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Marketing Plan For Cadbury Dairy Milk

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1) Executive Summary – Lourdes Soares 2) Situation Analysis – Ajay Kumar , Dilip Mathew & Srikanth Erraballi 3) Market Opportunity - Ajay Kumar, Dilip Mathew & Srikanth Erraballi 4) Objectives – Harmanpreet Kaur 5) Marketing Strategy – Zoeb Eisa 6) Segmentation &Target Markets – Zoeb Eisa 7) Positioning – Zoeb Eisa 8) Marketing Mix – Nikhil Chitalia 9) Review and Control – Lourdes Soares 10) Marketing Organization – Lourdes Soares 11) Contingency Plan – Rabisankar Mahali

Contents: 1) Executive Summary 2) Situation Analysis 3) Market Opportunity 4) Objectives 5) Marketing Strategy 6) Target Markets 7) Positioning 8) Marketing Mix 9) Review and Control 10)Marketing Organization 11)Contingency Plan .

England. However. Since the nature of the purchase is still largely impulse based the company must focus on effective in-store promotion and must also have attractive packaging to attract children. With its headquarters in Uxbridge. The objective of our marketing plan is to summarize what we have learned about Cadbury in the marketplace and also give tactical guidelines and financial allocations for the company‟s success. . London. The company enjoys a market share in India of close to 60% in terms of value of which close to half is contributed by the company‟s leading brand „Dairy Milk‟. Cadbury India is a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes a global confectionary and beverage company. in which its global confectionery business was separated from its US beverage unit (now called "Dr Pepper Snapple Group"). In order to protect its brand image as a high quality chocolate manufacturer the company should introduce its premium range of chocolates with the same recipe of the original „Dairy Milk‟ but with a slight deviation maybe texture to packaging. An analysis done by looking at the market trends showed that Cadbury Dairy Milk was the most preferred brand amongst the consumers for both. Cadbury is now owned by Kraft Foods and is the industry's second-largest globally after Mars. Executive Summary Chocolate has been around right from 1100 BC where the Aztecs used it as a beverage and were consumed only by the elite. Incorporated. Cadbury is a confectionery company started by John Cadbury in 1824 who developed an emulsification process to make solid chocolate.1. we recommend launching additional variants to cater to different tastes of the consumer. Now-a-days it‟s purchased and consumed by all sections of the society especially children. so that it can maintain its brand image in the face of foreign competition especially for gifting purposes.9% of the total confectionary market. Cadbury India was established in 1948 and is India‟s leading chocolate manufacturer. gifting and self-consumption purposes. The company was known as Cadbury Schweppes plc from 1969–2008 until its demerger. With health coming into major focus in recent times the calorie content of each bar should be highlighted and research and development should be done in order to cater to these needs without compromising on quality and taste due. creating the modern chocolate bar. The chocolate market is the second largest in the confectionary market contributing to 43. The plan contains not only the marketing mix and the strategy but also in detail the various tactics the company has adopted to develop the market. the company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

This means that the company will need to increase its production capacity in order to match the rate of growth of the market. the company is well positioned in the market. The target market is also quite large. Cadbury is the fourth largest supplier of chocolate and other sugar confectionaries in the market. The company has good market reputation. the company has been striving to be the world leader in the confectionary industry. In the Indian market Cadburys has strived to build a good market reputation. the company has acquired about 10% of the world confectionary market.2. With the female population marketing more than 56 percent of the Indian population. . Banking on the success of the other brands in the market may have negative effects on the introduction of the new brand in the market since the products will be targeting different markets. Through innovation and strategic marketing. The company has not been able to establish a distribution network in the country that matches the demands of the market. there is a wide target market for the product. The following is the SWOT analysis for the company in the Indian market:  Strengths The company has an already large established business in the Indian market. With strong brands in the market. In line with its vision. It has operated in India since 1948. In India it has about 70% of the confectionary market. The Indian chocolate market has been recording growth in the recent past and there are future prospects of growth. Therefore the target market is slowly expanding. It is still not clearly established the rate of growth of the product in the market but there are expectation that the product will record a high growth rate. Since 1824. the company has established itself as a world leader in the confectionary market. It is on this good reputation that the market can embark on introducing the new brand in the market. In India it has the largest share of the market with more than 70 percent of the market share. In this case the company has not established a distribution network to the interior due to infrastructural development issues. This has worked positively for its products.  Weakness The target population is quiet large and there are fears the demand for the product may outdo the capacity of the company to satisfy the demands of the market. Cadbury India was ranked the 5th most respected Indian company by Business world magazine in 2007. Situation Analysis Cadbury is the market leader in the Indian market.

A more competitive market becomes difficult to introduce a new brand because there are already other companies which are likely to bring in competition. The company has a worldwide operation. South African and with other operator in emerging market like India. For example change in the taxing regime. government laws regulating the industry. and other factors which are likely to impact negatively on the industry. the company has established a market portfolio that has positioned it well in the confectionary industry. With the growing importance of beauty shows. China. Thailand. UK. Opportunities There company is introducing the brand in a less competitive market. The company can also host other events like ports or engage in corporate social responsibility activities like girl child education to help the target market identify with the product more. For more that six decade. The company can introduce the product in the market in unique way. Cadbury India has five companies owned manufacturing plants in . Ireland. the company can host beauty competition in order to help the target market identify with the product. In this case there are threats of entry of new products in the market which will increase the level of competition in the market. This is a unique opportunity for the company. The company can use a wide range of marketing strategies which will lead to the overall growth of the product in the market. This gives the company a chance to transfer products which have been successful in one market to the other emerging market. There are many advertising strategies for the company in the Indian market. This will introduce the product in the market in unique way.  Threats There is threat of entry of other products in the market. There are other companies which are likely to introduce the same products in the market once there is success of the initial product There is a threat of change of the current external environment which is likely to alter the nature of the market. The Indian advertising market has been growing at a rapid rate which means there will be an array of opportunities for the growth of the market. Company analysis (i) Strengths Cadburys India is the market leader in the confectionary market. and others. Currently the company has a market share of more than 70 percent of the chocolate market. The company operates in more than 200 countries in the world with the main markets in USA.

One of the most important factors in the overall growth of the company has been heavy investment in technology. the company has been built its site from . (ii) Weakness The company has not been able to standardize its operation in all the countries where it operates. Bangalore and Baddi. The company has been improving its ranking in the recent past for the last 10 years. Induri ad Malanpur. This is important for the overall financial management of the company.locate at Thane. With a worldwide operation the company has been investing in technology which is first tried in its main market and then deployed to the emerging markets like India. The company has been testing new technology in the established or in its main market and then transferring the most appropriate technology to the emerging market. All over the world the company employs more than 60. The company has not done enough to defend its products in the market or put in the market other products which take care of the health concerns of the customers. Through innovation the company has placed new recipes in the market which ensures reduced cost of production. In line with the growth of e-commerce. Kolkota. Investment in the new technology has ensured the growth of the company in the market.000 employees operating in more than 200 countries. Cadbury India has good human resource policies which have ensured the growth of the company in a recent 2006 survey Cadbury India was ranked the 7th overall greatest place to work and was also ranked number 1 in FMCG Company in India by the Great Place to Work Institute. The company has a strong management team with a strong centralized management structure. This has been an important growth factor in the overall performance of the company. His ensure that there is standardization of operations procedures in all its plants. There has been declining market demand for chocolates with the emerging health concerns. Its US market share is not strong enough to guarantee its market leadership. Mumbai. It has four sales offices in New Delhi. Technology competency As has been listed one of the most important growth factor behind the company success n the emerging market has been the use of modern technology which gives it an upper hand compared to other companies. its market share in the established market like US market has been declining. The company also has put in place effective corporate management structures which ensure timely disclosure of information on the performance of the company. For example while the company has a strong market share in India and other emerging market. and in Chennai.

This is a huge overall turnover which is equal to that of established markets.1 percent. Cadbury is also the leading player in the milk beverage segment which is valued at 16. Mr. However the overall sugar confectionary segment in the Indian market has been declining with a total decline of about 19 percent recorded in 2007. On the product share of the market. Bytes. Éclairs and Toffees has about 18% of the market share. 5 Star. Chewing gums. This marketing research data from the industry shows that the industry has been making impressive growth in the Indian economy. Éclairs Crunch. Pops and Halls is the leading player in the chocolate segment. Mr. Gems. Here Cadbury is the main player with Cadbury Bournvitta and Cadbury Bournvitta 5 Star Magic. The total confectionary market is valued at about 41 billion Indian Rupees. Pops. Éclairs and toffees. Lollipops. it means that there is a high potential in the rural market.1 billion Rupees. Cadbury with a number of products including Daily Milk. However chocolate has recorded the highest market growth rate recording about 23 percent growth rate. Dairy Milk Éclairs. hard boiled candy accounts for about 18% of the market. Celebration. In this category the company produces a number of products including Dairy Milk. Perk. Product analysis Cadbury India specializes in production of confectionaries. Bytes. The company site it the main communication centre between the company and other stakeholders. . Éclairs Crunch. This segment has an annual turnover of about 63. Hard-boiled candies. It has a total turnover of about 223500 tons of confectionary produced every year. Most the confectionary are consumed in the urban areas. while gums and mints and lozenes are at par accounting for 13 percent of the market share each. This is a higher growth rate compared to other markets in the world. This market data shows that the rural market has not been well tapped into. and the Mints Segment.000 tones and has been growing at a rate of 10. Perk. Celebrations. Lollipops. With more than 50 percent of the Indians living in the rural areas.which customer can access all the needed information about t operation of the company. Gems. and Mints and lozenges. Éclairs segment. Dairy Milk Éclairs. Macro level market (Industry) analysis The confectionary industry in India is in its growth stage. This is a skewed market share compared to the rural market which accounts for about 27% of the total market. The urban market constitutes about 73 percent of the total market. Bubble gums. 5 Star. and Halls brands. In the milk beverage section. The confectionary industry is divided into the flowing specific industrial sectors: Chocolate. the company produces Cadbury‟s Bournvitta and Cadbury Bournvitta 5 star Magic.

This marketing plan is planning to market Cadbury white chocolate in the market. The product is made in the same process as dark chocolate but the colour is modified so it has the same natural taste as dark chocolate although it has been described creamier and tasty compared to other chocolates. It is in the category of chocolates and it is expected to target the adult population. . Cadbury is a market leader in the industry. The other competitors are small compared to Cadbury and therefore the level of competition is expected to be a bit low. Major competitors There are no many competitors in the confectionary industry that Cadbury is competing with.


Improving distribution quality by addressing the issues of product stability by installation of visi coolers at several outlets. the company will undoubtedly face intense competition from major U. the company will look into using this strategy to boosts its sales. Market data shows a high consumption of chocolate in the urban market it still remains low in the rural market. Indulgence and so on) . • Which segment of the market to appeal to as well as what kind of image Cadbury should portray in the US market(such as one of Celebration & Joy. Some of the direct marketing problems that will need to be addressed are: • How Cadbury will compete with other brands in the market given that consumers are used to and typically associate with American brands. There is a large female market segment that has not been tapped.S.S. Cadbury will give Kraft strength through vast product expansion (for instance in the chewing-gum market in which Cadbury currently has a stronghold). there are a lot of opportunities that currently exist. Potential future opportunities In the future the company expects the chocolate and the general confectionary market to grow in India. Over the past few months there have been several strong. Since there is not company that is currently using online sales.S. ISSUES Kraft‟s recent acquisition of Cadbury poses a major marketing issue as Kraft looks to immigrate some of the UK based confectioners‟ products into the U. Should Kraft bring in and actively market other Cadbury products such as its chocolate bars and various novelty candies. harsh attempts by both Kraft and Hershey to acquire Cadbury which has caused negative publicity and protests by loyal Cadbury fans. Everyday Chocolate. These marketing strategies will therefore look on tapping into the urban and rural female market. brands such as Hershey. while maintaining the company‟s presence overseas will need to be done carefully to preserve the global brand and its image. market to improve its market share. Therefore it is looking at introducing other confectionary products targeting the same market. Aside from making Kraft the world‟s largest confectioner. Mars and Nestle. Internet usage in India has been growing at a very high rate and majority of the urban population is connected to the interest. Bringing Cadbury and its brands into the U.3. Market Opportunities and Issues Current opportunities In the confectionary market. In the future the company will offer its other products online to the specifically targeted market. There is a large rural market that has not been catered for.

Individualism.S. Environment. By advertising how Cadbury products would help them achieve their ideal states. Additionally. Western Values In introducing Cadbury products into the United States. Work and Play. Products like Green & Black's Organic Chocolate) have high potential for success as they have nutritional benefit and could be popular with health-conscious consumers and children. Authenticity. and Technology. Kraft would be able to successfully appeal to this health-conscious market. HEALTH ISSUES Consumers have recently become more health conscious. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR ISSUES Some of the consumer behavioural issues we managed to analyse are • Brand recognition in a competitive marketplace • Changing knowledge content and knowledge structure of existing brands and products • Potential miscategorization of new offerings • Achieving and maintaining positive consumer attitudes relative to new products • Understanding how consumers use certain cognitive decision making models when making their purchases . Cadbury maybe be able to position their offerings so that Americans will form positive consumer attitudes towards their products. in paying attention to values like Health and Authenticity. Home. Hedonism. which could pose a major challenge for Kraft when bringing in more Cadbury products (or trying to improve the market share of its existing products). consumers often believe they weigh more than they should and would ideally like to be more fit.• How Cadbury products will be advertised and what kinds of promotions will be used to build brand recognition • How to prevent cannibalization of Kraft‟s current brands. When going through the problem recognition stage. The hope is that this will ultimately increase adoption rates of their new offerings. Family and Children. Youth. we have chosen to focus on how Kraft should introduce Cadbury products into the U. marketplace. Health. the company must be mindful and aware of key Western values: Materialism. consumers often notice a discrepancy between their actual and ideal states. for instance its SwissMilka Chocolate Although many marketing issues exist. More specifically.

Grow shareholder value over the long term and which is often taken to be the reason why firm exists. Growth-Includes Cadbury selling new products or expanding overseas.4.Spreading of business risks by reducing dependence on one product. When identifying the basic principals which Cadburys must apply to its marketing will be its basic objectives because all business must have objectives it allows them to increase sales and make profit. 4. Corporate aims are the long term intentions of a business. packaging. Survival. 5. 2. 6. Objectives In order to increase sales Cadburys needs to undertake a range of marketing activities before deciding upon the best way to encourage the purchase of its product.Sustain market share over the year through product innovations in product development. Sales maximisation.Increasing of sales. Improving the product image-Includes creating a new logo or launching a new brand of product and creating more attractive packaging. The common aim and objectives of the corporation such as Cadbury includes the following: 1. Profit maximisation. Diversification. 3. . where as corporate objectives are the specific targets required to achieve the aims.

5. the brand is endorsed and advertised by adults rather than by children even though it basically sells chocolate. Éclairs and Celebrations. Cadbury items became the new sweets. Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years. Cadbury also aimed at selling in bulk during festive seasons such as Diwali and Rakhi in special gift boxes. Advertisements as well as the correct Target Market were the reason of successfully portraying Cadbury as an after Dinner sweet. Adults like the products of Cadbury as much as children do. Another reason for Cadbury being such a successful brand was that it aimed at replacing the traditional sweet custom so prevalent in India. Marketing Challenge: To expand the consumer base by making Cadbury Dairy Milk desirable to the adult segment as well as the younger segment. 5 Star. With communication continuously addressing kids. Some of the key brands are Cadbury Dairy Milk. consumption got resulted with the same segment resulting in stagnation. One of the marketing strategies used by Cadbury in India was introducing Cadbury as an after dinner sweet. . Indians have the habit of carrying sweets as gifts when they visit a friend or relatives. it seeks to tap into emotions normally associated with chocolates. This led to stagnation of the „Cadbury Dairy Milk‟ brand in the eighties. Cadbury targeted everyone adults and children. The strategy has clearly proved successful.the highest Cadbury brand share in the world. Its products are not limited to children alone. as they have been able to build and maintain a leadership position in the market with many loyal customers. Perk. The flagship brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is considered the "gold standard" for chocolates in India. Apart from its after dinner advertisement. In most of its advertisements. It was not only considered better but also superior to carry Cadbury instead of the normal sweets. Instead of focusing on the product. Indians are fond of having dessert after their dinner. In the Chocolate Confectionery business. Marketing Strategy Cadbury‟s strategy to attract consumers is unique. Dairy Milk chocolate was always perceived to be meant for „kids‟. Cadbury enjoys a value market share of over 70% .

In this stage of growth the brand dealt with popularizing consumption in a social . Mumbai) awards. the “real taste of India” ads were created for Cadbury. a young lady in the galleries prays frantically for him to miss the ball. something that could be savored by people across age barriers. So the focus shifted towards widening chocolate consumption amongst the masses. This campaign went on to be awarded 'The Campaign of the Century'. exciting and smart. need was to further expand the category. KYA SWAAD H AI ZINDAGI KA Cadbury was associated with joyous and carefree moments. Much to the delight of the fans and the lady the balls sails over the boundary rope.KUCH KHAAS HAI ZINDA GI MEIN. kya swaad hai zindagi ka. future. The ad launched Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand for both the kids and the adults. Also with the launch of Kit Kat which was considered as young. As soon as that happens she jumps out on the ground and starts jiving to the tune kuch khaas hai zindagi mein. in India at the Abby (Ad Club. It is in this background that in the early 90‟s. KHANEWALON KO KHANE KA BAHANA In 1997. trendy. the fielder gets underneath the ball. it had to overcome hurdles at a competitive level. and what was required was to blend these moments with those in the real life. The batsman hits the last ball in the air as the crowd watches with bated breath. The ad showed a cricket match in action with a boundary required of the last ball to win the match and for the batsman to get his century.

The ad achieved universal appeal. the payday is always a reason to celebrate. It‟s a brilliant idea of associating Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate with the payday celebration. Cadbury built social acceptance for chocolate consumption amongst adults. Never mind the slowdown and the salary cuts. Marketing Challenge – Cadbury Dairy Milk to be the Real Taste of Everyone's Life. Each and every advertisements above shows their different Market Strategies. PAPPU PASS HO GAYA In India joyous occasions are always celebrated and commemorated with the sharing of sweets. especially in more traditional settings like weddings. even a dults were targeted and were part of the Marketing Strategy.context. Through the 'Khanewalon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye' & with the award winning ‘Kuchh khaas hai…’ campaign. From targeting only Kids. Cadbury Dairy Milk completed the stage of Maturity and was declining. by showcasing collective and shared moments. ‘Aaj Pehli Tarikh’ Cadburys has come up with this bold concept with the commercial „Aaj Pehli Tarikh Hai‟. Analysis: Cadbury in the early 1980‟s targeted only children through advertisements which lead to their product becoming stagnant. The marketing vision was what prompted the company to engage megastar Amitabh Bachchan for the hugely successful commercial ‘Jab Pappu pass ho jaye kuchh meetha ho jaye’ . These ads were a major hit with the urban suave crowd but the middle and the rural masses were still not targeted.the addition of another joyous occasion to be celebrated with Dairy Milk. The only way to recover was to change the marketing strategy and apart from targeting children even adults were targeted. . According to the Product Life Cycle. The advertisements and the message they were giving to the audience clearly supported this marketing strategy.

Income: The price of Cadbury dairy milk is reasonable and affordable.defined by the very popular Real Taste of Life´ campaign. A person does not need to think much before purchasing it. Occasions: For purchasing the Cadbury dairy milk no special occasions are required.  Behavioral Segmentation Decision: The decision is taken by the children and youngsters. In the early 90's. Generation: Cadbury dairy milk will not be much affected by the generation differences. Segmentation & Target Markets Segmentation: It means divide the market into group of potential customers. it was seen as meant for kids. Target Market: The targeted customers of Diary Milk have been changing from time to time and advertisement to advertisement. The income of a person does not play any important role. Cadbury dairy milk is for everyone whether a male or female. The focus was shifted from just for Kids to Kids in all of us which clearly states that there is a wide target Market.  Geographic segmentation The maximum part of the revenue generated from urban and semi-urban area.In the Mid 90's the category was re. They play an important role in taking the decision of when to buy the Cadbury dairy milk.  Demographic Segmentation Age: Under this type of segmentation the buyers who mostly prefer the Cadbury dairy milk comes under the age group of 4-40 years. Gender: For purchasing Cadbury dairy milk gender doesn‟t matter. All types of peoples like to purchase the Cadbury dairy milk when they want to buy it. . etc are times when the sales of Dairy Milk increases.6. Occasionally such as Diwali. It means all marketing process depends on marketing segmentation and it is the foundation of all the marketing processes. shifting the focus from just for kids´ to the kid in all of us´. usually rewards or a bribe for children. Rakshabandhan. People can easily purchase it on regular basis.

It appealed to the child in every adult. Analysis: Segmentation was done to know the potential customers and they were segmented on the basis of Demographic. behavioral and Geographic Segmentation. male or female. The potential market in rural area was targeted. gender. The target Market changed from Kids to everyone but still children and Youth are the main Target Markets. . Once the segmentation groups were done the target Market was done. occupation and income of potential customers. The main target of it mainly is children and youths that are in the segments of occupation and in the age group. Every family member celebrates any occasion with Dairy Milk. The target market which is selected and targeted by is according to age. Cadbury dairy milk commonly targets all types of customers whether they are young and old.

Positioning Dairy Milk as a dessert allowed it to portray Dairy Milk as a chocolate which can be consumed daily. 2. Cadbury India with its products Gems. The positioning has always been to connect with consumer on a personal.000 crores and growing at 18-20% per annum with Cadbury having a 70% share and Nestlé India Ltd around 20%. . Celebrations and Dairy Milk come in the Star Category. according to a December 2011 report by Technopak Advisors Pvt. friends. Five Star. Positioning Cadbury Dairy Milk is considered to be the perfect expression of love. CDM is positioned as a spontaneous brand that is being consumed for special as well as real moments in life. A cross the various campaigns and advertisements. The chocolate market in India is pegged at approximately Rs. Ltd. family. It also differentiated Dairy Milk from other chocolates in terms of the target customer as a dessert for the whole family and not only for the kids. In fact Cadburys marketing program always focuses on the positioning in order to be a part of the consumers regular consumption at any given time to include as many occasions as possible. Cadbury India Ltd is the leader in the Chocolate Segment. Analysis: Cadbury India Ltd is positioned according to the BCG Matrix as a Star as well as Cadbury due to the high Market Share and High Market Growth. With high growth rate and High Market share.7. etc.

It‟s a general notion that “Chocolates make us happy”. Cadbury a popular chocolate maker has banked on the appealing factor of chocolates. Dairy Milk is the flagship brand of the company. Something about Dairy Milk: The main ingredient of a chocolate is cocoa – the heart of the sweetest delicacy in the world – is bitter! Amazing! Practically all varieties of cocoa is classified under Ingredients: The quality of the product is good enough for an Indian to accept. It‟s got a huge array of target audience. Chocolate is one of those many goodies that are consumed during special occasions or whenever one feels like. .8. Its quality and the “feel good” factor of the product is far higher than the rest of the chocolate products in the market. Cadbury‟s Dairy Milk has been a huge success and it‟s been a legend in the chocolate industry since centuries. Cadbury‟s Dairy Milk has become so popular over the time that the people have started equating chocolate to Cadbury‟s Dairy Milk. It ranges from Kids to Retired People. The utility of Dairy Milk has generally been higher than the rest of its competitor‟s products. Marketing Mix Product: Chocolates is one product that doesn‟t need any introduction.

Small individual bars of 20gm to enjoy as a small treat.Packaging and Design: The color “Purple” is the 1st thing one notices on a Cadbury Dairy Milk Wrapper.200g. Rs. Distinctive Packaging Design The Cadbury Corporate Purple Color The Glass and a half of full cream milk Logo – Cadbury Script Logo .30. Cadburys dairy milk has the strategic vision of “One Cadbury in every pocket”. Large bars/Gift Packs .5. Price: India is a price sensitive market considering the income levels of the consumers and the demographics. Cadbury‟s world famous packaging is comprised of four key elements: a) b) c) d) Sizes: Cadbury Dairy Milk comes in a variety of sizes to serve all age groups. Cadbury underwent a major Repackaging Operation when a worm was found out in one of the chocolate bars sold in the country. Rs. Cadbury has priced its products in such a way that even a person from the low income group could afford a Dairy Milk. Hence. bought forsharing or as a gift.60. Treat size . The company aims at offering Dairy Milk at affordable prices to increase sales and achieve a greater market share.100g and chunky bars to share or enjoy as a 'big eat'. label and title. Rs.5 to Rs. Cadbury has used a consistent packing for Dairy Milk over the years with color. Rs. Dairy Milk is widely accepted across all income groups. even larger for special occasions. and 600g. The different packets of Dairy Milk that are available at different prices are Rs. income segments and also for different eating occasions. Cadbury is the market leader.16. Smaller bars .10. The color looks so impressive and bright that it ends up developing an urge or temptation in the minds of the people.60 and the price varies with the pack size. Dairy Milk is available in the price range of Rs.40 and Rs. 400g.

The perception of money for a Rural Indian is far higher than an Urban Indian. A Wide Area Network comprising of 31 VSATs across the country connect the branch offices. used across the Cadbury Group. Majority of the Indian Population resides in the rural areas. depots and the corporate office. ShubhAarambh means a Fortunate beginning. Airports amusement parks etc. which is the application package. "ShubhAarambh" Cadbury has tapped the Indian Tradition of having something sweet before accomplishing an auspicious task or deed. sales across the country. There was a time when Cadbury was a product solely promoted for Kids and off late Cadbury is being promoted as a sweet one feels like having post dinner. Malls. Hence the pay day of every month is indeed a big day for the Villagers. This is used for e-mail and accessing SAP/R3. General Stores. Cadbury's distribution network encompasses 2100 distributors and 450.Promotion: Cadbury has always been in the forefront when it came to promoting its brand value. . Departmental Stores. Chemists.000 retailers. "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye". Place: Cadbury‟s products are available in over a million outlets across the country. Mentioned below are a few commercials by which Cadbury promoted its brand value. Cadbury Products are sold to Small Grocery shops. It understood the changing mindsets and trends going on in India. So its time to have something sweet when wealth ushers in every month. The implementation of SAP gives them up-to-date information in terms of stocks at factories and depots. and the financial impact of all the above transactions at any given moment of time. factories. The company has a total consumer base of over 65mn. Cadbury has improvised the quality of its products sold at several points by installing refrigerators at several outlets. That‟s where Cadbury comes in and offers inexpensive and quality sweets to the Rural Indians. “ Aaj Pehli Tarikh Hai” It indicates that 1st day of the month is the pay day.

Every employee also has regular one-to-one meeting with their line manager as well as half-year and end-of-year reviews. It is building refrigeration in its entire supply chain and investing heavily in sales infrastructure like visi coolers and chocolate dispensers. Sales grew by 30 per cent in 2010. rose to the challenge and surpassed it.000 sub-stockists to penetrate deeper into smaller towns. at Cadbury India. advertising spends will not be reduced. A delighted Kraft pumped in more funds. In 2009. "It feels good to be part of a really large company. At Cadbury there is a 360 feedback appraisal system. remain in the fray Cadbury has in place a world recognised review system which monitors the employees and not only does consistency but identifies areas to develop and train in." says Anand Kripalu (President. There are many development opportunities at Cadbury for those who want them – in training. the horizons are much bigger and wider than they were before. "We have almost locked consumer-and customerfacing investments. . South Asia and Indo-China. This was incredibly useful. Customers. as it‟s a way of gaining an honest understanding of how people view you so that you can know how to develop communication and people skills. will remain Cadbury India's mainstay for some time to come. with global brands like Ferrero Rocher making inroads. The company increased its direct reach by 25 per cent in 2011 to more than 700. Cadbury India pulled out all the stops. Slowdown or not. The employees also attend specialist training courses within the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility) to enhance and update their knowledge and skills." says Narayan Sundararaman." Still. There are other advantages of being part of a $50-billion corporation like Kraft. while Amul and Nestle. secondments and CSR. which saw sales increase by another 40 per cent between January and September 2011. peer colleagues and managers are asked for feed back on the employee‟s performance and their perceptions of him.000 stores and added 5. too. and that will not be touched. therefore. and MD. the Rs 3. "The resources. Also the employee satisfaction is high and they themselves have reported that the level of training available and the opportunities to develop and grow are immense.9. Director. Powdered Beverages. Cadbury India). But there is competition. they targeted $500million and felt that resources for advertising and distribution would not be a problem. Review and Control Revenue that Cadbury has seen at the end of the year in India was $400million. and. growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15 to 20 per cent.000-crore chocolate market. This process of continuous assessment enables them to reflect upon their own style and continuously grow and improve your skills set. Candy and Gum.

The Cadbury team in India just seem to wor k very wel l together . Ther e is a feelin of winnin g an d opportunities . So. As part of their global quality control procedure. copper. yo u can transform business . scale and expertise of a global company to achieve that . the other thinking Cadbury nurtures is the importance of teamwork. Staff Standout HR Policy: “Have fun. ensuring that their customers get the most deliciously consistent chocolate each and every time. Our turnaround emergin g markets has bee n due to total empowermen t of th e right leaders . The Middle level department is divided into funtional areas like Finance. Menon. “There is a strong sense of kinship. Systems Cadburry makes every effort to adhere to the most stringent control norms. director (HR). some from Danon e biscuits an d man y from outside an now man y mor e from Cadbury. to ensure that every product being packed was safe. Marketing Organisation Structure Cadbury follows functional structure of organization and has been very succesful in engaging its employess.” Work and fun can co-exist. Wha t is hugely exciting is tha t thes e leader s wil l bring a whol e lot of competitive advantag e to the table. Cadbury has installed Metal Detection Systems on each line. with rewards and recognition for a job well done. Cadbury believes its work culture is also conducive to innovations. and free from stainless steel. or any other kind of metal. Man y came from within Kraft. Human Resource and Sales. It perhaps helps that the brand is also about celebrating life‟s little moments. there is greater involvement and loyalty. Style Over th e last thre e years .” says managing director Bharat Puri. In . A good team player is more valuable than an individual. At Cadbury India. “We celebrate at the drop of a hat. and the feeling that they. they take this philosophy very seriously.10. Cadbury has an annual celebration . Operations. th e best par t of m strategy ha s bee n mainly people . Of my top 50 leaders . It has built up a strong structure with its experience and beliefs . own the brand. two-thirds are new to th e job.” says Radhakrishnan B. By unleashin g talent . C Y Pal is the chairman while Anand Kripalu Managing Director for South Asia region and other non-executive directors. too. Stay of th e way and give them ambitious target s bu t ensure tha t you provide them the resources . Beyond the happy coexistence between work and play. For every new recruit. a „buddy‟ is nominated who guides the fresher for a month and helps adjust to the job.

a habit of making sound decisions. a knack for turning ideas into action. Bilkul was entirely a Cadbury India innovation and the company‟s first entry into the chewing gum market.Cadbury‟s commitment to training and development is a core value. people are highly committed to their work and because Cadbury always looks for the same level of commitment in their people. Their strong belief in community involvement encourages their people to take part in local projects as a way of developing valuable skills. Skills At Cadbury.from shared values such as family togetherness (fun. so their people grow with them. They also offer a continual programme of encouragement and development to advance employees career.They offer support not only in the way of training for career skills and capabilities but in the opportunity to study. It stands for Goodness among all its stake holders whether employees or customers. Helping people reach their potential means that they in turn help them succeed as a business. it launched Bilkul. People who do well at Cadbury tend to share the qualities and spirit of good entrepreneurs: lots of drive to make things happen. ability to influence people.2005. reliable). to the personal values of individual enjoyment. wholesome. . developing new capabilities to take their business forward. As they grow. Shared Values Cadbury encapsultes an enormous breath of emotions. a saunf-flavoured chewing gum-cum-mouth freshener.

To expand its share various measures are undertaken in all areas of operation to create value for future. In terms of manufacturing segment focus is on optimizing manufacturing efficiencies and creating a world class manufacturing location.The initiatives in terms of development a long term domestic coca a sourcing base would field maximum gains when commodity prices start moving up. Efficient sourcing of key raw material i. Concentrating more on TV advertisements. Use of it to improve logistics and distribution competitiveness. The company has been able to increase the width of its consumer base through launch of low priced products.higher local consumption by entering long term contract with farmer and undertaking efforts in expanding local area developing . cocoa through forward purchase of imports .11. The Indian chocolate market is getting bigger and better.e. New channel of marketing such as gifting and child connectivity and low end value for money product for expanding the consumer base have been identified. Right advertising campaigns can be used to achieve the company objectives and bring about the desired change in the behavior of the target audience. . Improving distribution quality by addressing issues of product stability by addressing issues of product stability by installation of visi coolers at several outlets. Contingency Plan The prospective customers of Cadbury Dairy Milk have changed from kids to adults including every family member to celebrate any occasion with Dairy Milk. improving the packaging and paying more attention to the way in which it is stored by the retailers across the country. The first priority should be maintaining the trust of its consumers by concentrating more on the quality. This would be really effective in maintaining consumption in summer when sales usually dip due to the fact that the heat effects product quality and thereby consumption. Back issues of A&Ms .indiaserver. Implementation. The Free Press.indiainformer. Planning. "Strategic Brand Management". "Advertising Management"  www.india-today. 1995 Internet Sources:   www. Inc. Inc.economictimes. 27. 1992 Edition Kotler.  www. David. Philip. A division of   www. Inc. and Control Prentice-Hall. Oct. Fourth Edition Business Line 'Catalyst' – Thu. Feb 19. et al. Financial express 'Brand Wagon' –  www.Bibliography  www. Eighth Edition  "Marketing Management" Analysis.