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Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari

Armageddon 2016-19 and

Mehdi Rahmatullah Alaih

In the Light Of Prophecies from The Divine Religions




In the Light Of Prophecies from The Divine Religions



Of Wisdom

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth (Graves)

shall awake (On Day of Judgement), some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3Those who are wise shall shine as the brightness of the expanse; and those who turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. 4But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run back and forth (will ponder), and knowledge shall be increased." (The Old Testament: Torah ; Daniel Ch.12 Verse 2-4)


Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sawm narrated in a Hadees that Dajjal will not appear till the time that the people become negligent from discussing about him. So much that religious scholars and Ulama will even stop talking about him in the mimbar (podium.) (Rawah Abdullah Ibn-ul Imam Ahmed. Qaalal Hasheemi wahea saheeha.)


I dedicate my book to my readers who will INSHAALLAH benefit from the virtues of Divine Religions by practicing to the Pleasure of the Lord. May Allah Subhanau wa Taalah be pleased from us; Aamin.

PREFACE End of the time of the world.

DISCUSSION ABOUT THE AGE OF MUSLIM UMMAH. ...... 16 ASSESSING THE AGE OF UMMAH: ........................................ 17 POINT TO PONDER: ................................................................... 18 NARRATION IN AHADEES: ...................................................... 19 HADEES IN SUPPORT OF FIVE HUNDRED YEARS**: ........ 20 NO GREATER ISRAEL or NEW WORLD ORDER: .................. 22

Evidences in support From Judaism

ANALYSIS ON THE PROPHECIES OF HAZRAT DANIYAL . 24 (DANIEL: OLD TESTAMENT). .................................................. 24 INTERPRETATIONS OF THE DREAM OF NEBOSHANE-ZAR: ....................................................................................................... 25 INTERPRETING THE TORAH (Taurat): .................................... 26 HAZRAT DANIYALS PROPHECIES. ....................................... 27 ABOUT THE AMERICAN INTERVENTION IN ARAB LANDS: ....................................................................................................... 27 ABOUT THE AMERICAN INTERVENTION IN AFGHANISTAN: .......................................................................... 29 ABOUT DAJJAL THE ANTI_CHRIST: ...................................... 29 ABOUT MEHDI AND ARMEGADDON: ................................... 30 THE STATE OF ISRAEL AND RELEVANT EVENTS: ............ 31 ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION: ......................................... 32 STATE OF HATRED AND THE KINGDOM OF SINS: ..... 33

6 ELIMINATION OF THE KINGDOM OF SINS (Israel): ......... 35 CREATION OF THE KINGDOM OF SINS: Ch. 8 Verse 13, 14:35 DESTRUCTION OF KINGDOM OF SINS: ................................ 36 INDICATIONS FROM OLD TESTAMENT: DANIEL; CHAPTER 9: ................................................................................. 37 PERSPECTIVE OF CHRISTIANITY: ......................................... 39 REALITY OF PROPHECIES TO BE UNDERSTOOD IN THE ERA TOWARDS THE END OF THE TIME OF WORLD: ........ 40 PREDICTION ABOUT ISLAM: .................................................. 41

72 signs of the era of the End of Time of the World

The visible and undeniable features of the present Era and 72 signs of the era of the End of Time of the World. Hazrat Huzaifa Narrates from the Prophet 44 ................................................... :

Apearance of Hazrat Mehdi

HAZRAT ABU HURERAS PROPHECIES. .............................. 49 THE WORLD WAR:..................................................................... 49 THE EGYPT: ................................................................................ 50 EVENTS BY SADDAM: .............................................................. 50 ABOUT MEHDI : ................................................................... 50

THE WAR AT MAJDOON: ......................................................... 51 STEADFAST MEHDI: .................................................................. 51

Of Events and their Sequence as Narrated in Ahadees and their appearance in present Century

What Lies Ahead

WHATEVER IS DESTINED IS UNAVOIDABLE: .................... 58 AMERICAN OCCUPATION OF AFGHANISTAN: ................... 59 WEST IGNORED SACRIFICES OF THE MUSLIMS: ............... 62 WHY AMERICA INVADED AFGHANISTAN: ......................... 63 THEY ARE IN SEARCH OF MEHDI : ................................. 64

SCENARIO AFTER TWELVE YEARS OF WAR IN AFGHANISTAN: .......................................................................... 66 MUJAHEDEEN ARE GROOMED FOR THEIR ROLE IN FUTURE: ....................................................................................... 66 FUTURE FORESEEN:.................................................................. 67 MEANWHILE: .............................................................................. 71 ANALYSIS:................................................................................... 74 THE PURPOSE: ............................................................................ 74 MOVING TOWARDS ITS DESTINY: ........................................ 75 RUTHLESS KILLING UNDER THE SHADES OF TERROR: .. 76 THE CHANGING PAKISTAN:.................................................... 77 UNDER THE WAGE OF JIHAD: ................................................ 78 MUJAHEDEEN MOVE TOWARDS SAUDIA: .......................... 78 BLOODSHED AT JUMRA-E UQBA: ......................................... 79 WHO WILL IDENTIFY MEHDI FIRST OF ALL : ..................... 80 THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE (BAIT): ..................................... 81 IT WOULD BE A CHANGED WORLD: ..................................... 81 MUSLIM RULERS WILL BE USED AGAINST MEHDI: ......... 82 IN SUPPORT OF MUJAHEDEEN OF INDIA: ........................... 84 KUWAIT TAKEN INTO MUSLIM CALIPHATE: ..................... 84 THE WAR BECOMES IMMINENT: ........................................... 85

8 ARMAGEDDON: ......................................................................... 85 NUKES WILL BE KEPT CAPPED: ............................................. 86 AL MALHAMATUL KUBRA: .................................................... 87 ROLE OF TURKEY:..................................................................... 89 ROLE OF CHINA AND RUSSIA IN THIS ARMED CONFLICT BETWEEN CIVILIZATIONS: ..................................................... 90 A MYSTERY: ............................................................................... 90 TWO PROPHECIES ABOUT THE ROLE OF CHRISTIAN WORLD:........................................................................................ 92 MESSIAH : .................................................................................... 93 THE AWAITED REDEEMER: .................................................... 93 THE LONG WAIT: ....................................................................... 93 UNACCOMPLISHED PROPHECY: ............................................ 94

Are the Jews cursed as a Race

DEMERITS OF JEWS: ................................................................. 95 POLARITY AMONG YAHOOD: ................................................ 96 COURSE ADOPTED: ................................................................... 98 FATE OF THE CURSED ONES: ................................................. 98


DAJJAL IS AN ARABIC WORD THAT MEANS biggest liar: ............................................................................................... 99 SUPERNATURAL POWERS OF DAJJAL: .............................. 100 APPEARANCE OF DAJJAL WILL BE A SEVERE TEST OF EMAAN:...................................................................................... 102

9 APPEARANCE OF MESSIAH HAZRAT ESSA IBN-E MARYAM (THE JESUS): .......................................................... 103 DAJJAL WILL MELT, LIKE SALT MELTS IN WATER: ....... 104 THE TRAGIC END: ................................................................... 105

Era of Prosperity, Justice And Blessings of Allah

THE TRAGEDY OF DAJJAL WILL BE LIMITED: ................. 106 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY; A TOOL OF DAJJAL: ........ 107 REFUGE IN THE WEST: ........................................................... 108 ISLAM IN THE WEST: .............................................................. 109 INDIA AND OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE REGION: ............ 110

How and when will this happen

EVENTS OF THE SECOND PHASE:........................................ 115 Mehdi will remain for seven to nine years................................... 115 Coalition forces from the West will start gathering in Israel to counter Muslims Rule of Mehdi. ................................................. 116 Appearance of Dajjal (The Anti-Christ). Forty days of Dajjal. ... 117 Descend of Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam from Skies. ..................................................................................................... 117 All the Jews will be murdered ..................................................... 118 State of Israel will be completely abolished. ............................... 118 POSSIBLE ROLE OF CHINA AS APPEARS IN HADEES: .... 119 YAJOOJ- MAJOOJ (GOG MAGOG) A POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: ........................................................................ 120 NO BODY WOULD BE ABLE TO STAND BEFORE THEM: 122 LESSON FOR THE YAHOOD: ................................................. 124

10 LESSON FOR THE CHRISTIANS: ........................................... 125 LESSON FOR THE MUSLIMS:................................................. 126 FOR OTHERS: IDOL WORSHIPPER AND ATHEIST: ........... 127

SATANIC CLAWS: The History of Jews:

ENSLAVING THE EUROPE IN SATANIC CLAWS: .............. 128 HISTORY OF ILLUMINATIS: ................................................. 129 POLICY TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN TERROR IN THE PUBLIC: ...................................................................................... 132 NEW WORLD ORDER THE MAIN AIM: ................................ 132 FATE OF THE COMMON JEW: ............................................... 133 GREAT EVICTION FROM EUROPE: ................................... 134 Symbols used in the Text. (Refer to glossary): ............................ 137 GLOSSARY: ............................................................................... 138



he last Divine religion is Islam. In the History of the world Divine Religion has passed through three stages of evolution from Judaism to Christianity to Islam by the Prophet Hood of successive Messengers from Allah . was given

The eminent Prophet of the tribe of Yahood Hazrat Moosa

the Prophet Hood. Though he belonged to the tribe of Jews but the message was for others also. Thus the Prophet called Pharaoh and the people of Egypt to the Divine religion. The religion was named Judaism and its teachings remained for 1500 years. When the teachings of the Divine religion were adultered by the Yahood the main followers, then Allah sent the messenger Hazrat Essa (Jesus).

Under the teachings of the Prophet the Divine religion was revived. The teachings of Hazrat Essa as the Divine religion continued with the

name of Nasranis later Christianity. By the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad the Last Prophet in the chain, people were called towards Islam the Last Divine religion. Thus the period of Christianity ended six Hundred years after Hazrat Essa .

We see that the succeeding religion determined the age of the preceding religion. However as Muslim Ummah is the last Ummah thus its age will determine the end of the time of the world. There is going to be no other religion coming to the world, thus no new Ummah is going to be there. From different prophecies and Ahadees it is determined that the age of Muslim Ummah is expected to be 1500 years. It is the year 1433 Hijri. Thus

apparently almost seventy years are left in the life of the Ummah and as such in the life of the world. With this Ummah this world will perish and Qiyama will ensue. These seventy years are going to be very crucial years in the life of the people of the world. They will see such revolutions and changes that they would never even have thought of. However these changes are not unusual in the way that they will not come out of nowhere but there are prophecies and indications about them in all the three religions. More comprehensive account about them is found in Ahadees narrated by The Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad . The first thing that we determine from this treasure of knowledge and need to ponder is that the life of Muslim Ummah is around 1500 years (approximately) and we know that almost 1433 years have passed. This has been indicated above. Others known from the prophecies of Taurat is that the Abomination of Desolation, Kingdom of Sins, State of Hatred, would be created around 1967 and its downfall will start after forty five years, which is in 2012. As is explained in the book the appearance of Hazrat Mehdi the Divine leader to come for the Muslims will appear 72 months after the appearance of Black Flags from Khurasan. If we take the appearance of Black Flags from Khurasan in late 2008 when the resistance of Mujahedeen against the Coalition forces from the West took a new turn and they proved their strength. Earlier West had presumed that they have overwhelmed the Jihad and it was on the verge of extinction. Thus, if this presumed date is close to being correct then Hazrat Mehdis predicted appearance will be in year 2014 that is close by.

Within years of appearance of Hazrat Mehdi the first battle of Armageddon will take place that will be followed by the more lethal and brutal war of Malhamatul-Kubra within nine months. This will lead to complete defeat to the intruders and Muslims will have a big victory. Secular rule in Turkey would be finished and it would be annexed to the Muslim Caliphate of Mehdi .

This will cause anger of Dajjal The Anti-Christ and he will appear. This event will approximately be five years after appearance of Mehdi and it comes out to be around year 2019. The time period of Dajjal will be 14 months and some more. This will be followed by Appearance of Hazrat Essa (The Jesus).

Thus their appearance seems to be in the year 2020-2021. From this it is concluded that the battles of Armageddon and Malhamatul-Kubra between Christians and Muslims would be fought somewhere between 2016-2019. Dajjal The Anti-Christ will be killed by Hazrat Essa year 2020-2021. This will be followed by general massacre of the Jews standing in support of Dajjal the Anti-Christ and will result in their annihilation and thus the Kingdom of Sins will be completely abolished in the year 2021-2022. According to Ahadees Hazrat Essa Alaihis-Salam will live for seven years, or forty five years. So this will be the end of the World and after that Qiyama will ensue. (The Jesus) in the

We have endeavored to bring these facts before people of all the three religions so that they shall understand the will of Allah . Jews believed

that Armageddon will occur in 1998. That time has passed. Christians were anxiously awaiting this war in 2001 that has not occurred. From 2001 till date so much has happened that it has cleared many doubts. Certain events indicating the appearance of Mehdi have occurred and it is in the

Ahadees that the battle of Armageddon will be fought in the time period of Mehdi. The perspective presented in this book is from the point of view of the Muslims. In support evidences from Judaism to these predictions are presented. We have tried to realize our readers the authenticity of the narration in Ahadees and how the predictions about the past century had been fulfilled. Thus it is now before the reader that how he foresees the future in the light of Ahadees of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad . Christians must read this perspective as they shall know what Armageddon is. They consider that it is a religious war. Unfortunately it has been misunderstood and rather misinterpreted. In the prophecies Armageddon has been termed as a deadly war and not a war that is going to fetch the believers of Christianity the pleasure of Allah . So reading this perspective, at least

they will get other side of the picture as this is going to be a big tragedy for the humanity and those participating in it will become the cause of a big disaster. Jews must read this so as to know that their present stronghold Israel has been termed as Kingdom of sins and State of Hatred by Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) who had been Prophet to Bani-Israel. They must know that the person who is being presented to them as their redeemer is The Force of Evil awaited towards the end of the time of the world. This satanic force is known to the world of Islam as Dajjal to the world of Christianity as Anti-Christ while it is being presented to them as their savior. May be that the innocent and ignorant among them come to know that they are in

the satanic claws. Thus they will get an opportunity to repent before Allah and refrain from being a part of the satanic move. We wish all good to humanity. Alas! Our heart weeps with sorrow as whatever has been destined by Allah cannot be prevented. However we

can sincerely endeavor to save as many humans as possible from the disastrous end. They are unknowingly becoming part of treachery, causing themselves the lasting damage in this life and the life hereafter. This era is going to be last chance for those who would be involved in struggle between the religions. Those who strive for the right would be rewarded extremely. Those who side with the wrong will be punished badly. Those who survive may get another chance to make the right decision once the mist settles and reality becomes imminent. We make no claims and leave the decision to our readers. However as writer is a Muslim and he is presenting in his endeavor impartial and balanced facts, thus it may seem to be a perspective from Islam. In reality the facts foreseen and perspective expressed is derived unanimously from revelations of all the three divine religions, a gust created out of their authentic sources. Muslims also must read it so that they shall know the intense test of Emaan they are going to face. The era that is going to come would be that of Dajjal who will have all his concentration on the Muslim Ummah to distract them from their Lord and to deprive them of their Emaan. Ignorance would be death so better know before its too late. Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari

6th June 2012


End of the time of the world.


This is a very interesting discussion that gives clue about the possible life span of humanity and the end of the time of the world. The discussion is about the Life Span of the Last Ummah. That is the Muslim Ummah. This is not a philosophical discussion but its clues are there in the teachings and narrations of the Divine religions. From these narrations it can be concluded that the world that has been created for the humanity has to face destruction in the form of Qiyama once the civilization reaches its logical conclusion. The logical conclusion is that the humans have been created so as to establish a close relation between the creations and the Creator, sustained and the Sustainer ALLAH . For the same Allah

bestowed humanity with the Divine Guidance of Religion. The known Divine religions in the history of Mankind known to all of us are three. The Judaism, Christianity and the Last Divine Religion Islam. Humanity has passed through these divine religions in succession to resort in the asylum of the Final and Last Divine Religion Islam. Whenever the teachings of the Prophet were adultered by the followers Allah sent

the new Prophet. Thus when the teachings of Judaism that is the teachings of Hazrat Moosa (Moses) were set aside and Taurat was altered, Allah

sent the new prophet Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam. The coming Prophet did not preach something new but called the people to Allah and

revived the basic teachings of the Divine Religion. Thus at that time new Chapter in history was opened and time period of Judaism came to an end.

Essa Alaihissalam gave the news of the last Prophet that was to come in near future and gave the directives to follow his teachings. Now with the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad the period of Christianity came to an end. This period is of the known world and is recorded around six Hundred years. As the era of different Prophets were noted, obviously there has got to be a time span for the last Ummah that is the followers of Hazrat Muhammad ,The Muslims. As this is the last Ummah thus it is obvious that their time period will end in Qiyama (End of the world) as now the purpose of creation would be fulfilled and all the contestants (The whole of Humanity) are now to be put to trail. This is not a hypothetical discussion but its signs, its indications and clues are scattered in the three Divine religions and will be referred to.


The age of the Ummah of Prophet will be assessed from the Prophet Hood of to the establishment of Qiyama. It would be counted till last Momin with Emaan lives in the world. It is narrated in Hadees that Qiyama will start coming when soft wind will start blowing from Yemen and will snatch the spirit of all the Momineen. This event will occur after the death of Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam (The Jesus). Not even a single living

Momin in the world will be left. Thus the life time of the Muslim Ummah will finish. Left will only be the transgressors and fornicators in the world and the terrible event of Qiyama will be established upon them.

In this estimation the principle to be adopted is that the Age of each of the Ummah will begin from the Prophet Hood of their Prophet and will finish upon the Prophet Hood of the following Prophet. Thus Age of Judaism will be counted from Prophet Hood of Hazrat Moosa finish upon the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Essa and will

. That of Christianity will

continue from Prophet Hood of Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam till the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad . POINT TO PONDER:

The purpose of this discussion is not to stop the efforts of life and put an end to the life in the world. We are taught in our Deen that we shall keep on endeavoring in the world as if we would be living here forever and keep on putting hard work till the time that the life of the world comes to an end. In a Hadith it is narrated that if at the time of Qiyama somebody has a seedling and he gets opportunity to plant that so he shall of course do that. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar said You shall work for your world such as

you have to live forever and you shall work for the life hereafter as if you are going to die tomorrow. The discussion about the end of the time of the world does not mean that people shall give up everything and stop worlds life. But the purpose of this topic is that people shall know what is going to happen towards the end of the time of the world and what its implications are. They shall be aware and prepare themselves for the coming time. It shall help putting them wise on the subject and contribute to a right decision that they shall be taking.


Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar

Narrates from the Prophet that

compared to other Ummah the time period of you people are as compared to the time between Asr Prayers and the Maghreb. (Sahee Bukhari) In this Hadees Prophet has explained to us that compared to the life of the other Ummah Yahood and Nasara the time period of the life of Muslim Ummah has been indicated when compared, as being between times of Asr and Maghreb. Thus the time period of Yahood is from Fajr to Zuhr prayers and that of Nasara is from Zuhr to Asr Prayers. It indicates that according to this Hadees the time period of Yahood is equal to the time period of Muslims Ummah and Nasara put together. This is very interesting discussion but most of the people are unaware of it. It is not a new thing. It had been there in Ahadees but had gone out of the discussion among the Ummah. Now it is high time that we shall realize and understand this as the era indicates that its implications are close by. Hafiz Ibn-E Hajr a Muslim scholar writes in his book Fathul-Bari that from this Hadees it is assumed that age of the Muslim Ummah is going to be more than one thousand years. From the Hadees it is derived that the age of Nasara and Muslims put together is equal to the time span of Yahood. It has been evaluated from sources that the time period from Prophet Hood of Hazrat Moosa to the time of Prophet Hood of Muhammad was

more than two thousand years and those of Nasara was Six Hundred Years. Hafiz Ibn-E Hajr also said that it has been mentioned in the Hadees that the time period of the world is now too less.

Thus it is derived that the time period of Yahood = (2000 Time period of Nasara) +( Increment for any ambiguity). Time period of Nasara has been taken at six hundred years from a narration from Hazrat Salman Farsi who said that there is a time and Prophet

span of Six Hundred years between Hazrat Essa Muhammad . Thus result would be:

Age of Judaism = 2000-600 = 1400+( Increment for any ambiguity). Narrators indicate that laxity in time period that is required to be given is approximately hundred years to cover any ambiguity. Thus age of Yahood comes out to be Fifteen Hundred Years. Now time period of Muslim Ummah = Time period of Yahood- period of Nasara+ five hundred years** and a little above. Thus time period of Muslim Ummah= 1500-600= 900 years and some more +500 years** Thus it comes out to be 1400 years and some more (Laxity to cover any ambiguity. This period of laxity is taken at hundred years as has been taken for Yahood). Thus 1500 Years.


**Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas

narrates from the Prophet that I will not

expect that my Ummah will not be so much helpless that Allah

give them an opportunity of half a day. Hazrat SAAD was asked how much

this half day is equal to. So he said Five Hundred Years. (Ahmed, AbuDawood, Hakim, Abu-Naeem).
Age of Judaism Age of Nasara (Christians) Presumed from Hadees From 5 AM to 1 PM Proportion Eight Hours Age Of Judaism Three Hours From 1 Pm to 4 PM From 4 PM to 9 PM Five Hours Fajr to Zuhr Zuhr to Asr Age of Muslim Ummah Asr to Maghrib

Age Of Nasara + Age Of Muslim Ummah

Period from Prophet hood of Hazrat Moosa


to Prophet Muhammad is calculated at 2000 years. Thus period of Judaism has been calculated at 2000-600=1400 years Thus Age Calculated 1400 years+100 for any ambiguity= 1500 years 600 Years Is known From Essa Ibn-e Maryam To Prophet Muhammad Calculated Age of Muslim Ummah 1500-600= 900 years +100 for any ambiguity towards future= 1000 years Age Of JudaismAge Of Nasara

Thus Calculated Age

1500 years

600 years

1000 years

According to Hadees 500 years are given to Muslim Ummah Thus

1000+ 500= 1500 years


Thus it is concluded that the age of Muslim Ummah will be 1400 years plus some 100 years to cater for any ambiguity. Thus a total of around 1500 years. It is the year 1433. So according to this assumption only 67 years are left to the end of the time of the world. Even if question is raised that these be solar or Lunar years then there is only a difference of 39 years so it will become 106 years. Thus a time span between 67 to 106 years only is left towards Qiyama ( End of the time of the World). NO GREATER ISRAEL or NEW WORLD ORDER:

Looking at all this it can be presumed that there is no room for any greater Israel nor there is any room for new world order. Time has proved both these concepts to be fallacies. In last sixty years the state of Israel has not been able to establish itself even in the meager boundaries of Jerusalem. Its rule had always been under challenge and Yahood have finally learnt that their survival is only within concrete walled boundaries that they have made. All these events as mentioned in the prophecies of the Divine religions do demand more than half a century. So this is enough signal that the events are about to begin and there is no more time left for the evil minds to grab the humanity in their satanic claws. America so proud to have been a super Power and would not regard the rights of people of the developing and underdeveloped nations. Alhamdulillah that America is now down to its knees trying to find excuses to retrieve from Afghanistan. Its vision of new world order is now a dream of the gone days. Lot of things have yet to happen that when started will put an end to the supremacy of the American regime and would cause

extermination of the hated regime of Israel leading to the annihilation of the Yahood from the sacred land of Jerusalem.

This proves that we are very much close to the logical time of the end of the world.
However nothing is for sure. All that has been presented is in the light of narrations in the Divine Religions. This is what our elders and Ulama (Islamic Scholars) have derived out of the treasure of Ahadees. To decides when is going to be the end is nobodys job. Only Allah know and no

one else not even the Prophet. So no prediction can be done in this regards. In this discussion we have only laid the parameters of this universal happening that is going to exhibit itself in immediate future and towards what our attention has been drawn through Ahadees.


Evidences in support From Judaism


Hazrat Daniyal

(Daniel) was the Prophet of Bani-Israel. When Allah

sent Bakht Nasar upon the Yahood to punish them because of their wrong doings, the king moved from Iraq to desecrate Jerusalem and destroyed Haikal-e Sulaimani. They burnt the books of Taurat and did general massacre of the Yahood. They destroyed the whole city and took away the alive as slaves to Babylon.

As the Yahood were now spending the life of slavery Allah

had mercy

upon them and again started sending for them Prophets to get them out of this miserable life. One among these Prophets was Hazrat Daniyal. He had great resemblance in his appearance as well his characteristics with Hazrat Yusuf . Both these Prophets of Bani-Israel were groomed in a strange . Besides becoming Prophets

land and grown by the blessings of Allah

they also scaled the heights of worldly status. Both were bestowed with the knowledge of interpreting the dreams.

Neboshane-zar became the king after Bakht Nasar. He saw a dream that preoccupied him but he could not draw any reasonable conclusion out of it. He called upon all the people of wisdom from his country, all magicians and forecasters. None could give him a satisfactory interpretation of his dreams.

When he got disappointed from these people so he was told about the genius and wise young man Daniyal of Bani-Israel.

In Taurat it is written: Chapter: 5


Then was Daniel brought in before the king. The king spoke and said to

Daniel, Are you that Daniel, who are of the children of the captivity of Judah, whom the king my father brought out of Judah? 14I have heard of you, that the spirit of the gods is in you, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in you.

Now the wise men, the enchanters,

have been brought in before me, that they should read this writing, and make known to me its interpretation; but they could not show the interpretation of the thing.

But I have heard of you that you can give interpretations, and

dissolve doubts; now if you can read the writing, and make known to me its interpretation, you shall be clothed with purple, and have a chain of gold about your neck, and shall be the third ruler in the kingdom.

Then Daniel

answered before the king, Let your gifts be to yourself, and give your rewards to another; nevertheless I will read the writing to the king, and make known to him the interpretation. (Taurat: Surah-E Daniyal Ch: 5 Verse 1317).

Hazrat Daniyal prayed before Almighty Allah that the knowledge of interpretation of dreams still be opened to him and that he shall be guided towards the right interpretation of these dreams. Allah and revealed upon him the real interpretations of the dream. accepted his pray


King narrated his dream and Hazrat Daniyal gave its interpretation. Interpretations that were made in the light of dreams of Neboshane-zar were

about the kings, regimes and period up to the day of Qiyama. These have unusually come true.

These interpretation really interest us after thousands of years as these are related to our time period and also refer to a special rule that was named the State of Hatred and the Kingdom of Sins that will be the cause, of beginning the end of the time of world.


The book Daniel is a unique part of Torah that has prophecies about the end of the time. Hazrat Daniyal was again and then told that these prophecies are for the end of the time of the world. It has been indicated in Ch: 12 Verse 2-4 that these would be understood at the time when the things start happening. Under these revelations the explanations given centuries back were required to be reviewed for better understanding and expression of these prophecies. However most of the commentaries upon the Old testaments had been written by Christian scholars who have presumed the period of Jesus as the time predicted. They have tried to converge all these prophecies to that time. Thus it seems that the Scholars of Christianity hastily related these prophecies to the Jesus.

However it is not as such. Almost 2000 years have passed. World has seen so many revolutions and changes. A new Divine religion came to the world. A lot more is being foreseen in near future. So today it is confirmed that the time presumed by the Christianity was not the end of the world and thus all these explanations were not appropriate. The way they tried to mold these predictions to fit in their belief has kept the doors open for the others to give new explanations to these prophecies in the light of the latest facts. A long period has passed and these explanations do not appear to be fitting in. The

more we will come closer to the end of the time these would be better understood and expressed.

In Daniel the interpretations of the dreams of Neboshane-zar have very clear predictions for the time to come. Today it is easier and clearer to understand. These are spiritual revelation for our era. Part of these have already occurred in recent past and others are going to be exhibited Inshaallah in near future thus these can now be far more easily correlated. A century back it would have been debatable but today things are before our eyes and thus cannot be denied. Thus the explanations that are being given are the interpretations of the Torah in the light of present happenings.


Chapter: 11

So the king of the north (WEST) shall come, and cast up a mound, and take

a well-fortified city: and the forces of the south (Muslims) shall not stand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to stand. But

he who comes against him shall do according to his own will and none shall stand before him; and he shall stand in the glorious land (ARAB LANDS), and in his hand shall be destruction. 17He (WEST) shall set his face to come with the strength of his whole kingdom (Coalition force) and with him equitable conditions; and he shall perform them: and he shall give him the daughter of women, to corrupt her; but she shall not stand, neither be for him. 18After this shall he turn his face to the isles, and shall take many: but a

prince shall cause the reprimand offered by him to cease (OSAMA); yes, moreover, he shall cause his reprimand to turn on him.

Then he (WEST)

shall turn his face toward the fortresses of his own land; but he shall stumble and fall, and shall not be found (9/11). 20Then shall stand up in his place one who shall cause a tax collector to pass through the kingdom to maintain its glory; but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

In his place shall stand up a disgraceful person, to whom they had


not given the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in time of security, and shall obtain the kingdom by disguise.

The overwhelming forces shall

be besieged from before him, and shall be broken; yes, also the prince of the agreement (Kuwait). After the group made with him he (America) shall

work deceitfully (With Arabs); for he shall come up, and shall become strong, with a small people.

In time of security (Disguise of Terrorism) shall he come even on the

fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them killing, and spoil, and substance (Causes trouble around): yes, he shall devise his devices (Disinformation) against the strongholds, even for a time.

He shall stir up

his power and his courage against the king of the south (Muslims) with a great army; and the king of the south (Muslims) shall war in battle with a very great and mighty army; but he (Saddam); shall not stand for they shall devise plans (Conspire) against him.

Yes, they who eat of his (Saddams); dainties shall destroy him, and his

(Saddams) army shall run over; and many shall fall down slain.

As for

both these kings, their hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table: but it shall not prosper; for yet the end shall be at the time appointed. 28Then shall he (WEST) return into his land with great substance (Ransom from Arab countries as expenses of war); and his heart shall be against the holy agreement; and he shall do his pleasure, and return to his own land.




At the time appointed he (WEST) shall return, and come into the south

(Afghanistan); but it shall not be in the latter time as it was in the former.

For ships of Kittim (MUJAHEDEEN) Shall come against him; therefore

he shall be grieved, and shall return (Retrieval of Coalition forces), and have annoyance against the holy agreement, and shall do his pleasure: he shall even return, and have regard to those (State of Israel) who abandon the holy agreement.

(Israeli) Forces shall stand on his part, and they shall profane

the sanctuary (Al-Aqsa Mosque), even the fortress, and shall take away the continual burnt offering (Five Times Prayers), and they shall set up the abomination (Palace of Hiram Abeef) that causes desolation.

Such as do

wickedly against the agreement shall he pervert by Disguise; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and do exploits (MUJAHEDEEN).

Those who are wise among the people shall instruct many; yet they shall

fall by the sword and by flame, by captivity and by spoil, many days. 34Now when they shall fall, they shall be helped with a little help (MUJAHEDEEN).; but many shall join themselves to them with disguise (TRAITORS). 35Some of those who are wise shall fall, to refine them, and to purify, and to make them white, even to the time of the end; because it is yet for the time appointed.



The king (WEST) shall do according to his will; and he shall praise

himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods; and he (WEST) shall prosper until the resentment be accomplished; for that which is determined shall be done.

Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor

regard any god; for he (America) shall magnify himself above all.

But in

his (ALLAHs) place shall he honor the god of fortresses (ANTI_CHRIST); and a god whom his fathers did not know shall he honor with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things (All the Technology, Forces and Wealth of America). 39He shall deal with the strongest fortresses by the help of a foreign god (ANTI_CHRIST); whoever acknowledges him (ANTI_CHRIST); he will increase with glory (Supernatural Powers of Anti_Christ); and he shall cause them (Israeli) to rule over many, and shall divide the land for a price.



At the time of the end shall the king of the south (Muslims, MEHDI)

contend with him; and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; (ARMAGEDDON) and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass through.

He shall enter also into the glorious land (ARAB

LANDS), and many countries shall be overthrown; but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

He shall stretch forth his hand also on the countries; and the land of Egypt

shall not escape. 43But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt; and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

But news out of the east and out of the

north (ACTIVITIES OF MEHDI & MUJAHEDEEN); shall trouble him and he (WEST) shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly to sweep away many. 45He shall plant the tents of his palace between the sea and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end (Al MalhamatulKubra), and none shall help him. (Taurat : Daniyal Ch.11 Verse 30-45) This chapter seems to be dedicated about the present Era and future happenings. We look at it as we have indicated. The King of the South in

these prophecies are the Muslims while King of the North is referred to the forces of the West. Primarily it indicates America. The writing in parenthesis is our explanation of this oriental writing. This is all self explanatory and we find all these prediction in line with the Ahadees on the subject as narrated by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad . Thus it is enough proof that the divine religions in succession have given the predictions that do not have any contradiction. Rather they fortify each other. All these events have been given in far more detail in Ahadees. Explanation to the above can be seen in the text that follows later in the chapters.


Chapter: 9

After the sixty-two 'sevens' al-Masih shall be cut off, and shall have

nothing: and the people of a ruler (Jews) who shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary (Jerusalem); and the end of it shall be with a flood, and even to the end shall be war; desolations are determined. Israel) shall make a firm agreement with many (West) for

He (State of

one 'seven':

and in the midst of the 'seven' he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering (Prayers) to cease; and on a wing of the temple he shall set up an abomination (Palace of Hiram Abeef) that causes desolation and even to the full end, and that determined, shall wrath (Of Allah ) be poured out on

the desolate (State of Israel). (Taurat: Daniyal Ch.9 Verse 26-27)

Chapter: 12

He said, Go your way, Daniel; for the words are shut up and sealed until the

time of the end. 10Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked

shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand.

From the time

that the continual burnt offering shall be taken away, and the abomination that causes desolation is set up; there shall be one thousand two hundred ninety days. 12Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred thirty-five days.

But go your way until the end be; for you shall

rest, and shall stand in your lot, at the end of the days. (Taurat : Daniyal Ch.12 Verse 9-13)

The predictions in these verses are about the Jerusalem. It indicates that after specified time this city will go out of pious hands and certain people of a ruler will destroy the city (Verse 26). The prediction is more sensitive about the sanctuary The Aqsa Mosque that is the focus of spiritualism being a respected religious place in all the Divine religions. The ruler will take away the place with treason and will make many agreements with other rulers (verse

. This happened. Israel was created as per treason in 1948 and was

supported by the Britain and the America. It also underwent many agreements with the countries and bodies in an effort to give it existence recognition. It also took surety from these countries for its sovereignty. Having been strengthened by the sponsors the state of Israel took all the atrocities against the local Muslim population and had been culminating the prayers that had been going on in the Holy mosque since last fourteen centuries (verse 27). Thus inadvertently fulfilling the prophecies of Torah that the sanctuary will be deprived of the sacrifices and offerings.

Soon another event is going to happen. This State intends to demolish the Holy Mosque and to establish palace of Hiram Abeef at its place. This has been termed in the prophecies an abomination that causes desolation (verse 27). However as is predicted they shall not be able to cause damage to the holy

sanctuary but as is mentioned in the prophecy they shall be able to begin their activity only on one wing
(verse 27)

. Before they can proceed with their will be inflicted upon them and they
(verse 27)

extensive plans the wrath of Allah

shall not be able to proceed. As predicted they will be destroyed

. So

the ultimate fate of the state of Israel is extinction from the face of the earth. All these events seem to be a continuous war between good and the bad, pious and the dirty. In all these events and these predictions is the guidance for humanity. It is indicated that from the events that will take place the pious souls will draw lesson and will change their life for the pleasure of Allah and would repent, thus finally pleasing their Lord. At the same

time it is warned that the wicked will keep their wrong course and they will give no heed for the warnings being given nor shall they repent from their wrong deeds. A terrible fate awaits them. Thus wise are those who understand and prevent themselves from the tragic end (Verse 10).


It was said that from the establishment of this state will begin the end of the time of the world. And because of the atrocities in this state, this beginning of the end of the world will proceed towards its natural fate. It is known that the time would be of the appearance of two spiritual Dignitaries (Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa ) and two big

devastations (Ad-Dajalul-Akbar and Yajooj Majooj Known to the World of Christianity as Anti-Christ and Gog Magog). About the Kingdom of Sin Hazrat Daniyal said that King from South will prepare force and will pollute the sanctity of the Fort. Then they will snatch the sacrifices being done every day, and will create over there the State of Hatred ..And Forces will help them and they will pollute the established sanctity and will ban the eternal sacrifice. They will establish the detestable

things that will desecrate the place. They will stimulate the one who will create mischieves against the pious oath. But those who know their Lord will get something done (Taurat: Daniyal Ch.11 Verse 31, 32)

Explanation of the above verses done by Muslim Scholars are as explained below. The pious fort is Masjid_e Aqsa The Holy Mosque and to pollute

it refers to the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

The daily sacrifices mean prayers that are being offered five time a

day at Masjid_e Aqsa since last 1400 years. The State of Hatred refers to Jewish State of Israel. The forces that shall be reinforcing the State of Hatred are

America and Britain. One who knows their Lord refers to the Palestinian Mujahedeen

and having shown something done refers to their exemplary resistance against the Israeli atrocities.

Above prophecies among these have been exhibited till date. The following have yet to happen: To stimulate the mischievous that means to raise the Christians

against the Muslims and to use them for fulfilling the ulterior motives of the Jews. The thing that will desecrate, refers to the construction of the

palace of Dajjal (The Anti-Christ) at the location of Aqsa Mosque.



Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) said,

Then I heard a holy one speaking; and

another holy one said to that certain one who spoke, How long shall be the vision stand concerning the continual burnt-offering, and the disobedience that makes desolate, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

He said to me, To two thousand and three hundred evenings

and mornings; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. (Taurat Daniyal Ch. 8 Verse 13, 14).

So he came near where I stood; and when he came, I was frightened, and

fell on my face: but he said to me, Understand, son of man; for the vision belongs to the time of the end. (Taurat Daniyal Ch. 8 Verse 17).

Hazrat Daniyal said that though I heard the angels but I was unable to understand what they narrated. So I prayed to Allah whole event will finish. So I got the reply. Daniyal you keep your own concern. Words have been locked and the events have been sealed. Now the whole thing will be revealed at the final moment. When sacrifices will be snatched and state of hatred will be established, from that day onwards One thousand two hundred and ninety days will be left. Lucky are those who reach One thousand three hundred and thirty five days. But (Daniyal) you shall keep on doing your work to the end of the world, you will be given tranquility. (Taurat : Daniyal Ch.12 Verse 8-13) , My Lord how this


There is a debate about the days mentioned in the interpretations. It has been argued that these days represent years as it has been mentioned in Hazqail I have assigned one day for you equivalent to one year.

6Again, when you have accomplished these, you shall lie on your right side, and shall bear the iniquity of the house of Judah: forty days, each day for a year, have I appointed it to you. (Ch:4 Verse:6) Thus taking this narration one day indicates one year.

According to this interpretation this state was to be created after 2300 years. The scholars of Taurat in their interpretation count these years from the conquest of Asia by Alexander that happened in 333 BC. Thus the state of hatred (Abomination of Desolation) was to be created 2300-333= 1967.

Muslim Scholars consider this the possible explanation. This is the year that the Israeli forces entered the Holy city of Al-Qudus (Jerusalem) and there was a big fire in the Holy Mosque. Though Israel was created in 1948 but the target and main aim of the Jews the Holy Mosque went into their hands in 1967. Same is narrated in Taurat When sacrifices will be snatched and State of Hatred will be established. Thus this indicates that it refers to the establishment of the rule upon Jerusalem that occurred upon occupation of the Holy Mosque and this happened in 1967.


Now it is presumed that this state will be abolished under the prophecies of Taurat after forty five years. As is mentioned in the prophecy that the lucky are those who reach 1335 days. (1335-1290) = 45.

Thus 45 days before the fall of the Kingdom of Sin would be asylum for Judaism while it would be a time of difficulty for others. At the end of this period disaster will start for the state of Israel and those effectees who have faced all the atrocities till that period are given the good news that their miseries are going to finish. As earlier mentioned a day in Hazqail has been termed equivalent to a year thus it is a clear indication that the Kingdom of Sins (Israel) will be destroyed after 45 years of it establishment. It will be done in the hands of Hazrat Essa (Jesus) and

Hazrat Mehdis Forces. This will lead to complete annihilation of the Jews and killing of Dajjal The Antichrist. Thus keeping these facts in mind it is postulated that this will happen as mentioned in the prophecies somewhere after 2012 or a little later. (1967+45=2012). However this year may be the beginning of the termination or annihilation of this state.

Neither scholar from Christianity nor from Islam could correlate the figure of 1290 with any event. In Commentaries of Old Testament it is mentioned that it is very difficult to correlate. Thus it may be assumed as an indication. Majority have concluded what is expressed above that it indicates 45 years period between the establishment of authoritative rule of Kingdom of Sins and its downfall.

It is imperative that the Yahood will lose the Holy land of Palestine. And they will finally be completely destroyed.


Another indication that comes towards the extinction of Israel is in this verse. It reads as under:


He (State of Israel) shall make a firm agreement with many (West)


one 'seven': and in the midst of the 'seven' he shall cause the sacrifice
and the offering (Prayers) to cease; and on a wing of the temple he shall set up an abomination (Palace of Hiram Abeef) that causes desolation and even to the full end, and that determined, shall wrath (Of Allah ) be poured out

on the desolate (State of Israel). (Taurat: Daniyal Ch.9 Verse 27) There are indications about the destruction of the Kingdom of Sins in the Old Testament. However these could not be explained with certainty by Christian scholars. The time span expressed could not be unanimously

correlated. It may be that these have been mentioned symbolically and Allah has kept the time of event hidden as it is the knowledge of the future and unseen that Allah has not given to anybody. Under these parameters the

information in the chapter remains open to conclusions that would create some possibility to ascertain the approximate time period of the event. We will explain all these assumption as underneath: Verse 27 narrates that the state of Israel will be able to continue for One Seven. If this One Seven is a metaphor and if it indicates Seventy years then the destruction of Israel occurs in 2018. (1948+70= 2018.)

Ch: 12 verses 11-12: under these verses as explained above the difference of 45 years is taken as the life of this state and thus it is destined to decline after 2012. Though no correlation could be explained to 1290 and 1335 except that it indicates the intervening period of 45 years between the creation and destruction of Kingdom of Sins. In this assumption the time period is counted from 1967 the year of Jewish occupation of The Holy Mosque.


Christian scholars consider Israel as the Kingdom of Sins as indicated in the Taurat. They also believe that the state of Israel is created not at the pleasure of The Lord but as a cursed state. They also believe that the Jews are awaiting the Anti-Christ and not Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam .

They believe that the state of Israel will be abolished. They also believe that Allah do not like the erection of Haikal-e Sulaimani.

However they do not express any clear view about the date of creation and no correlation could be found in their commentaries to satisfaction about the verses in Old Testament about these events. Thus we can conclude that the knowledge of the unseen has been kept hidden and we are just indicated the era that is going to determine the happening. This essentially starts from the 2012 in near future and will continue to the year 2020 when the event is going to be completed. However the destruction of Israel is correlated with the appearance of Hazrat Mehdi . So it is more important to search for the appearance

of Mehdi from which time the events will start exhibiting. We know from Ahadees that the state of Israel will be abolished within Six to seven years from the appearance of Mehdi .



Chapter: 12

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth (Graves) shall awake (On

Day of Judgement), some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3Those who are wise shall shine as the brightness at the expanse; and those who turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. 4But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run back and forth (will put in lot of efforts), and knowledge shall be increased." (Taurat : Daniyal Ch.12 Verse 2-4) This verse of Torah is full of spiritualism for the humanity. It contains motivation for the good as well it contains admonition for the wrongdoers. It refers to the day when people shall get up from their graves. Good news for those who will get up on the pleasure of the Lord and will be rewarded an everlasting life of happiness and success. There would be some for whom there would be shame and they would have an everlasting hatred waiting for them. These would be the lost ones who will be thrown on to the disdain of the displeasure of Allah and the eternal punishment of Hellfire.

Here the lord guided the wise one to make their life shining with the Divine brightness that can be achieved at the cost of some expanse and that expanse had been termed the human efforts. They are directed to make their life useful by guiding humanity to the righteous path and calling people towards Allah . To these people Allah symbolically represent as Stars that

shall be shining forever and ever and get an eternal brightness. The last verse (4) tells the Daniel that you shall stop wandering about the things that have been revealed upon you and the book that is given to you. These predictions are for the end of the time of the world and you shall not be able to understand that in its true perspective. These would only be

understandable in the era these are meant for. Then it was revealed upon him about the end of the time of the world that the time would be of great hustle and bustle and chaos. Nations will endeavor to achieve their motives. There would be forces that would be dragging the humanity towards infidelity. At that time Allah will make for certain people to

understand these verses as the events would start happening and thus the prophecies will exhibit themselves. Thus Allah will open new

doors of knowledge for humanity. This would then become a source of inspiration and hope in that state of despair and will open upon the people the right path leading to the pleasure of the Lord.


In the interpretations of Hazrat Daniyal there is a clear indication

about a Kingdom, which is destined to prosper and to remain till the day of Qiyama. Kingdom has been used as an expression of metaphor in this prophecy. Thus as explained in the following text it relates to the Deen (the Religion of Islam) and thus it refer to the last Prophet .It is the bad luck of the followers of the divine religions that they negate this reality on a time when the prophecy has been fulfilled before them.

Chapter :2
Verses 28, 31-44 Daniel (Old Testament) read as under:

but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets, and he has made known

to the king Neboshane-zar what shall be in the latter days


You, O king, saw, and, behold, a great image. This image, which was

mighty, and whose brightness was excellent, stood before you; and its aspect was awesome. 32As for this image, its head was of fine gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly and its thighs of bronze, 33its legs of iron, its feet part of iron, and part of clay. 34You saw until a stone was cut out without hands,

which struck the image on its feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. 35Then was the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold, broken in pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, so that no place was found for them: and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth. 36This is the dream; and we will tell its interpretation before the king. 37You, O king, are king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the power, and the strength, and the glory;

and wherever the

children of men dwell, the animals of the field and the birds of the sky has he given into your hand, and has made you to rule over them all: you are the head of gold.
40 39

After you shall arise another kingdom inferior to you; and

another third kingdom of bronze, which shall bear rule over all the earth. The fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, because iron breaks in pieces

and subdues all things; and as iron that crushes all these, shall it break in pieces and crush. 41Whereas you saw the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, it shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, because you saw the iron mixed with miry clay. 42As the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

Whereas you saw the iron mixed with

miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cling to one another, even as iron does not mingle with clay.

In the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom

(ISLAM) which shall never be destroyed, nor shall its sovereignty be left to another people; but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it (ISLAM) shall stand forever. 45Because you saw that a stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it broke in pieces the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God has made known to the king what shall happen hereafter: and the dream is certain, and its interpretation sure. Daniel: Ch: 2 Verse 28, 31-44)

This verse very clearly indicates the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold were represented as five kingdoms that were to be established and then destined to be consumed. Then is mentioned the kingdom that will be established by the Grace of Allah and shall stand forever. It is

mentioned that the God of Heavens shall set up in the days of those Kings before their eyes a kingdom that shall never be destroyed nor shall it

sovereignty be left to others.

There is clear indication that Allah

has taken the responsibility of

the sovereignty of this kingdom (OF ISLAM). Moreover it is mentioned that it shall break and consume all these kingdoms. So Alhamdulillah it happened. The Kingdom of Rome fell to Islam. Persian Empire fell to Islam and Islam spread far and wide standing till date with full height and Alhamdulillah is destined under this prophecy never to be destroyed. Those five kingdoms were consumed and in further prophecies forthcoming Kingdoms that will arise later would be inspired by this religion.


72 signs of the era of the End of Time of the World

In Ahadees it has been narrated that towards the end of the time of the world there would be immorality. Societies will shed off the load of religions and there would be injustice and chaos. These signs have been narrated in the most popular Hadees as under: The visible and undeniable features of the present Era and 72 signs of the era of the End of Time of the World. Hazrat Huzaifa from the Prophet : Seventy Two things are the signs of the Era of end of time of the world. When you see that: 1. 2. 3. 4. People start damaging their prayers. (M) Shall lose Amanat (embezzle in Trust). Shall start taking Interest on Money. Shall consider telling a Lie as Halal (proclaim ethical under Islamic Jurisprudence). (M) 5. 6. 7. 8. Would kill others for minor differences. Would start making high rise buildings (Sky Scrapers). Would sell their religion for worldly gains. Would start breaking relations with their relatives i.e. they misbehave with them. 9. Justice becomes weak. Narrates

10. Lie is termed as truth (disinformation so common by the media). 11. Dresses will be of silk. 12. Terror,

13. Divorce and 15. Unexpected deaths become common. 16. Untrustworthy are given, 17. While Trust worthy are Deprived. 18. Liar would be termed as pious while 19. Truth would be termed as a lie. 20. People start blaming others. 21. You will see hot weather despite adequate rainfall (Global Warming). 21. Children become a source of anger for parents (are felt as burden). 22. Mean people will have pleasurable life. 23. Pious would find it difficult to live. 24. Rich and the commanding will become tuned to telling lies (Todays Political promises and claims). 25. People who are bestowed responsibility would start deceiving. 26. Powerful become cruel. 27. Religious Scholars and Imams would have bad character. 28. When people start wearing the animal skins. 29. And their hearts are felt dirty. 30. And hard like cactus. At that time Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah will involve them in such a Curse that they will keep on wandering like merciless Yahood (Jews). 31. And when gold will be common (The Gold arena is very much there). 32. People will demand silver (after Gold now silver has become the most precious metal and people are investing into it). 33. Evil deeds would be more.

34. Tranquility will be lost. 35. Divine books would be decorated. 36. Mosques would be engraved. 37. Tall Minarets will be constructed. 38. Hearts would be wildered. 39. Wine will be common. 40. Sharai (under Islamic rules) Punishments will be obsolete. (M) 41. A londey (Slave women) will give birth to her Master. (Probably means disobedience will be extreme and even children will not give regard to their parents.) 42. People who had not seen good living will become the Kings. 43. Women will become a partner with Men in the Hustle and Bustle of life (working women of todays Era). 44. Men will adopt the living of women. 45. While women will start being like men. 46. People will start swearing on things other than the Lord. 49. Even certain Muslims will be ready to become a fictitious witness. (M) 50. Salam (greetings/ regard) will be passed to only known people. (M) 51. People will read Religious Jurisprudence for worldly gains. 52. People will practice religion for worldly Gains. 53. Boon (Ghanimat: bounty that is gathered in war and is to be divided under strict Islamic rules among the participants and State) will be termed as wealth. (M) 54. Amanat (Trust) will be taken as Ghanimat (Bounty). (M) 55. Religious Obligation of Zakat will be taken as tax. (M) 56. The most Mean among the people will become their ruler. (M) 57. A person will disobey his father. 58. Will behave badly with his mother.

59. Will not refrain from damaging the cause of his friend. 60. Will obey his wife. 59. Loud voices of the bad ones will be heard in the mosque. (M) 60. Singer women will be kept as keeps. 61. Musical instruments will be kept. 62. People will drink wine without any shame. 63. Cruelty will be done with pride. 64. Justice will be available for sale. 65. Police will be in high number. 66. Quran will be recited with sweat tones. (M) 67. Mozas (socks made of leather ) of wild animals will be used. 68. People will abuse their ancestors. 69. At that time you shall await Red winds. 70. Collapsing of the soil. 71. Mutilated shapes. 72. And falling of the stones from the Sky. (Durr_e Mansoor Page 52 Vol: 6). (M) Are those signs that will appear peculiarly in the life of the Muslims. Rest are common to the people of the world.

This narration is self explanatory and we witness a lot of changes that have been adopted by societies as indicated in this Hadees. Major part of the world population is now out of the bindings of religion while the world is being governed by the man made laws. Disinformation has become so common that an ordinary person who is not well informed cannot decide between truth and fallacy. Society is being exploited by the pressure groups. Media that should have the missionary

task of serving the cause of people have sold their standings for monetary benefits. Politicians have been governing the world since last one century. They have given up the truth. Telling lies and making false promises are now an integral part of governments and leadership. Money has now become the purpose of life and rich are not concerned about the hungry, homeless poor people. Rich is becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Persons at influential positions are self centered and proud. They will not consider judicious or injudicious but will gather wealth from all means. There is no end to the lust. Power hunger is now a game at high ranks. Bad people have gathered together supporting each other to snatch from the masses. International politics have adopted hypocrisy. Activities of the Jews that are evil genius have grabbed the humanity in its satanic claws. Powerful regimes have been interfering with the underdeveloped, snatching from their people the rights of self governance. Imposters are supported to remain at places of influence to serve the purpose of international politics. Killing has become common. As narrated when these things happen await the anger and anguish of Allah that will be reflected in the form of natural calamities. So that

is what has been happening for the last two decades. The tsunamis, devastating earth quakes, recurring floods, cyclones, epidemics are result of all this. Today the science has achieved such an influence in the life of people that it leaves very little room for the faith. For a person who is not religious minded there are many scientific explanation for all the happenings. These distract their mind from the Lord, The Almighty who is the Sustainer and with whose blessings the world flourishes while his anguish will cause turmoil and calamities in the world. Unfortunately

the Humanity has landed on inappropriate demoralizing grounds that have caused them to lose the blessings of Allah .


Ustad Amin Muhammad Jamaluddin in his book Hermajdoon has given the reference of a rare archive in the library of Istanbul. It gives references to a Hadith that was narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurera . Abu Hurera was afraid

to express it before others. When his death became imminent he felt an urge to express it before others so that this information shall not die with him. So he talked to the people around him that he has some news about what is going to happen in wars towards the end of the time of the world. People asked him to tell those and assured him that there is nothing to worry on his part.


Hazrat Abu Hurera said Take the decades of Hijri 1300 and the end. Place these decades together. It would be the opinion of the rulers of Rome (West) that war of the whole of the world is essential. There would be the will of Allah that there shall be war. Lot of time would not have passed. It

would be one decade or two that a person would be ruler in a country by the name of German whose name would be Hur (Der Fuehrer). He would like to rule the world. He will fight people in the Snow clad areas as well with people from land of Lot of virtues. Many years after the fury of war he

will come under the anger of Allah him. . Ross or Roush leaders will kill

In the decades of 1300 Hijri a person will rule the Misr (Egypt). His Kuniat (family name) will be Nasir. Arabs will call him hero of the Arabs. Allah will humiliate him in many wars. He will not be helped (By the Lord) and as Allah want that in the liked month (of Ramadan) Egypt shall

have a victory. So Egypt will win.

The Lord of Baitullah and the Sustainer of Arabs will give happiness to the Egypt by a person wheatish in color and his name will be SAADA (Saadat). His father was a person of high esteem than himself. But he will compromise with the thieves of Jerusalem.

In the Iraq, area of Syria would be a cruel ruler and he will be Safyani. His one eye will have some defect. His name is Saddam. He will fight anybody who encounters him. Whole of the world will gather against him in small KUUT (Kuwait). He will enter that in deception. Welfare of Safyani is in Islam. He will be good as well bad. Death shall fall upon one who shall deceive the Mehdi.


In the decades of 1400 Hijri will be the appearance of Imam Mehdi Ameen. He will fight with the whole of the world. All the infidels and those who are under the Wrath of Allah (Jews and Christians) will gather against

him. Along with them would be those people in the countries of ISRAA

and MIRAJ who would have deceit to the maximum. (Refers to transgressors and fornicators in the Muslim countries).


They will all gather with the mountain of Majdoon. The witch and queen of the bad deeds of the world whose name is America will stand against him to fight with him. That day that power of evil will attract whole of the world towards infidelity and Kufr. The Jews of that time would have achieved the height of excellence. Baitul Maqdas and pious city would be under their captivity.

All the countries will fall upon from soil and from the waters and skies. Except those countries where there is extreme snowfall or those where the weather is extremely hot. Mehdi will witness that countries of the whole of world are gathering and conspiring against him. He will witness that the will of Allah is above everybody. He will see that the whole of the universe and all have to return to him. Whole of the world,

belongs to Allah

whole of the world is like a tree and its trunk and branches belong to Allah .

It is that Mehdi will not be afraid of the large number of forces from America and neither his coalition forces nor he will be afraid of their weapons. Rather he will proclaim good names of Allah (And will

negate those of his foe). He will hit them badly and will make soil and skies and seas fire and ashes for them. There would be calamities from the skies. There would be unseen help from Allah . All the inhabitants of

the earth will curse upon the Kuffar (Infidels) and Allah put an end to the whole of Kufr. This prose is so clear that it does not need any explanation. Appearance of Mehdi will be in decades of 1400 Hijri. At what time it is not will permit to

known. However we will place all the events predicted that will happen from now onwards to the end of the time of the world and would try to give them a sequence in the light of the Ahadees. These being prophecies from Prophet Muhammad the last Messenger of Allah .

This effort will also help us to speculate and establish a possible time frame, as the time span has narrowed towards these event. In the

prophecies of Judaism these events were believed to begin in the Year 1998. Christians believed that these will begin in the year 2001. Both the indicated times have passed without any happening of the indicated event (Armageddon).

However as these were indicated by the followers of these two divine religions in the present era so it is imperative that the time is ripe. Only final calculations do have some ambiguity. Rather it would be more specific to say that it is knowledge of the unseen that is not given to anybody, unless Allah reveals that on its people. Only Allah know when

it is going to happen. As narrated in the prophecies of Hazrat Daniyal that the Lord revealed upon him, The words have been locked and the events have been sealed. Now the whole thing will be revealed at the final moment.

The three Divine Religions are awaiting these strange events to happen. Thus there occurs a unanimity towards unusual that is to be faced. Indications are that it is not decades away but it may be the matter of only a few years that the appearance of Imam Mehdi will occur. It will

initiate the events that are to occur towards the end of the time of the world. The sequence of Prophecies and their expressions in todays Era will be discussed here.

1. Allah Prophecy: Jihad will remain to the day of Qiyama till the time that will bring its treasures out of the land of Taloqan (a part of

Afghanistan) and will cause the Deen (Islam) to prosper again. A part of my Ummah will keep on fighting at the gates of Baitul Maqdas(Jerusalem) and around it and another group will keep on fighting in and around Antakya and another will keep on fighting in and around Damascus and a group will keep on fighting around Taloqan. (Jihad has continued throughout the world against the injustice and atrocities of the Infidels.)


Prophecy: Appearance of first black flags of Banu-Abbas.

(Iranian revolution Feb. 1979).


Prophecy: Treaty between the West and the Muslims to fight

against the common enemy. (This was the war against Russia during Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Feb 1980). 4. Kaaba. Prophecy: Appearance of First person who will take refuge in

(In the year 1981, Hijri 1400, a group of people with arms and ammunition under the command of Muhammad Bin Abdullah Qahtani entered the Haram and closed the doors. He was killed in the gun battle).


Prophecy: Success against the common Enemy leading to lot of

bounty for the Muslims.

(Russia Pulls back from Afghanistan. Feb 1989).


Prophecy: It is mentioned that a person from Iraq by the name of

Saddam will attack Kuwait and the ruler of Kuwait will seek the help of Rome (WEST).

(Exactly the same happened in 1990. Saddam Hussain ruling IRAQ raided the small country Kuwait. The ruler of Kuwait sought the help of America and gave him an excess to the Muslim Countries.)


Prophecy: Appearance of black flags in Khurasan.

(The Birth of Taliban. Sept 1996)


Prophecy: Siege of Iraq.

(That continued till April 2003 when finally Iraq fell to the Western Forces.)


Prophecy: Romans will announce that cross has won. It will raise

the controversy.

Announcement about the New World Order had appropriate meaning of Cross dominating the world.) October 11, 2001.

10. Prophecy: Mujahedeen will not succumb to the demands of the

West and will stand against them.

(So Mullah Umar Mujahid, Ameerul Momineen announced the Islamic law in Afghanistan against the ambitions of America.)


Prophecy: Nations of the World (West) will gather to conquer the

Muslims of the world. The people of Rome (West) will ignore the peace treaty and will gather for war.

(Thus whole of the West, America and Canada united against Afghanistan fulfilling the Prophecy.) 2001


Prophecy: War between the Mujahedeen and the Romans (West).

This group of Mujahedeen will be given the honor of Martyrdom from Allah .

(Thus a lot of Taliban were mercilessly killed by the coalition forces and Southern Alliance in the initial phase of Occupation of Afghanistan.) 13. Prophecy: Descent of the Black Flags from the Heights of Khurasan. Nothing will restrain them except the flags of AJAM who will come from the West. Till the time that there will be a difference of 72 months between their appearance and the time that the rule will be handed over to the Mehdi .

(Explaining this prophecy in the light of events that have taken place had been difficult for all the researchers on the subject. It was not clear that what event shall be taken as descent of the Black Flags. Most of the researchers had taken the birth of Taliban as the indication. Result being that the events did not match and final conclusion drawn turned out to be wrong. However as we see this prophecy it does not talk of the

appearance of Black Flags but in fact Descent of the Black Flags from the heights of Khurasan. This indicates that the Flags had been very much there. Now the prophecy indicates that these Black Flags launched their ultimate mission and charged towards their targets (That is most probably what is termed as Descent). This happened towards the end of 2008 when the Jihad took a new turn and Mujahedeen started making fatal attacks on the Americans. They were specifically targeting Americans among the coalition forces. Onwards, American Generals admitted that the Mujahedeen were gaining strength and they appeared as challenging force in Afghanistan. Now the situation is that the control is out of the hands of the Coalition forces and Mujahedeen have proved to be effective. This is most appropriately the descent of the Black Flags. Year 2008.)


Prophecy: Siege of Syria.

(The Syria has been put to siege.)


Prophecy: Tranquility for some time

(This seems to be a period in between when the initial debacles would have been played and all the opponents would be relaxing for a while not knowing exactly what next to do. This would be a period everybody would be analyzing what had been done to decide how to further their efforts towards their goals. Thus there would be silence on major fronts for a while.)



What Lies Ahead:

All the above prophecies that were narrated by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad the last Prophet have been exhibited till date. They have been presented in sequence and also relevant events that have happened are given against them with year of happening. So it does not require any explanation. However the experience is that these prophecies that were given 1400 years ago have proved to be true. Events happened as they were mentioned in the prophecies. There is now room to discuss the scenario that is before us and we have prophecies from Prophet Muhammad for the forth coming time. What nations of the world are going to face in near future is predicted in these prophecies. Everybody has got a role to play. They can see the role destined for them and to certain extent they will also be able to ascertain the terminal results.

The events that have passed were predicted by name. Unfortunately those who had major role did not took note of it. It will be further more unfortunate that now having known all these events even then we do not take any lesson from their results. Despite the fact that Saddams name was clearly mentioned in the prophecies still he did not refrain from making that fatal mistake of attacking the small country Kuwait. Despite that in the prophecies the act of the ruler of Kuwait that he will call the West for help was condemned by the Holy Prophet .Still he did not think for a while that he shall avoid this act as this will cause him the

displeasure of Allah and disobedience of a commandment of Prophet Muhammad .He did not consider that how much damaging this move would be to the Muslim world.


So it is evident that these events were unavoidable. These occurred as predicted and had the same impact as explained. They took the same course as had been mentioned in the Ahadees. So this experience tells us that prophecies for the future will also take the same course as has been indicated in the Ahadees and these will fetch the same results as have been mentioned.

Keeping this principle before us we will present the events that world, nations and religions shall be facing in near future.

Prophet Muhammad in a Hadees mentioned that Dajjal will come closer to Medina and will climb the mountain of Uhhad. He will look towards Medina and will see the white palace in Medina. He will say this white palace is the Mosque of Ahmed (Muhammad .)

During the life time of the Prophet the mosque Masjid_e Nabvi was made of clay and its roof was covered with branches and leaves. Whenever there used to be rainfall water would tickle down the shelter of the mosque. How come Prophet knew at that time that there will be a big white mosque as beautiful and decorated as a palace in place of clay built Masjid_e Nabvi. It was divine guidance. How come the Prophet knew that a country shall be there as German and its ruler will be Hur. How did he know that there will be a small country by the name of Kuwait and there would be another

with the name of America. All this proves that whatever Prophet narrated in Ahadees was under the Divine Guidance and time has proved that.

Nostradamus predictions are taken with keen interest and believe in the West. Nostradamus was a Physician by profession. He died in the year 1559 AC. He got this information from the Muslim literature that he inherited

from his Jewish ancestors. He has mentioned this fact in the preface of his poetic illustrations that he named as Centuries. His elders had been librarians to the Masjid_e Aqsa in Jerusalem. That is how he got access to this literature that helped him predict for the future. This literature was besides those parts of the old testaments of the Judaism that remained unaltered and helped him in his famous poetic Illustrations.

These facts make it imperative that the prophecies for the forth coming time have the same strong footing as had been of those that have been fulfilled till date. So let us now discuss for a while the future that we foresee and for which the stage has been prepared.


As has been mentioned in the Hadees that there shall be a peace treaty between the West and the Muslims. and they will fight one of their enemies. So the Muslims of the world had an understanding with the America and the West to counter the Russian expansionism against Islam reflected by Russian occupation of Afghanistan. In the resistance that continued and the war that kept on going during eighties for ten long years Muslims of the world played the role of frontline force against the Russians.

Pakistan with its intelligence agencies played the key role that is to be written in golden words by the historians. Once the common enemy was defeated and retrieved in Feb 1989 America started plotting against the Muslims of this region and Pakistan. Soon those Mujahedeen whom the American officials were praising for doing a noble job for fighting for the cause of Islam were being posed as spreading terrorism by the western media. America played the leading role in that. American agents that had penetrated into the ranks of Mujahedeen created differences among them.

Intelligence agencies that were playing the key role in monitoring the different Mujahedeen groups had created a balance between them and these groups were being funded on the basis of their inner discipline and operations conducted against the intruders. This was very important. The retrieval of Russian forces would have left an Afghanistan full of weapons, ten years of war and lawlessness. Under that situation it was very important to keep a balance and control upon the armed groups to reap the benefits of the long struggle and to protect the country from chaos and civil war. America agencies took a u turn and without taking into confidence its Muslim Allies started the policy conflicting to the ground facts. The

American agencies started creating unrest among the Mujahedeen and adopted a policy of supporting insignificant groups.

This gave a double pronged blow to the unity of Mujahedeen. Not only it created unrest among the organized groups but this influx of money created a race for the funds, serving the cause of Americans that basically was the hidden motive behind this policy. These insignificant groups started getting strength by influx of money and started activities that could fetch them some place with the American agencies. The policy of Americans was promoting killing among the different factions and Mujahedeen groups that finally resulted in war among armed group.

American agencies weakened the strength of Mujahedeen and engaged them in controversy. This was very unfortunate and revealed the hypocrisy in American policies. Groups organized by underworld people were also patronized by American agencies and their activities caused confusion, flaring up differences and tensions between the groups of Mujahedeen. Supporting undeserving groups now America created chaos in a country that was required to be rehabilitated after war. This policy reflected the style of Jews that create terror and death while remaining behind the scene and keep the societies in doldrum.

Mujahedeen groups failed to prove themselves in establishing a stable government and providing peace in the country. This resulted in the birth of Taliban that brought tranquility and hope to the region. Mullah Umar was sworn in as the Caliph and Islamic laws were implemented in Afghanistan. For long five years exemplary law and order was established. Weapons were withdrawn from the people and the culture of production of drugs was brought down to zero ebb by this regime.

Western media took the Taliban regime at task and started defamation against the Islamic rule. They left no stone unturned to destabilize this Taliban Government that was in its infancy and was close to the ambition of the people of Afghanistan.

However despite all these treacheries as the strings could not be held tight by the Americans they waited till the time that they had planned. The events of 9/11 were plotted to find an excuse to attack a predefined target.

Thus the conspirators managed through CIA & Mossad 9-11 events. It was a controlled activity. All the Jews at these sites were pre-informed and they managed to remain away, thus causing casualties to other citizens preventing any casualties of the Jews. CNN & BBC were used to convey

perpetual information to the public that this was done by the Muslims who were termed as extremists or terrorist. The result was but natural. Under cover of so much disinformation public opinion was paved against the Muslims so as to get the public support to execute the plan.

The prophecy was fulfilled.


The people of the West ignored the peace treaty and they gathered for war. Nations of the West gathered to conquer the Muslims of the world. What Prophet Hazrat Muhammad told Sahaba 1400 years back came true. This and other narrations in Hadees are the evident proof of the Divine Revelations that are behind these prophecies. In the year 2001 the West under the leadership of America entered Afghanistan. Thus the land recently evacuated by the Russians was now invaded and occupied by the people in the treaty, the West. The American President did not take a while before laying the allegations of the 9/11 events on the Muslims and Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. No investigations were carried out nor did they wait sufficient time. This region deserved special attention from the people of the world to have been supported for rebuilding itself but West preferred to destabilize it again.

While witnessing the recent happenings and then seeing the narrations in the Ahadees one gets undaunted faith that the future would be exactly as has been predicted in the Ahadees and Inshaallah all the injustices will finish . Glory is for the Deen of Allah . All fallacies will finish and the most

hated among humanity the Jews will be finally annihilated.

The countries of Afghanistan & Pakistan suffered a lot in the hands of two super powers. Afghanistan was thrown ages back when it was invaded by Russia. Millions of Muslims were killed while millions had to migrate. After years of bloodshed and disturbances when Russians withdrew America changed its policy and worked for creating differences between Mujahedeen making them fight among themselves.

Ten years back when America raided Afghanistan they were confident and proud of their technology and arsenals. As a part of media war every day CNN and BBC would give long accounts of TOMOHAWK missiles and how they worked. The whole activity was shown how they were being fired. Americans claimed extensive damage to targets in Afghanistan presenting them as easy targets.


This is a burning question that we shall ask ourselves. Ideally America should have supported this war stricken area by material development. Taliban regime should have had been supported politically and monetarily. This way Americans would have won the hearts of the Muslims of the world.

Unfortunately America kept the same absurd policy. It will only spend millions for the welfare of the humanity while it will spend billions that may move into trillions for crushing the nations, slaughtering humanity and creating hatred among nations and chaos in the world.

That is what America did in this region. What America would not be able to achieve by invasion of Afghanistan even after spending trillions of dollars could reasonably have been achieved by only sincerely helping this region by a couple of billion dollars.

Atrocities that the West showed were no less than what Russians did to the Muslim population of Afghanistan. Ruthless killing, carpet bombing, using uranium depleted bombs. These all are crimes against humanity. American themselves massacred young Taliban surrendered as prisoners of war and moreover handed them over to the Southern Alliance to continue slaughtering them who had bargained to stand with the Americans in this aggression.

International politics project that America did this to have an access to the natural resources of Central Asian countries. Again and then this concept had been projected in the international media. Is this true or this is again disinformation that was spread to hide the actual motives.

It is imperative here to say that the Jews believed that the war of Armageddon will occur in the year 1998. Christians believed that it will occur in 2001. Though it did not happen.

The leaders in both the religion were prepared and awaiting war. However the main driving force behind are the Jews as is explained later in the book.


The Jews know that the prophecies as given by Prophet Muhammad in the Ahadees are exhibiting themselves true. Also they know that their end result as indicated in the Ahadees is their complete annihilation from the face of the earth. Prophet narrated that the time when every stone will call upon the Muslims and tell them that a Yahood is hiding behind so kill him but there is a plant that will not. So today as a preemptive

measure Yahood have made vast plantation of this plant GHARQAD in the deserts of Sinai.

They know that the events towards the terminal debacle will start with the appearance of Hazrat Mehdi . They also know that the main

source of Islamic movement will start from Khurasan. Knowing this entire have they come in search of Mehdi in this region.

It is known that Mehdi will be among these Mujahedeen. Would be Arab and will move from Afghanistan to Saudia with Black Flags. He will be identified in Medina and will be taken as Caliph to the Muslim Ummah. The most probable motive is that the West is here in search of this dignitary. In their narrow thinking they possibly believe that they can prevent their disastrous end by stopping the event at this stage. The strange thing is that the Jews have so much hold on the Christian world that they have started using the powers of the West to achieve their targets. Unfortunately the powers of the Christianity has been hijacked by the Jews. Alas! This Genius creed has proved to be an Evil Genius. They do not understand that this way they are standing against the will of Allah Whatever Allah .

has destined is apt to happen. Their arrogance has

shown them the way of confronting the Lord. The curse upon them has revealed itself in their hidden motives.

They should have realized the powers of Allah

. Hazrat Moosa


reared in the palace of Pharaoh. The same Pharaoh had earlier killed thousands of children of Bani-Israel in an effort to prevent the birth of the child predicted to become the cause of his losing the throne. Today how can the Jews move the things against the will of Allah. Only thing is that they have added to their sins and pushed the world into killing and disaster.

It is believed by the Muslim Scholars that Allah has kept the personality of Mehdi in ambiguity and his place of living hidden till the last moment that he will be destined to be sworn in as Caliph. This is just because to keep the divine leader of the Muslims protected from the evil motives of the enemies.


When started it seemed that this war would be very simple and Afghanistan would be an easy target for the West.

However there were others who had an insight and they felt that though America wanted to enter Afghanistan, but in fact to its bad luck, NATURE SUCKED THE AMERICANS IN.

It is felt that the West was taken in deception. This was a terrible mistake they made. After 12 years of atrocities, killing and spending trillions of Dollars of the tax money of the citizens of America finally America is now down to its knees. Its economy has gone shaky. One way or other Americans want to make good an escape from Afghanistan. Sensing the motives of the bigger contestant, its allies are far more afraid and they want to make sure that they be out, to save their skins, before America leaves the battle ground.


These twelve years had been very crucial. Mujahedeen learnt a lot.

Mujahedeen are now better organized, their upcoming generation is now

well groomed and their leadership is in strong loyal hands. Nature has nurtured them for the challenges of the future. About them is predicted that when they will move down the Khurasan nothing would be able to stop them till they reach Aielia (Jerusalem). Their next generation has come up and they have learnt how to counter the deadly enemy from the West.

War in Afghanistan had been a proxy war. All the Muslim factors including forces and intelligence played their effective and ideological role in bleeding the intruders that caused them to become weak. This development infused confidence in the Muslim factions and shattered the pride of the West.

This long tussle in the Pak-Afghan area created by the West has given new thinking to the people of this region. Muslim countries have realized their ideological entity and time has proved their regional importance. Implanted rulers and touts of the West are gradually being rejected by the masses. Polarity has occurred where the secular and West inclined are gradually being isolated. Western philosophy is rejected by the people at large, who are ready to accept and are in fact longing for the Islamic Rule. Time has proved that well being of the Muslims can only be achieved under an Islamic regime. Hatred has been created against Americans who unfortunately have taken the leading role in destabilizing the peace of the world and planning to chain humanity in slavery.

Having analyzed the present situation let us now see what lies ahead for all of us. The prophecies by Prophet Muhammad that have yet to appear are as under. These comes after the prophecy No 15 that indicates that tranquility will be established for sometime:

16. Prophecy: Those black flags will appear from the Khurasan. So nothing would be able to restrain them till the time that those will be placed in Aielia (Jerusalem). Among them would be Mehdi.

17. Prophecy: Mujahedeen of Black Flags will take Hindustan at task. (Jihad will begin in Kashmir for its liberation.)

18. Prophecy: Appearance of Gold Mount in the Furat River

19. Prophecy: deadly war for the gold. Refrain from joining this war, of lust for wealth.


20. Prophecy: There will be lot of earthquakes that year

21. Prophecy: Two eclipses in the month of Ramadan. First Moon and then Sun

22. Prophecy: There will be a bright light visible in the Sky. It will appear like a pillar. 23. Prophecy: On 15th of Ramadan the night of Friday a strong shriek will be heard that will be terrifying. It may be an explosion.

24. Prophecy: Death of the King in Saudia.

25. Prophecy: Differences between the successors leading to controversy in accession to throne.

26. Prophecy: Fight between the tribes. Most probably as a result of effort to acquire the throne. The successors who will take positions against each other would be supported by the tribes their mothers belong to. There may also be other motives to support them.

27. Prophecy: Hajj being performed without Ameer (Leader).

28. Prophecy: Hujjaj will be robbed

29. Prophecy: Massacre at Jumra-E Uqba

30. Prophecy: Appearance of Mehdi on Ashura (Bait will be done in Haram).

31. Prophecy: Sinking of the first Army from Syria in the ground. This Army would be sent to counter Mehdi and his companions.

32. Prophecy: people start coming from all around to do Bait (Oath of Allegiance) with Mehdi and accept him as leader. It will be because of the news of sinking of the army from Syria that will gain attention of people and will confirm that Mehdi is the person who is indicated in Prophecies and Allah help is with him.

33. Prophecy: The war of Banu Kalb. A Qureshi will send another Army with the help of his maternal supporters. That Army will be badly defeated and Mehdi and his army will get a lot of bounty.

34. Prophecy: Mehdi rule will be established in the whole of Arab land.

35. Prophecy: Iran will come under the rule of Mehdi.

36. Prophecy: Coalition forces from the West will start gathering in Israel to counter Muslims Rule of Mehdi.

37. Prophecy: (The Armageddon). Will happen in the time period of Imam Mehdi . This is the war

being awaited by the Christians and they know about this by the name of Armageddon. This war will happen inside Israel as the Muslim armies will enter Israel to liberate Palestine. Both the armies will encounter at Majdoon mount.

38. Prophecy: Coalition forces will fight against the Muslim Army causing casualty to one third. One third will abscond while the third of the Army will move back to reorganize.

39. Prophecy: Al-Mulhamatul Kubra. This will follow Armageddon and will complete the war between the Muslim world and the West. This battle will take place in Damascus at Ghotta. Allahs help will be with Muslim army and finally they will defeat the Coalition forces. After this defeat West will not be able to counter Muslims in future.

40. Prophecy: Constantinople (Turkey) will come under Islamic Rule.

41. Prophecy: Appearance of Dajjal (Anti-Christ). Forty days of Dajjal. Dajjal era of deception and fallacy will continue. First day will be equal to one year the second to one month the third to one week and after that each day will be equal to a normal day.

42. Prophecy: Descending of Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam from the Skies.

43. Dajjal will melt like salt by having seen Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam (The Jesus).

44. Prophecy: The Hindustan will be conquered and its rulers will be put to chains. 45. Mujahedeen with black Flags when conquer Hindustan they will come to know that Ibn-E Maryam Hazrat Essa has appeared.

46. The Mujahedeen will move to Saudia and will become a part of Army of Imam Mehdi.

47. Prophecy: Dajjal will be killed by the Messiah, Essa Ibn-E Maryam at Babe-Lud in Israel where he will run to find refuge.

48. Prophecy: All the Jews supporting Dajjal will be murdered. 49. Every stone and tree will call the Muslims to kill Jew hidden behind them. 50. The plant of GHARQAD will not and will give refuge to Yahood.

51. Prophecy: State of Israel will be completely abolished. 52. Peace will be restored in the world 53. Justice and Islam will become the rule and religion in the world. 54. Death of Hazrat Mehdi

Primarily all the forces in the world are interested up to this event. This would be the turning point and would establish for the coming times the direction of the world that will remain till Qiyama. However for the purpose of interest we will mention the other events mentioned in Ahadees that would follow till the day of Qiyama.

55. Hazrat Essa

will marry

56. Prophecy: Appearance of Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) 57. Gog Magog will cause lot of destruction. Finally they will be abolished by an epidemic that will occur by the blessing of Allah . 58. Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam will live for seven or forty five years as narrated in Hadees.

59. Death of Hazrat Essa

60. Prophecy: Sun rising from the West 61. The door of Repentance will be closed.

62. Prophecy: Appearance of Daabat-ul ARD (The animal of the Earth) 63. Daabat-ul ARD will talk to the people. 64. Daabat-ul ARD will mark the faces of people. Momineen face will become bright with Divine Noor while others will become dark due to their Kuffar. Nobody would be able to catch Daabat-ul

ARD nor can anybody escape from him. The animal will reach every person in the world.

65. Prophecy: Appearance of Mist (smoke) in the sky for forty days.

66. Prophecy: After this a soft breeze will blow from Yemen that will snatch the spirits of Momineen. 67. All the Momineen will die comfortable death. 68. World will remain with people without Emaan.

69. Prophecy: By the Commandment of Allah be blowed by Hazrat Israfeel .

the first sound will

70. It will create immense terror and loss of senses among the living being. 71. Hazrat Israfeel will biggel again by the commandment of Allah All the living beings will die.

72. The three bigger angels will also be put to death. Only Hazrat Izraeel (The Angel of Death) will remain alive.

73. Allah

will order Hazrat Izraeel to die. So he will die.


74. Allah

will again give life to Hazrat Israfeel

and will order

him to blow biggel third time.

75. On the sound of Biggel all the living beings will become alive, get up from their graves and will move towards the ground of Resurrection. This would be the day of Judgement.

The situation in the world is fast changing. It gives us clue that the bigger signs (Alamat-e Kubra) of end of the time of the world are not far away. All those smaller signs that had been indicated by Prophet Muhammad have been revealed one by one. Now only the bigger signs are left that would be important international happenings and would begin with the appearance of Hazrat Imam Mehdi . However the descent of the

evolving Black Flags from the East are still pending among whom would be Imam Mehdi . Who would be made to be the ruler in Mecca Muazzama.

The fact that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have hidden in the mountains of Afghanistan and having started the Guerilla war against the intruders, in the present war between America and Muslims, is an apparent sign that the time is not far when the black flags will appear from Afghanistan and they will come down from the heights (highlands). So they will be thriving for the cause of Islam and no one would be standing against them except the American and the Europeans who shall be coming from the West.

Purpose of this effort is to gather the prophecies from the Last Prophet about the events that would be happening to the end of the time of the world so as to place it before the Ummah in a legible way. It is for them to make a decision about these events. Draw lesson out of it in the light of prophecies

fulfilled in the past and moreover to take vital decisions for oneself that shall guide them safely through future happenings. In eastern languages enough data is available on the subject however in the West possibly there is a vacuum about this information. Thus this effort is being done to bring these prophecies to our readers of the West. From the Ahadees about the end of the time of the world one gets an idea about the sequence of the event that would be happening however it is not possible to say for sure how long each event will take time. Keeping an eye on Ahadees one gets a fair good idea how the things will happen. All the events that will happen as indicated in Hadees will be presented in the form of a narrative to give us smooth perception. The prophecies have already been mentioned above. We will refrain from giving references to Ahadees as this will make the text heavy while we want to present before our readers the facts in very simple language and in a palatable pattern. We want that instead of appearing as a research or a philosophical writing this book shall become informative and shall absorb our worthy readers. At the end we will mention all the relevant books that can be consulted and relevant matter and research can be seen as a reference.


The time is ripe that America and its allies are now finding excuses to pull out from Afghanistan. Their assumptions about Taliban and other Muslim Mujahedeen being soft target is now a nightmare for them. On the face of these hard facts, Pakistan has now taken a very harsh stance against America for the first time. In the wider interest of the Muslim Ummah and long standing ambition of the Muslims of this region they have refused any more support to the coalition forces in Afghanistan. American lobby has

gone weak and immense hatred against America is exhibited among the masses. Sooner America and allied forces will leave Afghanistan and their weakening position will strengthen Mujahedeen who will occupy and establish Islamic rule in Afghanistan. Caliph will take over and Islamic laws will be implemented. Situation in Pakistan is not too different from Afghanistan. The unpopular policies of the American supported PPP government have caused intense unrest in the country. The wave of corruption caused by this regime and the way America had been supporting them has proved anti-Pakistani policies of American government. People of this country did not forget the American support of PPP government on the issue of ousting Chief Justice of Pakistan. The government kept on playing with him for three long years. The damage that was being caused to the judiciary was supported by Americans against the public opinion in Pakistan that wanted early reinstating of the Chief Justice with full honor.


Evidences proved that all the bomb blasts and ruthless killing in the KPK Province the front line area in this struggle was caused by the American secret force Black Water that had infiltrated the country with many different names. It is the typical style of Illuminatis as explained later in book. When it was realized and the movements of American Agents were restricted in KPK province it brought a halt to these bomb blasts that had killed thousands of innocent citizens.

Army the strength of the country has remained intact and even successfully conducted its role in decision making and in safeguarding the wider interest of the Muslim Ummah, against the brutal international politics that had kept Muslims Ummah targeted for the last half a century. Army has taken a stance against the influence of the Pro-American elements in the Government and has prevented them to work in the total interest of the West. Public is fed up of present ruling system and it is apparent that the public has no hope from the politicians. Unfortunately there has remained no leadership in the country. Ulama-e Karam (Scholars of Islam) and the religious sectors that can provide alternate leadership have remained quite. However the signs of an apparent change are visible.


Under these circumstances as the Mujahedeen will strengthen their hold upon Afghanistan it will give another direction to the thinking and leadership pattern in Pakistan. Because of Mujahedeen the borders of Pakistan will be protected. The intervention of Indians, who had taken enough advantage of the situation and worked hard to destabilize Pakistan from its activities through Afghanistan in the last decade, will come to a halt. Pakistan army will very carefully handle the situation and will support the upcoming Khilafat (Mujahedeen rule) in Afghanistan and will welcome religious circles in Pakistan to provide alternate leadership in the country to fill the vacuum. Thus there seems to be a moderate government in near future with more religious factions coming up in Pakistan that shall be working hard for the sufferings of the Muslims and will provide new leadership. Mujahedeen will get relieved from Afghanistan as there would be little targets left inland. American bases that would be concentrated at places would be easy targets to be cordoned while the rest of the Afghanistan will come under the influence of Caliphate. Mujahedeen from Tajikistan,

Uzbekistan and other places from Central Asia will gather under this flag to reorganize themselves. The next task that Mujahedeen will uptake would be to complete the unaccomplished targets. As the Caliph would be busy with rebuilding and organizing the country Jihad will be shifted with the target of liberating Kashmir and establishing the Islamic revolutions in the Central Asian countries.


This time India will see a more organized jihad that will be with a force that when retaliated will badly bleed the Hindustan as it had bled Americans in Afghanistan. India will keep maintaining its occupation of Kashmir and this will result in the jihad gaining momentum in India that would establish new targets for itself besides liberating Kashmir. The Mujahedeen will have the political will to liberate the 300 million Muslims of India from the suppression and injustices of the Hindu rule. This will proliferate jihad in nook and corners of the country. Meanwhile Pakistan would reform itself towards Islamic rule and inshallah will remain well organized and prepared for the challenges and changes in the region. Its important role and leading position among the Muslim countries will remain intact and its importance will never be faded.


Caliph will send a contingent of Mujahedeen towards Saudia possibly to get political support and strengthen its ties with the Muslim world. Among these would be a person who is destined by the grace of Allah to become

Mehdi as is narrated in the Hadith. This contingent will move towards Arab land and by the time it would have reached Saudia there would already

have established chaos in that country. The King would have died and there would be a controversy on the accession to the throne. As is indicated in the Hadees three of the influential people claiming their right will stand against each other and claim to be the next king. The forces of the country would be divided among them to proclaim loyalty to their contestant. It might cause some turbulence and even armed conflicts between them. This will cause unrest and bloodshed. Different tribes of Arabia will also take positions with these three contestants and this will cause Civil war. Small encounters would occur between tribes on this issue that may later take any shape. But as has been narrated in Hadees there would be fight among the tribes in the month of Shawal. This situation will persist for four to five months and people would be astonished what to do. Meanwhile Hajj season will come and as there is no king thus hajj will continue without any AMEER. Under the chaos hajj would not be well organized and protected. It will provide opportunity for certain people to rob the Pilgrims.


As a worst incidence bloodshed will occur at Jumra-e Uqba. This may be the result of opponents in the conflict incidentally facing each other at this place. A lot of innocent pilgrims will be killed and this incidence would be shocking for the whole of the Muslim world. It is imperative that at the time of appearance of Mehdi the whole of Islamic world would be without any leadership and to fill this vacuum people would be looking for a person. Meanwhile ULAMA-e KARAM of Islam who know about and are anxiously awaiting Mehdi would intense their search and would do their best to identify him. It would also become

imperative as the milestones indicating the appearance of Mehdi would have already exhibited. Indicating for sure that this Muharram is the month of appearance of Mehdi. These milestones would be besides others mentioned, the two eclipses and a shriek in the month of Ramadan. Also these Ulama would be longing for, to make Mehdi Caliph, before any undeserving person succeeds to throne of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


This would be a group of Ulama-e Karam who shall be coming from different countries. They would have been working since long and the purpose of their endeavor would be to find the Divine leader of the Muslims so that the Muslim Ummah can be organized under his leadership. They will meet in Kaaba and will ask each other what was the cause of their coming to Saudia. When they will realize that they had a common aim so they will join hands together and thus organized search for Mehdi will begin. They will finally spot the person Muhammad bin Abdullah whom they consider that he is the person they are looking for. But Muhammad bin Abdullah will refuse to be Mehdi and realizing that they were looking for and want to make him as Caliph he would escape to Medina. Ulama will move after him and search him in Medina. Again Muhammad bin Abdullah would not be ready to shoulder such big responsibility. Upon their insistence he will make good an escape. Ulama will come to know that he has moved to Mecca. They will find him there inside Haram. He would be holding the GHILAFE KAABA (The Cover of Khana Kaaba) and would be weeping. Most probably he would have realized that this immense responsibility is coming to his shoulders and there is no escape. Allah (as is narrated in the Hadees) will change the heart of

Muhammad bin Abdullah overnight and give him the courage and bestow him the capabilities to lead the Muslim Ummah and get them out of turmoil. Allah s help will be with Mehdi.


Spotting him Ulama-e Karam will ask him to spread his hand for Bait (Oath of allegiance). They will tell him that if he does not do that, the blood of all these Ulama would be on his neck as certain forces had realized the efforts that had been going on since last month or so and strongmen had been sent to kill them. Their only chance of survival would be to identify and take oath of allegiance (Bait) with Mehdi as Allahs help was destined to be with him. Mehdi will sit at Maqam-e Ibrahim and history will see that pleasant moment. Ulama-e Karam will take oath of allegiance at his hand. Initially there would be around 313 people taking oath. It will happen on 10th of Muharram after Isha prayers (Inshaallah as Narrated in Hadees). Mehdi will stand up and make a sermon to the Muslims in the Haram.


The Muslims would have got their long awaited leader with whom a new Era starts and with whom would be the help of Allah . All the symbols of

oppression, fallacy, deception, treachery against Muslims would be apt to fall. Muslims in the Haram will immediately gather around Mehdi and start proclaiming their loyalty to the divine leader. This news as spread in

near and far vicinity will cause unrest among the Pro-West elements. They will endeavor to put an end to this appearance immediately. There would have established pro-American governments in Iraq and Syria. (Iraq has an American established government while there may be such a government in Syria in near future. As it appears the rule of Bashar-ul Asad may be finished and some nominees supported from American side might be placed in power). These pro-American governments that have been recently established will work upon the directions of the West. America would be highly concerned about this new development that they were suspecting. They would possibly have been endeavoring to prevent the appearance of Mehdi from occurring. Whatever Allah has destined for humanity has to occur and no one can (Moses)

stop that. Despite the fact that they know that Hazrat Moosa

was reared in the home of Pharaoh who killed seventy thousand children in anticipation of the child who will cause his rule to finish but could not prevent it. The American resistance and its presence in Afghanistan also seems to be a preemptive measure and endeavor to prevent Mehdi from coming into appearance and an effort to get rid of the divine leader so as to halt the predicted happenings and shape the future to their desires.


Though an assumption but this seems to be close to the fact as West is aware of the occurrence of Mehdi. However America will use its planted people against the Muslim leader and they would be bound to act according to Americans dictation as they were placed in power to meet that requirement. Under their directives ruler of Syria will immediately send an Army to counter Mehdi.

Till that time Mehdi would have just a couple of Hundred Muslims around who would have proclaimed loyalty to him and would have announced him as Caliph. They would have taken him in their security and would be ready to shed their blood for the beloved leader. Army sent by the ruler of Syria would be somewhere between Medina and Mecca when earth will shatter and take the whole army inside. Only one person will survive this tragedy and Ulama say that he would be left to tell the people what tragedy had happened to the Army. He will reach Mecca and narrate the happening. The news will spread far and wide and there will not be left any doubt that Muhammad bin Abdullah is the long awaited Mehdi. All the Muslim of Arab land will subjugate to him and he will be made Caliph. The rule of the Kings will finish. The news of appearance of Mehdi spread far and wide. All the pious

people and religious leaders, Ulama-e Karam, Aulia (Saints) from Muslim world, specifically Syria (as is mentioned in Hadees) will head towards Mecca and will finally take Oath of allegiance (Bait) with Mehdi. They will subjugate to him. Muslims of Syria and Iraq knowing that the long awaited Mehdi has appeared will change to him as a spiritual obligation and fulfillment of faith. Thus Iraq and Syria and other Muslims countries of Arab land will just fall to the Mehdi rule as an Islamic Revolution and rulers of these countries shall not be able to stand the pressure of the masses. Thus within short span of months or may be a year the whole of Arab land will unite to come under Islamic Caliphate. The Rulers of Kuwait will keep on working against the ambition and interests of the Muslims of the world. They will follow the instructions of the West against the Mehdis rule. Mehdi will order that the Ruler of Kuwait shall be killed.



It is narrated in Hadith that Mehdi will send a small army in support of Mujahedeen fighting in India. This Jihad will continue as indicated till the time that India is captured and its rulers are chained by the Mujahedeen. Evidence in Hadees tells us that this Jihad will continue for four to five Years. This will be the time of Descent of the Messiah Hazrat Essa .

Thus these Mujahedeen after capturing and chaining the rulers of India come back towards Mehdi who at that time will be in Damascus fighting against the Dajjal and its supporters. They will find Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam in Syria. This is narrated in Hadees.


The Ruler of Kuwait will be killed and this small piece of land will be made a part of Mehdi rule. West will be greatly perturbed upon failure of its tactics and fast losing its planted people in the Arab land. Under this scenario America will take lead and prepare the forces to counter the rising, strengthening and expanding Muslim kingdom of Mehdi. America will raise the slogan of crusade against the Muslims and will motivate the West to take part. The emotions in the West will mount and forces will start preparing for the war. This will be given the shape of a holy war despite the fact that it will prove to be another deadly war that would be waged by the conspiracy of the hidden satanic forces. America will start concentrating its forces inside Israel. It would be because of two reasons. America by then would have lost influence in the Arab land and would have no government left that can support them. Secondly American Jews have grabbed American government and used them to strengthen and make Israel an army base where the war at the site of Magadon is to be fought. Jews will make use of the Christian world and

will stir their passions against the Muslims to rise and fight a deadly war against them. The same is referred to in Taurat.. And they will stimulate the one who will create mischieves against the pious oath. (Taurat: Daniyal Ch.11 Verse 31, 32)


This war will do no good to the Christians but will indirectly serve the hidden motives of the Jews who are anxiously awaiting their Redeemer. The Force of Evil to the end of the time of the world that is known to the world of Islam as Dajjal and to the world of Christianity as Anti-Christ. This force of evil deeds is considered by the Jews as their savior. It is not understood that despite such a disparity in ideology how come the strength of the Christian world is placed at the disposal of the Jews. The only explanation could be that it is deception and above that it is destined to happen. So people can avoid it but cannot prevent it. Meanwhile Mehdi would have sent an army in support of the Muslims of Palestine to help and liberate them. As the forces of the West will start gathering in Israel concentrating in Magadon thus it will gain attention of the Muslim world. Army of Mehdi will comprise of armed forces of different Muslim countries of Asian and Arab lands that would have become a part of the Mehdis Kingdom.

An army would be organized and sent to these Mujahedeen to help them prepare against the concentrating Western forces. The stage will be prepared

that will fulfill the prophecy of Armageddon. It is narrated in Hadees that it would be among the deadliest wars. Western Forces would have an upper hand because of the battle field of their choice, being well organized, immense logistics support and latest fire power. Muslims side will comprise of forces mostly of Mujahedeen while regular force from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria, Iraq and certain militia forces taking part in resistance against the aggression in the middle East. In the initial stages of war western forces would have upper hand. Muslims may fight a guerrilla war. Mujahedeen will use those tactics that they had successfully used in the past against the Americans and had ousted them. These Mujahedeen fighting in the Israel for the liberation of Palestine would be Mujahedeen from Afghanistan who would have originated under Black Flags of Khurasan. In Hadees Prophet Muhammad narrates that when they begin from Khurasan nothing can restrain them till they reach Aielia (Jerusalem). Thus it seems that this force in the initial stage of appearance of Mehdi after having established Mehdis rule in Saudia will set out for their aim at the liberation of Palestine and Al-Quddus Mosque that would be under occupation of Israel. Thus this group of Mujahedeen would have been in Israel since long and would have ablazed the resistance against Jewish occupation of Palestine. Both the sides will face heavy casualties. Muslims would suffer much. (Old Testament: Torah : Daniel Ch:11 verse 40-41). The second round of the war will possibly be fought in Damascus where Mehdi will come himself and will establish his Headquarters at GHOTTA.


Western Forces will charge towards the new battlefield and they will be

proud of their success in the initial round. By success at Magadon they would have recovered their confidence that was shattered by their retreat from Afghanistan. Over time soldiers from Eighty countries will become the part of the Western forces and their numbers will mount to 9.6 million. This is narrated in Hadees. It is important here to mention that it may not be an atomic war. Throughout this war Nukes might be kept capped. It would not have been as such if there would not have been the challenge of Islamic bomb. By having taken lead West would never like to create precedence for atomic war as they would clearly know at that time that now the present scenario of the Muslim world is no more compromising and these are people who are ready to face death for the cause of Islam. If once the deadly atomic conflict is begun then no one would be able to stop the other side that may play the deadliest.

In Ahadees two wars have been predicted. One at Magadon and other at Damascus. It seems that the war at Damascus may be the second round of the same war that was fought at Magadon. This war has been named as Al Malhamatul Kubra which means that this is the main war and bigger among the two. Possibly the war at Magadon was a warmer round and final decisive battle would be fought at Damascus. As is narrated it will be fought about nine months after Armageddon and will continue for four days causing mass casualties on both the sides. Muslim Mujahedeen will organize death squads that will shatter the ranks of the opponents. This war would be between Muslim world and Christianity at large. Jews after having provoked the war will silently hide behind and will let the Christian world fight war for them.

It is narrated in the Hadith that one third of the Muslims force will die, third of the crowd will abscond for the fear of their life while the third surviving will have great victory in this war. There would be so much bloodshed that the horses would be running in blood. There would be so many dead bodies in the battle field that a bird if starts from one side and move towards the other it would not be able to reach the end. But die in between. This is what is narrated in Hadees. The last narration may have two meanings. One that there would be so much dead bodies scattered in the battle field that the bird could not reach its end. Secondly that the smell of the dead bodies would be so intense that the bird will not survive that. So both may be possible. It is also narrated in Hadees that there will be so much devastation that a father who would have hundred sons and when he will see after the war ninety nine would have been dead and only one would survive. Al Malhamatul Kubra would be the last war between the Muslim world and the West. Its effects will be that Muslim rule and Islam will strengthen and the West will lose any hope of overpowering the Islamic world. Thus this resistance will finish for ever. The defeated Western forces will either make good a retreat to Israel or they will finally leave for their countries never again to be indulged in any conflicts against the Muslims. Baitul-Maqdas would not have been liberated till that time and Israeli state would not have been abolished. However Israel as a state and Jews as a cursed community would have read their terminal fate in the face of the events and would be terrified of their predicted lethal end. These two battles would have gained the major attention of the Muslims. The liberation movement of Mujahedeen in Israel would have been drifted to the main war causing the liberation of Palestine delayed for a while.


There are certain indications in Ahadees that tell us that possibly Turkey will make a fatal mistake and may stand besides the Western world as being a part of Europe. They might take a role in the two wars from the Christians side. Though there is an awakening of Islam in Turkey still till the time that these events happen possibly the Islamic rule would not have gained so much strength in the country so as to prevent its participation in this battle from the West. Army of Turkey and its judiciary are under the control of Christians and Secular Muslims. They still have a striking hold and give a tough time to the Islamic Political ambitions of the Muslims of Turkey. As having sided with the West Turkey would be a big challenge to Mehdis Islamic rule and he will first pay attention to that. Mehdi will send a force to wards Turkey. This army will reach Constantinople. Because of all these happenings an awakening would have arisen inside Turkey with movements by the Turkish Muslims. The defeated Christian Army and the seculars will not find it possible to stand against the changing winds and will immediately lose hold. Muslim Mujahedeen at Constantinople will prevent any armed conflict to avoid civilian casualties. Their mere presence will be enough to lash the backs of the conspirators and the Turkey will fall to the Muslim revolution without a bullet being fired. This is narrated in Hadees that Turkey will be captured just by Zikr of Mujahedeen. Thus Turkey will become a part of Islamic Empire with Islamic laws implemented. This will cause immense displeasure among the Jews as a strong hold of Infidelity that they had modeled inside an Islamic country since last several decades will collapse. In Hadees it is narrated that the fall of Constantinople (becoming a part of Islamic Empire) will create anger of DAJJAL the ANTI_CHRIST and he will appear.



Nothing is mentioned at this stage about the role of these two major countries in the above war between civilizations. This war would be the result of belief and faith. In some regards it would be the result of misunderstood and misinterpreted prophecies in divine religions and in other part Christian world disguised and misguided by the cursed Yahood. This war will primarily take the shape of conflict between Islam and Christianity. Both China and Russia are expected to remain quiet and watch the terminal results. All they may do be that they use their influence to prevent this war from becoming a nuclear conflict. As they have no role of faith in their lives so they will not be a party.

Abomination of Desolation State of Hatred or the Kingdom of Sins was a prophecy in Judaism as has been mentioned in Hazrat Daniyals Prophecies. It was told to the people of that time who were Jews by faith that a time will come that Al-Quddus (The place of extreme sanctity for them) will see a bad day. It was mentioned that it will be caused in Al-Aqsa mosque. It is clearly mentioned that this state will perish after forty five years of coming into existence. Yahood at that time could not imagine that the desecration of the place of extreme sanctity will be caused by the remnants of their tribe. They did not know that people of their faith and creed will be the cause of such occurrences in world that will fetch the anguish of Allah .

Today Christian world is equally responsible for all this. They are not innocent in this regard. They have given way to the cursed remnants of

Yahood and have chosen to be misguided by this group of Almanatis and Satanic forces. They have taken a chance to play in their hands. These prophecies that come from Judaism passed to the ancestors of Christianity as they inherited these as religious teachings of their past religion. These prophecies finally passed to the present generation. From these prophecies of Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) the world of Christianity know that State of Hatred and the Kingdom of Sins is Israel. They know that this state is destined to perish by the destiny of Allah . Still they are

deciding to stay on their side. They know that Jews are cursed and the formation of the kingdom of sins is the beginning of the end of the world. The history of Jews is full of fallacy and crimes to humanity. The Jews so many times have been convicted in the West for their wrong doings. Still the Christians of the West had been injecting life into the dead body of Israel. By faith Christians believe in the appearance of two extraordinary personalities towards the end of the time of the world. One is the descent of the Messiah, Essa Ibn-e Maryam (Jesus) from the skies and second is the force of evil awaited, known to the world of Christianity as Anti-Christ. Christians believe very rightly that Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam (Jesus) will kill the Anti-Christ and will clean the world of his unwanted undesirable existence. Remnants of Jews today, are not waiting for Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam but their Messiah is the hated satanic personality The AntiChrist. With such contradiction in faith it is not understood how Christians stand besides the Jews. The only possible explanation could be disguise. The Christian majority in the world has been kept under deception and their powers have been hijacked by the present lot of Jews.



This is what is mentioned in the prophecies of Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel), again predictions from Judaism. The Prophet said about this specific event that King from South will prepare force and will pollute the sanctity of the Fort. Then they will snatch the sacrifices being done every day, and will create over there the State of Hatred. Prophecy (a) And Forces will help them and they will pollute the established sanctity and will ban the eternal sacrifice. They will establish the dirty (Makrooh) things that will desecrate the place. Prophecy (b) And they will stimulate the one who create mischievous against the pious oath. But those who know their Lord will get something done (Taurat: Daniyal Ch.11 Verse 31, 32) As shown above in (a) this crime has already been committed by the West (British and American Christian World ) by having created and supporting the State of Hatred the Israel. It is because of their wrong act that the Abomination of Desolation has deprived the Holy Mosque to be kept alive with five time prayers a day. The (b) that is a mistake they are now going to make in near future. Their powers have been hijacked by the remnants of cursed Jews who will stimulate the Christian world for the Armageddon. The Jews will hide behind their ranks and will watch Christians die for their hidden cause. They will wait till the time that they can put their long awaited Anti-Christ against the Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam (Jesus). In their belief they presume that they shall be able to defeat the Prophet. They believe that Anti-Christ will establish for them the Greater Israel where all the Muslims and Christians will be their slaves and the masters (Jews) will rule the world.


There is confusion about Messiah. Both Judaism and Christianity use the name Messiah for their redeemer. An account of the same is essential to be presented to clear the concepts.


Theologically / Philosophically Messiah is the word in Judaism that represents the awaited redeemer of the Jews, to be sent by The God to free them. According to the divine revelations in Holy Quran Hazrat Essa (Jesus) was the savior of the Jews to bring them to the right path of the Lord and to pull them out of their wrong doings Thus he is the Messiah in the Quran. Messiah also gave the revelation that a Prophet is coming, the Prophet of Arabia who would be the last Prophet and you will have to subjugate to his teachings. People believed in the Messiah but the Jews just because of their conspiring nature, put the Prophet in trouble and never surrendered to his teachings. However they took the message and three of their tribes Banu Qanqae, Banu Quraiza, Banu Nazeer moved to Medina Munawwarah awaiting the Last Prophet. The Jews knew the identity of Prophet through their divine book TAURAT.


The long wait was over by the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad .To the astonishment of the Jews the Last Prophet was from Bani-Ismail while the Jews were expecting him to be from Bani-Ishaq. This was heart breaking for them.

Instead of subjugating to the will of Allah and accepting the new Prophet they showed resentment. Their arrogance showed them the way of plotting against the new Prophet and his believers. This started various battles between the Jews and the Muslims in which Jews badly lost and they were finally expelled from the Arab Land.


As the Jews did not lay their belief in Messiah (Hazrat Essa

) so the

revelation of Messiah that was in their religion remained unaccomplished. They also did not bring Emaan in Prophet . If they would have at least this theology of Judaism would have been fulfilled. To their bad luck they looked towards the future happenings to find an answer to this revelation. They had nothing to hold but one another feature coming to the end of the time of the world. They now lay the belief that their Messiah will be coming towards that time. Thus the force that they are awaiting is the one that is known to the world of Islam as Dajjal; to the world of Christianity as the AntiChrist while it is being considered by the Jews as their savior. To their hard luck this is the force of evil that will finally result in their complete destruction.


Are the Jews cursed as a Race

Jews are cursed in Quran-e Kareem. The last Divine Book.


Jews were unjust and would snatch the rights of others. They had always been plotting and conspiring against the Prophets of their time. So many times they even killed Prophets. They were forbidden to take interest on money but they kept on doing that. Despite the fact that this proud tribe had been the children of Prophets and despite the fact that they had been under the blessings of Allah , despite that a lot of Mojazzat (miracles) came .

to them. Still Jews would use their energies against the Deen of Allah That is why they are cursed and punished

It is curse by the commandment of Allah

that there will always be

someone imposed upon Jews who will punish them. Seeing the recent history Yahood were driven away from the Arab Land during the early days of Islam. History tells us a minimum of two events. The reign of Bakht-e Nasar who massacred them in Palestine and the German period when Jews were massacred during the time of Hitler. This was the worst form of punishment that was inflicted upon Yahood because of the curse of Allah . In Nazi

concentration camps they were massacred because of their bad history and underground activities. Alas! They have not learnt from their history. Still today all the interest based systems in the world are being worked upon by them. It is strange enough that despite all the control on the economies and media still they are

not leading a safe, comfortable and respectable life. This curse will continue with them to the time of Hazrat Imam Mehdi Rehmatullah-Alaih when the world will see their annihilation. So there are enough evidences that the Humanity at large has rejected them in all the eras and have shown their resentment upon Jewish mentality and activities.


Evidence state that Yahood as a tribe or as a creed are not cursed. As has been seen that they are the children of Prophets and were dear to Allah . Being the ancestors to the Prophets their primary task was the propagation of Deen of Allah . Whosoever among them were pious

souls they followed the right path and fulfilled that responsibility. Whenever new Prophet came and guided them it caused polarity and those who were righteous they would listen to the teachings of Prophet and would change. Whosoever among them were conceited they would refuse and conspired against the Prophet. This phenomenon continued. Good part of them kept on climbing the stairs of divine religions while others who were arrogant and disobedient remained aloof. Those who accepted the divine religions in succession, they gave up the name of the tribe. First polarity occurred at the Prophet Hood of Messiah (Hazrat Essa ,

The Jesus) when lot of them converted and became Nasranis and came under the blessings of the divine religion. A small number that were left, retained their old identity that became a sign of their disobedience to Allah . As a part of their conspiring nature they put Hazrat Essa Alaihis-

Salam (Jesus) in trouble and this entire created curse for them.

The last refinement in this polarity was caused at the Prophet Hood of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad .Lot of Yahood converted to Islam while disobedient did not accept Prophet Hazrat Muhammad as the Prophet, as he was the descendant of Hazrat Ismail Alaihis-Salam and was not from Banu-Ishaq. Thus these remnants of Yahood remained cursed ones and they turned to resort to Satanism. Their coming generations remained their prey because of ignorance. In the Teachings of Quran evident account has been given that the Yahood are cursed and it is the commandment of Allah that till the day of

Qiyama they will not have a homeland to settle at. So to conclude we will summarize as: Yahood Obedient to Allah had been converting to the

successive divine religions and they came under the umbrella cover of Christianity and finally Islam.

Disobedient refrained and did not accept the divine religions in succession thus remained cursed.

As the divine religion has been passing through evolution so whosoever refrained from that has been out of the chain of divine religions. The Pathans of the tribal belt in KPK province of Pakistan and in Afghanistan have been termed by the historians as the Lost tribe of Yahood. Today these Pathans are steadfast, devout practicing Muslims. Thus it is concluded that Yahood had not been cursed as a creed but the disobedient ones whose arrogance kept them aloof from subjugating to the will of Allah and the Prophets of the time are cursed.



These remnants of Yahood retained the forbidden interest based economy and business and became its promoters. This interest based effort had been continuing since prehistoric times and is said to be an evil movement. As it has persisted since thousands of years against divine guidance thus it is a sufficient proof in itself that Satan is at the back of this activity. Jews had taken this satanic activity in their hands and had been nurturing it through last couple of centuries to make it attain new heights of dominance. They adopted all the underground activities in the society. Also for their ulterior motives they resorted to magic and gradually became worshippers of Satan. They devised many methods in satanic practices and undermined the societies and the innocent people of different nations. They had been the cause to grab the people in their interest based loans and then showed inhuman attitudes. They created secret societies and had hidden motives for the rule of Satan. They looked towards Anti-Christ as their savior as that is the only power left. Ideologically they are rejected by both Christianity and Islam. This group of Iluminatis ( See: Satanic Claws) keep the belief that Satan (Anti-Christ) will come and fulfill their longstanding ambition of rule over the earth.


Thus as has been indicated the Cursed Ones is not the whole creed of Yahood but a group of those conspirers who have kept even the remnants of Yahood in deception. Yahood who had not been involved in underground activities have innocently remained with them. They have suffered in the past and will finally again suffer because of the deeds of the Cursed Ones. This main

group is leading the identity as Jews. Others are innocent people who have remained in ignorance and not knowing the facts have subjected themselves to share a part of their fate in the form of displeasure of Allah and finally complete annihilation from the face of the earth.


Now we come to the main topic again. As has been explained in prophecies the fall of Constantinople to the Islamic Kingdom will cause anger of Dajjal (The Anti-Christ) the long awaited redeemer of Yahood so he will appear. It would be the period of supernatural happenings as this person will have supernatural powers.


In events this word is used as an expression of immense tragedy. Western world knows Dajjal by the name of Anti-Christ. Word was used by the last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sallallaho Alaiha-Wasallam to name the biggest tragedy that will ever occur near to the day of QIYAMA. These would be the days near the end of the era of the world and would be followed in near future by Qiyama. In fact it is explained as a final sign preceding Qiyama and would be a test of Emaan of the people of the world.

In the Hadith Dajjal is termed as a person who would be having curly hairs. His one eye would be severed. He will be among the Jews and will appear somewhere between Syria and Iraq. About him Prophet Hazrat Mohammad

Sallallaho Alaiha-Wasallam said that he will have supernatural powers and will create disturbances to the right and to the left. He will move as fast as the clouds upon wind. He will go to a tribe and they will subjugate to him. He will command the skies and it will cause rains, he will command the soil and it will give crops. He will manage and the animals of that tribe would be well fed and would give much milk.

Then Dajjal will go to another tribe and call upon them. They will reject him so he will turn against them. That tribe will be involved in famine and will lose everything they have. Dajjal will move upon a barren land and command it to reveal its treasures. All the treasures of that land will come out and start moving with him as honey bees move with their queen.

He will call upon a young man and cut him into pieces. He will command that dead and he will rise. He will then proclaim to be God. With him would be a fire and a water. Prophet Hazrat Mohammad said what people will see as water would in fact be fire and what they see as fire would be sweet water. Those who will go into fire will directly go to heavens and those that go to water will be thrown into hellfire. In another Hadees the same is expressed in such a way that he will have heaven and fire with him. His fire will be heaven and his heaven will in fact be hell fire. So what you see as fire with him adopt that.


This explains the unbelievable powers Dajjal will exhibit. This innumerable expression of super human powers would be irrefutable by anybody except those with Emaan. As is explained in Hadees, denying the power of Dajjal and refusal to subjugate to him would mean immense loss that may be in the form of famine, drought and immediate slaughter in certain cases, but this

will lead to Jannah. While subjugating to Dajjal would mean getting his pleasure and in turn well-being of the world, but it will ultimately lead to Hellfire. It is narrated in Hadith that Dajjal will live for forty days. His first day will be equal to one year, the second day equal to one month, the third day equal to one week while the rest of the days will be equal to normal days. This will physically happen as Sahaba asked Prophet Muhammad that would only five prayers will suffice for the day that would be equal to one year or one month. So they were told that it would not be enough but they would have to offer prayers by calculating the time. Also Prophet told the Sahaba that you shall do your level to refrain from going to Dajjal. A person will go to him in Emaan and when he will come back he would have lost Emaan.

So the appearance of Dajjal will be a source of elation for the Yahood but it would be time of extreme test for the Muslims. It seems that a part of these supernatural powers that Dajjal will exhibit may be the immense technological developments that have occurred and they will be placed by the West (Americans) at his disposal. The Era of Dajjal may keep the Mehdi and other Muslims occupied, to prevent all, from his satanic activities. Dajjal will move hither and thither and his aim would be to distract the humans from the Lord and to make them believe that he himself is the God.

In this time period Mehdi would have to encounter and fight some battles with the followers of Dajjal to prevent them interfering with the Islamic regions. This will prevent their attention from the liberation of Palestine and Aqsa mosque. All the Muslim countries by then would have gathered under the flag of Mehdi. Islamic law and justice would have been implemented in all these countries.



It is narrated in Hadees that the era of Dajjal will be preceded by an era of lack of rainfall, drought, less crops, famines and animals dying of lack of fodder. It is narrated in Hadith that three years preceding Dajjal would be extremely difficult. By the commandment of Allah during the first

year the skies will retain one third of the rainfall and the soil will retain one third of the crops. The next year skies will retain two third of the rainfall and soil two third of the crops. The third year sky will retain all the rainfall while soil will not give any crops. There would be famine and all the animals will die because of lack of fodder.

The people would be exhausted because of these famine and difficulties. Time would be ripe for the Dajjal to distract people by his treasures and immense food, while the time would be extremely difficult for the people to protect their Emaan because of difficulties of three preceding years. The humans would have been exhausted and needs would be many. However people with Emaan will see the word Kafir written on the forehead of Dajjal and this will be their divine guidance that will remind them and will protect them from going astray.

However this period would be a difficult period and Mehdi and others among Mujahedeen would be busy in battles. One fine morning they would be preparing for their Fajr prayers that they will witness the descent of Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam (The Jesus).



This would be the moment of great happiness for the Muslims as they would have been awaiting the Messiah since long. They know by Hadees that Allah has ordained death of Dajjal in the hands of Messiah Essa coming to the roof of

Ibn-e Maryam. Muslims will see Hazrat Essa

the mosque. Their arms resting upon the wings of two angels. Essa will be wearing two yellowish clothes and Prophet said that his hairs would be long and would seem to be wet with water so that if he tilts his head down it would seem as if water drops are falling from his hairs and when he sees up it will seem that these are pearls. Looking at Hazrat Essa , Mehdi Rehmatullah Alaih will ask him to

come down. The Prophet will say that get me stairs so that I shall come down. Muslims will show their surprise that Alhamdulillah you have come down from skies, this descent may be a small event for you. In Hadees it is said that Essa Alaihis-Salam will reply that descent from skies was spiritual, with Divine powers. Now I am in the world that Allah has tied to the Material Efforts so I cannot come down from the roof unless I get stairs. Thus Muslims will help him down the ladder and they will be so happy to see the promised Messiah before them. Mehdi will ask them to lead the prayer. Hazrat Essa will say that you shall continue leading the prayer. Some among you have been made the leaders of others. And Hazrat Essa Alaihis-Salam (Jesus) will offer prayer behind Mehdi . will be as an

It is proclaimed that second appearance of Hazrat Essa

Ummati (Follower of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad .)He will spend his life on the last Divine Religion Islam, the Shariah of Muhammad .



The mere appearance of Messiah Ibn-e Maryam Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam (Jesus) will cause fear of death for Dajjal The Anti-Christ. Having come to know that Hazrat Essa (Jesus) has appeared he will start melting like

salt. Prophet Muhammad narrated that even if Hazrat Essa does not kill him he would have died because of the fear of the Divine Redeemer. Messiah Ibn-e Maryam Hazrat Essa Alaihis-Salam (Jesus) will move ahead to kill Dajjal (The Anti-Christ). Dajjal will run towards Israel to save his life. Seventy thousand Jews will encircle him to protect their lord. It is by the commandment of Allah that Dajjal would be killed by Hazrat

Essa Alaihis-salam. It is narrated in the Hadees that Dajjal would not be able to come in the range of the breath of Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam and if he does he would die. It is also narrated that the breath of the Prophet will go to such far of distance where eyes can see. It is narrated in the Hadees that even if Messiah, Ibn-e Maryam Hazrat Essa (Jesus) does not kill

Dajjal he would have died by just having seen them but this is the will of Allah that Divine Messiah shall kill the Satan with his own hands.

Thus Hazrat Essa (Jesus) will follow him into Israel and will get hold of him at the location of Babb-e Lud. The Divine Messiah will kill the Satan with his spear. He will later show the people the blood of Satan (Dajjal The AntiChrist). This will be the end of this tragedy that will overwhelm the humanity for forty strange, pretty long days. At the death of Dajjal the Muslims will take a sigh of relief. Jews will lose all hopes as their lord would have died a tragic death. They would be left with no hope to cling to. For the first time in the life of the world they will find themselves extremely helpless and pathetic. The tragic end awaiting them would become imminent and it would become a nightmare for

them. They will now know that nothing can save them from massacre that is awaiting them. All the atrocities and treacheries that these remnants of Jews have played with the humanity over centuries would then be avenged and will demand complete annihilation of this satanic group.


Alas! Innocent among them who did not know the treachery behind and remained a part of them just because they had born in a Jewish home would unfortunately share the same fate. It is a crime before Allah to

strengthen the hands of culprits, by adding to their number or standing besides them even if one did not take any part in satanic activities. Their presence provided moral support to the immoral work and created an atmosphere that posed legitimate grounds for the immoral activities of the Cursed Ones. At the death of Dajjal the Jews will start concentrating towards the Kingdom of Sins to protect themselves. At this moment the eminent task before Mehdi would be to liberate the Pious Fort Masjid_e Aqsa and to establish its sanctity. Mujahedeen will head towards Israel and start crushing any resistance found on the way. The Satanic remnants of Jews will finally be besieged in their walled fort. Mujahedeen will crush their defenses and will enter their strong hold. Jews will run for their lives. In Hadees it is narrated, That day nothing will give protection to Yahood. It would be a divine command to annihilate these Satans. It is narrated in Hadees that stones will call upon Muslims and tell them that a Yahood is hiding behind them and will ask the Muslims to kill him. Prophet Muhammad said that only the Plant of GHARQAD will not.

This is a plant that grows in deserts and is considered as plant of Yahood. Travelers indicate these plants being planted in huge numbers by Yahood in the desert of Sinai.

Era of Prosperity, Justice And Blessings of Allah

This would be the end of this long standing tragedy. It will be followed by a period of tranquility and reforms. Mehdi will establish the rule of Islam. Muslims would be commanded to follow the teachings and Non-Muslims will be motivated to adopt the divine religion. There would be prosperity, plenty of rainfall, crops will be in abundance. There will not be dearth of anything. So much would be the blessing that a pomegranate will be so big that it would be sufficient for many. A goat will give so much milk that it will be sufficient for a family. A cow or a buffalo will have so much milk that a group of families will be easily accommodated with that. There will be rule of Justice and Mehdi will distribute the wealth of the kingdom among the needy.


It seems that the tragedy of Dajjal will be limited to Arabia, Gulf, Middle East, Part of Africa and Indo-pak Sub-Continent. Nothing is mentioned about the West. This primarily seems to be a test of Emaan of those who subjugated. All the activities of Dajjal are explained in these regions. It seems that the West along with Russia and China would just be watching all these happening. Even if West is effected to certain extent that is not known but that would be limited.

People would be tested for their faith. Those who have nothing to do with faith they may not be subjected to this trial. Even if they incidentally come across it would be immaterial for them and they shall not be able to know the reality. The materialistic way of life in itself is dajjalistic pattern of life. People without spiritualism will fall prey to Dajjal. The unusually prolonged days during the time of Dajjal will be uniform for the people of the world and that would create some terror among the masses. In the West, besides steadfast Muslims, for the rest such happenings would be convincing factor to succumb to the claims of Dajjal who will proclaim that he is the God. The governments and leadership in the West will calm their people and will ensure that no harm is coming to them and all that is happening are due to the supernatural powers of God who is punishing the Muslims of the world. They will believe that the great defeat of the West that was caused in AlMalhamatul Kubra is being avenged. The West will remain busy in their materialistic life and that is what the Satan want from all of humanity. There would not be any spiritual move in the West. However Dajjal may visit the West to gain spiritual elation of his kind and material support from there.


As this tragedy would be limited to The East thus certain factors in it can possibly be explained scientifically and technologically. This may be a hidden chemical warfare, conducted by the West on the East upon directions of Dajjal. There may be control of weathers that would be manipulated from the West again in support to Dajjal. Both these can be used to cause famines in the selected areas and to cause rainfall in others.

Latest technology of biologically transformed seeds that extensively increase the yield may be used as a tool to express the reward from Dajjal. HAARP a scientific and technological development that is known to have manipulatory effects on regional weathers may be the main tool of Dajjal to accomplish his supernatural powers and to influence the people. It seems that immense powers, resources and technological developments of the West would be put at the disposal of Dajjal. Though the Christian community would have the concept that Dajjal is the Antichrist but they may still support him as this will be their only hope to avenge their terrible defeat in Malhamatul Kubra that they would not have forgotten. Subjugating to the Anti-Christ by the major part of Christian Community of the West would be the defeat of their faith.


Visualize for a while that the East is `entangled in difficulties while West would be as usual a place of comfortable living. Thus people of weak faith, western minded, seculars and those who had the history of loyalty and inclination to the West will beg for asylum. In that Era the only rescue would be to be taken to the West and protected from the difficulties in the East. To astonishment, movement to the West would be tied with subjugation to Dajjal that will demand a specific belief. That belief will damage the Emaan and pollute the faith. This will be a fatal trick. It is mentioned in Hadees that Dajjal will have heavens with him as well hell. His heavens will be Hell while his hell will lead to Heaven. His fire is Heaven and his water is Hell. Whomsoever he rewards will be thrown in Jahannum (hell) and who falls in his fire will directly go to Jannah.

Thus it seems that the situation would be so bad that people will have no other option for protection but to move to the West. Those who subjugate to Dajjal would be given way and temporary asylum in the West. Thus by subjugating to Dajjal they lose their Emaan and damage their faith. They would have in fact chosen for them hell as their terminal fate. Those who desire to be provided asylum but refuse to subjugate would be left to their fate and they will keep on suffering. Though refusal to Dajjal caused immense trouble to them and they were thrown in miseries but in fact they had been successful in protecting their Emaan and strengthening their faith thus claimants of Jannah.


Today Alhamdulillah Islam is the fast growing religion in the West since last two decades. Not only that the present era has seen revival of Islam in the life of the Muslims of the world but also the conscientious, thoughtful people of the West (Christians and Jews) who had been probing in the religions to find the truth and spirituality are convinced by the Divine Religion Islam. Thus they are converting as a choice for a better change. They are proving to be better Muslim with deep seated faith in Islam as they have chosen to enter Islam willfully. They have given lot of sacrifices by having converted. It might have cost them their relations and social contacts to sizeable extent. However their reward is with Allah and they have made a good exchange against the Life of the World by gaining Pleasure of the Lord. It is imperative that this feature will keep on achieving momentum and will gain pace. Majority will convert as a choice while others may come to shed off their unrest that they are experiencing in a faithless atmosphere and a non-religious living. However the silent majority will be motivated

on the appearance of Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam (The Jesus). They will convert as Hazrat Essa will himself clear the doubts and call the people in Christianity to the right belief. He will correct all the wrong concepts that had been created in Christianity and will guide people to the right path. Moreover the long tug of war that had been going on between the two civilizations in which Christians would have faced defeat in the hands of the Muslims, would be the catalyzing and compelling factor that Islam is the true religion and Allah s help is with this Deen.


Meanwhile India and other countries in the region would be directly affected by the changes in the neighboring country Pakistan. Mujahedeen as explained earlier would have taken the task of liberating the Kashmir that had been under Indian occupation since long. The resistance India will pose to the Jihad will provoke and spread Jihad in nook and corners of the country. Meanwhile the appearance of Hazrat Mehdi and change of Pakistan towards Islamic Rule will have direct impact upon the Muslims of India who had been facing the long period of suppression under the Hindu rule. The deprived, poor population of India that is fed up of injustice and poverty will convert to the just teachings of the Deen of Islam. The Jihad will continue and the deprived factions will keep on joining the Mujahedeen and potentiate them. Mehdi will send a small army in support of Mujahedeen of India. Hold of the Indian rulers will gradually be weakened specially in the light of the international happenings. This would be the time that the West would be more absorbed towards the events in Middle East and would be committed

towards preparing and fighting Armageddon so nobody will come to the rescue of India. India had been enjoying the support of all the countries in the world to weaken Pakistan and Muslims. Now it would be time to face the repercussions. Thus the long atrocities of the Hindu rule will be finished and India will fall to Mujahedeen who will chain the rulers of India (as has been narrated in Hadees ) and bring them to Mehdi where they will find that Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam ( The Jesus) has appeared. The Jihad of India will be completed Inshaallah towards the end of 2019 or early 2020.


How and when will this happen

Having gone through all these details we realize one thing that the time is near for the appearance of Hazrat Mehdi. Hazrat Mehdi is the opening stance of the next era that the world has got to be in. World would take an altogether new turn after the appearance of Mehdi. All the speculations and planning of the humans will fail and whatever is destined by Allah will start exhibiting. The exact year, date & time can

never be predicted as it is our Emaan that the knowledge of the unknown, unseen and the future is only with Allah unless Allah reveal something

on his people. However prophecies of Hazrat Daniyal and of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad can be referred to. Till date a number of milestones have passed but unfortunate is the happening that nobody took any note of that. Hitler , World wars, Iranian revolution, Rule of Saddam in Iraq, Saddam invasion of Kuwait, West gathering and waging war against Saddam, the incidence of 9/11, Nations of the world gathering to crush Muslims all these were there in prophecies but these were not taken note of. This prevented drawing any lesson out of these international happenings. At least we can now lay some restrains for us and get educated upon the forthcoming events that are going to be exhibited. Minimum criteria could be that if inshallah couple of these milestones exhibit in exactly the same way, as predicted by the Holy Prophet SAWM, then we have to bring faith in all the pending prophecies and the predicted results that are going to occur and the new shape that the world is going to take.

However if these milestones exhibit as predicted and still somebody tries to find excuses not to foresee the future in its true perspective then it would be insane. So the events with date immediately preceding appearance of Mehdi would be some such: 1. Two eclipses in the month of Ramadan First Moon and then Sun.


There will be a bright light visible upon the Sky. It will appear like

a pillar. May be a comet. On 15th of Ramadan the night of Friday a strong shriek will be


heard that will be terrifying. It may be an explosion.


Death of the King in Saudia.


Differences between the successors leading to controversy in

accession to throne.


Fight between the tribes. Most probably as a result of efforts to

acquire the throne. The successors who will take positions against each other would be supported by the tribes their mothers belong to or by others who support them.


Hajj being performed without Ameer.


Hujjaj will be robbed.


Massacre at Jumra-E Uqba.


Appearance of Mehdi on Ashura (Oath of Allegiance [ Bait ] will be done in Haram).

So now let us try to place these events in expected dates in near future. These dates are being speculated according to Islamic Calendar that is lunar calendar and thus a difference may be expected by one or two days as Lunar Calendar is dependent on sighting of moon.
Expected Event Dates in 2013 month of Ramadan Moon eclipses 1 Ramadan There will be a bright light visible upon the Sky Sun eclipses 15 Ramadan On 15
th th st th th

Expected Dates in 2014 26 June-24 July 26 June

th th th

Expected Dates in 2015 14 June-12 July 14 June

th th th

Expected Dates in 2016 2 June-1 July 2 June

nd nd st

8 July - 5 Aug 8 July


This may be a Comet. It is also postulated that because of this heavenly body appearing there will be lot of calamities in the world including some coastal areas that will be drowned. 23 July

11 July


28 June


16 June


rd th th th

Ramadan the night of Friday a strong shriek will be heard Death of the King in Saudia Death of the King will occur but time period is not indicated. It has to be essentially in the same year because it is in this year Differences between the successors leading to controversy that the Hajj will be performed without Ameer who traditionally is the ruler of Saudia or his nominee. After the death of the king the two events of controversy between the three successors and the fights between the tribes will continue from his death to Mehdis Appearance and Fight between the tribes. may even after that. 23 July 11 July 28 June 16 June

Hajj being performed without Ameer 4 Oct- 13 Oct
th th





10 Sept19 Sept.


29 Aug- 7 Sept.




Hujjaj will be robbed

During Hajj Period

Appearance of Mehdi on Ashura (Bait will be done in Haram) 12 Nov


31 Oct


19 Oct


7 Oct


Thus the foremost is two eclipses in one Lunar month. Researchers say that two eclipses did occur in Solar months but since the known events two eclipses in a lunar month have never occurred and this would be an unusual event. If this happen rest of the dates will follow as calculated. This will indicate the appearance of Mehdi within four months after that Inshaallah. This would be the first sequence of events. Following this will begin the second phase that we shall try to summarize and establish in certain time frame.


Mehdi will remain for seven to nine years.
1. Sinking of the first Army from Syria in the ground that would be sent to counter Mehdi and his companions. People start coming from all around to obtain Bait (Oath of Allegiance) with Mehdi and accept him as leader. It will be because of the news of sinking of the army of Safyani that will gain


attention of people and will confirm that Mehdi is that person who is indicated in Prophecies and Allah help is with him.


The war of Banu Kalb: A Qureshi will send another Army with the help of his maternal supporters. This will be the Army of BanuKalb. That Army will be badly defeated and Mehdi and his army will get a lot of bounty.


Mehdi rule will be established in the Arab land.


Iran will come under the rule of Mehdi.

Coalition forces from the West will start gathering in Israel to counter Muslims Rule of Mehdi. 6. Armageddon :
This will happen inside Israel as the Muslim armies will enter Israel to liberate Palestine. Both the armies will encounter at Majdoon (Magadon).


Coalition forces will launch attack against the Muslim Army. Lot of Casualties will be caused on both the sides. In this battle possibly coalition forces will have an upper hand and the Muslim forces will move back to reorganize.

8. Al-Malhamatul Kubra (with eighty flags.).

This will follow Armageddon and will possibly be the second and final round. Will occur nine months after Armageddon. West will come with full intention to crush the Muslims. So they will come with complete preparations. During this time, forces from the West would have been gathering under Eighty Flags with final force

power of 9.6 million. This battle will complete the war between the Muslim world and the West. It will take place in Damascus at Ghotta causing mass casualties. Allahs help will be with the Muslim army and finally they will defeat the coalition forces. After this West will not be able to counter Muslims. This will be a short war but badly lethal and will be fought with brutality. Will continue for four days. Humanity will not be able to forget its destruction for the times to come.


10. Constantinople (Turkey) will come under Islamic Rule.

Appearance of Dajjal (The Anti-Christ). Forty days of Dajjal.

11. Dajjals era of deception and fallacy will continue for forty days. First day will be equal to one year the second to one month the third to one week and after that each day will be equal to a normal day.

Descend of Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam Skies.


12. Dajjal will melt like salt by having seen Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam.


13. The Hindustan will be conquered by Mujahedeen and its rulers will be put to chain.

14. Mujahedeen with Black Flags when conquer Hindustan they will come to know that Ibn-E Maryam Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam has appeared. 15. The Mujahedeen will move to Saudia and will become a part of Army of Imam Mehdi.

16. Dajjal will be killed by the Messiah, Essa Ibn-e Maryam (The Jesus) at Bab-e Lud in Israel where he will run to find refuge.

All the Jews will be murdered

17. Every stone and tree will call upon the Muslims to kill Jew hidden behind them. 18. The plant of GHARQAD will not and will give refuge to Yahood.

State of Israel will be completely abolished.

19. Peace will be restored in the world

20. Justice and Islam will become the religion and rule in the Islamic world (East).

21. Death of Hazrat Mehdi

within two years after appearance

of Hazrat Essa Alaihis- Salam.

22. Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam will marry

23. Appearance of Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog)

Gog Magog will cause lot of destruction. Finally they will be abolished by an epidemic that will occur by the blessing of Allah .

24. Death of Hazrat Essa Alaihis-salam five to six years after Hazrat Mehdis Death in some Ahadees this period is 45 years.


In a Hadees it is narrated that Qiyama will not come till the time that you fight with a nation of Khuz and Kirman who will have reddish faces, their nose will be flat and eyes will be small. Their faces will be like hide and skin in layers, flat just as a shield. In another Hadees it has been narrated that Qiyama will not ensue until you fight with people of the Turk race whose eyes will be small, faces will be reddish and their nose will be flat such that their faces appear as skin in layers. Both these Ahadees are narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurera .

These two Ahadees give us certain clue about a war that is to be fought with the people as explained above. Most probably these are the people from

South East Asia primarily China and Mongolia. It seems that the war
comes at a later time when all the events of Armageddon, and Malhamatul Kubra would have concluded. This would have given a new shape to the Muslim rule in the world. The event of Dajjal-ul Akbar and the defeat of Jewish state of Israel would have already completed. There would have been unrest among the Muslim population of China who desire more religious liberty, towards what China is very sensitive. They will not understand the spiritual requirements of the Muslim population and will consider it a revolt. They will endeavor to crush them by force. This

may lead to war. This war may be of a smaller magnitude as it will be fought in the border areas of China and not inside Arab lands. May be that after some initial conflicts Turk (People of South East Asia) may give up. This up rise would have been in limited territory that may be cut from the main country to an independent land or become a part of Muslim Caliphate. The other possibility is that during the war of liberation of Kashmir and India the Jihad also spread to the neighboring regions in China. If this is what the prophecy indicates then this war would take place simultaneously as the two big wars are being fought between the West and the Muslims that is 2016-19. In this case this war would be with the factions of Mujahedeen fighting in India and thus would be of moderate intensity and would not be the war between countries.


Are these some supernatural beings different from humans that will cause destruction around? We cannot ascertain with certainty. However as is narrated in Hadees and having been indicated about the events of the Era of the end of the world there appears an explanation to this happening. There are certain indications in Ahadees that tell us that Gog Magog would be humans. We have already seen that in the major conflict between faiths, the Atheist and communist factions remain aloof from the main conflicts between Christians and Muslims. They seem to be playing their role now against the Islam. As explained above the border areas of China inhabited by the Muslim population would have faced a change in its demographic presentation. In the initial stage as this conflict would have been of limited magnitude

thus China would have avoided the clash from spreading so as to prevent getting engaged in a strange war. However as the period of long struggle and difficulties for the Muslims finishes, Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam (The Jesus) would take the task of preaching and guiding the Christian population of the world towards the Divine Religion. The population of the West will by and large accept this call and convert to Islam. This may be the point when the Atheist and Communist philosophy would be left alone. It will locate the changed scenario a challenge for itself and in an endeavor to maintain its identity as an ideology may decide to wage a major war as a show of power against Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam and the Muslims. This war would be preemptive measure to prevent the religion penetrating into the lives of the people of these countries. If it happens like this it will be a war of Atheism against the Faith. Is this the possible explanation of Gog Magog. It is mentioned in Hadees that Yajjoj majooj will start coming from all the heights. This organized incredible manpower is only exhibited by China that has one fourth of the worlds population. When they start moving they will start appearing from everywhere. Nobody shall be able to stand in their way. They will reach Jabl-e Khumr (The Mount of Khumr) that is in Jerusalem. In Hadees it is narrated that at this point they will think that they have overpowered all the living beings in the world. They will then decide to avenge those who live up on the skies. It is narrated in Hadees that to fulfill their desire they will throw arrows towards the skies. It will be the will of Allah that these arrows will come back bloodstained. Thus Gog Magog

will assume that they have killed the one living up the skies. Hazrat Essa ibn-e Maryam will pray to Allah to relieve the Muslims from

this disaster. An epidemic will occur in Gog Magog. and they will all be killed.



It is mentioned in Hadees that when there will be time for appearance of GOG MAGOG Allah will send revelation upon Hazrat Essa that I

am sending some such people that nobody has the capability to fight with. So take my people to KOH-e TOOR. Scholars write that Gog Magog are among the off springs of YAFIS one among the sons of Hazrat Noah AlaihisSalam. They are explained as Turks and Mongols by race and have the same facial appearance as that of this race. Also it is mentioned in Ahadees that after they are killed by epidemic, Muslims will use their weapons and belongings for a long time for different purposes. All these explain that they are apt to be humans. The last narration in Hadees that narrates that they will like to avenge the Lord, points towards Atheist belief. Thus it seems that these can be people from South East Asia, primarily China who have arisen to defend / protect their atheist faith.

Events explained year wise keeping the possibility that year of Appearance of Hazrat Mehdi may be 2014. Year of happening

Sr. No. 1

Event Jihad Begins against Hindustan

Explanation In the same time frame that Mujahedeen send a contingent to Saudia For obtaining Political and Moral support from Saudi Rulers.
Foremost event.

Say Mid 2014

Sinking of the first Army from Syria

Early 2015

123 3 4
The war of Banu Kalb Coalition forces from the West will gather in Israel Will be first Big victory of Mehdis Forces Later in 2015


This shall be a continuous process. As the rule of Islamic Caliphate will start establishing and Syrian and queishis armies are defeated America will start concentrating forces in Israel and preparing allies against the Muslim Rule. Movements may start as early as 2016 and the whole event may be spread upon 2016-2019. See Text for details.

Al-Malhamatul Kubra

Constantinople (Turkey) will come under Islamic Rule Appearance of Dajjal, The Anti-Christ Forty days of Dajjal

Immediately after AlMalhamatul Kubra Immediately after succession of Turkey to Muslim Empire. The time period of Dajjal will be forty days spread over time span of 14 months and some more. See Text for details. Towards the end of forty days of Dajjal, The AntiChrist. The Jihad started in 2014 to liberate Kashmir will prolong to conclude in year 2019-20 with the final result that Hindu rule will finish in India. At Bab-e Lud in Israel where he will run to search refuge for himself. General massacre of all Yahood standing in support of Dajjal.

Somewhere late in 2019 2019



Descend of Messiah Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam The Hindustan will be conquered





Dajjal will be killed by the Messiah, Essa Ibne Maryam (The Jesus) All the Jews in support of Dajjal will be murdered




124 14
State of Israel will be completely abolished Palestine will be liberated 2021-2022 and sanctity of Masjid_e Aqsa (Jerusalem) will be established. The long era of difficulties for the Muslim world will Alhamdulillah finish. Peace and tranquility will be restored. Justice established. This would be the time to call the people of other religion towards Islam.


Islam will become the religion and rule in the Islamic world (East).

We take a sigh of relief as this noble work is Alhamdulillah almost near to completion. It is not our research but our conviction. We are informing our brethren that the event is close by. Most among us are unaware of what we are going to confront in immediate future. Others who know are ignorant about its reality. We are living in a very different era. We shall not be leading a casual life but unusual things are going to happen to the whole of humanity. We shall prepare for that. Knowledge is important to identify something that comes before us. Eyes cannot see what the mind does not know. In our opinion in this effort there is a lesson for all the three religions. We will summarize that for each one so as to fulfill our responsibility before Allah . Decision we leave to our readers.


It is imperative that Allah is angry with Yahood. You people had been

disobeying Allah the whole of your life time. You people have committed crimes to the humanity. The whole history and ideology of Judaism is full of sins. Why you people remained like that, it is just because that you did not subjugate to the will of Allah . You never surrendered to the Supreme

Power and always worked for the lust that governed your life. You always remained intoxicated in the arrogance you inherited. However even those were your brothers, they were of your creed who subjugated to the Lord and they are now living as Christians and others as Muslims.

You decided to remain Yahood; or you wanted to remain Yahood. If it is a decision then you will have to face the consequences as you took liberty and willfully adopted that path. If you want to remain Yahood it simply means that you think that the will of Allah is with Judaism and you want to please the Lord. Rest assure a terrible end is awaiting Yahood. They will be annihilated from the face of the earth that has been explained in detail in the book. It is only because of anguish of Allah . It has been explained

that Judaism is under Curse of the Lord. So brothers it is the time to repent before the Lord. Give up your stubbornness. You have only one course open and that is to please Allah . You have adopted the path of confronting

the Lord. You cannot win from the Almighty.


We must remember that we are responsible for whatever we do. Allah has given us wisdom and guidance. When we can be wise for our worldly gains what goes wrong when we are confronted with making spiritual decisions. The problem is that we have left that task for others as it does not interest us. In religion we just proceed as guided; assuming rewards and promises. As has been explained in the text that there is a basic controversy of Christianity with the Judaism. Then what pleased you that made you stand with the Jews. They are waiting for Anti-Christ. You are waiting for Messiah Essa Ibn-e Maryam, The Jesus. Jews consider that Anti-Christ will win against the dignitary The Jesus. Under so much controversy what makes you people stand besides them. You think that Armageddon is a Holy war. Remember you were in fact told that it is going to be a disaster. There are hidden hands behind who have given it the color of a Holy event and promised you forgiveness.

What will you do when Jesus Essa Ibn-e Maryam stands besides the Muslims? What will be your arguments before the Prophet? Except that you will be entangled in despair. Today is the time. Things will be as they are destined by Allah Allah . These cannot be tailored to your desires. Deen is of

. It is neither of the Muslims nor of the Christians. When Allah

commanded, your elders converted from Judaism to Christianity so they were rewarded. When Allah commanded you to subjugate to the Prophet Muhammad and you refrained from it. In fact you have disobeyed the commandment of Allah. You think you are pleasing Allah . Tomorrow you will see Jesus

standing besides the Muslims. Your whole ideology will collapse. Decide yourself, read religions and take the right decision.


Time is ripe and you are all sleeping. Its time to get up and work for the future challenges. You people are still busy in worldly gains while the days of supernatural happenings are close by. You were not ignorant as your Prophet told you everything that will happen, but now you are negligent as you exhausted all your energies in the material world. You have forgotten the lessons taught to you by your Deen. Today all the forces of the world have gathered to deprive you of your Emaan. If you do not realize that the biggest wealth you have is Emaan, then you will keep on wandering like mad people to gather the world at the cost of that precious thing that all the infidels want to deprive you of. Remember, all the calamities, all the miseries, all the tests, will be inflicted upon the Muslims. It is from Allah to test our Emaan. We will be rewarded to our excellence and we may be rejected if we do not prove ourselves. Polarity is going to occur and it is

going to be a struggle between Haq and Kuffer. Only being Muslim by name will not help. You will be demanded to prove that you are one.


Your life has been spent in worshipping Idols. Why did you worship that? Just because it is the nature of humans that they know they have a Lord. You could not ignore that instinct in your nature. You are not counted among those who would be tested by the Lord to be rewarded. Do you want to remain like that, ultimately facing the most undesirable fate? Our good wishes are for you. Please read the last divine religion and make a just decision.

Wa akhero-dawana Anilhamdulillahe Rabbilaalameen.


Satanic Claws:
It is not inappropriate to mention here about Jewish activities that had been going on since last four centuries and were managed by secret groups. These groups had been leading the Jews in their struggle to obtain power against the humanity. They decided to keep every detail as a secret till the time that the targets were achieved or alternately they gain so much strength and influence that they have no opponent who can stand against them.

The History of Jews:

The Jews had always been working for their motives at the cost of humanity. Their history is studded with conspiracies. Primarily they had targeted the West and had grabbed the Europe in their satanic claws. Today they have all the control on America and undeniable influence on its resources and Government. Their leading group comprised of usurers and rich and influential people in the world and a few RIBBIS who had no regard for other people. They started their activities in Britain. In 1785 these usurers and Ribbis made a hidden society and named it Illuminati. This was in fact a plan to bring the whole of humanity into slavery. All other humans were classified as Goyim. They brainwashed their creed telling them that each one of the Jews was equal to a 1000 Goyim.


These Usurers and illuminatis pushed Europe in war in the 17 th century. They made conspiracies and indulged the monarchs in expeditions against each others. They planned and executed revolutions in Britain and France so

as to put an end to the stable rule. They managed to create economical crisis throughout Europe by waging wars, thus creating a need for interest based loans that were in their hands. They would purposefully work to divide nations and ruled them through their agents. These conspirators managed to kill King Edward First of Britain in the hands of their agent Oliver Cromwell who played a major role in treason against the royal family. The revolution of France was planned by them not to the advantage of the citizens of France but illuminatis wanted to plant their agents in the government and have a hold on the country so that they could dictate their terms and enslave the country in their interest based monetary system. They managed to make the Bank of England. This was only possible as one of their agents William of Orange who was placed in power, benefitted them and gave them the charter to make the Bank in1694. This placed the whole population of England to the economic slavery of the Jew usurers. Thus they obtained all the rights to release the currency of England and control it. The first loan that was obtained by William of Orange from these usurers was 1.25 million pounds. This was the beginning of control on the economy of England. These usurers also never wanted that the state that has become indebted to them shall ever get out of it. As a result in 1698 loan of England that was 1.6 million pounds increased to 885 million pounds in 1815. This loan increased to more than 22 billion in 1945. Today the loan of England stands at one and a half trillion Pound Sterling. This is the figure of 2009. This is just the study about one country in Europe. Every country in the world is in the satanic claws of Illuminatis. complete Jewish

It is informative to learn that the game to overpower the humanity started by a prominent Jew usurer Amachel Mayer Bauer who adopted the name as

Rothschild for his family and established House of Rothschild in early 19 th century. Amachel Mayer Bauer organized a meeting of the thirteen richest usurers at Frankfurt. Bauer himself and twelve other usurers gathered at his invitation. They decided to put an end to all the European kings and the governments so as to rule the world. These were the richest usurers and influential people. Bauer placed before them the plans of taking the world in their slavery. The Plan had all the immoralities and their aim seemed to be to damage the whole of mankind and to trap them. The plan they agreed had following salient features: The decided that independence of nations is to be replaced by liberalism that shall create chaos. Loyalty was to be changed with liberty that will cause sectarian riots and weaken the states. They discussed upon the psychology of mob and decided to make use of it. The decided that the public was to be controlled through dictators and in time of needs the same mob would be used to create anarchy in the society. Both situations to be used to accomplish their targets through their agents. They planned to create arrogance in public and a sense of false pride. The public will be required to maintain their standards finally creating requirement for money that would be in their hands. They decided to destabilize the governments to shift the power in their hands thus managing to govern them through their agents. It was decided to influence and control the governments through officials by bribing them and using agent women who shall establish illegitimate relation and then blackmail them through defamation. They planned to promote the wars but decided not to let anybody win. The main purpose was to create financial and economic crisis finally leading to dependence on their money. This way both the sides would come under the burden of loans acquired from them. To prevent the ultimate success in

wars they decided to use peace conferences and compromise through arbitrators who would be their agents. Thus their agents will get control upon nations. This is what they had been doing when they pushed Europe in internal conflicts and wars in the 17th century. Diplomacy was decided as another tool that will immediately be placed at its function after inciting wars. Their agents will immediately get chance to surface as diplomats in the form of advisors, financial experts and people of political influence. They decided to create financial and economical crisis using the strength of their wealth thus causing unemployment. Causing dearth of food through simulated shortage in the markets leading to hunger. They had in their plan to use this hungry mob to crush those to be removed from power. It was decided that fraud and deception shall be their principle and their agents shall be trained for that. They wanted to control the raw material and thus control upon establishing the prices of choice to create instability when ever required. To control business through enormous taxes that would be managed to be levied through their influence on the Governments that would be pressed under their heavy loans. They decided not to respect the regional and international law but to mould them to their requirements so that civilizations shall perish. They decided to change the law by arbitration and mediation and prepared their agents to play these key roles under their guidance. To accomplish the target of taking control of the satanic movement of universal revolution that was being maintained by the freemasonry at that time they decided to obtain influence in the Masonic lodges. They planned to obtain good name by philanthropic activities and decided to use lodges for their hidden ulterior motives to create atheism in the people.



They decided to control the public by creating terror through killing and sectarian riots. Street fighting and killing were to be promoted by their underground agents. They agreed that terror was the easiest way to keep the public enslaved and under control. Weaponry was decided to be created and promoted throughout the world so as to give easy availability of the weapons to the public facilitating lawlessness. The aim was to gradually destroy the society. In politics they settled to frame such laws that they can confiscate anybodys property any time and to replace the devastation of wars by terror of death sentences in times of peace so as to keep the terror in place. These Illuminatis managed to create differences in Europe and created a distance in government and Church and thus divided the people in groups. They conspired and divided Christians in Catholic and Protestants and then Protestants were further separated into conformists and non-conformists. This was just to create differences and keep the people engaged in conflicts so that they can be divided and ruled.


They decided to destabilize the governments to shift the power to their hands thus they wanted to manage government through their agents. This will serve their cause and moreover keep them behind the scenes as their agents will serve their cause under their instructions. They understood the importance of youth and it was decided to create immorality in them by promoting wine, drugs and adultery and

destroyed these generations leading to non-religious Atheist societies. They decided to use their agents for these purposes. They wanted to put an end to all the humanity, only labor class surviving that shall serve the masters. In their planning Police and Army was essential to control this labor class. The final aim was a universal government to be achieved by creating large monopolized units. These be so huge that an individual with even enormous wealth shall become immaterial and ineffective in this huge monopoly. This universal government would be headed by these illuminatis and their Lord would be the Ruler. This Ruler would be none else but The Anti-Christ who is considered as Savior by the Jews. This is their NEW WORLD ORDER.


Though supporting the cause of Illuminatis the common Jews had been spending a pathetic life through centuries. During Great Eviction when the Jews were by and large sent to exile from all the major monarchs in Europe, the common Jews had been living in camps. Here their leaders and religious rabbis had been poisoning them against those who had sent them in exile. These Ribbis and leaders had been under influence and control of the illuminatis and Jewish Usurer who themselves were protected in their safe havens. They managed to keep their identity secret and kept working behind the scenes and they never liked to come to lime light. Anybody who would become effective in exposing their identity so he was killed ruthlessly. Thus the common Jew innocently remained a tout in their hands even though they did not enjoy any virtues but they suffered all the times because of the wrong deeds of these illuminatis. These common Jews had been used by these usurers for all the underground activities and terrorism. They had been brainwashed that they are the selected people of

the Lord and soon he is going to appear and then they shall be able to avenge and rule the earth.


The common Jew had to live in pitiable condition in the concentration camps during their Great Eviction from Europe. In 1290 king Edward sent all the Jews in exile from England. In 1253 French government ordered Jews to move out of France. In the year 1306 again all Jews were sent to exile from France. 1360 Hungary,1370 Belgium,1380 Slovakia,1420 Austria, 1429 Spain, 1444 Netherlands, 1495 Lithuania, 1498 Portugal, 1540 Italy, 1551 Bavaria made sure that the Jews were pushed out of the country. In this great eviction that continued through 13 th to 16th century influential among them made themselves safe havens in south of Italy, Marsalis, and other catholic states. But common Jew could only find refuge in Poland and Turkish Empire where they lived in settlements. So many times the Jews managed to enter Europe and so many times they were again sent in exile. Their activities had been pointed out by the researchers and historians who have shown their resentment upon Jewish mentality and activities. Thus they had been by and large rejected by the humanity.

Books for reference: Mashkatul _ Masabeeh Vol:3 Chapters: o o o o o The Book of Fitn About the Wars Signs of the end of the World Signs before Qiyama and Dajjal About Descent of Hazrat Essa Ibn-e Maryam.

Hermajadoon: Amin Muhammad Jamalud-din. Professor Jamia-ul Azhar. Cairo. The Age of Muslim Ummah. Amin Muhammad Jamalud-din. Al Khalifat-ul Mehdi Fil Ahadees-us Saheeha: (Arabic) Shiekh-ul Islam Syed Hussain Ahmed Madani. Learn Islam The Last Divine Religion. Know Your Deen. ( Learn Islam: Wisdom From Al_Quran. References from the Divine Book. ( Torah: Daniel: Jehad-e Afghnasitan sey Zahoor Mehdi Tak. (URDU) Abu Abdullah Asif Majeed Nakash bandi. Kalam-e Muqaddas: Old / New Testament. Pakistan Bible Society. Catholic Bible Commission 2011. Matthew Henrys Commentary on the Whole Bible(C) 1960, Marshall Pickering.

Suggested readings: Jungon Kay Sodagar: (URDU) Masood Anwar Karachi, Pakistan. TIMELINE OF EVENTS THAT PRODUCED AND SHAPED THE NEW WORLD ORDER


I, Witch New World Order Organization


Symbols used in the Text. (Refer to glossary):

Subhanau wa- Taalah

Jalle Jalala-hoo

Razi Alla-hu unho

Sallallaho Alaih-e Wa-sallam

Rehmatullah Alaih



AADIL: A person whos Aamal are more than his sins. AALAME ASBAB: The material principles of life. The life of the world
is termed as aalame asbab as by the will of Allah this life is kept

dependent upon the material principles. Without effort and hard work humans cannot practically lead their lives. The material principles of life have in fact been created as a test for the Emaan of the people.

AAMAL: Practices of the commandments of Islam and Sunnah of Prophet

Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih-e Wa-sallam, for the will & acceptance of Allah Subhanau-wa Taalah.

ADAM: Father of all human race. Adam was created and kept in Jannah
and then along with AMMA HAWWA [EVE] they were both sent to earth where human race continues till date as their offspring. Word ADAM has arisen from Adeem that means Soil of Earth, as Allah Subhanau-wa Taalah created Adam from soil of earth. It also pertains to wheatish color as Hazrat Adam Alaihis Salam had wheatish color.

AIMA_E MUJTAHID_DEEN : Scholars of Islamic Jurisprudence.

Peace be upon him.

Used With the name of the Prophets. Means,

ALHAMDULILLAH: All the Praises are for Allah

of Zikr) .

. (This is a form

ALLAH: This name hold all the qualities of the supreme lord. Ninety nine
names of qualities have been mentioned. ALLAH is the name hereby chosen by the ALMIGHTY himself. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah say, Tell them

that he [His name] is ALLAH. Non believers had been giving names to their gods & goddesses but this name has not been adopted by any and remains specific for the ALMIGHTY.

ANGELS: One of the creations of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah Angels are
normally not visible to humans. Though under commandment of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah they had adopted human appearance at times and appeared before people & the Prophets. But even then they did not behave like humans. Angels are innocent. They are normally involved in praying to Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah They have been bestowed responsibilities what they fulfill. Four big angels are Hazrat Jabriel Alaihis-salam, Hazrat Mikael Alaihis-salam, Hazrat Izrael Alaihis-salam and Hazrat Israfeel Alaihis-salam. Hazrat Jabriel Alaihis-salam has the responsibility to convey the revelations of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah to the Prophets. Since the creation of Hazrat Adam to the prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih-e Wasallam, Jabriel had been fulfilling this responsibility. Hazrat Mikael AlaihisSalam has the responsibilities of all the water resources, clouds and rainfall. All these are carried out by him under the commandments of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah Hazrat Izrael Alaihis-salam has the responsibility to take away the life from living beings and it is said that for him lives of all the living beings are lying, like peas are in a plate. He has just to pick the right one under the commandments of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah Hazrat Israfeel Alaihis-Salam has a big biggle in his mouth. It is so big that the whole universe is lying in the mouth of the biggle like a small ball. Hazrat Israfeel has to blow biggle under the commandment of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah thus Qiyama will occur. The entire universe will be broken into pieces, mountains will fly like wool, living beings will die and earth will be torn into pieces. Some of the other responsibilities given to the angels are explained as bringing the drops of rain to the earth. Each drop is brought by an angel. Angels protect the living beings against diseases, against accidents and against other happenings under the commandments of Allah Subhanau waTaalah Even angels guard each piece of food that goes inside a living being

and ask Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah that this food shall become health for him or it shall turn into disease.

BAYADI KAL KHAIR INNAKA ALA QULL-E SHAI-IN QADEER: Means: O Lord all the good are in your hand. Undoubtedly you
are competent to do anything.

BELIEVER: One who has Emaan, see Emaan. A person who believes in
oneness of Allah, practices shariat of Prophet of his time and has faith that success is in will and acceptance of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah

CREATED: [Here this word has been used for the creations of Allah
Subhanau wa-Taalah]. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah is the creator, while all other things are created by him.

CREATOR: Allah is the creator from cell to a creature, from ant to

Jabriel, from small particle to limitless sky, from this world to life herein and after.

DUA: Prayers

DAAWAT: To invite / to call towards.

DARUL-AAMAL: Place where you have opportunity to do Aamal( Good

Deeds). Refers to life in this world.

141 DARUL-JAZZA: Place where you are rewarded against your aamal.
Refers to eternal life that will start after the Day of Judgment.

DAWAH: Noun. Arabic word, specifically used as a term of invitation to

the will of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah

DECEPTION: Here this word is used for the deceptive feeling that life in
this world is everything.. In fact when one dies only then reality is revealed on him that nothing in this world belonged to him and he passes away empty handed. The life that he never believed is then revealed to him. He is thus taken aback.

EID : This is the Muslim festival that is celebrated twice in a year. The first
Eid comes just after the month of Ramadan and is called Eid-ul Fitr. The second one comes about two months after Ramadan and is called Eid-ul Azha.

Eid-ul Fitr: Immediately follows the holy month of Ramadan and is one
among the two religious festivals of Islam. Sadqat_ul fitr is equal to two and a quarter kilo wheat or alternately four and a half kilo barley in kind or its cost in the form of money per person of the family.

EMAAN: It is an enlightenment of heart [feeling or effect]. Because of this

a person while fulfilling commandments of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah, in the way of the Prophet, firstly feels desire to do the act, secondly feels pleasure while doing the act and finally feels satisfaction after doing the act. Thus before any sin is committed the person with Emaan feels fear of

ALLAH that prevents him from doing & once he is saved he feels happy. See ISLAM also.

ESSA: Messiah. Ibn-e Maryam. The Prophet of Bani-Israel. Christians

call the Prophet The Jesus.

FARAIZ (OBLIGATIONS) : Are those practices in Islam that are to

essential be practiced . One who refrains from practicing Fraiz may turn out to be an infidel.

FARZ_E KIFAYA: It is that form of an obligatory commandment that

when performed by a couple of people in the community is considered fulfilled. However if this is not performed then all the persons in the community are answerable.

FIDYAA: Compensation.

GHILMANS: Divine name for boys of Jannah, serving Jannati and his
belongings. Explained elsewhere in the text.

GIN: Gins are creations of Allah Subhanau wa- TaalahThey are made of
Heat & Fire. They are not visible to the humans. They are also addressee in Divine book [Holy Quran] and are called towards Path of Allah. They have believers and non believers among them. One of their group came to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and embraced Islam. Iblees [Satan] is one among their species. In them generations continue and they also have tribes and families among them. They have very remote interaction with humans.

143 HADITH_E QUDSI: A Hadith that is related to Allah

Allah proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad . . Narrations of

HAJJ_A TUL WIDAA: The Last Hajj of the Prophet HARAM : Adjective; Strictly forbidden in Islam. (Certain eatables,
certain drinks like wine and also certain acts).

HARAM : Noun; the area within the perimeters of the Holy mosque at
Khana-Kaaba and Masjid-e Nabavi is called haram.

HAYYA : The inner feeling of shyness of being answerable for ones deed
and acts. Hayya will prevent oneself from being vulgar. Hayya is considered as a positive character in Islam.

HAZRAT: This is a word of respect and means, somebody who is very

close or dear. This word is most suitable for and is thus used with the names of Prophets and Sahabas as they were close to Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah

HEAVENS: Christian name of Jannah. The concept is not as clear as given

of Jannah in Holy Quran.

HIDAYAT: Enlightenment that guides to the Right path and the will of
Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah

Hidayat means to guide with affection and kindness for eternal success without taking anything in return. Arabic word Hidaya means something that is given without taking anything in return. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah has given hidayat to humans in four ways: i. By wisdom and nature: This hidayat has been bestowed to every living being. It is said in Holy Quran, Our Rab [sustainer] created all the creatures and guided them the ways and means to fulfill their needs. ii. To humans by sending prophets and giving divine books, so as to call them to the path of eternal success. iii. In term of capabilities: By increasing the capabilities of people on hidayat by further bestowing them hidayat. iv. On the day of judgment by guiding people on hidayat towards Jannah (heavens).

HOORES: Divine name for women of Jannah. Explained elsewhere in

the text.

IFTAR: Breaking the Fast at dusk (time of Maghrib Prayers).

IGNORANCE: State of being unaware. Darkness of faith. IJTIHAD: Ijtihad are conclusions given after Scholarly reasoning, done
strictly under the rules of Islam, by Certified Islamic Scholars of high creed.

145 ILLAL-LAH: Towards Allah.

ISLAM: [Divine name of the True Religion]. During different

circumstances, using the physical abilities of oneself for fulfilling the commandments of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah in the way of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad is called ISLAM. As Islam is the physical contribution by ones acts thus it can be physically witnessed, while Emaan is a feeling or effect of heart thus not visible. During the time period of the Prophet there were many people who pretended to be Muslims, practiced Islam, but they were lacking Emaan. They were termed as munafiqeen.

JALLE JALALA-HOO: His Grace is innumerable.

JANNAH: Divine name of Heavens. This name has occurred in Holy


JANNATI: A person who will be living in Jannah.

JIBRAEL: One among the bigger angels having responsibility to bring

the revelations of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah to the Prophets, see ANGELS.

JIHAD: Has vast meanings i.e. Striving hard in the path of Allah
through wealth, time and life, Speech or writing and Preaching.


the Deen of Allah may be through battles (against the non believers) or

146 KALIMA: A purposeful phrase is called Kalima, particularly a phrase that

has an aim behind it.

KALIMA TAYYABAH: A sacred Kalima that is when narrated with

sincerity and depth of heart clears a person of all his sins and infidelity. See also La Ilaha Illal-laho Muhammadur Rasoolullah.

KHUTBA: Praises of Allah

, of

Prophet Muhammad


Khulafa-e Rashideen that are proclaimed before Jumma and Eid prayers.

KUFFAR : All the non-believers are Kuffar. Those who have not
proclaimed Kalima Tauheed and have not accepted Islam. This factor relates to faith.

KURSEEH: Muslim scholars term knowledge of Allah Subhanau waTaalah as Kurseeh. Others say that this terms to Kingdom of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah . In general sense this word means something on which one can sit. However Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah is beyond any needs . As explained elsewhere reality of Kurseeh is not known It is beyond the reach of human knowledge and wisdom to have an access to the reality of Ursh, Kuseeh or Noor.

LORD: Here the word LORD has been used for the unlimited owning of
Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah Whatever is in the East is of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah and whatever is in the West is of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah.

La Ilaha Illal-laho Muhammad-ur Rasoolullah: There is nobody to

be worshipped but Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah and Prophet Hazrat

Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. This is Kalimah Tayyabah [see kalimah tayyabah]

MASNOON: Those acts that were practiced by Prophet .

MASTURUL_HAAL: A person whose taqwa cannot be confirmed but

his bad deeds are also not known.

MOMINEEN: All the Muslims are Momineen. While they are then
Aala (best) and Adna (common) pertaining to their practice of Islam. This factor relates to faith. A Muslim who has performed an act like kuffar still remains a Momin but only that he has performed an act like those of Kuffar.

MOOSA: Moses. The Prophet of Bani- Israel.

MUHAMMAD: The last Prophet. Prophet of Arabia. The word means

somebody who has been praised too much and is being praised. After Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah praises are for the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho alaiha wasallam. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah has revealed on every prophet that a Prophet by the name of Muhammad will come and they were commanded to tell their people about his qualities and to take an oath from them that if they, or their generations find the period of the Prophet they shall be loyal to him and shall subjugate to his teachings.

148 MUJAHIDA_E NAFS: Fighting against the temptation.

MUNAFIKEEN: are Aatiqadi and Amali. The first form was there in
the time of Prophet Muhammad

.These were those Kuffar who had

hidden themselves among the Muslims and pretended as being Muslims but were in their Heart Mushriqeen. Amali Munafikeen are those that are Muslims by faith but they do not perform the Islamic practices.

MUSLIM: One who practices Islam.

NAAR: Divine name of Hell. Punishment place of the other world where
those who have not fulfilled Commandments of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah will be punished.

NAFFL IBADA: Optional Salat / Worship. NAUZUBILLAH: Means: we seek the protection of Allah
(this) act/ happening. from

NIYYAT: The Islamic expression of Intent essential to be made before

beginning any obligatory or Nafl Ibada or religious ritual. The reward of the ibada performed commensurate with the sincerity of intent.

149 NON-BELIEVERS: All those who have not accepted the message of The
Last Prophet in our time. This term is also used for preceding era for people of that time who did not accept the call of Prophet of their time.

NOOR: Light that spreads. Lights of this world are felt by two means. One
is by vision such as one sees sun, moon, stars. This is called sense. Second is insight such as drawn from wisdom / Holy Quran and is called Logic. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah[ God Almighty ] is the Noor of Skies and earth. [see Kurseeh also]

QAZZA: Obligatory prayers when not performed in stipulated time are

termed as Qazza.

QIYAMA: The day of judgment. Hazrat Israfeel ALAIHI SALAM will

blow the biggle under the commandments of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah and whole universe will perish. All the living beings will die. When he will again blow the biggle all the humans will get up from their graves. Dusting the soil from their hairs they will start moving towards MAIDAN HASHER [ground of happening] where judgment will begin.

RABBIL_AALAMEEN: Sustainer of all the Universes.

(Abbreviation) Razi alla-hu unho

RAZI ALLA-HU UNHO: These are the words of pray and are spoken
for SAHABA. It means that Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah be satisfied from

them. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah has used these so many times in the favor of SAHABA in the Holy Quran.

Rehmatullah Alaih.


Means Allah May Bless Him. This is

prayer that is used with the names of religious scholars, saints, aulia and people of high esteem from religious perspective.

RUQUE: This act is part of Salaat. During this act the person bends
while standing and put his hands on his knee.

SADQAH: Charity for the cause of Allah

SADQAT_UL FITR : The amount of money that is commanded to be

given to the poor and needy before Eid prayers of Eid-ul Fitr.

SAHABA: Muslims who have seen or heard Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

in his life time are called SAHABA. Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah has given his satisfaction and blessings for them in the Holy Quran and they are all JANNATI. One would not be a sahabi if he was not a Muslim even though he has heard, seen or even has remained in the company of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho alaiha wasallam.

151 SAHEE MUSLIM: The renowned book of Ahadees. Among the six most
authentic books of ahadees that are collectively called Sahaee_Satta rest of the five are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sahee Bokhari Tirmizi Shareef Abu_ Dawood Shareef Ibn_e Maja Shareef Nissaee Shareef

These authentic books of ahadees were written by Islamic Scholars all of whom had learnt religion from Imam Abu Haneefa Rehmatullah_Alaih.

SALAM: Islamic way of greeting Muslim Brothers.

Sallallaho Alaiha-wasallam: This phrase is specifically spoken with the

name of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and means that Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah may sent on Prophet Muhammad his blessings, Salam & Barakat. This is the commandment of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah in Holy Quran to say Darood & Salam every time one takes the name of the Prophet.

( :Abbreviation) Sallal-laho alaiha wasallam

SEHRI: The food taken before dawn to commence fast. Fast begins with
Sehri and completed at Iftar.

SHARIAH: The Islamic Law


SHARIAT: (Noun) The Islamic Law

SUALIHEEN: Righteous and pious, stead fast Muslims.

Subhanau wa- Taalah: These are the words of respect only to be spoken
with the name of Allah. It means that Allah is Pure does not have any Deficiency and All regards are for him.

(Abbreviation) Subhanau wa- Taalah.

SUJUUD: Plural of Sajda. This act is part of Salaat and in this person
prostrates before Allah .

Sulf_saleheen Ahle Sunnat. Sulf Saleheen are the three generation of

righteous and pious steadfast Muslims that followed the time of Prophet

.These are Sahaba, Taabaeen and Tabba Taabaeen. The last person
who falls in this category was Imam Muhammad Bin Hassan who learnt Islamic Jurisprudence from Imam Abu_Haneefa. Their believes and practices were strictly according to Sunnah of the Prophet .

153 SUNNAHS: All those acts that were adopted and performed by Prophet
Muhammad SAWM are termed Sunnah. There is great reward in following Sunnah and following these acts confirms the love of the Holy Prophet SAWM. In Salaat Sunnah are of two types Moakkada and Ghair Moakkada. The first have always been performed by the Prophet while the second were performed occasionally.

Sunnat_e Muaaqada: Sunnah that is obligatory. Ibaada performed by the

Prophet that have become obligatory due to the reason that the Prophet himself perpetually performed those in his life time.

SUSTAINER: Allah sustains the smallest as well Allah sustains the

biggest. All are alike for him.

TAHAJJAD: Midnight prayer.

TAQDEER: The destiny or fate. Taqdeer in fact is the fate that has been
ordained by Allah and there is no escape from it nor can it be changed

under the desire of the humans.

TAUHEED: The belief of oneness of Allah Subhanau wa- Taalah.

TAURAT: The divine Book Torah. The book of Hazrat Moosa

154 UMMAH: All those people who live from the time of the last Prophet
Hazrat Muhammad to Qiyama are collectively termed as Ummah. Ummah has two parts Ummat-e-ajabat & Ummat-e-dawat. Ajabat are those who have embraced ISLAM and Dawat are those who are to be conveyed the massage of Islam.

URSH: Roof . Throne. As far as the Ursh of Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah is

concerned we only know it by name. Its realities are beyond human knowledge & thinking. However it is clear that this roof and throne is not one, like those of kings of the world [in that case Ursh is supposed to contain Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah, while Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah is beyond any physical limitations. All the things are contained in him. Ulema [scholars] say that Ursh means rule of ALLAH, it does not refers to place where Allah Subhanau wa-Taalah can live.

Wa akhero_dawana Anilhamdulillahe Rabbil_aalameen.:

Means: And our last pray is that all the praises are for Allah Sustainer of all the creations. who is the

WAJIB: Wajib is next to obligatory.

The difference is that an obligation is confirmed by authentication and thus anybody who denies that loses Emaan and become KAFIR however Wajib is an essential event that if denied does not entail KUFFER. However leaving both causes a sin.

Ya Rasool_ul Lah: Means: O the messenger of Allah

Used to be called by the Sahaba to gain attention of Prophet Muhammad

Yarhamakullah: May Allah have mercy upon you.

ZIKR: Reciting good names of Allah


, Sending Darood upon the Ibaada. This

and reciting Istaghfar are all different forms of

form of Ibaada is called Zikr in Islam. For Zikr one does not need to do ablution (Wudu) that is so essential before offering Prayers and reciting Holy Quran.

ZNDYQ: A person cursed because of his wrong believes and malpractices

in the religion. One who is enemy to the Divine religion evidently and internally? He claims to be upon the Deen Islam but he explains the elements of Deen in his own absurd way against the teachings of Sahaba, Taabaeen and against the unified approach of the Ummah. [Sharrahe_ Motta. Kitabul Masoor. Shah Wali-Ullah Rahmatullah Alaih.]

ZNDYQA: Kuffar. Atheism. Agnosticism.

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