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Committee: SPECPOL Topic 1: The Effects of Syrian Refugees on Neighboring Countries Description: With the situation in Syria worsening

by the day, many Syrian citizens have sought refuge in neighboring countries, mainly Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. Recent sectarian violence in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli has been linked to the Syrian Civil War and the rapid influx of illegal refugees crossing the border into Lebanon. Seeing as refugees are also an economic strain to developing nations, such as Turkey and Iraq, the constant flow of Syrian expatriates could potentially overwhelm the economies of Iraq, and Turkey, a regional economic powerhouse. To make matters worse, factions in the some neighboring governments are arming the Syrian governments security forces, and these factions, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, are increasing in popularity and gaining more seats in their respective nations parliaments. Topic 2: Kashmir Description: Kashmir is a much disputed region, geographically situated bordering India, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. After decolonization, India, Pakistan, and to a lesser extent China, have been fighting over control of the territory, although Kashmir itself wants to become independent. This dispute has caused numerous military conflicts and is still a leading cause of tension between the two nuclear weapon wielding states. Should another war break out, there is a larger chance that it might become a nuclear conflict. The goal of this topic is to discuss the history of conflicts and present terrorism in the region and to create a compromise between all involved countries and allies to avoid the possibility of a nuclear war. Topic 3: The Romani (Gypsies) in Western Europe Description: The Romani, more commonly known as Gypsies, are a people who originated in northern India, but are now scattered all over Eastern and Western Europe. Many nations in Europe condescend to the Romani because of their nomadic lifestyle, and in France they even tried to pass a law exiling their entire populace. The EU intervened and attempted to stop the racial segregation, but there is still much racism toward the Romani throughout Europe. The goal of this topic would be to find a solution to the racial persecution of the Romani throughout Europe.

Countries list: Syrian Arab Republic Lebanon Turkey Egypt India Pakistan China Afghanistan United States of America United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland France Italy Romania Islamic Republic of Iran Russian Federation