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Name of Institution Millsaps College

Institutional Contact Person Leslie Ivers

Title Loan Collection Manager

1. What is the primary focus of this effective practice?

Other=Due Diligence plus personal contact

2. Does this effective practice relate to any FSA Assessment Topics?

Perkins Due Diligence
Perkins Repayment
Perkins Cancellation
Perkins Forbearance & Deferment

3. Description of Effective Practice.

3a) What are the goals of this practice?
To make contact with the borrower (ideally at the exit interview) resulting in some
knowledge of borrower's plans and situation.

3b) Please provide a two-or-three sentence description of the practice.

We have a couple of large group exit interviews then personal interviews for
students who could not attend the group meeting. We feel this type of exit
interview makes more of an impression on the student than an online exit process.
If a borrower becomes past due, in addition to due diligence provided by AFSA
Data Corporation, we make contact by letter or personal phone call. Every effort is
made to determine if a past due borrower may be eligible for deferment,
forbearance, or cancellation.

3c) How long did it take from planning to implementation?

1-3 months

Comments: The first letter is sent usually after AFSA's 45 day letter. Phone calls
are attempted at 90 days and prior to sending accounts to collection.

3d) If publications on your campus needed to be revised as a result of

implementation of this effective practice, please indicate how this was
(Left Blank)

3e) What offices were involved in the Effective Practice? What was the impact,
if any, the Effective Practice had on the offices involved?
Business Office Staff only. Very easy to accomplish since it involved only one staff

3f) Please estimate the total implementation costs for this practice (this
information will provide colleagues with guidance concerning equipment,
publications, staffing, etc.):
Cost of mailing letters and phone calls. The costs were minimal. There were no
unexpected costs.

3g) What were the expected benefits for this Effective Practice and were they
realized? How did you measure them?
Desired outcome is reduced number of delinquent accounts that must be sent to
collection. We found that many students just fail to make contact when they are
having difficulties making payments or even when eligible for deferment.

4. Institutional characteristics.

Type of Institution 4-year private

Size of Institution Medium (801-10,000 Financial aid recipients)

Title IV participation
Graduate Aid
Undergraduate Aid
Federal Pell Grant
Federal SEOG
Federal Perkins Loan
Plus Loan
FFEL Subsidized
FFEL Un-Subsidized