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COMPUTER LAB CODE OF ETHICS AGREEMENT The Howard County Public School System is fortunate to be able to equip the

high schools with quality computer hardware and software. The school system WILL NOT tolerate the misuse of hardware and software. Students are responsible for proper care of equipment and software. Intentional misuse will lead to expulsion from the computer lab until a parent and student conference takes place. Restitution damages will be the responsibility of the student or parent. I, _____________________________, a student at ____________________ High School currently enrolled in a Business and Computer Management Systems course, agree to the following Computer Lab Code of Ethics. 1. 1. I will use the computer hardware and software only for authorized educational purposes. I understand that the Internet is to be used for research purposes only and only with teachers permission. 2. 2. I will abide by the rule that no hardware, software, diskettes or software documentation will be removed from the computer lab. 3. 3. I will only use floppy disks when instructed by my teacher, and I will scan the disk for a virus before using. 4. 4. I will abide by normal classroom procedures while using computer hardware and software. 5. 5. I will use all lab hardware and software with proper care. 6. 6. I will use computer hardware and software only with proper instruction and authorization. I will only use software designated by my instructor for that days assignment. 7. 7. I will report any hardware or software malfunction to the instructor during the class period in which it is noted. 8. 8. I will only give or ask for assistance relating to hardware, software, or classwork from a fellow student when authorized by my teacher. If I am not sure, I will ask the teacher. 9. 9. I will refrain from copying any software used in this lab or belonging to another student in the computer lab. I will not download or copy software from the Internet, a file server, or other students directories. 10.10. I will not print unless authorized by my teacher. I will refrain from printing multiple copies of documents. I will inform my teacher of any document I wish to print that is more than three pages. 11.11. I will respect the security of the network I am using and will not access unauthorized files from hard drives or file servers. I will not access Internet games or my e-mail for any reason! 12.12. I will only log into my User ID with my password. I will not give anyone my password. My directory is ___________________________________________. 13.13. I will sit at my assigned computer at all times! 14.14. I will refrain from eating or drinking in the computer lab. _________________________ Student Signature ___________ Date
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