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Executive summary 1
Introduction 3
Objective of study 3
Scope of project 3
Core roles in HRM 4
Delimitations 5
HR Process & Procedures 6
Background of the company 6
Scope of business 6
Company Organization chart 7
HR polices regarding HR 7
HR management system 8

Recruitment & Placement 9

Job analysis 9
HR Planning 9
Recruitment 10
Forecasting 10
Supply for inside candidates 11
Supply of outside candidates 11
Recruitment of personnel 12

Selection & Testing 13

Executives 13

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Non executives 14

Orientation & Training 15

Orientation by Department 15
Training & development in CCL 16
Appraisal 18
Appraisal methods adopted by the CCL 18
Career planning & management 18

Pay plans 20
Benefits & services 22
Loan & credit scheme 22
Labor relations 22
Formation of worker welfare committee 23
Health & safety representatives 23
Activities during emergency 24

Conclusion 26
Recommendations 27
Annexure 28

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Executive Summary
This report focuses on the importance of human resource management process prevail
in CCL. This report also gives us the view how the organization remain competitive in
the market. Brief introduction of all the processes is the following

Recruitment and Selection process

Recruitment comes first. It is a process of attracting people in an organization; human

resources are the most valuable assets. The successes and failures of the organization are
largely determined by the caliber of its workforce and managers

The Selection is eliminating or sorting of people. Selection tends to be negative because

it rejects a good portion of those who apply. The selection procedure varies from
company to company but it should meet the needs of the job.

CCL has a very well established Recruitment and selection Process for both the
employees and Managers. It uses such screening process so that they can access each
aspect of the people that is important for doing the job. For higher management they
mostly prefer the Selection is eliminating or sorting of people. Selection tends to be
negative because it rejects a good portion of those who apply. The selection procedure
varies from company to company but it should meet the needs of the job.In CCL, the
criteria for selecting the employee are given by central HR department in Head Office.

The employee’s are introduced with organization’s culture through the process.
Organization’s values, norms and beliefs are discussed in detail. Employees are
introduced with CCL image and its reputation in all over the world and the customs and
traditions are explained to the employees.

Company’s policies, rules and regulations, benefits, working hours, performance

reviews, payroll system, vacation information, working conditions these types of issues
are discussed in this content of the orientation
Testing Period:
After selection, there is a trial period of three months. During his trial period, the
manager checks his attendance, obedience, approach to the work and behavior with the
colleagues. If the manager is satisfied with his performance, then he will send
recommendations. If not satisfied, then that employee will be terminated.


To find the range of training needs ,CCL has designed its own system of analyzing the
training needs for their employees; they divided this system in two categories:

• Task Analysis: Training for new employees

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

• Performance Analysis: Training for existing employees

CCL train their employees through the following Methods and tools

Training Methods:

• On the Job Training

• Off the Job Training
• Stimulated Training

Training Tools:
• Audiovisual Tools
• Programmed Learning
• Lectures
• Informal Training
• Job Rotation & 3/30 Plan

In CCL job performance is reviewed throughout the year by the senior management.
This provides the chance to employees to see what they are doing and how they can
improve their performances. On the basis of performance level the employee receives
Bonus. They rate the employees according to their performance in the following
• Outstanding
• Excellent:
• Good
• Need Improvement
• Unsatisfactory

Every organization has its own method of paying to the employees.
CCL ‘pays for performance they reward their performer with the high pay
All employee, employee trainer and maintenance employees are eligible to earn a
employee performance bonus In CCL there are two types of employees. One type is
workers and the other is management staff. Employees are paid monthly but due to the
time required to prepare, process and distribute the payroll, they will receive their pay by
the 5th of each Month In management category, the highest pay is of managers and the
lowest pay worker.

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Objective of the Study:

Actually CCL Pharmaceuticals (Ptv.) Ltd is “the policies and practices involved in
carrying out the “people ” or human resource aspects of the management position,
including recruiting, testing, training, rewarding, and appraising.”
Here are some key objectives that must be achieved for the implementation of the

1. To help them in improving their management process including (planning,

organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling).

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

2. The main purpose of the project is to improve the working system of their HR
department and provide them with new vision of human rescues management.
3. To provide them the proper way to mange their labour management.
4. Provide them opportunity to compete the global market in minimum period.
5. How to get maximum benefits with minimum recourses.
6. How to balancing the company’s external opportunities and threats, with its
internal strength and weaknesses.

The scope of the Project:

The scope of the project is related to development issues of CCL Pharmaceuticals

(Ptv.) Ltd, tentative generic skills required in performing HRM roles, as well as the roles
of a human resource management practitioner (line management and HRM professionals)
that helping in the proper management of their resources.

Development issues

 Knowledge management, which entails accumulating & capturing

 Knowledge in large organisations for future application & use
(organisation memory)
 Manage the transfer of HRM functions and skills to line management
 Marketing of HRM to line management
 Development of contextual approaches to HRM
 Multi-skilling and /or multi-tasking
 Increased societal responsibility
 Managing people in virtual work environments
 Develop additional means of assessing HRM
 Managing HRM as a business unit
 Adviser / consultant to line management

Supportive generic skills:

The following points have emerged during the process as important skills for
human resource practitioner to possess. These are:

 Project management
 Consulting skills
 Entrepreneurship
 Self management
 Communication skills
 Facilitation skills
 Presentation skills

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

 Skills for transforming groups into self-directed mutually controlled high

performing work teams
 Trans-cultural skills
 Mediation & arbitration skills
 Financial skills
 Problem-solving
 Diagnostic skills

Core roles in Human Resource Management:

The core roles of human resource management are grouped below into four

1. Planning and Organising For Work, People and HRM:

⇒ Strategic perspective
⇒ Organisational design
⇒ Change management
⇒ Corporate wellness management

2. People Acquisition and Development:

⇒ Staffing the organisation

⇒ Human Resource Planning (linked to strategic perspective)
⇒ Determining requirements of jobs
⇒ Recruitment of staff for the organisation
⇒ Selection of human resources
⇒ Placement of staff
⇒ Induction and orientation

3. Management of A-Typical Employment Situations:

⇒ Management of termination
⇒ Training & development
⇒ Career management
⇒ Performance management
⇒ Industrial relations

4. Administration of Policies, Programmes & Practices:

⇒ Compensation management
⇒ Information management
⇒ Administrative management

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⇒ Financial management


⇒ In this busy world no body have time for others, because of competition.
⇒ It’s very tough to get their personal data because they are very conscious about
there personal values.
⇒ This is the very large company that’s why because of their busy schedule they are
giving us a very limited time.
⇒ They are already using the HR processes but on a very small scale, they want to
improve their performance but don’t want to spend time and money on it.
⇒ It’s very tough for us to convince them on our points of views.
⇒ They are not allowed us to personally interact with their employees of different


CCL was formed in 1965 by a renowned physician, Dr. Dilawar Hussain and his sons.
In 1970, Pulmonol cough syrup was launched, which turned out to be an instant success
and grew to become the flagship of the company. In 1984, CCL’s new Plant was

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

inaugurated, which was regarded as a most modern and immaculate manufacturing

facility. CCL was transformed to a Private Limited company in 1985, after which it made
rapid progression both in terms of business as well as being regarded as a properly
structured company having clearly defined departments with their distinguished roles and
established employee hierarchy and benefits. The dawn of 1993 saw the establishment of
a new state of the art sterile manufacturing area at CCL’s Plant, which further opened
many avenues of business growth and the company’s prowess to handle diverse, high
quality pharmaceuticals. CCL commenced its international activities in 1998 by formally
setting up an export department. In 1998 CCL performed another feat which the others
were still dreaming about. The company achieved the distinction of becoming the first
pharmaceutical company in the country to get ISO 9001 accreditation by the world
renowned auditors, SGS. The new millennium brought further jubilation for the CCL
family in the form of licensing agreement with Laboratoires Biocodex, France, in the
year 2000.In 2000 the company also won the coveted “EFP Organizational Excellence
Award in Human Resource / Industrial Relations Management” by Employers’
Federation of Pakistan, which was bestowed to only 9 companies in the country. Yet
another feather in its cap and diversification of the product portfolio, in 2001 CCL
entered into marketing agreement with Tianjin Hualida Bioengineering Co. Ltd. (Bio-
Pharmaceuticals).In 2002, CCL made a marketing agreement with Laboratoires Dolisos,
France (Pierre Fabre Company) for the marketing of their top class women healthcare
products in Pakistan.

The production facilities are located at 62-industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat,. The head
office of CCL is situated at Javaid House, 22-A, Gulberg-II, Lahore.

Scope of the Business:

As a healthcare company CCL manufactures and markets innovative and quality

products, which offer real health solutions. Our rich product portfolio, covering nearly all
the major therapeutic areas helps prevent, cure or alleviate illness, as well as save lives.

They have a strong marketing and sales force of more than 300 people with a reach of
more than three hundred territories covering literally every nook and corner of the
country. Our sale force visits more than 50,000 doctors and our medicines are present at
more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The main concern of the company is to provide best Medicines products that other
companies in their fields are lacking for. For this purpose, company was able to produce
every kind of products related to the Medicines. The main quality Medicines products are

Company organization chart:

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Board of

DMD of DMD of DMD of DMD of DMD of DMD of

Production Sale Marketing HR Accounts QCM

Production Sale Marketing HR Accounts

Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager

Production Ass Sale Ass Mark Ass HR Ass Acc QC

In charge Manager Manager Manager Manager In charge

Production Sale Marketing HR Clerks Accounts QC

Supervisor Clerks Clerks Clerks Supervisor

Machine QC
operator Workers

Human Resource policies regarding HR:

At CCL each employee is like an important member of the family. The Company wants
to provide every individual a chance to grow and glow; to love and be loved, and to work
as a well knit coherent team. Company places immense significance on human values.
Our work philosophy revolves around best managed behaviors. Offer a truly congenial
working environment to the employees, which foster creativity, team work, motivation
and innovation plus respect for the individual.

A happy, content and motivated staff gets sufficient chances of growth at CCL. For
almost all positions, the Company gives preference to promotion from within the
company. In this regard, the Management has established Assessment Committees to
look after the possibilities of promoting our internal candidates against any vacancies.
Co’s stairway to upward mobility is open and all potential employees get fair chance to
appear before a formal board to contend their candidacy and this greatly fosters
transparency in their career management decisions. A comprehensive Management. By
Objectives approach truly reflects the performance and achievements of the employees.

The management strongly believes that employees are our supreme strength. Therefore,
they strive to attract, retain and develop the best talent. Just because of this policy the
company continues to benefit from the efforts of its valuable people, who are actually, the

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

strength of Company through training and development activities the human resources
policies aim at the improved working conditions all over the organization .The various
personal strategies can be that the employees are chosen solely on the basis of merit and
they are given monetary rewards and incentives so that employee motivation and
commitment may increase.

The Human Resource Team at CCL make conscious efforts to set the workforce
development strategy for the organization, assess current workforce characteristics and
future needs by aligning the HR policies with organizational mission, strategic goals, and
performance utcomes.

Human Resource Management System:

No one can deny the importance of the information technology. Information

Technology has changed the business by creating a new vision to improve their
functionality and efficiency by utilizing and deploying it.

In CCL, different Departments are using Software’s for example Finance department
is computerized and all transactions made by the company can easily handle. As far as
HRM is concerned there is no proper software implemented in organization but the
Management is thinking to make software the helps them in Personnel Planning. For
Testing, Performance Appraisal Management is using different kinds of software’s on the
basis of that software’s they are able to handle Personnel Planning. Intranet facility is also
available for organization which helps employees and Management to communicate with
each other.


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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Job Analysis:

Job analysis is very important task because on its results many administrative and
managerial decisions are made. Such as recruitment & selection, performance appraisals,
compensation, training etc.

At CCL the job analysis is conducted when the organization wants to make new
products, establish a new unit or to expand the existing unit and then launch new products
into the Market. The purpose of job analysis is.

1. To collect information about the different level of activities to be performed.

2. To collect the data about education, skills, experience, personnel qualities.
3. To put the suitable person for right job

Job analysis for Executives:

The CEO/Director conducts the job analysis for the job of the executives. He finalizes
the personnel requirements, education and experience.

Job analysis for Sub-Ordinates:

At CCL once the GM (unit head) is hired then the duty of the job analysis for his sub-
ordinates is assigned to him. As GM has professional skills reasonable experience, so
based upon his experience, skills, knowledge and observation he prepare the Job
description, Job specification and further no. of persons to be hired.

At CCL usually the technique used by GM is Quantitative Job Analysis technique and
further the method used in this technique is Department of Labor Job Analysis. As this is
based upon the three very important factors data, people and things. Moreover the
personal experience of GM also contributes a lot.

The GM get all these approved by the Director and upon his approval it is sent to
administrator manager/HR to follow in the future.

HR Planning:
Like all good plans, HR manager of CCL builds employment plans on
premises basic assumptions for employment requirement by forecasting
three things:

• The supply of inside candidates;

• Personnel needs;
• The supply of outside candidates according to their company

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

By the utilization of their resources, firstly it is checked that

either there is any job placement or company is expending their
business so that new jobs are open for new candidate’s .Al these issues
are tackled by the HR manger and their respective staff. If staff is
required then company tries to find them inside the company by
upgrading their employees if it not possible then new jobs are created
and fill by the outside market.


CCL is proud of its Human resource ,as almost all the employee have been picked by
the management .It is fortunate for company that the Leaders i.e. the top management is
very much qualified and has the ability to lead in an efficient and effective manner
.human resource is supposed to be the most valuable asset at the company .With its
expanding business operations, the requirement of new employees keeps on arising
.Human resource management strives to achieve organizational goals and goals of the
employees through effective personal program, policies and procedures .

The job requirements and specifications for a position (e.g., minimum qualification,
experience and other requirements related to the job position) are defined in the
concerned Job Description.
The requirement for any hiring is identified by concerned plant administrative, which is
communicated to Managing Director.

Recruitment comes first. It is a process of attracting people in an organization; human

resources are the most valuable assets. The successes and failures of the organization are
largely determined by the caliber of its workforce and managers.

At CCL the need for recruitment is felt usually

⇒ When expansion of existing unit

⇒ When expansion of products (In Product Development Laboratory)
⇒ New unit is established.
⇒ The turnover is very low.

Before recruitment the organization forecast its employment needs.

After approval, there are two types of positions First (Budgeted) that are advertised in
the internal mean within the organization. Second are (None Budgeted) that are advertise
in the organization and external through media and newspaper. In addition, personnel
having any reference may be directly contacted. The candidates are asked to submit their


In forecasting first of all the organization identify the needs of personnel planning. It
may be for

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

⇒ Expansion of existing unit.

⇒ Establish a new plant/unit.
⇒ To meet the future requirement of sales.
Selection of Techniques:

CCL use different techniques in forecasting which based upon the

 Nature of job.
 Nature of unit

The organization has the proficient persons. During the forecasting for a unit, or
launching a new product the organization uses the data of an existing unit, and product
which is similar & homogenous as well as the expertise of their specialized persons. For
example to make a new formula for making product , organization will consult with data
of existing formulas for that particular product as well as take different sample tests of
that particular product and extract the results. Forecasting will be made for different level
of Job separately.

The supply for inside Candidates:

At CCL the already working employees are enjoying the equal chance of hiring/ posting
on some other better positions. For this purpose match/comparison between qualification,
skills, experience is made. If some one deserve, he always avail the opportunity.

For this purpose regularly & continuously record maintained in the following manners

⇒ Qualification inventories
⇒ Computerized information system
⇒ Performance appraisal record
⇒ Training record

In which detailed record about the employees is carefully maintained including

products knowledge, industry experience, education (improvement in education) careers
interest, performance during training programs and performance on job etc. For the
internal candidate the above mentioned data play a vital role in recruitment.

Supply of outside candidates:

CCL is a rapidly growing conglomerate and is always eagerly seeking talented men and
women to join its workforce. Therefore, they strongly urge recent graduates and other
interested individuals to apply for positions in the Sindh or Punjab region.

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Recruitment in CCL is being done from under mention sources.

1. Internet (Organization Website)

2. College Recruiting
3. Referrals & Walk-ins

1. Internet:

CCL has its website. The HR department collects the on-line information & CVs from
competent & energetic people. The HR department keeps the record of that information’s
for a large pool of candidates.

2. College Recruiting:

It is adopted for the fresh executive (managerial) staff. CCL sends add to colleges and
ask for the applications.

3. Referrals and Walk-ins:

It is the mostly used for the first line supervisor and workers. The major advantages
of the method are
⇒ Motivation of existing employees
⇒ Cheapest method of recruiting

The requirement for any hiring is identified by concerned departmental incharge, which
is communicated to Managing Partner.

After approval, the position is advertised in the local newspapers. In addition,

personnel having any reference may be directly contacted. The candidates are asked to
submit their CVs/bio-data.

Recruitment of personnel

⇒ Every worker is hired according to Recruitment Policy.

⇒ Notice Boards are installed at the relevant locations for displaying relevant
⇒ Workers understand the calculations of wages & overtime


Once a pool of candidate has been completed, the next stage is to select the best person
for the job to achieve the organizational goal. The organization gives importance to
solution process as the result of this process. The better performance of the employees

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

shows the better performance of organization, which can achieve its goodwill & vice
versa. Further effective screaming leads towards cost minimization. Finally the
organization gives this process importance to fulfill legal formalities also.

The selection process varies according to type of post & candidate such as executive or
non-executive fresh or experienced. These are explained as under



For an experienced executive the selection process would be as under.

⇒ Gather back ground information

⇒ Academics performance
⇒ Experience

Above-mentioned data used to find out the short listed candidates. And then call them
for interview, after interviews the final decision is being made. The interview
characteristics are:

⇒ Un-structured
⇒ Job-related
⇒ Panel (for higher executive)
⇒ Sequential (for middle & lower executive)


They are mostly come from the colleges directly. The process of their selection is as

⇒ IQ test (GMAT)
⇒ Group discussion
⇒ First screening interview

The whole above mention activities are performed in a single day. Then the candidates
are asked to go back. Then the short-listed candidates are informed. Candidates are short
listed on the base of:

⇒ Academic performance
⇒ Performance in above mention activities

The short listed candidates are then called for the second interview, May it be the final
interview or there will be another one.

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

The characteristics of sequential interviews are.

1st Interview:

⇒ Un-structured
⇒ Not much job related
⇒ To check the personal traits
⇒ Panel interview (HR manager, GM, Head of Dep’t)

2nd Interview:

⇒ Unstructured
⇒ Job-related
⇒ Panel interview (GM, Director/CEO)


They are not much qualified but professional skills are much important. The selection is
being done on the following criteria.

⇒ Academic performance
⇒ Experience
⇒ Back ground information
⇒ Reference checks
⇒ Interview (unstructured job-related)
⇒ Most important is work sampling techniques

On the base of above mention data the head of Dept, GM and HR manager makes the
final selection

All hiring is being done on the base of Equal Employment Opportunity. There is no
discrimination on the base of sex, religion, cost, nationality, age etc (The lower age limit
is 18 year as per Govt. law)

The candidate is initially hired on temporary basis for a 6 months probationary period
after which his/her performance is reviewed and assessed by his departmental head. In
case of satisfactory performance, he is hired on permanent basis.

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd


Orientation is a process to provide new employees the basic background information
about the organization. Orientation typically includes the information on employees’
benefits, personnel policies, the daily routine, Organization operation and safety measures
and regulations as well as the facilities tour.

Knowing that the norms and values which are given as,

⇒ What are the traditions adopted by the organization?

⇒ What type of culture prevails in the organization?

Affects the efficiency and effectiveness of employees to large extent, in order to

minimize rather avoids reality shock. The Management spends a whole working day for
the orientation, in which information about the norms and values, rules and regulations,
traditions etc are provided. Further to facilitate the employees, they are taken to the sites,
where people work and with whom they have to work. They are introduced with their
head of Dept. also chance of socialized with their co-workers is provided. Further
question & answers sessions are also held to remove their complications.

Orientation by Department:

After the selection the head of Dept itself give the orientation to his sub-ordinates. He
gives an overview of organization culture, but the duties & responsibilities of new
employees in detail. First 2-3 days there is a not much/fully responsibility on the

⇒ For the fresh employee (having no experience) there is 3 to 6 month training

period. After it they are fully responsible for there duties.
⇒ For existing employees, there is continuous On Job Training by the supervisor
and Head of Dept. they are prepared as inside supply of candidates for an upper
level vacant post in future expected.

Orientation provide the information about the followings

Organization’s Culture

The entire employee’s are introduced with organization’s culture. Organization’s values,
norms and beliefs are discussed in detail. Employees are introduced with CCL image and
its reputation in all over the world and the customs and traditions are explained to the

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Employee’s Introduction

All the employees are introduced with other employees and their supervisors so they
can know each other. The purpose of this practice is that, if employees know each other
and they feel good to work with each other then definitely they will perform well and
with ease.
Company’s policies, rules and regulations, benefits, working hours, performance reviews,
payroll system, vacation information, working conditions these types of issues are
discussed in this content of the orientation.

Contingency Training

In this content employees are introduced certain contingent situations in which they
have to respond immediately, like fire drill, safety issues, theft, robbery, to handle
disputes among the customers. Employees are taught about precautionary measures, they
should take during these critical situations. CCL considers it very important to discuss
these sensitive and crucial matters on the very first day because these issues can happen
at any time and employees must know how to handle these situations in advance, that’s
why first orientation session is taken very seriously. This training session forms a base for
all future training programs.

Follow-Up Orientation

Follow-up orientation is conducted after the 30 days of first orientation. This

orientation is also a 45 minutes session having following contents:


First of all the contents of previous orientation are revised, to just have a bird’s eye
view and to recall the previous learning or to make up trainees mind, or to start the
orientation with something known by the trainees.

Training and Development In CCL:

The Management strongly believe that employees are our supreme strength. Therefore,
we strive to attract, retain and develop the best talent. Special emphasis in this regard is
given to training & development of the staff. CCL not only boasts top-notch in-house
training, but sending our employees for external training has also been our preference
always. In this context, we have never left any stone unturned to avail external training
being offered not only in the country but have also sent many employees for training

The Human Resource Team at CCL make conscious efforts to set the workforce
development strategy for the organization, assess current workforce characteristics and
future needs by aligning the HR policies with organizational mission, strategic goals, and
performance outcomes.

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

The training personnel are busy round the year in designing & conducting excellent
programmes at corporate level and especially for the Sales Team, which is not only
trained on the basic product knowledge, but also on developmental managerial skills not
only through pragmatic, interactive formal sessions but also through specially designed
‘Distant Learning Programme’.

After joining by the new employee, Management initiates the orientation of employee.
First gives the employee orientation on administrative policies, quality policy
departmental structure and functions, and the concerned position’s responsibilities and
authorities. The training is recorded on training form.

The employee is then assigned specific tasks and assignments related to his position
and given on-job training. During the on-job training, his/her performance is monitored.
After completion of initial on-job training, it is recorded on the training form. The
training form is maintained in the respective file.

As it is obvious that performance appraisal is very important tool for evaluating the
performance so in CCL it is conducted in a very careful manner.
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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Immediate Supervisor: the responsible Person

For this purpose the person or official who is in direct contact with employees and to
whom the employees are under reservations is selected to assign the duty of appraising
the performance.

The administrative manger, unit head, For example, General Manger also make
surprise visit. Moreover the immediate boss makes the performance appraisal in a very
concise, precise and systematic way as given below.

Defining the Job Properly:

In order to avoid future problems the supervisors clarify from all aspects to employees
what the performance level is expected from them and what would be the standard for
their performance appraisal. Then in the light of definition of job performance appraisal
is made.

Feed Back:

As without feed back performance appraisal remains fruitless. The keeping in

mind performance appraisal, discussion and feed back session are held time-to-time for
solving the problems.

Appraisal methods adopted by the CCL:

In order to get better results CCL uses the combination of several methods and this
technique is very successful in their organization. The most important method by them

⇒ The MBO method

⇒ Critical Incident Method
⇒ Behaviorally Anchored Routing Sale.

NOTE: In CCL performance appraisal is not limited up to formulation just. Rather based
upon a reward system that is established for satisfaction providing appraisal as

⇒ Special increment
⇒ Promotions

Career Planning and Management:

The company consistently monitors its employees and as far as the betterment of their
career is concern, the company has a proper strategic plan through which it increases the
skill level of its employees. The company offers training courses which focuses on

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

injecting skills and professionalism into employees. These courses held in the
organization or outside organization and even abroad depending upon the course
requirements. Regardless of the location of these training programs, the company pays all
the expenses. The only focus is to improve the skills of their employees so that not only
company can get maximum out of them but also employees can enrich their nature of job
and life standard as well.

Along with these training programs, the company make their employees fully aware of
their job requirements so that they can develop a clear picture about at what they are good
and bad. Indirectly the promotions also play a key role in employees’ job satisfaction.

Employee compensation refers to all forms or rewards going to employee and arising
their employment. CCL pays the employees according to their pay scales that are already

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Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

defined. At the end of each year the employee is also paid some raises and bonuses
according to their contribution in the business. This contribution or compensation made
by the company help to increase the motivation, devotion and efficiency of the employees
in respect to their company.

⇒ Wages are paid as per industry trend and local labor laws
⇒ The company ensures that deductions from wages are not made for disciplinary
⇒ The composition of the salary is as follows:

 Gross Salary
 Basic Salary (75 %)
 House Rent
 Indexation Allowance (for workers having salary less than Rs. 4000)
 Attendance Allowance (for workers having salary less than Rs. 4000)
 Cost of Living Allowance
 Special Allowances

⇒ Loan Installments
⇒ Provident Fund
⇒ Employees Old Age Benefit Institution --E.O.B.I

The following benefits are being paid.

EOBI 5% of wages
Bonus as per Company Policy
Advance against salary up to one-third of salary
Medical Allowance 5 % of wages (for employee having salary more
than Rs 5000)


The employees who belong to distant areas are entitled for accommodation at site.
However, employees who are required to be at plant to meet exigencies are also provided
accommodation at site. For detail, refer Housing Policy.

Over time calculation

Overtime is paid at a premium rate i.e. twice of ordinary rate of pay.


Hailey College of Banking & Finance 24

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

The employee is given loans as per the loan policy mentioned in the Service Rules. The
employees submit their application for loan approval to Accounts department. After the
approval of the Managing Director the loan is granted to the applicant.


Hailey College of Banking & Finance 25
Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

At CCL each employee is like an important member of the family. Company wants to
provide every individual a chance to grow and glow; to love and be loved, and to work as
a well knit coherent team. CCL place immense significance on human values. CCL work
philosophy revolves around best managed behaviors. We offer a truly congenial working
environment to the employees, which foster creativity, team work, motivation and
innovation plus respect for the individual.

As a company par excellence, along with good and congenial working environment as
well as a respect based open culture, we also provide various facilities to our employees
like competitive compensation and the following lucrative fringe benefits, which enable
us to enjoy the status of a ‘preferred employer’ among the industry :

⇒ Group Life Insurance

⇒ Hospitalization Insurance for the individuals and their dependent family members
⇒ Out-patient Medical Allowance
⇒ Contributory Provident Fund and Gratuity both at the same time
⇒ Bonuses / incentives in addition to attractive annual increments
⇒ Employees Old-age Benefit (EOBI) and Social Security services
⇒ Subsidized meals, uniforms and transportation facility at Plant
⇒ Periodical Medical check-up
⇒ Compliance of all regulatory requirements under labor laws and Factories Act.

HR Department maintains records of working hours and overtime of workers. All

employees are required to swipe the attendance card upon entering and exiting from their
respective departments for the purpose of duty. The company provides one day off in
every seven-day period.

Loan / Credit schemes

⇒ Loan & Advances policy is addressed in Service Rules and accounts are managed
⇒ Loan Records are available in accounts department.
⇒ Workers are also given advance against salary on recommendations of General
Managers or Heads of Department, Personnel department and HR department.

Labor Relations:

The organization keeps healthy relations with its employees. There good two-way
communication methods are used as.

⇒ Every employee have the right to come to meet with labor officer for his problem

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 26

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

⇒ If labor officer cannot satisfy employee, then employee can go to senior

management for this problem.
⇒ There are placed the “Complaint Box” at different location in the organization that
are only opened by the CEO randomly.
⇒ General monthly meetings are being held at Dept level in which head of Dept and
first line supervisor meet to employee and discuss about the previous performance
of Dept & individual performance. At the end the decisions are made to enhance the
individual performance by facilitating the employees.
⇒ The organization arrange annual Sports Week in which tournament are held
between management & workers and among the workers. The games include
cricket, hockey, football and badminton.
⇒ The company treats all employees with respect and dignity, no employee is
subjected to any gesture, language and physical contact that are sexually coercive,
threatening, abusive or exploitative.

Formation of Workers Welfare Committee

A workers’ welfare committee has been formed by the workers having nominations from all
departments and consist of:

 Administration manager
 Worker representative
 HR Manager
T The Company ensures that workers representative is not subject to discrimination by
monitoring that nominations are not based on religion, region, race, cast, gender,
disability, political affiliation and age.

Health & Safety Representative

Manager HR has been nominated as Health & Safety Representative, responsible for
health & safety for all personnel and for the implementation of health & safety
requirements of this standard.

Health & Safety Committee

To ensure compliance of Health & Safety requirements and create awareness among all
employees about H&S, the committee has been formulated as:

⇒ HR Manager
⇒ Health & Safety Representative
⇒ Safety/Security Officer
⇒ Admin Manager

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 27

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Health & Safety Training:

Health & Safety training is scheduled as per Training Schedule. These sessions are
arranged whenever needed for existing and new employees.

Responding Potential Threats to Health & Safety:

Hazards Prevention:

The company has provided measures for prevention of the potential threats to
health & safety as:

⇒ All fire-fighting equipment is regularly inspected

⇒ Evacuation and Fire drills are conducted twice a year
⇒ Emergency exits are clearly marked and accessible
⇒ Adequate first aid supplies and trained first aid personnel are available on site to
attend any emergency.
⇒ In-case hospital treatment is required, the company arranges accordingly
⇒ Fire Alarm is installed in M-I and M-II
⇒ Emergency Lights are installed on emergency exits
⇒ Protective health & safety equipment’s (gloves, masks, shoes, goggles, ear plugs
etc) are available for use.
⇒ Ventilation, Lighting, and temperature control are adequate.
⇒ Evacuation Plans are available at the relevant locations; these plans show the
closest emergency exit and indication of current position,
⇒ Accident records are updated and reviewed in the management review meetings;
Actions taken to prevent the recurrence are recorded.
⇒ During the tests & real emergencies, handicapped employees are assisted to
evacuate from the area
⇒ Clean bathrooms are provided to both male & female workers.
⇒ Potable water is provided to the workers
⇒ Health & Safety policy, relevant posters, safety signs, work instructions, Internal
& External emergency telephone numbers are displayed at the relevant locations

Activities during Emergency:

In case of any emergency the following activities are carried out:


Any body who sees an emergency situation should sound the nearest alarm button and /
or inform to security staff / Time office.

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 28

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd


⇒ On hearing alarm, all employees will evacuate through emergency exits and
gather at their respective assembly points.
⇒ Shift in-charge or any nominated person will take roll call at the respective
assembly point.
⇒ Admin Manager will arrange emergency vehicle which will be parked outside
Time Office in complete readiness during emergency.
⇒ On hearing central alarm, all employees will report back to their place of work
and start work.

Contacting outside agencies:

⇒ Admin Manager / Time Office member will call to external agencies for tackling
the uncontrollable emergency situations.
⇒ External agencies contacts are available at time office, telephone exchange,
notice-boards and main gate.

Shut Down of Certain Utilities & Services:

⇒ Considering the nature of emergency, all utilities & services e.g. machines,
Boilers, Generators or Electric supply etc are shut downed by the concerned
personnel .

Review of Emergency Preparedness & Response:

⇒ The initial details if the accident is reported by department /section head on

accident notification report and submit it to HR department.
⇒ An investigation team comprising of HR Manager, Safety Officer and department
head or his nominee will investigate major / critical incidents. Accident
investigation report will include:
o Analysis of the loss
o Cause of accident
o Contributory factors of accident
o Impact assessment
⇒ Recommendations will be documented as:
o Impact on Environment
o Impact on Human
o Preventive Maintenance
o Back up of data/File
o Contact Insurance Companies
o Re-establish Utilities & Communications
o Training needs (if any)

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 29

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Re-establish Utilities & Communications:

⇒ During the disaster some of the utilities like electric, water, sewer, Telephone,
Networks, etc may have shut down, these are to be restored by concerned

During the analysis of their existing human recourse system we have seen that how
they are applying the Recruitment process (from job analysis to selection of employees).
And we have seen that company recruit all those persons those are eligible to his criteria
whether they are internal or external. Once a pool of candidate has been completed, the
next stage is to select the best person for the job to achieve the organizational goal.

Orientation and on the job training will be arranged after the selection of employees
and the newly hired employees are posted on temporary job of 6 months for their
practices, and employees having satisfied performance will be permitted as permanent.
The Management strongly believes that employees are our supreme strength. Therefore,
they strive to attract, retain and develop the best talent. Special emphasis in this regard is
given to training & development of the staff. CCL not only boasts top-notch in-house
training, but sending our employees for external training has also been our preference

Performance Appraisal conducted, and there are some key points that must be not
changed and must be same in all the departments. In order to get better results CCL uses
the combination of several methods and this technique is very successful in their
organization .Performance evaluations of employees are demeanor after six months or
sometimes after one year. In that evaluation employees must be meet some specific tasks
like to achieve the objective of the company, achieve specific assign tasks, complete the
given assignments, and fulfill management expectations.

Salaries and wages are paid to employees according to industrial trend, and other direct
and indirect financial payment and facilities are provided to the workers. The company
ensures that deductions from wages are not made for disciplinary purposes.

As Company has no HR System for implementation of HRMS. If company in future

implements HRMS then they can gain benefit from it.

The some of the benefits that they can get are given below:

 Reduction in Selection Cost

 Increase in Performance
 Very helpful for Employees
 Helpful in job Posting

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 30

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

 Easily get filtered information about employees.

During studying the Human Resource department, we conclude that this department is
acting its duties efficiently and in an excellent order. It is quiet difficult to suggest such
things to such an established organization in the area, we make a humble effort to give
some recommendations to this well performing organization

Regarding Existing HR System:

⇒ No doubt that the most important issue is that employees are the key assets of the
company and if company pays more attention towards them then it will get optimum
result so HR Planning in an Organization can play a very critical role.
⇒ Job Analysis should be done carefully. Selection should be made on the basis of
⇒ Allocation of resources should be appropriate in an organization otherwise this may
be very critical.
⇒ Performance appraisal should be done after every 3 months or maximum after 6
months before quarterly Financial Reports are issued.
⇒ As the training procedures are also very important to have qualified people on their
jobs, special emphasis should be laid on to the management development part of the
training programs.
⇒ It is the responsibility of the company to create a friendly atmosphere inside its
company that will affect the efficiency of the workers and will improve the output of
the company.
⇒ The company should think such plans that can enhance its manpower efforts.

Regarding Existing HRMS:

⇒ Company should implement its HRM System to enhance performance and reduce
work load that decreases both performance and earnings.

⇒ Company has Information Technology Department and with the help of this
department company can develop its own software for HRM.

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 31

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd


1. What is the current situation of your organization, are you downsizing or

2. What is the strength of employees working in your organization?
3. From which area you recruit your employees?
4. What is your recruitment process?
5. What is the minimum and maximum age limit for different kind of employees?
6. What is your policy for those people who apply for a job which is less than their
qualification or requirement?
7. When a new job is created weather you prefer internal resources or external
8. What is the turnover rate of employees?
9. In which season, you usually recruit employees?
10. When some new type of technology is introduced, what is your policy about those
employees whom you don’t, need after this change in technology?
11. Do you use new technologies (computer, artificial intelligence) to predict
personnel requirement?
12. Have you made any recruitment chart?
13. On which media you advertise for any job required?
14. Do you consult any employment agency for recruitment?
15. Do you recruit people on internet?
16. Do you have any quota system and what are its criteria?
17. In what percentage and for what jobs, do you recruit minorities?
18. Do you give equal opportunity to all applicants and or you have some preference
based on relationship reference or any other?
19. Many companies give less pay to old employees and give more pay to new
employees at same post. Is it in practice in your company? If it6 is, why/
20. How much you pay to overtime in percentage?
21. What are your standard working hours?
22. Do you follow place work plans or hourly plans?
23. Do you offer any team or group incentive program?
24. Do you give annual bonus to employees? And what is the eligibility or base of
annual bonus?
25. Do you have any employees stock ownership plan and how much percentage of
shares is reserve for employees

Training and Development:

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 32

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

1. Have you any orientation program for the employees and what kind of
instructions you give to your employees in this orientation?
2. Do you have any training program for your employees?
3. Do you have your own training instructors?
4. What is your training method and process?
5. Do you follow traditional or informal methods of training?
6. Do you use audio and visual aid or training?
7. What kind of laws and acts do you follow in the training process?
8. Do you have any training program for your current employees?
9. How you access that current employee need training?
10. Do you give any diploma or certificate to the people who complete their training?
11. How do you train your employees to work with other employees well?
12. Do you have any program to increase skills of your employees?

Benefits and Services:

1. Is there any reward for the persons who do something extra ordinary?
2. What is your policy toward employee vocation, such as holidays and sick leaves
or underemployment issuance?
3. How many leaves you allow a person to officially take in a year? (Lateness,
absenteeism, illness, pregnancy).
4. Do you provide any life insurance to your employees of your company?
5. What kind of benefits you give to your employees incase of death and serious
injury during their service?
6. What is post retirement program in your organization? Is there any pension
program in this regard/
7. Do you provide food service to your employees within the organization and at
what rates?
8. Do you have any fair price shop within your organization for your employees/

Safety and Health:

1. Do you have your own medical facility?

2. Is it a hospital or a dispensary?
3. What kind of medical services you provide to your employees?
4. Is there any difference in the provision of medical services to the workers and the
5. What are the safety measures you have installed in your company?
6. Do you give any recess or break to your employees during working hours and
what is its time duration?
7. Is smoking prohibited or allowed in your organization?
8. What are your safety measures in case of fire?
9. What are your safety measures in case of fire?
10. How do you provide employee protection (first aid, safe tools, protective gloves,
glasses, cloths etc).

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 33

Consolidated Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd

Labor Relationships:

1. Is there any labor union in your organization?

2. When was this union established in this organization?
3. How many members are there in the union?
4. Is union a burden on your organization or is it useful?
5. How many unions are there in your organization?
6. Is union powerful enough to have an effect on your policies and planning?
7. How are your relationships with union leader?
8. After how much time union elections are held?
9. What kinds of things attract the employees to join the union?
10. How well collective bargaining process is in practice in your organization?
11. Is this bargaining a good faith bargaining or something like (surface bargaining,
inadequate concession, imposing conditions.)
12. do you use any third party to assist in the bargaining process/


1. What kind of communication system you use?

2. Do you have internet technology in your organization like intranet extranet etc?
3. Have you any communication system with other industries of your kind?

Hailey College of Banking & Finance 34