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W hy are W e Here ?


Why are Our Lives Unequal ?


Public Inquiry Leaflet No. 2

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Why Are You Here?

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A nd why, above all things, are some born w ith the blessings of this m aterial w orld su r rounding them, and others born in w ant, perhaps dire poverty? W hy do some so easily a tta in g re at success and others struggle through life and never seem to be able to rise above a common place w ith even the necessities? W ho w ill answ er these questions and how ? Do the churches w ith th eir religious doctrines offer us any satisfactory accounting for these inequalities of life? Do any of the religious doctrines point out a reason for these things and m ake us feel th a t all is well, all is comprehensible, and all perfectly acceptable to us? Science also fails w ith all of its theories, all of its principles and profound exam inations, to m ake plain to us w hy there is hum an life at all, and the purpose of our existence w ith all of its obstacles, tests, tria ls and rew ards.

= = A V E you ever thought of w hy you w ere I here on earth, just w hy you w ere so | placed in your relation to the social w orld, f the political w orld, and the business i| w o rld ? W hy are some born as Am erI icans, some as French, some as G erm ans | and some as Japanese? W h y are some | born white, and some born black?

Som e M ust K n o w the A n sw ers

Surely some must know the truth, and there must be lliose who can reveal the facts and present to us our lives and our liv in g in the true light. T h e answ ers to the questions asked above do not con stitute either religious or scientific doctrines. It m ay be th at all tru th is sacred and all know ledge scientific, but when we turn to orthodox religious doctrines for 3

the answ ers to m any im portant questions, we find th at m odern religion does not consider m any of these vital points, and leaves them to science; and w hen we turn to science for the same inform ation, we find again that this cold, unemotional, and lim ited field has no place either for consideration of those things w hich are close to the h e art and soul of the average m an and wom an. So w e are forced to seek some other source of know ledge, some other system, philosophy, or perhaps school of arcane wisdom, w here at least some light w ill be throw n upon the problem s and a few facts revealed to our understanding.

page, w ith the answ ers to m any of lifes questions, w hich the advanced m inds of today are seeking to discover but do not find. T h ey h ave turned their backs upon the g re at wisdom of the past because it w as of the schools and tem ples of m ystery. One of the most universally known and accepted doctrines of these ancients w as th a t of reincarnation. R eincarnation answ ers all of the questions asked at the beginning of this article, and it answ ers a thousand more th a t puzzle you and me and m illions upon m illions of hum an beings. W hy then, is it so ignored today? A nd w hy do people sm ile and some even express very p lainly th eir disapproval of the very thought of reincarnation? It is because they do not understand, and have never given the subject of reincarnation the five m inutes serious consideration th a t it needs to make them realize th a t perhaps it is, a fte r all, the one uni versal key to all of lifes problem s.

W hat the A ncient S ages K n ew

N a tu rally we turn backw ard to the past, to those g re at sages of ancient lands w ho w ere not lim ited by religious or scientific doctrines in th eir researches, and who contributed so m uch inform ation to the advance m ent of civilization. H ow ever we m ay turn, and w hereever, our search leads us to the O rient, to the lands of mystery tem ples and m ystery schools, to the select and exclusive groups of wise men and women w ho constitu ted the g re at secret schools of uncommon knowledge. W h a t do we find ? T h a t m any of the tru th s presented in the religious doctrines of the m odern churches and a g reat m any of the scientific principles expounded by the m odern, lim ited schools of scientific research alike have d raw n their fundam ental principles and their fundam ental truths from the teachings of the ancient sages. W e are astounded to find th a t m any of the things w e have been led to believe w ere new discoveries, modern revelations, and secret findings of science and religion in recent years, w ere known to the ancients for centuries, and then seemingly lost du rin g the m iddle ages.

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Som e Serious Points

T h in k of this one point. U ntil recent years the doctrine of reincarnation w as accepted and used by n early all of the civilized races of m ankind as a de pendable key and guide to the m ysteries and m iracles of life. T oday, only the m odern Jew ish religion and the m odern C hristian religion have cast reincarnation aside as an unw anted explanation. In all the other religions of the w orld, and w ith thousands upon thou sands in the Jew ish and the C hristian religions, the doctrine of reincarnation is still a dependable and proven solution to the im portant problem s of life. T h e ancient Jew ish religion incorporated the principles of reincarnation as absolutely fundam ental to all under standing, and the early C hristian church, including the m inistry of Jesus and his teachings, contained the doctrine of reincarnation as a scientific, religious, and ethical la w o f the universe. Do you believe th a t m illions, even billions, of persons in the w orld can unite in accepting a certain doctrine, 5

W e D iscover G reat Truths

Ju st a casual search through the books th a t contain the teachings of the ancients surprises us, page after 4

year after year, century a fter century, and still be w rong? For instance the W o rld A lm anac shows th a t in the w orld today there are 1,849,500,000 persons con nected w ith churches of various denom inations. Of this g reat host, the present-day C hristians and the present-day Jew s total 698,000,000; leaving 1,151,500,000 persons whose religious beliefs include the doctrine of reincarnation as a scientific and Cosmic la w o f life. A nd am ong the m illions of C hristians and Jew s of today, more th an h a lf of them have also adopted the doctrine of reincarnation. R eincarnation, as a satis factory explanation of lifes problem s, is spreading so rapidly am ong C hristians and Jew s today th a t new s papers and m agazines, books and pam phlets, are con tain in g references and rem arks re g ard in g the doctrine in order to meet the grow ing dem and for some infor m ation on this subject.

knew n o t ...................... and the disciples understood. T h e disciples of Jesus had been tau g h t the principles of reincarnation, for w e find reference to these teachings all through the ancient scriptures, and the Jew s w ere thoroughly fa m ilia r w ith the doctrine, and Jesus dem onstrated H is complete acceptance of th a t doctrine. T h a t Jesus w as fa m ilia r w ith the m ystery principles of life th a t constituted a hidden w isdom not revealed to the masses in all details, is show n in C orinthians, chapter two, verses six and eight.

E n dorsed by Em inent Authorities

Josephus, the g re at w riter and historian of the time of Jesus, refers to incarnation and its principles as the pow er of the virtuous to revive and live ag ain , and he also refers to the return of souls into new bodies . Hume, the em inent philosopher and illum inator of m ens m inds, said th a t reincarnation is the only system of im m ortality th a t the philosopher can hearken to. T h e em inent Schopenhauer w rote th a t he found the doctrine of reincarnation springing from the earliest and noblest ages of the hum an race, alw ays spread abroad upon the earth as a belief of the g reat m ajority of m ankind, nay, as the teachings of all religions w ith the exception of the m odern Jew s and the tw o w hich have come from it . H e is re fe rrin g to the m odern C hristian and m odern Jew ish religions w hich have evolved from the ancient teachings. W e can tu rn to the w ritin g of the a n cien t'K rish n a , P ythagoras, Plato, Apollonius, and thousands of others who w rote about and tau g h t the doctrine of rein c arn a tion. A m ong the poets w e find D ryden, R obert Brown ing, W a lt W hitm an, E d w a rd C arpenter, W ordsw orth, L afcadio H earn, and hundreds of others re fe rrin g to reincarnation as an established and acceptable doctrine w hich in no w ay detracts from the beauties and great tru th s of any of the present-day religious doctrines. A nd even today em inent business men, headed by H enry 7

A p p ea ls to the Intelligence
Intelligent men and wom en have discovered th a t the biased and u n fa ir attacks m ade on reincarnation by some religious w riters and by some scientists w ere for the purpose of tak in g aw ay from men and women the one great answ er to all their questions, and the g re at light w hich enables them to meet th eir daily problem s and a tta in m astership and success. I f w e cast aside the doctrine of reincarnation, we cannot understand correctly and perfectly m any things in the C hristian Bible and in the Jew ish scriptures. In the C hristian Church, reincarnation w as tau g h t in th a t branch of the church teachings called the Lesser M ysteries ; and in the book of M alachi, fourth chapter and fifth verse, w e read about E lijah and his previous incarnation. T h en , we understand also w h a t Jesus m eant in the book of M atthew , w hen H e asked the m ultitude about John, and said, B ut w h a t w ent ye out to see? A nd we also understand through re in carnation w h at Jesus m eant after the T ransfiguration by the w ords addressed to Peter, Jam es and Jo h n : But 1 say unto you, th a t Elias has come already, and they 6

Ford, and m any C hristian clergym en and physicians, hold fa st to the doctrine of reincarnation. T h in k now of the significance of th a t w onderful poem by O liver W endell Holmes, in T h e Cham bered N autilus. B uild m e more stately mansions, O m y soul, As the sw ift seasons roll! L eave thy low vaulted past! L et each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven w ith a dome more fast. T ill thou at length are free, L eav in g thine outgrow n shell on lifes unresting sea.

m ore progressive civilization, if w e but desire it and prepare for it w hile here on earth. R eincarnation shows th a t God is absolutely fa ir and just, and th at H e has not predeterm ined and predestined some of us to angelic life, regardless of our acts on earth, and others to a life of hell-fire and brim stone regardless of our desires and our pleas to escape such unearned judgm ent. R eincarnation shows th a t G od has given to each one of us an opportunity to build our fate and create our destiny, and th a t as w e have built, and as w e are build in g now, as w e have created and are still creatin g the future, even so shall it be. For tom orrow is the result of todays m aking, and our fu tu re lives are w h at we make them now.

W hat Reincarnation R eveals

R eincarnation shows w hy we w ere born as w e were, w hy we have w h at we do have, and w hy we have not the things we desire. It showrs also how w e m ay a ttract and b rin g into our lives the things we really need, the things th a t we should have, and th a t are w aitin g to be brought into our own use and ap p lication; and it shows how w e m ay cast out of our existence and out of our path those obstacles, lim itations, pains and sorrows th a t hold us fa st in the grip of some m ysterious condition th a t rem ains only so long as w e w ilfully rem ain in darkness. R eincarnation shows th a t after this life is ended there is no heaven or hell beyond (a fte r a pause of endless tim e a w aitin g some ju d g m ent d a y ), but an im m ediate transform ation into a new life again on earth, w ith every opportunity to go on a g ain and learn and m aster, earn and attract, secure and hold the things w e do not have in this incarnation. It shows th a t our heaven and our hells are created for us d a ily by our ow n acts, and w e suffer th eir joys and th eir torments, here and now, and th a t as Jesus said, the kingdom of H eaven is alw ays at hand. R eincarna tion proves th a t each tim e w e are reborn, w e are born into a better body, under better circum stances and in a

T h e K e y to the M ysteries
B u t th e re is a key, a la w , a p rin c ip le , to u n d e rsta n d . T h e r e a re d e ta ils th a t w e m u st r e a d a n d c o m p reh en d if w e w o u ld g e t the u tm o st o u t of th e g r e a t d o ctrin e of re in c a rn a tio n . T h is is offered to you by a b ra n c h o f th e an c ie n t schools now o p e ra tin g in A m e ric a as one of th e oldest e d u c a tio n a l m o vem ents of a rc a n e k n ow ledge, estab lish ed on th e A m e ric a n shores in 1694, a n d enjoy in g th e h ig h re g a r d of th o u sa n d s of A m erican s, le a d in g th in k e rs, a n d m ost p ro g ressiv e, h a p p y successful m en an d w om en. T h is o rg a n iz a tio n is kno w n as th e Rosic ru c ia n B ro th e rh o o d . Its com plete n am e is th e A n c i e n t a n d M y s t i c a l O r d e r R o sa e C r u c is , a b b re v ia te d into th e in itia ls A M O R C . Its m em b ersh ip is located th ro u g h o u t the N o rth A m e ric a n C o n tin en t, fro m the colds of th e icy n o rth , to th e eq u ato r, w ith bran ch es, classes, p u b lic lectures, r e a d in g room s, a n d e v e ry m ean s a n d fa c ility f o r th e d isse m in a tio n of th e m ost in te r estin g , pro fitab le, an d a llu r in g k n o w led g e a v a ila b le to m en a n d w om en. I t does not sell its teachings. I t is n ot a com m ercial o rg a n iz a tio n , n o r a relig io u s sect, n ot a scien tific school of profound theories. Tt is a f ra te rn ity , a brotherhood, in th e tru e st sense, e x te n d in g its c o rd ia l h a n d of f rie n d ly g r e e tin g to e v e ry m a n a n d w o m a n w h o seek to rise ab o v e th e ir


planes in life and become m asterfully successful and suprem ely happy and at peace. If you w ish to know more about the Rosicrucian teachings as being dissem inated in all parts of the civilized w orld, and especially in N orth A m erica through the hundreds of branches, just address a letter to any one of the branches or to the N ational H ead quarters and v ery interesting literatu re w ill be m ailed to you w ithout obligation. Regardless of your present opinions, religious beliefs or station in life, you w ill find the Rosicrucian teach ings of practical -value, free from speculative theories, unbiased in sectarianism , and distinctly different from any philosophy or system of thought you m ay h av e con tacted. If no address of the nearest branch appears on the last page of this pam phlet, then address your letter for the free and interesting literatu re to: R O S IC R U C IA N B U R E A U OF F A C T S Rosicrucian Park,
Sa n J o s e , C a l if o r n ia


N o t e : T h ere is but one international Rosicrucian O rd er operating throughout the w orld. Its complete name, is A n c i e n t , M y s t i c a l , O r d e r R o s a e C r u c is (abbreviated into one w ord by the initials A M O R C ) . T h is organization does not sponsor a few modern publishing houses or book propositions op eratin g under sim ilar names, or selling instructions or books under the nam e of R osicrucian fellow ships, societies, fr a ternities and other synonym ical titles.