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Portland Student Affairs Grade Appeal for Mary Eng Summer Term World Politics and International Law

taught by David Kinsella this is a combined appeal for two classes taught by the same instructor David Kinsella. the two classes world politics, and international law, were taught in the summer term. i would like to have a hearing and exercise all the rights offered by the hearing process. i have attempted to resolve this with the head of the department kinsella himself, with the head of the mark o hatfield school of government , and with the urban department. i would like the committee to review the content of my exams, the length of my written notes, and discuss with david kinsella my active participation in class. i would like the committee to know that it was my belief that his unfair harsh grades would damage my transcript, my future education, and my financial aid, and caused me great stress. i sought to have a good academic reference, but have instead received punishing low grades from kinsella for reasons that appear on surface to be exclusionary or retaliatory for political purposes, or to punish me for complaining about problems in the political science department. Crystal Roberts at Equity and Compliance has taken these reports, particular to verbal abuse of me by Kinsellas substitute teacher Craig Carr, and other inappropriate language which contradicts the Civil Right Act requirement of an epithet and slur free atmosphere, due to his repeated pattern of grade retaliation against me, i exercised my rights as a person with disabilities to obtain protection at the Testing Center. i retook the mid-terms after great delays and many rescheduled appointment s a t the testing center. the testing center at SHAC can verify that he delayed this re-take for a week of appointments i had to cancel, and that he failed to grade my tests for many weeks of the final end of summer, which then hurt my financial aidfin fall 2012. the testing center was shocked at this. Darcy of disability services is aware of this problem, and coordinated with bettancourt to get me copies of my exams so i could get my grade appeal process started. Kinsella caused a two week delay to my financial aid by failing to grade my summer tests. when he did finally grade my summer tests after returning from vacation, he gave me very negative and unfair grades, which devalue the quality of my work, with the disability access testing, i was allowed 2 hours and fifteen minutes per test, despite ordinary students only receiving 1 hour and twenty minutes for the mid terms---my re-taking of these tests with the added time still did not merit good scores. due to my over-studying, and the extra time, and physical possibility that i could convey more information in the added time, it is unbelievable that Kinsella still graded me so harshly, with full knowledge that his grading retaliation, and the past history of verbal abuse, and the sexist and other discriminatory language in the classroom made me very uncomfortable to say the least.

the added burden of retaking the mid-terms to overcome the grading retaliation turned out to have no net effect, besides my studying excessively, having to write many letters for this process to be engaged, having to pay 20 dollars to the testing center, expenditure of time, and the experiencing the hope that kinsella would evaluate my tests in consideration of this re-take with respect especially due to his contacts with darcy at the disabilities resource center, and his understanding from the political science department advisor kristin bettancourt that i did not feel comfortable around te achers who use sexist language or cursing in the classroom. the curse words of particular sexist value, caused me a large about of stress, but i was determined to finish these courses. kinsella delayed my fall financial aid by failing to meet the ADA required equality of access in grading my tests in a timely manner. this cannot continue. ADA must be followed. when he returned from his vacation, my lack of grades from him had taken away my financial aid and prevented me from buying books for fall 2012. my rent check did indeed bounce as i was counting on the financial aid he delayed. this incurred a bank fee of 32 dollars which he has not paid me back. i would like copies of any investigative material surrounding this report, restoration of fair grades, which i allege to be As, remittance of the 32 dollar bank fee caused by Kinsellas tardy failure to abide by ADA required disability access, and a letter of recommendation from the political science department for my law school applications. in addition to rectified grades and a rectified transcript, i would like a letter of recommendation for my diligent studies for my future applications to ongoing education. gender discrimination or other discrimination should not keep persons with disabilities or women from receiving access to continued higher education. i would like to know what the grading appeals process does to determine a more agreeable outcome. i would like to see an gender comparative anonymized grade chart, to see if Kinsella gave As to men or veterans in the class, and chose to give me lower grades to punish me for my gender or my investigations of political science corruption or PTSD harassment training deficits. i would like certainty that other women and disabled people in the future will not receive such hostile treatment.

thank you so much in reviewing this appeal. my tests are currently being digitized for online display, but i will get copies to you asap, and will also bring my huge 3 ring binders filled with my notes for these classes. i can bring all my emails pertinent to this case, as well as information from the Testing Center on how they perceived this process. i will also attach the complaints of sexist language in the classroom. i would also like an apology from the political science department for the harsh verbal abuse from Carr which Kinsella sought to cover up and deter me from reporting, an apology for the sexist and discriminatory language in the classroom, an apology for the other language used against me an apology for the lack of disability access provided and the long delays in getting my midterms to the testing center or my grades to the system, effectively blocking my future academic aid, books, and chance of studying, and apology for the time waste of this process. i would like teachers in the future to give women and persons with disabilities equal access to good grades. when the committee reviews my test work, the committee will see without a doubt my level of application did not merit such negative grades. i appreciate hard copies of all correspondence generated by the committee. i can also be reached at