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Bill of Rights Project Final Due Date: 10/15/12 (Monday)

For this project you should choose ONE of the following options.
1. Create a scrapbook of the Bill of Rights. (Individual project)

Search newspapers for articles that relate to the Bill of Rights and find fifteen total (about at least 10 different events.) You should cut out each article and glue it onto a piece of paper. For each article you should make a cover page (typed) that lists the source, date, main idea of the article and how it relates to the Bills of Rights.

How this will be graded: 3 points for each cover page- does it have the appropriate information and is it neatly displayed. (Total 45 points) 2 points for each article- does the article relate to the Bill of Rights. (Total 30 points) 25 points for the presentation of the scrapbook- Is the book bound together neatly and organized well. 2. Create a picture book about the Bill of Rights. (Individual project)

For this project you must create a picture book about the Bill of Rights. The book should have one page for each of the 10 rights and a cover. Each page should have a picture (drawn and colored by you) and a short (one or two sentence) explanation under the picture. This book should be neat and colorful.

How this will be graded: 10 points for a neat cover- The cover of the book is what attracts people to read it, so your cover should be interesting, neat and colorful. 9 points for each page- each page will be graded on content and presentation. (5 points for content and 4 points for presentation) 3. Do a research project on a modern issue regarding the Bill of Rights.

For this project you need to type a 3-4 page research project about a modern issue that involves the Bill of Rights. There are many issues that you could research including, but not limited to, abortion, Internet security, gun control, and airplane travel. The paper should follow MLA guidelines (font, indentation, spacing etc.) You also need to have at least three sources and a works cited page. The paper should detail the issue, give opinions from both side of the controversy, and detail the Supreme Courts rulings on the issue.

How will this be graded: 40 points for the content of the paper- does the paper include relevant information and does it follow the guidelines? Did the writer represent both sides of the issue and the judgment accurately? 20 points for the research- Are the sources appropriate? Are they cited? Are at least three sources used in the paper? 20 points for structure- Is the paper organized well and

Assignment originally on Atlas for Global Educational Excellence schools, Central Academy

do the paragraphs flow? Is there an intro paragraph and a closing paragraph? 20 points for conventions- this grade will be based on spelling and punctuation used in the paper. 4. Create a movie that explains the Bill of Rights. (Group, if live action, or individual project)

For this project you have two choices: 1. You can create a montage video using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (or other tool if confirmed with me) that explains all 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. You should explain each one and then show a relevant issue. You can use pictures, captions, music or some live video. 2. You can also create a live action video that explains the 10 amendments. For each amendment have someone explain it and then possibly act out how it is relevant. You will also have to turn in a movie storyboard/flowchart and a basic script. This is by far the most challenging option, but it is also the only group option.

How this will be graded: 5 points for each amendment- Was the amendment explained correctly and with enough detail? 15 points for relevance- Were at least three modern day issues mention or referred to in the video? 35 points for flow and creativity of the video- Does the video go together well and were thought and creativity put into it?

Final grade for all presentations will be out of 100%

Due Dates: October 3: Pick a project and notify me October 8: Have a rough draft/outline of project (will depend on which project you choose) October 11: Status update due to me October 15: Final Project due

Assignment originally on Atlas for Global Educational Excellence schools, Central Academy

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