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Creative Writing Rubric- UDL Book Builder

Categories Title Card or Screen



Slide or Card Design

Engaging Storyline

4 Title Page is present and contains title, author, students name and appropriate graphic. Complete description of characters, including character sketches. Complete description of setting including many drawings, maps, and background information. Purposeful, logical flow of graphics, sound and text to convey relevant content. Several action verbs where used to describe what is happening in the story. The story seems exciting!

3 Title page is present but lacks complete information

2 Title page is present, but lacks much of the required information.

1 No title page.

Points Awarded

Adequate descriptions and character sketches. Adequate description of setting including visual aids.

Incomplete or inadequate description of characters. Incomplete or inaccurate description of setting.

No description of characters.

No description of setting.

Graphics, sounds and text are purposeful and most are logically related to content. Several action verbs are used to describe what is happening in the story, but the word choice doesnt make the story as exciting as it could be. The story is pretty

Graphics and text are somewhat purposeful, but many are unrelated to content. A variety of verbs are used and describe the action accurately but not in very exciting way.

Confusing, irrelevant, distracting use of graphics, sound and text. Little variety is seen in the verbs that are used. The story seems a little boring.

Organization/ Pacing

The story is very well

The story is a little

Ideas and scenes


Spelling and Punctuation

Creativity/ Interest

organized. One idea or scene follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions. Tone is clearly present in the words the writer uses to create mood in at least two areas of the writing. There are no spelling or punctuation errors in the final draft. Character and place names that the author invented are spelled consistently throughout. The story contains many creative details and/or description that contribute to the readers enjoyment. The author has really used their imagination. The student spends time on the writing process, planning and writing.

well organized. One idea or scene may seem out of place. Clear transitions are used. Tone is clearly present and mood is created at least one area in the writing.

hard to follow. The transitions are sometimes not clear.

seem to be randomly arranged.

Tone and mood are present but not thoroughly executed, in the writing

Tone and mood are not identifiable within the writing

There is one spelling or punctuation error in the final draft.

There are 2-3 spelling and punctuation errors in the final draft.

The final draft had more than 3 spelling and punctuation errors.

The story contains few creative and/or description that contribute to the readers enjoyment. The author has used their imagination.

The story contains a few creative details and/or descriptions, but they distract from the story. The author has tried to use their imagination.

There is little to no evidence of creativity in the story. The author does not seem to have used their imagination.

Writing Process

The student spends sufficient time on the writing process and gets the job done.

The student spends little time on the writing process and shows evidence of planning.

The student spends little time on the writing process and little evidence of planning.