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My Opinions On Students Bringing Cell Phones to School

92 I. 1. 30139 Bringing cell phones to school is not good. I think that they may bring some trouble in school. My reasons are as follows. In the first place, students may not concentrate on their studies in class. If his cell phone rings, it may cause him nervous and make a bad surrounding for studying. In the second place, if someone brings an expensive cell phone to school, it may be stolen. Therefore, I oppose to bringing cell phones to school, even if they need to call her or his parents to help them bring something they forgot to take to school. If necessary, they can use the public phones in school or turn to their teachers for help. 2. 30221 Bringing cell phones to school is neither good nor bad. Nowadays, cell phone has become more and more popular among young and old. It also plays a crucial role in this modern life. Everything has two sides. Bringing cell phones to school has its merits and demerits. What benefits can students get from bringing cell phones to school? It goes without saying that we can call our parents when we have something urgent. Furthermore, it is also convenient. When I want to get in touch with my parents, I can use it instead of using the public phones. Bringing cell phones to school also has disadvantages. If we dont turn it off, it may have a bad effect on classmates in class. Whats worse, it can distract us from studying. Consequently, we should use good judgment. To sum up, we should make the most of its advantages and offset as much as possible its disadvantages. 3. 30238 Bringing cell phones to school is good. As far as I am concerned, it should be allowed. Having a cell phone is very convenient because you can communicate with other people at any time and any place. If students forget bringing some things to school or feel ill, they can call their parents to deliver things for them or pick them up. And they dont have to worry that they have no coins or phone cards because a cell phone can solve all these problems. So I vote for bringing cell phones to school. But if they bring cell phones to school they should remember two things. One is that they should turn

down the volume of the phone because it may make noise. The other is that they shouldnt play it in class. If they follow the two things, I think the school authority will be more willing to let them bring cell phones to school. 4. 30246 Bringing cell phones to school is not good for students. First, students who bring cell phones may call his or her friends in class. Second, they may set up alarm clock for fear that they should not keep promises. Third, they may distract other students from studying or reading. M ost of all, they may get deadly diseases. Therefore, bringing cell phones to school is not good for students. In view of the above-mentioned, we should forbid students bringing cell phones to school. Students should study hard so that they can keep pace with the changing world. The rule may be revised in the future, but we should forbid this thing in the present. II. Cell phones are the latest fashion among the young. Everywhere you go, you see young people using them. However, it seems unnecessary for high school students to use cell phones. M obile phones are suitable for urgent communication that students rarely need. Because mobile phones are so convenient, they almost always result in increased phone charges. These bills have to be paid by parents. Also, with a mobile phone, it is too easy to waste time chatting time that might be better spent studying. For these reasons, I think that students, at least during school time, should not be allowed to use cell phones. III. The technological device cell phone The wireless cell phone has made communication faster and easier than ever before. Although stationary telephones are still common, they cannot be taken away from where they are used: homes, offices, and phone booths. But people dont call places they call people. Since we carry cell phones with us, we have a greater chance of actually reaching the person we want to talk to. It doesn matter whether they are at home, the office, or in t between. Now, instead of calling places, we can truly call people! IV. One evening, Peter was at a wedding. He didnt know many of the other guests, so he had a glass of wine to relax. Then he had another. Soon, Peter was very drunk. When it was time to leave, he stumbled outside, where he saw a car. A taxi how lucky! he thought. He waved his arms and shouted at the car. Peter didnt even notice its flashing lights. It wasn a taxi, but a police car! He climbed in and fell asleep. The next morning, t

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Peter realized he was at a police station and asked what had happened. A police officer explained that Peter had been too drunk the night before to remember his address. Not only that, but you snored all night! the officer shouted.

Related Article The mobile phone is one of the most popular means of modern communication. As a modern way of communication, it offers many conveniences and has many users. For example, it can be easily carried about in a pocket, so you can take it wherever you go. Your family can keep in touch with you at any time wherever you are. In addition, with a mobile phone, you can easily contact a police station or a hospital in case of an emergency. Recently, a new feature has been developed for mobile phones. With this feature, you do not have to look up the number of the person you want to call. You just say the name of the person. Then, the phone will. Recognize the name, and dial the assigned number. If you are a forgetful person, this could be the phone for you. You can record up to 20 different numbers. In addition, you can also play games, go on line or store short information with some new models. With so many businesspersons, it has become a necessary office tool. However, mobile phone users do have to follow certain rules. For example, mobile phones should not be used on airplanes. Passengers should turn off their phones in public places like theaters and performances in order not to disturb others. Only when these rules are followed can users avoid dangerous or unpleasant results.

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