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Managing 2000 and 2003 servers along with Exchange servers (5.

5/2003/2007) and also Linux mail servers with (Postfix/Sendmail MTA)Windows 2003 EE - Active Directory architecture, implementation and management.Assist multiple Linux and Windows systems for networking team (N.O.C) Performed duties of IT operations like system troubleshooting and backup operation (Veritas NetBackup and Legato Backup system), to success High Availability systems (H.A)Configuration of storage devices, clustering software, and integration of the customer applications such as multi-node VCS clusters with Solaris 10 Zones for Oracle 10.2.Disaster Recovery plan implementation and testing.Performing Testing and verifications of systems, network connectivity and functionality prior to being released into production.Building Redhat Linux systems using OpForce and/or PXE.Resolving the customer systems issues using ticketing systems (Remedy based Action request) Maintaining current hardware infrastructure while also building out new hardware infrastructure usingSun Servers ,HP Proliant , X33* Series (Linux).Configuring and troubleshooting Apache web server . Configuring and installing Virtual Appliance like Openfiler NAS, LAMP Servers,Cacti and Nagios.Deployment and management of Linux/Unix Servers, troubleshooting, Performance tuning, modifyingDNS, Web server administration.Assist and maintain the Storage (EMC2 SAN Symmetrix, Clariion and NetApp NAS).Configured large scale Redhat 5 installation using EMC PowerPath and Symmetrix.Administration of MS SQL Server. Testing the connectivity from Visual Basic client to the MS SQLServer database. 1999 2004 : OFFICINA INFORMATICA Abano Terme Padova - ITALY Systems and network administrator : Supported, maintained over 60 physical servers and 25 VirtualServers. Provided support for 40 plus employees local and remote. Environment Hardware: Windows Server 2000 - 2003 (DL 140 and Dl 320) and 2000 Server including Exchange 5.5 (2003) , Compaq/HP ProLiant Servers 360,380, IBM Xseries 265 - 365 Operating systems/Softwares/Tools: Windows NT 4.0 SP4, 2000 200, Redhat Linux Enterprise server 3.0, Redhat AS 2.1, HPUX, Solaris, Samba, Apache, Patchlink Patch Manager, Unix ShellScripting, Perl , HP Openview. Responsibilities: Providing installations and System Support services for mission-critical Customer Businesses.Deployment and Support of UNIX and Linux operating Systems, configurations of the same tospecifications, and security configurations. Performed disaster recovery testing in lab environment and documented procedures

Performing Testing and verifications of systems, network connectivity and functionality prior to being released into production.Planned and implemented NT 4.0/2000 Domain migration to a Windows 2003 Active Directorysolution; migrated Exchange 5.5 mailboxes/clients to Exchange 2003. Internet Data center (Web hosting and consumer online) tier 3 7/24/365 Unix/Linux Support.Apache , DNS/BIND, Sendmail/Postfix configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting .Planned and performed server consolidation using VMWare Server infrastructure 2.0 - GSX Managed all corporate Anti-Virus (Trend-Micro OfficeScan and Symantec Antivirus Ent.) and spamfiltering solutions. 1995 1999 : CEDES S.p.A ASA Int. USA ITALYIT System Technologist : Administration of a heterogeneous network comprising Unix and Windowsservers as well as mobile clients ; administration and development of Access databases; performingdevelopment of client-server and web-based applications using Visual Basic 6 and VbScript Environment Hardware / Software : Sun Solaris Sun Enterprise servers, AIX Operating System, RS-6000RISC Servers, Ingress 6.4, MF-COBOL 3.0, SCO UNIX 3.2, SCO ODT 2.0, NetLabs Manager 2.0.3 , HP NetServer Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.0, Pentium PCs Windows 98 & NT workstationas clients. Visual Basic 6.0 Windows NT 4.0 Server, MS Exchange server 5.5, MS Proxy Server 2.0,IIS 4.0, MS FrontPage, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation, MS Outlook ,Digital DEC Alpha Servers, DEC Unix Version 3.2D.1 (Rev.41), Oracle 7.0, Windows NT server Windows NTWorkstation 3.51, EXCEED. Responsibilities: Installations and configurations of webservers like Apache, Iplanet and SCO Unix web servers.Troubleshooting day-to-day problems Managing Disk space and configuration. Patches installations, Software management, installation and configuration. Hardware Troubleshooting and runningdiagnostic tools.Implementation of RAID using Sun Volume Managers (Disksuite) and Veritas Volume Manager. Assigning file and directory permission to the users. Restricting the file and directory access.Configuring hosts, disks and printers. Streamlining system procedures and restricting the root access.Maintaining network and data security. Configuring the systems for TCP/IP Networking with the existing Local Area Network. Setting up SSH and SCP features between SUN systems and other UNIXhosts.Implementing the Backup procedure. Crash Recovery and minimizing down time in case of system failure. Installing OS patches, automated patch deployment and maintenance updates. Core dumpAnalysis. Failure analysis and finding the root cause.User Co-ordination. Daily support to end user problems and maintaining the environment. 1991 1995 : GEA WORLD S.r.l. Padova ITALYJunior IT System Technologist

Environment Responsibility : Worked as a junior System/network administrator and technician, involved in all aspects of networking and troubleshooting PCs, networks, internet connections (CableModem, dialup, etc.). Built, installed and maintained a range of Windows-based clients and servers(running Windows 3.11, 98, NT 3.51). Most servers installed were configured as Domain Controllers, and they were setup to perform a variety of functions such as file and print sharing, SQL database, andfile serving. This duty offer me the possibility to learn the basic informatics concepts and also learn tointeract with customers and help desk system. LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION : Italian : nativeEnglish : excellent technical write-read and average fluent conversational.1983 1988 : Diploma of Informatics technician achieved in Istituto Tecnico Severi1988 - 1989 : European certificated course of Informatics 300 hours/year 1989 - 1990 : Military service CERTIFICATION : Microsoft MCSE + Internet, MCP + Internet Novell CNAIntroduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQLCBT Linux Networking A+