzz.com/South_America/Brazil/---2704201227 Apr 2012 – The super... Health Buzzer - sexual health 27.04.2012 health-buzzer.com/Sexual_Health/sexual.../---2704201227 Apr 2012 – The The politics of reflection www.abdn.ac.uk/eitn/uploads/files/.../EITN-17-Holligan.pdfShareFile Format: by C Holligan -

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self-educated learners. Below is a list of some ... Chilias Conference Proceedings alava.pagesperso-orange.fr/gpe/alava%20chilias.html "Lost and found: cyberspace and the (dis)location of teaching ... www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/documents/000000742.htm by R Usher - 1998 – knowledge becomes that information used in the self-directing ... Principle #10 - Article #3 - Jan.ucc.nau.edu jan.ucc.nau.edu/~coesyl-p/principle10-article3.pdf by S Conceição – E-Learning in the Republic of Korea - UNESCO IITE iite.unesco.org/pics/publications/en/files/3214677.pdf by DJ Hwang - 2010 – often results in the declining self-esteem of teachers and ... Resources For Self-Education — The Art of Self-Education artofselfeducation.com/resources/ 28 Jul 2009 – The web is a boon to self-education. ... can view and share educational material in small knowledge modules that can be organized as courses, ... Self-Development for Cyber Warriors | Small Wars Journal smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/.../self-development-for-cyber-warri... 10 Nov 2011 – Tailored education, training, and developmental experiences for thecyber domain, as well as an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and ... At its core, the cyber warfare ethos must consider self-development a critically ... Digital Citizenship in New Zealand Schools; Overview - NetSafe www.netsafe.org.nz/.../Digital_Citizenship_in_New_Zealand_... Ongoing staff and student education programmes are fundamental to keep pace with ... Students need to build skills and knowledge to effectively manage ... The concept of creating a cyber safe environment has moved from protecting people and to ... learning pathway from a protected environment through to a self- ... Academic Task Final Report - SENDS and the Science of Cyberspace sendsonline.org/wp-content/.../Academic-Task-Final-Report.p...

NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND CULTURAL CONSUMPTION ... cursa.ihmc.us/rid=1234517332312.../ edutainment .pdf by M Addis and the consumer. A Virtual Edutainment Environment can be considered a particular case of cyberspace. concept was brilliantly analysed by Venkatesh, ... 1. L.E.A.P. SMART | The safe, smart place in cyberspace www.leapingsmart.com/leapsmart/aboutus Introducing The Ultrabrowser™, the safest-smartest place in cyber-space for ALL YOuth! ... providing dynamically interactive e-Learning and e-Edutainment ... 2. Embracing Edutainment with Interactive E-Learning Tools www.joe.org/joe/2005october/iw2.php by RD Williamson –

Internet Archive Search: subject:"edutainment" archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22edutainment%22 3. 4. New technologies and cultural consumption – edutainment is born! www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=1508887 by M Addis - 2005 – Title: New technologies and cultural consumption – edutainment is born! ... we highlight the reasons that give rise to the VEE as a particular kind of cyberspace. Assessing Online Technology: Edutainment or Desktop-Rubbishing www.sarasotaintranet.usf.edu/ir/Documents/.../duncan.pdf by J Duncan – Role of State: Protecting Children in Cyberspace pu.edu.pk/images/journal/pols/.../Role%20of%20State.pdf by S Riaz Embracing edutainmentwith interactive e-learning tools RD Williamson, EP Smoak - Journal of Extension, 2005 - joe.org Ervin, K., & Gilmore, G. (1999). Traveling the superinformation highway: AfricanAmericans' perceptions and use of cyberspace technology. ...

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Role of State: Protecting Children in Cyberspace S Riaz, M Naseer - results.pu.edu.pk ... with the invention of computers and especially internet these trends changed; information became infotainment, education became edutainment and entertainments got more audio, visual, 3D realities and all these transformations gave birth to a virtual world calledcybe rspace Virtual story in cyberspace: Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka A Aleynikov, V Droznin, V Dvigalo, V Leonov… - 2010 - virtual.ihst.ru Heidegger, Digital Technology, and Postmodern Education From Being inCyberspace to Meeting on MySpace P Walters, R Kop - Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 2009 - bst.sagepub .com Edutainment content management requirements from teachers' perspectives J Shih Chi Tang, CC Fung - 2007 - researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au History and cyberspace: A marketing history of the CD-ROM book industry KM Rassuli, MJ Tippins - Journal of Macromarketing, 1997 - jmk.sagepub.com Experiencing a town of the Middle Ages: An application for the edutainment in cu ltural heritage LT De Paolis, G Aloisio, MG Celentano… - … (ICCSN), 2011 IEEE …, 2011 - ieeexplore.iee e.org Computer Code vs. Legal Code: Setting the Rules in Cyberspace MS Nadel - Fed. Comm. LJ, 2000 - litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com A simulation of life in a medieval town foredutainment and touristic promotion LT De Paolis, G Aloisio, MG Celentano… - Innovations in …, 2011 - ieeexplore.ieee.or g An Edutainment Framework Implementation Case Study ZC Embe, H Hussain - Encyclopedia of Information Communication …, 2009 - igi-globa l.com

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Creation Myths and Contemporary Science DJ Cox - Proceedings of the CAiiA-STAR Symposium:'Extreme …, 2001 - uoc.edu Digital Storytelling-Grundlagen und Anwendung im Bereich Edutainment an einem au sgewählten Beispiel aus der Mitarbeiterschulung N Franz - 2010 - books.google.com A study on the stereoscopic virtual reality for networked system C Sung, BC Ho - TENCON 99. Proceedings of the IEEE Region …, 1999 - ieeexplore.iee e.org Innovations in Serious Games for Future Learning M Ma, A Oikonomou, LC Jain - Serious Games and Edutainment …, 2011 – A comparative study of marketing student engagement in online social networks an d virtual worlds: Facebook versus second life EM Luck, SW Mathews - Proceedings of 2010 Global Marketing …, 2010 - eprints.qut.e du.au Virtual Schools and Cyberpedagogy: the Hybrilog as a Bloniversity P Andrade - Revista Prisma. Com, 2010 - revistas.ua.pt ... Edutainment 2006, Hangzhou, China, April 16-19, 2006, Proceedings. Springer, 2006. PFEIFFER, Engaging Learning: Designing e-learning Simulation Games. Pfeiffer, 2005. Virtual reality support system in palliative medicine H Oyama, F Wakao, H Okamura - Studies in Health Technology …, 1997 Four perspectives on the future of work JF Coates - Employment Relations Today, 2002 – Tuning in: diasporas at the BBC World Service K Woodward - M/C Journal, 2010 - journal.media-culture.org.au Navigation and Interaction in the Virtual Reconstruction of the Town of Otranto in the Middle Ages LT De Paolis, G Aloisio, M Manco - ACHI 2011, The Fourth …, 2011 - thinkmind.org Virtual hype and the virtual revolution. MF Kim - 1995 - dr.ntu.edu.sg The evolution of distance education: Emerging technologies and distributed learn ing C Dede - American Journal of Distance Education, 1996 The design of virtual reality M Heim - Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of …, 1995 – Virtual Environments for Education, Research and Life DK Schneider, R Godard - Workshop on Virtual Environments and the …, 1996 - 129.19 4.9.47 Senses of spaces through transfiction

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NN Abbas, M Adeel, N Pointinger, S Sultan - aksradio.com A Parable of Knowledge « Life Without a Net livinglifewithoutanet.wordpress.com/.../a-parable-of-knowledg... 20 Sep 2010 – Luke 8:10 He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of ... bible.cc/luke/8-10.htm Knowledge Folktales • Parables | Wisdom Commons www.wisdomcommons.org/virtue/81-knowledge/parables Chinese Cultural Studies: The Lotus of the Wonderful Law acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~phalsall/texts/lotus1.html Allegory of the Cave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave Kodak: A Parable of American Competitiveness — HBS Working ... hbswk.hbs.edu/item/6921.html 6 Feb 2012 – Kodak: A Parable of American Competitiveness .... Plato, "The Allegory of the Cave" www.historyguide.org/intellect/allegory.html Education and Plato's Parable of the Cave www.plosin.com/work/PlatoCave. Download full article - ThinkMind www.thinkmind.org/download.php?articleid=achi_2011...Share by LT De Paolis - 2011 Cyberspace meets domestic space: Personal computers, women's work, and the gende red territories of the family home MF Cassidy - Critical Studies in Media Communication, 2001 – ... That this pictorial convention can be traced across the 20th century verifies the need for itsreassuring parable: In each ... postfeminism takes for granted "the positive gains of women's liberation" in employment and education, it clings ... CYBERSPACE MEETS DOMESTIC SPACE ... World Encyclopedia of Peace: Articles NZ E Laszlo, L Pauling, C Yu - 1986 - Pergamon Press Peace and feminist thought: New directions R Eisler, D Loye, E Laszlo, Y Yoo - World Encyclopedia of Peace, 1986 - Pergamon London Transition to a global society SB Bushrui, I Ayman, E Laszlo - 1993 - Oneworld Pubns Ltd

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forcing academics to confront the solipsistic self-serving accreditation ... Tertiary education, in its rush to embrace short half-life knowledge, is in such a feed back ... Octavia Butler, in her novel, 1. Smoker: Global Cultures of Peace www.gmu.edu/academic/pcs/smoker.htm There are many different ways to define the concept "cultures of peace, " of developing positive, multicultural ..... The variety and diversity of humanity's religious life, as celebrated in the ..... Anti-War and Anti-Nuclear NGOs (Peace as Absence of War) ... European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in ... www.unitedagainstracism.org/pdfs/poster_UNITEDlogo.pdf USA - I CARE - Crosspoint Anti Racism www.magenta.nl/crosspoint/us.html Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). Foundation ... es-es.facebook.com/CCIAV Audio Visual is an opportunity keep on touch, persons, human beings, coming ...inclusion, new literacies and human development- as tools for glocalized cultural and... of peace, innovation, creativity, new economy, civic journalism, anti-slavery ...diversity, culture of peace, tolerance, individual freedom and human rights, ... 2. 3. Web Resources highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/.../student.../web_resources.ht...

Hunterdon Diversity ~ Links www.hunterdondiversity.org/Links.shtml Racism and Antiracism Resources - UN Cyberschoolbus www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/iderd/orglinks.html Campaign Against Racism and Fascism ...

4. Italy to fight anti-Semitism in cyberspace - Worldnews.com article.wn.com/.../Italy_to_fight_antiSemitism_in_cyberspace/ . 5. YouthWEB Links www.youthwebonline.com/everyone/links. 1. AMEI Early Education for Make Best Citizens 24 7 2. www.scribd.com › Creative Writing › Essays develop self education, self-empowerment, self-inspiration, creativie focus and so on? ... Cortina Ortiz or Hannah Arendt for example- about culture of peace, ... Twilight memories: marking time in aculture of amnesia A Huyssen - 1994 ... its memories than political projections about a new world order or a partnership for peace. ...turn of the seventeenth to the eighteenth century.4 The way our culture thinks about ...The more we live with new technologies of communication and information cyber-space, the more our ... Transpositions: On nomadic ethics R Braidotti - 2006 – Online political debate, unbounded citizenship, and the problematic nature of a transnational public sphere B Cammaerts, L Van Audenhove - Political Communication, 2005 – Author and Subject Index ACT UP - Understanding Contemporary Society - wxy.seu.edu.cn Voices of Dissent: Activists' Engagements in the Creation of Alternative, Autono mous, Radical and Independent Media L Cox, A Mattoni, A Berdnikovs… - Interface: a journal for and …, 2010 - eprints.nui m.ie Schools of thought PJ Proudhon - wikinfo.org Europe and the Other and Europe as the Other B Stråth - 2010 –

Being Jewish in the new Germany J Peck - 2005 - books.google.com Beyond the Left: the Communist critique of the media S Harper - 2012 – 2008 New Left Review article 'Against diversity', Walter Benn Michaels bluntly . .. The Age of Nixon: A Study in Cultural Power C Freedman - 2012 – Globalization and national identities: crisis or opportunity? PT Kennedy, CJ Danks - 2001 – Studies. ... a cultural war andno-one came: Clinton and the carnivalization of political culture', in American ... Her research interests include human rights and crimes of the state, transitional justice, storytelling and truth ... Carlo Rosselli: Socialist heretic and antifascist exile SG Pugliese - 1999 – From Possibility to Actualization of Another World A Walker - … Hop: Globalization, Revolution, and Popular Culture, 2007 Moving Pictures, Migrating Identities E Rueschmann - 2007 Voices of dissent: activists' engagements in the creation of alternative, autono mous, radical and independent media A Mattoni, A Berdnikovs, M Ardizzoni, L Cox… - Interface - interfacejournal.nuim.i e THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE ENCYCLOPEDIA: A TEXTUAL ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON OF THE ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA AND WIKIPEDIA A … MW Bell - 2007 - bsudigitalstorytelling.com parallels the ... was writing. Provenzo (1986) also predicts the development of an “electronic Park Fiction presents: Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space P Fiction - 2010 - parkfiction.org Adults and Children Together Against Violence Web Site actagainstviolence.apa.org/ Adults and Children Together Against Violence is a violence prevention project that is designed to prevent violence by providing young children with positive ...

Publications & Materials - Managing Anger : At Home - Resolving Conflicts : At Home SAVE - Students Against Violence Everywhere Violence ... www.nationalsave.org/SAVE Students Against Violence Everywhere devoted to community and school violence prevention programs including conflict management, crime ... Welcome | Against Violent Extremism www.againstviolentextremism.org/ Against Violent Extremism • Map • Network • Projects • Dialogue • Resources • About. Expand Search Login. Notifications. Close. Please Wait... Against Violent ... Community United Against Violence www.cuav.org/ Home : AVA - Against Violence & Abuse www.avaproject.org.uk/ AVA is a national second tier service working to end all forms of violence against women and girls. CMHC Voices Against Violence www.cmhc.utexas.edu/vav.html voices against violence, stalking, sexual assault, and dating violence. Stand Against Violence www.sav-ed.co.uk/Violence prevention/reducation educational charity. Voices Against Violence National Coalition Against Domestic ...

www.ncadv.org/takeaction/VoicesAgainstViolence.php The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is proud to list the "Voices Against Violence." Members of this media coalition are joining the ... International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 25 ... https://www.un.org/en/events/endviolenceday/ “Violence against women and girls takes many forms and is widespread throughout the globe. […] On this International Day, I urge governments and partners ... WAVAW :: Women Against Violence Against Women www.wavaw.ca/ Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Center is based in Vancouver, BC, working to provide services to women who have been victimized ... News for against violence Aljazeera.com Obama tells UN world must unite againstviolence and intolerance CTV News -

In his final international address ahead of the U.S. presidential election, Barack Obama said recent events have thrust the world into a crisis that ... Antioch: Community rallies against violence San Jose Mercury News - 15 hours ago Students speak out against gender violence at Take Back the Night

Lehighvalleylive.com (blog) 3 hours ago violence against children


www.futureswithoutviolence.org/ Learn how to end abuse at the Futures Without Violence women violence against www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire Connect With Women Across The Globe To Exchange Ideas And Change Lives. Conquest: sexual violence and American Indian genocide A Smith - 2005 - citeulike.org A recognized Native American scholar and co-founder of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, the largest grassroots, multiracial feminist organization in the country, Andrea Smith (Cherokee) is an emerging leader in progressive political circles. ... Edge of the knife: Police violence in the Americas P Chevigny - 1995 - ncjrs.gov Marital rape RK Bergen, MCA Violence - 1999 - hawaii.edu Protecting Women against Violence? Review of a Decade of Legislation, 1980-89 F Agnes - Economic and Political Weekly, 1992 – have these new enactments been ineffective in tackling the problem of violence o n women? So ... Richmond youth against violence: A school-based program for urban adolescents. AD Farrell, AL Meyer, LL Dahlberg - American Journal of …, 1996 - psycnet.apa.org JUSTIFYING VIOLENCE-ATTITUDES OF AMERICAN MEN MD BLOMENTHAL, RL Kahn - No.: U, 1972 - ncjrs.gov Physical violence against women: evaluation of women assaulted by spouses. YG Balci, U Ayranci - Journal of clinical forensic medicine, 2005 - ukpmc.ac.uk The Nicaraguan Network of WomenAgainst Violence: using research and action for c hange M Ellsberg, J Liljestrand, A Winkvist - Reproductive Health Matters, 1997 – Sexual assault prevention programs for college men: An exploratory evaluation of the men against violence model LH Choate - Journal of College Counseling, 2003 –

Violence against women with disabilities-An overview of the literature K Howe - Women Against Violence: An Australian Feminist …, 1999 - search.informit. com.au the period 1990 to 1999. Further research is required to understand both the incidence of abuse and the nature of abuse in relation to gender and particular disabilities ... Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence againstWomen: Findings from the NationalViolence against Women Survey. Research in Brief. P Tjaden, N Thoennes - 1998 – Organizing against violence: Strategies of the Indian women's movement MF Katzenstein - Pacific Affairs, 1989 – argument presented here is that by focusing on issues of violence against women (rape, dowry ... Common grounds: Violence against women in war and armed conflict situations IL Sajor - 1998 - Asian Center for Women's Human … The media and political violence R Clutterbuck, R Day - 1983 - ncjrs.gov Violence against wives: A caseagainst the patriarchy RE Dobash, R Dobash - 1979 - ncjrs.gov Mapping the margins: Intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color K Crenshaw - Stanford law review, 1991 Extent, nature, and consequences of intimate partner violence: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey P Tjaden, N Thoennes - 2000 - ncjrs.gov Safeguarding the organizationagainst violence and bullying: an international per spective P McCarthy, C Mayhew - 2004 – Violence in Indonesia I Wessel, G Wimhöfer - 2001 – Abera Against Violence: the Voice and Vision of Elie Wiesel I Abrahamson - 1985 - Holocaust Library. Images of violence against women J London - Victimology, 1978 - ncjrs.gov Domestic violence and emotional distress among Nicaraguan women: Results from a population-based study. M Ellsberg, T Caldera, A Herrera, A Winkvist… - American …, 1999 - psycnet.apa.org Violence against women: Estimates from the redesigned survey R Bachman, LE Saltzman - 1995 - ncjrs.gov No safe haven: Male violence against women at home, at work, and in the communit y.

MP Koss, LA Goodman, A Browne, LF Fitzgerald… - 1994 - psycnet.apa.org Men unlearning violence: A group approach based on the collective model DC Adams, AJ McCormick - … : An analysis of …, 1982 - Van Nostrand Reinhold New York Violence against women: the hidden health burden. L Heise - World health statistics quarterly. Rapport trimestriel de …, 1993 - ncbi .nlm.nih.gov The struggle against violence C Datar - 1995 – Stree Violence in the Streets: Anti-Lesbian Assault and B Von Schulthess - Hate crimes: Confrontingviolence against …, 1991 – out of his own automobile and confronted the lesbian occupants of the car he'd struck, shouting" What the fuck are you looking at, you dyke bitches? T here's no ... Hate crimes: Confronting violence against lesbians and gay men GM Herek, KT Berrill - 1991 – special issue of the Journal ofInterpersonal Violence, it presents an overview o f the problem, discusses the context of ... Women against violence againstwomen D Rhodes, S McNeill - 1985 - Onlywomen Press Patriarchal terrorism and common couple violence: Two forms ofviolence against w omen MP Johnson - Journal of Marriage and the Family, 1995 – large-sample survey research and from qualitative and quantitative data gathered from women's ... A PROSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY:“Youth Against Violence: Choose to De‐Fuse” JD Zimmerman - American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1996 – inner-city youth exposed to violence, which focused on positive peer pressure fo r ... Violence Against Women An Integrated, Ecological Framework LL Heise - Violence against women, 1998 - vaw.sagepub.com Exploring family violence: links between child maltreatment and domestic violenc e AM Tomison - 2000 - ncjrs.gov Women's work against violence: Community responses in a rural setting H La Nauze, S Rutherford - Women Against Violence: An …, 1997 - search.informit.co m.au Gender politics and research: Male and female violence in intimate relationships D Bagshaw, D Chung - Women Against Violence: An …, 2000 - search.informit.com.au Restorative justice and violence against women J Ptacek - 2009

Improving the health care response to domestic violence: a resource manual for h ealth care providers …, PR Salber, FVP Fund, PCAD Violence - 1995 - Family Violence Prevention Fund Prevalence of violence against pregnant women JA Gazmararian, S Lazorick, AM Spitz… - JAMA: the journal of …, 1996 - Am Med Assoc Violence against children: Physical child abuse in the United States DG Gil - 1970 - ncjrs.gov Violence against children DG Gil - Journal of Marriage and the Family, 1971 – Dating violence againstadolescent girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality JG Silverman, A Raj, LA Mucci… - JAMA: the journal of the …, 2001 - Am Med Assoc Domestic violence againstwomen J Abbott, R Johnson, J Koziol-McLain… - JAMA: the journal of …, 1995 - Am Med Assoc Interventions for violence againstwomen CN Wathen, HL MacMillan - JAMA: the journal of the American …, 2003 - Am Med Assoc The impact of workplace violence on nurses in South Taiwan YH Lin, HE Liu - International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2005 Prevalence and consequences of male-to-female and female-to-male intimate partne r violence as measured by the National Violence Against Women Survey P Tjaden, N Thoennes - Violence againstwomen, 2000 - vaw.sagepub.com Stalking in America: Findings from the national violence against women survey PG Tjaden, N Thoennes - 1998 - ncjrs.gov Violence against women: a neglected public health issue in less developed countr ies LL Heise, A Raikes, CH Watts, AB Zwi - Social Science & Medicine, 1994 The Austrian Situation: many initiatives against violence, few evaluations M Atria, C Spiel, PK Smith - Violence in schools. The response in Europe. London …, 2003 Violence against women: global scope and magnitude C Watts, C Zimmerman - The Lancet, 2002 – World report on violence againstchildren PS Pinheiro, N Unies - 2006 - ncjrs.gov Understanding violence againstwomen NA Crowell, AW Burgess - 1996 – Domestic tyranny: The making of American social policy against familyviolence fr om colonial times to the present E Pleck - 2004 on in-depth research into court records, newspaper accounts, and autobiographies , this book ... WHO multi-country study on women's health and domesticviolence against women: i nitial results on prevalence, health outcomes and women's responses.

C Garcia-Moreno, HAFM Jansen, M Ellsberg, L Heise… - 2005 - cabdirect.org Credit programs, patriarchy and men'sviolence against women in rural Bangladesh SR Schuler, SM Hashemi, AP Riley, S Akhter - Social science & medicine, 1996 Violence against women by male partners: Prevalence, outcomes, and policy implic ations. A Browne - American Psychologist, 1993 - psycnet.apa.org Development of the severity of violence against women scales LL Marshall - Journal of family violence, 1992 – Researching domestic violence against women: methodological and ethical consider ations M Ellsberg, L Heise, R Peña, S Agurto… - Studies in family …, 2001 – Dangerous domains: Violence against women in Canada H Johnson - 1996 - getcited.org Violence against women: its importance for HIV/AIDS C Garcia-Moreno, C Watts - Aids, 2000 - csa.com Prevalence of intimate partner violence: findings from the WHO multi-country stu dy on women's health and domesticviolence. C Garcia-Moreno, HAFM Jansen, M Ellsberg, L Heise… - Lancet, 2006 - ukpmc.ac.uk Domestic Violence at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender Challenges and Contributions to Understanding Violence AgainstMarginalized Women in Diverse … NJ Sokoloff, I Dupont - Violence againstwomen, 2005 - vaw.sagepub.com Extent, nature, and consequences of rape victimization: Findings from the Nation al Violence Against Women Survey PG Tjaden, N Thoennes - 2006 - ncjrs.gov Violence against lesbians and gay men GD Comstock - 1991 - Columbia University Press Intimate partner violence againstwomen: Do victims cost health plans more? CL Wisner, TP Gilmer, LE Saltzman… - The Journal of family …, 1999 - ukpmc.ac.uk Somatic consequences of violence against women. MP Koss, L Heslet - Archives of Family Medicine, 1992 - ukpmc.ac.uk The women's mental health research agenda: Violence against women. MP Koss - American Psychologist, 1990 - psycnet.apa.org The effects of mass media exposure on acceptance ofviolence against women: A fie ld experiment NM Malamuth, JVP Check - Journal of Research in Personality, 1981 – Violence in the age of uncertainty Z Bauman - Crime and Insecurity. The governance of safety in …, 2002 Women, violence and social control J Hanmer, M Maynard - 1987 – Macmillan Effects of film violence on inhibitionsagainst subsequent aggression. L Berkowitz, E Rawlings - The Journal of Abnormal and Social …, 1963 - psycnet.apa .org

Preventing Domestic Violence againstWomen. Special Report. PA Langan, CA Innes - 1986 – Home safe home: The link between domestic and family violence and women's homele ssness …, R Kennedy, B O'Brien, S Wendt, PADViolence - 2000 - … Against DomesticViolence Parcial achievements of central-state public policy against violence againstwome n in post-authoritarian Spain C Valiente - Women in a Violent World. Edimburg University Press, …, 1996 Sexual harassment: Violence againstwomen in the workplace. LF Fitzgerald - American Psychologist, 1993 - psycnet.apa.org Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape (1975). S Brownmiller - 2005 - psycnet.apa.org A survey of spousal violence againstwomen in Kentucky M Schulman, Louis Harris and Associates - No.: STUDY, 1979 - ncjrs.gov Reflections on violence G Sorel - 1967 - ncjrs.gov Violence against caregivers in nursing homes. Expected, tolerated, and accepted. DM Gates, E Fitzwater, U Meyer - Journal of gerontological nursing, 1999 - ukpmc .ac.uk Controversies and recent studies of batterer intervention program effectiveness L Bennett, PCAD Violence - 2001 - xa.yimg.com Victim reactions in aggressive erotic films as a factor in violence againstwomen . E Donnerstein, L Berkowitz - Journal of Personality and Social …, 1981 - psycnet.a pa.org Violence against lesbian and gay male youths J Hunter - Hate Crimes: Confronting Violence Against Lesbians …, 1991 – Prevalence of violence againstdating partners by male and female university stud ents worldwide MA Straus - Violence against women, 2004 - vaw.sagepub.com The Differential Effects of Intimate Terrorism and Situational CoupleViolence Fi ndings From the NationalViolence Against Women Survey MP Johnson, JM Leone - Journal of family issues, 2005 - jfi.sagepub.com Stigma, prejudice, andviolence against lesbians and gay men GM Herek - Homosexuality: Research implications for …, 1991 - psychology.ucdavis.e du Patriarchy and violence againstwives: The impact of structural and normative fac tors K Yllo, MA Straus - … families: Risk factors and adaptations to violence in, 1990 Psychology and violence againstwomen. LE Walker - American Psychologist; American Psychologist, 1989 - psycnet.apa.org

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global congress against violence human trafficking and forced labor against violence in video games 3. Call for Solidarity and Press Inf WHY Close a Comm Unitary Web ... www.scribd.com/.../Call-for-Solidarity-and-Press-Inf-WHY-Cl... 6 May 2012 – Picture Source/ Credits: The Innovative Educator . ..... the construction and definition 24/7 personal ethics (Laszlo, 2004:1-29), following the steps ... known, evolutional human beings with people as Mahatma K. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr and Hannah Arendt, from the twentieth century. 4. SpiritualWiki - ListeUrheberZitate de.spiritualwiki.org/Wiki/ListeUrheberZitate interdisciplinary philosopher, educator, peace activist, poet ...... Hannah Arendt(1906-1975) German-Jewish political theorist, philosopher, ...... 5. Protorosaurus gun-room repaying treason Phosphorus - WordPress openatd.svn.wordpress.org/atd-server/models/dictionary.txt self-education Barron's ground-line .....neighborhood Schneider's Laszlo tidbits philologically 6. 7. 8. 9. CUEX - Book Search Results - Carleton University's Unofficial Book ... cuex.ca/booksearcher.php?subject=It Self-education By Deaf Children ...... An Autobiography; The Story Of My Experiments With Thruth, Gandhi (Mahatma) ......9780805211948, The Jewish Writings, Hannah Arendt, 2008-02-26 ... Gargantua: Manufactured mass culture J Stallabrass - 1996 - books.google.com Technology, Globalization and the University TP Abeles - International Journal on World Peace, 1998 –

Elearning: The key concepts R Mason, F Rennie - 2006 ... of constructivist principles as applied to elearning is to engender independent, self-reliant learners ... the Australian Flexible Learning Framewo rk, note: The attainment of higher-order knowledge, attitudes and ... all the more Cyberfutures: culture and politics on the information superhighway J Ravetz - 1996 - NYU Press CHAPTER IS JJ ROSE – Business, Globalization and the Common Good, 2009 – ... each member as an indivisible part of the whole.'At once, in place of the individual personality of ... that responds to current and future stakes, is th e collective construction of a contractual ethics on a ... and right of appetite, does man, who so far had considered only him-self, find that ... NINE The Society for N Kar, B Kar – The Science of Synthesis - cs5824.userapi.com Ervin Laszlo 1969–1970 ... the interaction between humans and technology: the technical, the organizational, and the personal.... Politik ohne Gewalt: Prinzipien, Praxis und Perspektiven der Gewaltfreiheit M Nagler, E Spiegel - 2008 – 1. Dale Snauwaert PPI Plenary 2011 | Educational Resources nationalpeaceacademy.us/edresources/ppi/snauwaert-ppi-2011/ Peacebuilding requires a “being orientation” to self-identity, which both implies and requires respect and care ... In Hannah Arendt Lectures on Kant's Political Philosophy, edited by R. Beiner. ... The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi. 2. Liberty Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about . .. www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Liberty.aspx epitomized by the intellectual contributions of Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948) Integrity Quotes | LeadingThoughts - Quotes on Integrity ... www.leadershipnow.com/integrityquotes.html

replaced with a humanistic amorality, a self-centered, pragmatic indifference that will ensure ... Hannah Arendt ... Mahatma Gandhi ... 3. Call for Solidarity and Press Inf WHY Close a Comm Unitary Web ... www.scribd.com › Creative Writing › Memoirs 6 May 2012 – educational and options available currently, “ Violence is the fear to the ideals of the others” Mahatma K. Gandhi 75 ears, after Guernica…

Character Quotes/Quotations from Liberty Quotes quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes/character Peacemaking - Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations www.uua.org/documents/csw/csaiguide_pm06.pdf File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Gandhi - Georgetown University: Web hosting www12.georgetown.edu/sfs/docs/mwp_2011_14.pdf by F Godrej Lion's Whiskers: What is Moral Courage? www.lionswhiskers.com/2011/02/what-is-moral-courage.html 23 Feb 2011 – History is full of shining examples of moral celebrate: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, ... Eichm ann in Jerusalem m.friendfeed-media.com/dc6419e5abcf4f1d8a9bf4e73d9742...Share Hind Swaraj and other writings M Gandhi, A Parel - 1997 – being a new mode of life, embracing a people's outlook on nature and human natur e, religion, ethics, science, knowledge ... Prabhudas Gandhi recounts how difficult it was for his father, Chhaganlal Gandhi, see also Asians and South Asians Asians concepts, 204 conflict with African-Cari bbean community, 162–3, 165 …, H Arendt, R Artest, C Arthur, MK Asante, KAshcraft… - dimensions – Gandhi on Non-violence: Selected Texts from Mohandas K. Gandhi's Non-violence in Peace and War M Gandhi, T Merton, M Kurlansky - 2007 – Transformational leadership and the fundamental option for self-transcendence MR Carey - The Leadership Quarterly, 1992 – The Spiritual Dimension ofGandhi's Activism C Spretnak - The Acorn, 2009 - pdcnet.org

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Animation: Form Follows Fun: Look R Dahmen-Ingenhoven - 2004 – edutainment are symptomatic of the growing integration of information and ... More than a game: The computer game as fictional form B Atkins - 2003 – online education, electronic publishing ... at least 'No, not yet.' bring our knowledge of their ... Entertainment and society: Audiences, trends, and impacts S Sayre - 2009 – ... Music 219 The Power of Film 221 IndustrySelf-regulation 221 ... 383 CHAPTER 13 ADVOCACY IN ENTERTAINMENT: POLITICS, ACTIVISM, AND EDUCATION 385 Politics ...402 Theoretical Considerations 402 Prosocial Effects of Entertainment 402 Edutainment 403 Educational ... Spaces for consumption S Miles - 2010 –

by the immediate gauging of the self; a sort of ... Commodification and Spectacle in Architecture: A Harvard Design Magazine Reader W Saunders - 2005 market or cultivat- ing a self-conscious resistance ... “ASIANIZING” ANIMATION IN ASIA: DIGITAL CONTENT IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION WITHIN THE AN IMATION LANDSCAPES OF JAPAN AND THAILAND AIN ASIA - Reflections on the Human Condition: Change, Conflict … Deeper: Adventures on the net J Seabrook - 1998 – Touchstone The Work of Art in the Digital Age: The Painting and Pixel-an Essay L Berthélaine - 2012 – not only work hard for church and king to have bread, an emerging self-conscious

class of ... From the Hellenistic and Roman eras the ideal of knowledge and formation passes on into the ... From Print to Web 2.0: What Future for Professional Discourses? MC GATTI - esse2012.org empirically acquired,knowledge by occluding its ... Renaissance self-fashioning is one example of how the body was made into a 'product ... on the pages of a web site; Cooper, then, makes use of Cyberspace and the ... __________ Orange Day to End Violence against Women and Girls | Facebook www.facebook.com/events/501034676577654/ The Secretary-General's UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign proclaims every 25th of the month as Orange Day! The first in a series of Orange ... Zonta District 7 - End Violence Against Women - Orange Day - Say NO saynotoviolence.org/.../zonta-district-7-end-violence-against-w... Orange Day - UNiTE To End Violence Against Women endviolence.un.org/orangeday.shtml UNiTE To End Violence Against Women endviolence.un.org/ Ban Ki-moon answers five questions on ending violence against women and girls .. . Find out how you can help end violence on Orange Day — the 25th of every ... Orange Day says end violence against women - Swords into ... www.pcusa.org/.../orange-day-says-end-violence-against-wom... PC(USA) Home →. July 25, 2012. Orange Day says end violence against women. Mark Koenig. Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations staff on Orange Day ... Orange Days: Say No—End Violence Against Women and Girls ... justiceunbound.org/.../orange-days-say-no-end-violence-again... 20 Aug 2012 – On August 25—and the 25th of each month—join people around the world in observing an Orange Day to work for an end to violenc e against ... Sept. 25 Is Orange Day: End Violence Against Women | Unbound justiceunbound.org/.../sept-25-is-orange-day-end-violence-aga... 3 days ago – Orange Day Banner On September 25 observe an Orange Day – a day to say no and to work for an end to violence against women and girls. Wear Orange & Say NO to Violence against Women and Girls www.unbrussels.org/.../459-wear-orange-a-say-no-to-violence... Change your Facebook cover photo to the cover photo of the SayNO – UNiTE to End V iolence Against Women Facebook page, promoting the Orange Day and ... Celebrate Orange Day | World Pulse worldpulse.com › PulseWire › Voices Rising 23 Jul 2012 – So it's no wonder that I am more than a bit excited about UNiTe to End Violence Against Women's Orange Day. Those are the days where ... UNITE against gender violence - English pravda.ru english.pravda.ru/history/.../121730-unite_gender_violence-0/2 4 Jul 2012 – UNITE against gender violence. 47612.jpeg. UN Women is launching a new initiative - Orange Day, starting on the twenty-fift h of each month, ...violence against women www.futureswithoutviolence.org/ Learn how to end abuse at the Futures Without Violence Violence against Women www.maitriindia.org/

Maitri works with women to stop domestic abuse in India stop violence against wo men www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire Connect With Women Across The Globe To Exchange Ideas And Change Lives. _______ India's Education Sector: Moving Toward a Digital Future - India ... knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/india/article.cfm?articleid... July 19, 2012 in India Knowledge@Wharton ... According to the "Indian Education Sector Outlook -- Insights on .... leading Indian handset manufacturer, also launched an edutainment device called Funbook. View - Canadian Center of Science and Education ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ass/article/download/.../5916 by L Gao - 2010 Internet Archive Search: /metadata/licenseurl:http*by/* AND subject ... archive.org/search.php?query...20+ items – understanding; music; appreciation; listening; education 110 Only Connect prospect.org/article/only-connect 19 Nov 2001 – But if knowledge is power, one has to wonder who It is not sufficient to wait for self-educated cyberpunks to stumble on ...trigg ers ocw.metu.edu.tr/pluginfile.php/4624/.../MatthiasBopp.pdf by MM Bopp - 2008 JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY AND HISTORY OF EDUCATION www.journalofphilosophyandhistoryofeducation.com/jophe58... by D Snelgrove - 2008 pursuit of something called edutainment.Download down.qiexing.com/wp-content/plugins/.../download.php?id... edutainment software, instructional videos, reference materials, ...... educati onal technologists in a parable whose message is to think differently .. Teaching OPPapers.com - term papers, essays, book reports ... www.oppapers.com/Education/Teaching.html... The Digital Divide- Arguments for and Against Facebook, Google ... www.scribd.com/.../The-Digital-Divide-Arguments-for-and-A... 26 Dec 2011 – She can go anonymous in the virtual sphere “edutainment” to date have essen tially ... Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven? Part 3 « Possessing the Treasure mikeratliff.wordpress.com/.../spirit-led-or-purpose-driven-part... 15 Jun 2008 – “Their behavior is determined, not by knowledge and reason, but by fee lings and unconscious drives. ... A 1969 report by the Behavioral Science Teache r Education .... models begin by committing to a growing sense of self-awareness. .... superfici al edutainment,non-threatening worshiptainment and ... _______ The Emerging Concept of Photo Tourism - LUP lup.lub.lu.se/luur/download?func=downloadFile... Thank you for sharing your valuable time, knowledge and helping me ... focuses o n the effects modeling and vicarious learning have on self- ... Educational video game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_video_game opportunities for learning and synthesizing new knowledge.Internet Archive /metadata/licenseurl:http*by Towards Digital Storytelling for Children - Visit Learn.it.uts.edu.au https://learn.it.uts.edu.au/31002/Autumn04/.../diginarrative.pd...

by K MADEJ - 2003 Jurassic Park hiram-caton.com/pages/jurassicpark.php preview of the cyberspace about to be inaugurated by the Cornucopians. ... Indeed education as known hitherto will continue to exist only as a ... Visual Competence, Media Literacy and "New Literacies ... seminar.net/.../172-visual-competence-media-literacy-and-qne... by T Hug numerous concepts of societal self-description currently available, the ... Rehling 1 Cyber Harry Petra Rehling Introduction It is a ... Little Candles: Education and Touch littlecandles.blogspot.com/ 15 Sep 2012 – ... better future. It's time to share all about education for better future. ... Learning process needs edutainment. ... Short Fable Story: Mouse Deer Story ... . Your kids need to learn new information and have curiosity to master and discover knowledge. They need to learn through self direct experience and play. ________ Towards digital narrative for children: from education to entertainment, a historical perspective K Madej Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 2003 - dl.acm.org ... in the mind rich in religious meaning, and children learned about symbolism and allegory by listening ... while there is a guide for teachers self-directed activities ... Now that education and entertainment are striking a balance, let's add meaning as a critical ... Cyberspace meets domestic space: Personal computers, women's work, and the gendered territories of the family home MF Cassidy Critical Studies in Media Communication, 2001 The academy in a wired world TP Abeles - Futures, 1998 -