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Welcome Guide for incoming 2010 SUPT-FC cadets


Welcome to Laughlin AFB, TX and the 47th Flying Training Wing; graduating the worlds best pilots!

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Welcome letter 2. Payment 3. Travel arrangements 4. Meals 5. Contacting SUPT-FC 6. Packing items 7. Lodging information 8. Social media 9. Military aircraft flights 10. Ops limits and Boldface Memory Work Page 1 11. Ops limits and Boldface Memory Work Page 2 12. Flight Permission Slip 13. Hold Harmless Agreement 14. Public Affairs fact sheet 15. TO DO LIST 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

The 47th Flying Training Wing, located at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, conducts specialized undergraduate pilot training for the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and allied nation air forces, and a familiarization

course for cadets of the Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary, utilizing the T-6, T-38 and T-1A aircraft. By now you should have received an e-mail from CAP NHQ notifying you of your invitation to attend the 2010 Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Familiarization Course held at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio Texas. You can best prepare by understanding our mission, knowing how to reach us with questions, and taking full advantage of this welcome package we have prepared for you.
Brian Trenholm BRIAN TRENHOLM, Lieutenant Colonel, USAFR Co-Activity Director SUPT Familiarization Course (Laughlin AFB, TX) Joe Winter JOSEPH R. WINTER, Major, CAP Co-Activity Director SUPT Familiarization Course (Laughlin AFB, TX)

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC


Hello and congratulations on being accepted to attend the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Familiarization Course (SUPTFC) being held at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas, from 19-26 June 2010. This NCSA is co-directed by Lt Col Brian Trenholm, USAFR and Major Joe Winter, CAP. Lt Col Brian Trenholm is serving as the new activities director for this activity, although this is his third year in helping run it. Lt Col Trenholm is currently a part-time reservist serving as the USAF Reserve Liaison to CAP for the Arizona CAP Wing. Lt Col Trenholm was an active duty F-16 instructor pilot at Luke AFB, Ariz., where he transferred to the USAF Reserve Command and continued as an F-16 instructor pilot until 2007. He then moved to the CAP liaison position he currently serves in. Lt Col Trenholm served 12 years of active duty and has a total of 17 years service in the USAF. He has more than 7,000+ hours of flight time, including 100+ hours of combat time in the Middle East. In his civilian career, Lt Col Trenholm is currently a first officer for Southwest Airlines, based out of Phoenix, Ariz. Maj Joe Winter is serving in his third year as co-activity director. Currently the director of Cadet Programs for the Maryland Wing CAP and the National Advisor to the National Commander for National Cadet Special Activities, Maj Winter is a former cadet from New York Wing and has been a member of CAP for 16 years. In addition to working this national activity Maj Winter is an Air Force Instructor at Cadet Officer School and the deputy director of the National Cadet Competition. Outside of CAP, Maj Winter is a 1st Lt in the Maryland Air National Guard, serving on an active duty tour with the Command & Control and Cyberspace Superiority Division at the Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans and Programs Directorate at the Pentagon. While not on active duty, he works for Loyola University in Maryland as a student affairs administrator. Please read this entire packet and complete the TO DO list items Please also share it with your parents! In order to have a safe and successful activity we will maintain an environment that is a safe learning environment for everyone attending. We have identified a list of major violations that may result in expulsion from activity at your sole expense. The CAP and Air Force staff reserves the right to adjudicate and punish any and all offenses, and the activity director decision is final in case of any dispute. 1. Possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, or weapons of any kind 2. Possession of pornography in any form 3. Willful damage or theft of Government, CAP, or private property 4. Fighting 5. Gambling 6. Honor Code violations (lying, cheating, or stealing) 7. Flagrantly unsafe acts 8. Gross neglect of duty 9. Improper sexual contact or other gross immorality 10. Being AWOL from activity or any scheduled activity 11. Hazing

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

PAYMENT If you havent done so already, youll need to pay the activity fee either through the HQ CAP EServices Website or send your activity fee (check or money order) to the following address; HQ CAP/CPA, 105 S. Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL 36112. Make your check or money order payable to Civil Air Patrol NCSA and be sure to include the following on the memo portion of the check; your name, your CAPSN and SUPTFC-TX. In addition your signed CAPF-31 needs to be e-mailed to or hand carried to the event.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Plan on traveling in your AF-style short-sleeve blues with flight cap but NO jacket, tie, ribbons or service cap. Plan your arrival at San Antonio (TX) International Airport (SAT) between approximately 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, 19 June and your departure from the airport no earlier than noon on Saturday, 26 June if traveling via commercial airline. The reasons for these times are because we have a 3- hour bus ride from San Antonio to Del Rio.

The good news is that your activity fee of $350 will pay for your travel, lodging, food and the course itself thanks to funds from CAP NHQ and the USAF.
Staff Members from CAP NHQ will be in touch with you soon to determine your travel plans all travel will be paid For by Air Force funding, once you have paid your activity fee NHQ will contact you about your closest major Airport. Upon arrival at the airport report to the USO Lounge in Terminal 2. (For the San Antonio International Airport layout go to and click on the airport maps link near the center of the webpage. On the Terminal 2 map you will see an area labeled Military Reception this is where the USO is located). If you plan on driving or taking a commercial bus or car, you have the option of meeting us either at San Antonio airport or Del Rio. If arriving in Del Rio, you may need to take a cab from the bus station to Laughlin AFB as we have limited capability to pick you up.

MEALS All meals will be provided and will be on base or at a local establishment close to base. Vending machines and the use of the Base Exchange are authorized, so please feel free to bring money if you want additional snacks during the activity. CONTACTING SUPT-FC Please communicate primarily through the email address Your primary point of contact is Maj Winter. However, feel free to contact either co-activity director with any questions, because there are a lot of questions out there additional information regarding the activity will be sent out as needed. On-site phone contact is available by calling Maj Winter, the CAP Activity Director, at (914) 506-0013.

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

WHAT TO BRING Use this list as a guide as the minimum to bring. Well be pretty busy, but dont forget to bring a few things for your free time (books, magazines, etc.) CAP ID Card CAPF 31 Other Government ID w/photo (drivers license/passport/mil ID/etc.) BDUs (Recommend brown T-shirts) with BDU cap (no baseball cap or boonie hat) USAF-style blue short-sleeve uniform (no jacket, tie, ribbons or shoulder cord) with flight cap (no service cap) Civilian clothes/hat for protection from the sun (approx 3 outfits) Swim suit Combat boots Ponchos/Rain Gear Athletic wear/running shoes Your favorite CAP shirt (preferably representing where you come from) Towel Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Safety strap for eyeglasses Ear protection (if you have them dont go out and buy them) Personal hygiene articles Prescription Medications Insect repellent Personal First Aid Kit Sunscreen/Chapstick Sewing Kit Small day pack or book bag Web gear with canteens or camel-type packs Pencil and notepad Camera and film Spending money *we will have T-shirts available for sale $10 Each Shoe polishing kit

Remember to pack smartly if traveling by commercial air. Carry on the least amount of stuff and check the rest.

There will not be anyplace to purchase CAP specific uniform items on base, so please double-check that you have your CAP specific uniform items before arriving on base!

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

LODGING Housing will be on-base at the Air Force Inn. Supervisors will be staying in the same building. The facility has a laundry room available as well as a business center with a copy machine and computers and an area with a wireless computer connection. The rooms have: color TV refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker and microwave private bathroom iron SOCIAL MEDIA Please continue to visit our webpage (and make it a favorite on your Internet explorer) at Also, friends and family can follow your progress at SUPT in Texas: on Facebook: at Civil Air Patrol - SUPT-FC Del Rio, Texas: on Twitter: at SUPTTexas at MILITARY AIRCRAFT FLIGHTS All cadets (regardless of age) must fill out and have the flight physical/training permission slip signed by a parent/guardian. (Attached on page 8) There is a possibility that each cadet will get a flight in the T-1 aircraft, which is similar to a small business jet that the Air Force uses for advanced training. Regulations require that cadets receive a brief physical and training prior to taking these flights. Parental permission slips for approval to receive a physical, training and to participate in the flights are required. These must be hand carried and turned in upon arrival. BOTTOM LINE NO PERMISSION SLIP NO FLIGHT. So, please make sure these are filled out properly and hand-carried with you. *Flights are not guaranteed, due to the wings training timeline and CAPs low priority. MEDICAL RELEASE FORM (CAP Form 31, p. 3/4). All of you must print out page 3/4 (only) of the CAP Form 31 which is the medical release and, regardless of age, have your parent(s) sign this and hand carry it to the activity. We may have some signed copies of the release, but we ask you to do this as a back-up precaution. Please make sure the top portion is filled out with your information. This is conservative for the over 18 yr olds and somewhat redundant for the release, but we would rather be that way as opposed to having an opportunity denied to you or have problems getting you any kind of treatment while at the activity. If anyone 18 or over is genuinely on their own and not near a parent/guardian to get the required signatures, let us know via email to make sure you are covered.

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

BOLD FACE AND OPS LIMITS You will be required to quickly and correctly recall the operating limits and boldface in the first days of SUPT-FC. While there will be adequate time to commit these numbers and procedures to memory, it would be to your benefit to study these prior to arriving. Boldface and operating limits should be learned completely and correctly; every word and punctuation must be exactly as listed. Learning these now will allow you to focus on other studies while here at SUPT-FC. Page 1 of 2

Laughlin AFB, TX SUPT-FC

Page 2 of 2

FLIGHT PERMISSION SLIP I give permission for my son/daughter Cadet __________________________ to receive a brief physical examination from the 47 FTW Flight Surgeon and appropriate training from the 47 FTW Aerospace Physiology specialists for the purposes of receiving a flight in a military T-1 aircraft during SUPTFC at Laughlin AFB, TX from 19 -26 June 2010.

___________________________Printed Name ___________________________ Signature

___________________Relationship ___________________ Date


HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT (Provide to Orientation Flight Nominee) The person named below, in consideration of permission granted by the United States Air Force for transportation in high performance jet aircraft, or for transportation in any other military aircraft or military vehicles, acknowledges and agrees: 1. Flight in high performance jet aircraft is a dangerous activity that entails risks, both known and unknown, of death or serious injury. The United States Air Force, by and through its personnel, will make every effort to protect the Passengers physical safety, but cannot guarantee such safety. 2. Should an event occur during flight, which requires initiation of ejection procedures from an aircraft by or on behalf of the Passenger named below, said Passenger acknowledges that ejection is an inherently dangerous activity, which could result in death or serious physical injury. Said Passenger also acknowledges that physical size and weight affect the performance of ejection systems. As weight and/or physical dimensions increase, the probability of successful ejection may be adversely affected. The passenger understands the manufacturers ejection seat minimum weight limit for the T-38 is 140 pounds and the maximum weight limit is 211 pounds. The passenger has reviewed the ejection seat weight limit notification, AETC Form 35. The passenger understands the potential for death or serious bodily injury such as spinal cord injury and broken limbs is greater than normal because the passenger is under or over the manufacturers recommended weight limit. 3. The passenger states that he or she is in good physical condition and health, and there are no medical symptoms, conditions, illnesses, or other ailments which would be aggravated, worsened, or in any way adversely affected by flight in high performance jet aircraft, other types of military aircraft, or transportation in other military vehicles. 4. The Passenger releases forever the United States, its agencies, and United States personnel, from every liability arising out of transportation in high performance jet aircraft, other military aircraft, or military vehicles by the Passenger named below. The Passenger will defend, pay or settle every claim or suit against the United States, its agencies, and United States personnel, by agents or employees of the Passenger or persons claiming through them, or by third parties, and will hold the United States, its agencies, and United States personnel, harmless against every such claim or suit, including attorney fees, costs, and expenses, arising out of transportation in high performance jet aircraft, other military aircraft, or military vehicles by the Passenger. Exception: Death, injury, damage to persons or property resulting solely from the willful misconduct of United States personnel; and, in addition, any liability from another contract concerning transportation in military aircraft of any type, or other military vehicles, shall not be affected by this Hold Harmless Agreement.

5. The Passenger will pay or settle every claim for death or injury to United States personnel, or for loss or damage to property of or under the control of United States personnel, arising out of transportation in military aircraft of any type, or other military vehicles, by the Passenger, unless the death, injury, loss or damage results solely from the negligence or willful misconduct of United States personnel. 6. For the purpose of this Hold Harmless Agreement, the term United States personnel shall include: a. Military personnel and civilian employees of the United States, including non-appropriated fund employees, acting within the scope of their employment, and

b. Heirs, successors, executors, administrators, and assigns of such employees. 7. The Passenger will comply with all pertinent parts of applicable military regulations, policy directives, instructions, or other applicable guidance to include local supplements, directives, and orders, which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement as if set forth in full within. The Passenger is on military notice that such military regulations, directives, instructions, and orders exist, and has a duty to inquire if questions arise as to the content or effect of such directives, regulations, instructions, or orders. This agreement replaces any previous Hold Harmless Agreement, if any by the same Passenger, as of the date of this agreement. Termination by the Passenger requires 60 days written notice to the military authority where the agreement was submitted.

Civil Air Patrol Printed Name/SSAN Affiliate




PUBLIC AFFAIRS FACT SHEET (Please print clearly!)

__________________________________________ Name (Last, First, MI)

__________ Rank

_______ Age

________________________________________________________________ Home Address and Zip Code ______________________________________ E-mail address _____________________ ____________________________ Date Entered CAP Unit Name/Location ___________ Wing

Other duties/responsibilities with CAP/Unit Position: ________________________________________________________________

List outstanding awards or activities as a CAP member:_________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ List National and Regional special activities attended:_________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ School Attending:__________________________________________________ Additional Information of Interest:__________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Why you are excited about doing this SUPT-FC activity:__________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


Please Print and Hand Carry to the Event!


Confirm that you have paid for the activity via e-services or by mail to CAPNHQ Complete Medical Page of CAPF-31 (Page 3/4) with Parents/Guardian Signature scan and e-mail or
hand carry to the event

Complete Flight permission slip (Page 8 and 9 of this packet) and scan and e-mail or hand carry to
the event

E-mail us your T-Shirt size and let us know if you are interesting in purchasing an additional t-shirt
at the cost of $10 each

Compete the Public Affairs Fact Sheet and hand carry to the event Study your Bold Face and OPS limits! After you pay your fee online respond quickly to NHQ to arrange your Air transportation to Texas
(If you are within 250 Miles alternate ground transportation reimbursement will be made)

Email us at if you have questions!