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The following prayer is one of the most loved prayers within Espiritismo, Santerismo and the Sanse Religion, and it is recited frequently, during nightly prayers, in Sesiones, Veladas and Embajadas


Place your vision upon me my Lord, I a meak and unhappy creature. Do not allow my grave to be within the waves of the sea. Give me the strength and courage to arise from the depths of the abyss, and if it is your will, grant me the grace to except the unknown. For your mysteries and goodness are incomparable. For I am like a fragile boat, and have become arrogant, thinking I can cross the sea of men, looking only for pleasures.

I ask you Father to allow me to touch the coastal land and renew my vows to be a charitable Christian. If I in my arrogance have become lost within the waves and the mists. As I try to defy the storm and the rising foam. I vow that I will not have the audacity to ignore the deafening cries and lament of those that suffer within the sea. And if I in continuing my course through life ignored the lighthouse that my port designated for me. I vow my God never again to mock the light that shines upon the Cross of your beloved Son. Oh my heavenly Father, you that hear the prayers of the afflicted, distressed, mournful, desolate, and troubled souls. You see that I have become repentant of the life I once leed Save me my Lord before it is too late, for I repent and have strayed from the life I once lived. Amen


Turn your gaze towards this unworthy creature, oh Lord, and do not let me die amongst the waves of the ocean. Give me the strength and the will to overcome the abyss, give me the grace altogether that your bounty does allow. If I like a brittle twig, thinking myself strong and healthy, have attempted to cross the sea of humanity, in search of human delights; let me my Lord return to dry land, promising to be a soldier to your Son. If I thinking myself steady, have challenged the darkness and void, by walking the deck while the storm rages against my boat, I promise for now on, not to be so bold; as to ignore the lament of those who suffer at sea. If I as I follow my bliss, have been so bold as to ignore the lighthouse that has saved me from crashing amongst the rocks. I promise my Lord, never to laugh at the holy cross, from which your beloved son was crucified. Oh you, Father of my Soul. Who listens to the afflicted, and can see my face ashamed, from what my life had been. Save me my Father, and give me the time required to correct the wrong I have done, before the death of my flesh, and I implore you, not to castaway my Soul. Amen.