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2012-2013 ASC Coordinator Descriptions

For questions with regard to specific coordinator positions, please contact the designated E-Board Director as denoted below. For general questions, please contact Ariana Arant at or Isabella Europa at Applications are available online at and are due Friday, October 12 by 5pm by email to

Vice President:
Director: Matt Long Though coordinators will be assigned to specific tasks within the committee, each committee member will work together to improve the programs under the Vice Presidents committee such as the Dollars for Scholars Scholarship and My Last Lecture. Last Lecture Coordinators (3): Help plan and execute the annual My Last Lecture award ceremony and reception. Coordinators will work closely with the Finance and Marketing Committees to raise funds and plan specific marketing strategies for the event. An ideal candidate is an organized scholar with a desire to learn large event planning and who has a strong belief in the value of education. Scholarship Coordinators (3): Work on increasing awareness about ASC's Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Fund by soliciting local businesses and alumni groups with the Marketing Committee, showing appreciation to donors, and planning fundraising events and activities throughout the year. Specific tasks will include working closely with the Student Giving Committee, securing auction items for the Winter Quarterly Silent Auction, managing donations during Casino Night, and other events throughout the year. An ideal applicant is a scholar who enjoys public speaking, is organized, and appreciates philanthropy. Tutoring Program Coordinators (2): In charge of managing and running the ASC Tutoring Program. Responsibilities will include running monthly tutor meetings, updating the tutoring program website, and marketing the program. The ideal coordinator would have excellent planning skills, an enthusiasm for teaching, and a desire to learn long-term program planning and basic computer programming.

Alumni Mentor Program Committee:

Director: Rashi Singh All Alumni Mentor Program coordinators will plan events and develop programs that facilitate relationships between students and alumni. The committee will work as a team and each coordinator will support the activities of other coordinators. All coordinators should feel comfortable working with both alumni and with a team of their peers. Attendance at all committee meetings and all major alumni events is mandatory. Communications Coordinator (1): Responsible for all e-mail correspondence with students and alumni. The communications coordinator is also responsible for creating and distributing a newsletter of upcoming events and activities. Event Coordinators (5): Help facilitate alumni-student interactions by planning and executing social events and periodically checking-in with mentor-mentee pairs.

Alumni Relations Committee:

Director: Pranav Mutatkar
UCLA Alumni Scholars Club 1/5 2012-2013

Alumni Network Coordinators (2): responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with local and national alumni networks. Includes emails, personal meetings, and possible network meeting visits to local chapters. Also in charge of working with the director in garnering alumni support for events throughout the year. Professional Events Coordinators (3): charged with planning and executing various professional events that involve alumni throughout the school year. This includes events done solely by the committee and working with others as well. Events include the Graduate Student Panel and Mocktail Gala. Social Events Coordinators (3): charged with planning and executing various social events that involve alumni throughout the school year. This includes events done solely by the committee and working with others as well. Events include UCLA Traditions 101 and Brewin with a Bruin.

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche Committee:

Director: Erineo Garcia Event Coordinators (2): These coordinators will collaborate to execute the overall vision, theme, and planning of all events programmed or co-programmed by the Bunche committee. These events include the Foreign Film Afterhours, ASC Cultural Affair, Ralph J. Bunche Alumni mixer, and Welcome Day. These coordinators should be creative and artistically inclined, able to execute an artistic vision on a low budget. Communications Coordinators (3): These coordinators will be responsible for marketing all Bunche events and promoting Bunche support and collaboration with other ASC committees. They will also be responsible for creating a community environment among all Bunche scholars through personal contact. Lastly, they will also serve as the primary contact between Bunche scholars and alumni, ensuring their active support and participation. These coordinators should enjoy working with people and be organized. Ambassador Coordinator (1): The Ambassador Coordinator leads the Ambassador Program, a program designed to recruit future Bunche scholars and spread the news about ASC. This coordinator can expect to be managing a number of volunteers and must also enjoy working with students in their junior and senior year in high school.

External Campus Volunteers Committee:

Director: Alexa Golden The Campus Volunteers program connects Alumni Scholars to exciting UCLA service opportunities. All coordinators are responsible for reaching out to new organizations on campus and recruiting new projects for scholars. They will interact with various UCLA departments, student groups, and community event organizers, and will need strong communication and organization skills. LATM Coordinators (3): Responsible for management of Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM) program at one school site by coordinating and communicating with respective group of ASC volunteers. Coordinators will also be responsible for serving as mentors at the school site and transporting volunteers on a weekly basis for the academic year to ensure another successful year of partnership. VLP Coordinators (2): Responsible for management of the Volunteer Leadership Program by connecting with ASC administration, the UCLA Volunteer Center, site contacts and Project Leaders for each project. Coordinators will be responsible for organizing leadership workshops and preparing Project Leaders for their spring quarter events. Ongoing Events Coordinator (1): Responsible for management of ongoing projects that occur throughout the year by connecting with event organizer and coordinating ASC volunteers for that event. Coordinators will also be responsible for showing up during the day of the event to ensure that volunteers attend and know what to do and where to go. Large Events Coordinator (1): Responsible for management of individual large events connecting with event organizers and coordinating ASC volunteers for events. Coordinators will also be responsible for showing up during the day of the event to ensure that all is running smoothly and to take care of logistical details throughout the day.

Internal Campus Volunteers Committee:

Director: Marirose Manuel
UCLA Alumni Scholars Club 2/5 2012-2013

Large Event Coordinators (6): Responsible for connecting with service organizations on campus and obtaining volunteer opportunities for scholars. Coordinators will also be responsible for showing up during the day of the event to ensure that all is running smoothly and to take care of logistical issues throughout the day. In addition, coordinators will help plan Locks of Love with tasks such as contacting sponsors, organizing appointments, creating decorations, and attaining volunteers. Ideal applicants are organized, enthusiastic, proactive, and have a passion for service!

Leadership Committee:
Director: Ariana Arant The Leadership Development Committee is designed to serve the growth of ASC undergraduates through providing workshops, retreats, and other events to support the development of their leadership skills. All Leadership Committee members should expect to master their own projects while supporting others in theirs, always working as a team. Coordinator Development Coordinators (3): Coordinators will be in charge of designing creative and engaging activities that will teach useful leadership, communication, and teamwork skills to ASC leadership (specifically, coordinators) at retreat, workshop, and other various leadership events. Leadership Certification Program Coordinators (3): Coordinators will be involved in programming all aspects of the inaugural year of the Leadership Certification Program. These will include seminars featuring UCLA alumni (necessitating comfort with contacting alumni) as well as providing support and communication with students who are working towards completion of the program. Effective marketing is also critical to the programs success, so creativity and persistence is a must. Transfer Student Coordinators (2): Preferably, but not necessarily, transfer students who are interested in engaging ASCs transfer demographic in every aspect of the Alumni Scholars Club. An outgoing personality and comfort with reaching out to all of our transfers will be beneficial.

Marketing Committee:
Director: Addison Yang As a Marketing Coordinator, you will be involved in creating the ASC brand and marketing that brand to other scholars and the UCLA campus as a whole. You will work with ASC Coordinators, Directors and the Alumni Association staff to streamline campaigns and to ensure that the information presented on marketing materials is up-to-date and accurate. You will also get the opportunity to reach out to other student groups when we market our campus-wide events. This will help us reach the most people in the most efficient way possible! You will also be working very closely with each other as the descriptions below highlight as Lilo says, Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Your experience on the Marketing Committee will give you real-world experience of what it takes to plan and executive a marketing campaign, so please consider the positions below if youre ready to take on the world of marketing! Website Coordinator (1): Will be responsible for handling the official Alumni Scholars Club website. This includes updating the current website, and undertaking the complete redesign of the website aligning with the new Alumni Association website. This individual should be prompt, meticulous and creative. Also, this individual should be knowledgeable of HTML (CSS is a plus) and website development and design. External Affairs Coordinator (1): Will be responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies for all campuswide ASC events, such as Locks of Love and My Last Lecture. This includes working with the Alumni Association staff to create marketing timelines, working with other student groups to increase awareness of events and working with all ASC committees to execute these campaigns. This individual should be extremely organized and willing to work with others. Internal Affairs Coordinator (1): Will be responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies for all internal ASC events. This includes updating the Facebook group and BruinWorks group with events and messages. This individual will work with the Graphic Design Coordinator on getting necessary marketing materials designed. This individual should be prompt and social media savvy. Graphic Design Coordinator (1): Will be responsible for designing all marketing materials for print and online use for internal ASC events and working with Alumni Association staff to design marketing materials for campus-wide ASC events. Also, this individual will work with the Content Coordinator on a layout for the ASC quarterly newsletter ASC
UCLA Alumni Scholars Club 3/5 2012-2013

Connected. This individual should be creative and knowledgeable in design techniques and programs. Please submit a portfolio along with your application! Content Coordinator (1): Will act as the ASC journalist, and will be responsible for creating the quarterly newsletter ASC Connected and putting together the ASC scrapbook. This includes soliciting articles from other scholars and alumni, seeking out stories about scholars and alumni and writing the feature for the Scholar of the Month on the website. This individual will work closely with the Photographer/Videographer to get materials for the scrapbook and with the Graphic Design Coordinator for the newsletter layout. This individual should be knowledgeable of journalist style writing and artistic. Photography/Videography Coordinator (1): Will be responsible for taking photos (with the support of the rest of the committee and the club) for marketing materials and newsletters, and creating an About ASC video for the ASC marketing toolkit. This individual should be creative and own a camera. Also, this individual should be knowledgeable of photography and video production and editing techniques and programs.

Outreach Committee
Director: Grace Lau All Outreach Committee Coordinators shall be responsible for aiding the Outreach Director with the planning of the Alumni Scholars Club Ambassador Program, the State Finals Welcome Day, the State Finals Day of Competition, and The Alumni Scholars Club Welcome Day. All coordinators will have the opportunity to contribute to and create ideas for each of the following Outreach Programs, regardless of their specific positions on the committee; the Outreach Committee Programs include The ASC Peer 2 Peer Program, The ASC Eat N Greet Program, The Alumni Scholars Club Ambassador Program, State Finals Welcome Day, State Finals Day of Competition, and The Alumni Scholars Club Welcome Day. Please note that applicants may rank multiple positions within the Outreach Committee. Artistic Design Coordinator (1): responsible for the decorations that will be used for both State Finals and ASC Welcome Day. They will also be putting together the goody-bags and painting the picture frames for State Finals. The artistic coordinator must be creative, artistically skilled, and organized to fulfill all tasks. ASC Welcome Day Coordinators (2): These two coordinators will be responsible for the planning and development of a welcome day for all incoming UCLA students who have accepted an Alumni Scholarship. The day will run very similarly to State Finals Welcome Day, but these coordinators will need to organize their own volunteers. Also, ASC Welcome Day involves the parents of the incoming students, so two separate programs (one for the students and one for the parents) will need to be developed and staffed. Communications Coordinator (2): in charge of directly contacting the State Finalists by phone and sending out the invites. They are responsible for organizing the schedule of when calls will be placed, getting volunteers to make the calls, and developing a script so that we have record of all the necessary information about the students prior to their arrival. They will also plan the communication process for ASC Welcome Day, and assist the Video Coordinators. Finally, communications coordinators will be responsible for making overnight host arrangements for all State Finalists. Day of Competition Coordinator (1): Responsible for organizing all volunteers and Group Leaders to lead state finalists around to the different competitions on the Sunday of State Finals. This student must be organized and professional as he/she will be representing UCLA to the students in a formal setting, and working with staff and alumni. State Finals Welcome Day Coordinators (2): in charge of creating and running the agenda for Welcome Day at State Finals. They are also responsible for organizing all volunteers as well as putting together a faculty panel for Welcome Day. Coordinators must have a considerable amount of time to give and be energetic, out-going, and organized to fulfill their duties. Video/Photo Documentation Coordinator (1): responsible for all video and photography related tasks. Namely, they must create 2 fun/creative videos that introduce the E-board members and the Freshman Scholarship Committee to the prospective students. These two coordinators will aim to get footage of main UCLA and ASC events so that we can show such footage during our icebreakers and games. Also, during the weekend of State Finals they must obtain footage and create a video of SF Welcome Day and Day of Competition that will be shown at the Awards Ceremony. Lastly, they will take photos of all State Finalists over the course of the weekend so that we can develop
UCLA Alumni Scholars Club 4/5 2012-2013

and frame the pictures and preset them at the Awards Ceremony as a reminder of the students experiences. These coordinators must have video editing and filming experience.

Scholar Relations Committee:

Directors: Tyler Lanman and Shannon Reese The Scholar Relations Committee seeks to create fun, social events for scholars throughout the year that establish connections among scholars and strengthen ties within the ASC community. Scholar Relations Coordinators (5): Scholar Relations Coordinators will work together to organize and run the social events of the year (some of which include Quarterlies, Prom, and Murder Mystery Party. Communication skills, creativity, enthusiasm, and an open mind are necessary for this committee. The majority of our time will be spent brainstorming innovative ideas to increase fun and maximize attendance at SR events. Events Media Coordinator (1): This coordinator will still assist in the duties listed above but will have an emphasis on media production. He/she will have to be experienced in filming, directing, and editing videos.

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