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North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon


Syllabus of Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Pape r 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108

Semest and II er Strategic Management er-I North Maharashtra University, Semester-II Jalgaon 401 Entrepreneurship & Project

Semester-III Credit Courses


(NACC Accredited B Grade University) : Credit Courses Pap A 402 FACULTY OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT er Management Practices Legal Aspects Of Business 403 Business Research Methods Specialization-I (Major)* OF MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A. ) 404 STRUCTURE 201 Global Economic Scenario Specializatio n-II (Major)* 405 202 Management Information System Specialization-III (Major)* 406 203 and ERP Specialization-IV (Major )* 407 Financial Management 204 Specialization (Minor- I)** Human Resource Management 205 Semester-I Marketing Management 206

*Specialization In Major Management Science Subjects

Accountancy For Managers

A : Credit Courses

Pap er
301 302 303 304 305 306 307

Managerial Economics Information Technology For Managers Introduction To Operations Management Organizational Behavio r Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Communication Skills

Semester-III and IV
Semester-IV Credit Courses
e-Commerce & Excellence

Management Family Business Management Indian Commercial Laws Specialization -V (Major )* Specialization -VI (Major )* Specialization -VII (Major )* Project Report & Viva-Voce* Specialization (Minor-I I)**

**Specialization In Minor Subjects (Any One)

A B Financial Manageme nt Marketing Management A B C D E F G Financial Management Marketing Managemen t Human Resource Operations Management International Business Agro Business Management Systems

C Human Resource Manag ement Management D Operations Managemen t E International Business Management Management F G Agro Business Managemen t Systems

North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

(NACC Accredited B Grade University)


301: Strategic Management

60 + 40 Pattern: External Marks 60 +Internal Marks 40 = Maximum Total Marks: 100
Required Lectures: 50 hours

1. Strategic Management: Overview (15) a) Business policy- Nature, Importance, Objectives & Classification b) Strategy: Meaning, Types, Components & Levels of strategy operations. c) Business strategy: Concept, statement & Development d) Strategic intent: Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goals and objectives, Values e) Environmental Appraisal: Concepts and Environmental Scanning f) Organizational Appraisal: Capability factors, Methods and Techniques g) Strategic choice Meaning, Process, Factors and Analysis Portfolio and SWOT h) Strategic management: Concept, Features, Risk, Benefits, Levels & Process i) Strategic Innovation: Concept, Need, Importance & Analysis 2. Competitive Advantage (06) a) Concept and sources of competitive advantage b) Kinds of competitive advantage : Position and Capability and their inter-relationship c) Sustainable competitive advantage d) Cost-Benefit analysis of competitive advantage 3. Strategy Implementation (10) a) Strategy Implementation: Aspects, Project & Procedural Implementation, Resource Allocation, b) Structural Implementation Structural Considerations, Structures for Strategy, Organization Design and Change, Organization Systems. c) Behavioral Implementation Leadership Implementation, Corporate Culture, Corporate Politics and Use of Power, Social Responsibility and Strategic Management, Personal Value and Ethics. d) Functional Implementation of Strategies 4. Strategy Evaluation and Control (07) a) Strategic Evaluation: Nature, Importance, participants, Barriers b) Strategic control and operational controls. c) Techniques of a strategic evaluation and control. 5. Comprehensive Cases on various strategic situations and at least 10 cases based on (12) application of strategic management must be discussed & solved. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Business policy and Strategic Management - Azhar Kazmi-TMH 2. Marketing Strategy & Compitative Positioning by Hooley Pearson Education 3. Business policy and Strategic Management : Concepts and Applications,- Gupta, Gollakota, ShrinivasanPrantice Hall India 4. Strategic Management Hunger, Wheelen Addison Weesley

5. Strategic Management-P.Subba Rao Himalaya Pub. 6. Strategic Management Upendra Kachru- Excel Books 7. Strategic Management-Francis Cherunilam Himalaya Pub Strategic ManagementSaloner, Shepard, Podolny Willey India 8. Strategic Management B Hiriyappa New Age International 9. Strategic Management V.S.P. Rao, Harikrishna Excel Books 10. Textbook of Strategic Management Mathur Macmillan 3