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Happy Workshop
Increase the Happiness & Fulfillment in Your Life
with Tim Daulter
6 Sessions 7-9 PM Oct 17, Oct. 24, Nov 7, Nov 14 Nov 28, Dec 5 Chester Springs, PA Suggested Donation: $10/session or bring a snack to share

Each participant will receive a free PDF version of the book Practicing Happy or can purchase a printed copy at a discount Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds

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Email: Telephone: 484.889.9723

Practicing Happy is a spiritual workout for increasing your joy, fulfillment and inner peace.
The human experience is a constant tension between what we want and what we get. Our culture teaches that success and self-worth come from accomplishing goals, making money and winning the respect of our friends and family. However, given that so many of the factors that determine these outcomes are out of our control, this view will always eventually lead to disappointment, sadness and depression.

There is a better way!

Great prophets from ancient times to today have taught that there is a better way. Aspects of the path are described in religions and the modern self-help and success literature. However, knowing the path and walking it are two different kettles of fish. The Practicing Happy Workshop gives you a complete, self-consistent view of the meaning and nature of the human experience along with a set of simple exercises that will help you to change your mind and access your inner resources to live a meaningful life full of joy, peace and love!

What you will take away from this workshop:

A new perspective on the meaning of life A set of daily exercises to increase your A pdf copy of the book Practicing Happy A belly-full of delicious snacks prepared

happiness, peace and fulfillment

by cookbook author Anni Daulter

They call it a path because you have to walk it!

-- Native American Saying