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Name of School Subject Class / Semester Time allocation

: SMP-BI Negeri 1 Banda Aceh : Mathematics : VII / I : 1 x 25 minutes

A. Competence standard : 2. Understanding the algebraic forms, linear equations and linear inequalities with one variable. B. Basic competence : 2.3 solving linear equations with one variable C. Indicators : To solve the problem in daily life by application of linear equation with one variable.

D. Learning Objectives Student able to solve the problem in daily life by application of linear equation with one variable from discussion, game, assignment method, and snowball throwing model. E. Topics Linear Equation with One Variable F. Learning Method Model : cooperative learning snowball throwing. Methods : discussion, game, and assignment. Approach : deductive. E. Learning Activities ACTIVITIES 1. Opening activities Teacher begins the lesson with greetings. Teacher extends learning objectives to student. Teacher reminds students about algebra by asking some questions and giving some examples of algebra, such as: Do you remember about statements and open sentences? What the difference of statement and open sentence? Teacher shows slide to point out a picture of shapes in daily life. PHASE TIME ALLOCATION

Present goals and set

5 minutes

` Teacher explains how important the lesson is in daily life. What do you think about the pictures?

A farmer has a rectangular-shaped land. Width of the land is 6m shorter than its length. If the circumference of the land is 60m, how to find the area of the farmers land? Can you imagine how to solve the problem? What the meaning of Width of the land is 6m shorter than its length? Is the sentence open sentence? Can you write the open sentence in mathematical sentence? Teacher explains about learning model for today which is implementing cooperative learning type Snowball Throwing. 2. Main activities Teacher informs the students that the activities are going to be done and they can read their textbook about the topic to add their knowledge and to make easier for finding ideas. Teacher makes 3 groups heterogenic; each group consists of 3 to 4 persons. Teacher asks each group to choose the leader of their group. Teacher calls the leaders, and then, the leaders give ideas about the mathematical model of the farmers land problem and explain the way to get solution of the problem. While teacher and the leaders discuss about it, another students think mathematical model of the problem also. After the leaders have the right answer, they return and

Present information

Organize students into learning teams

15 minutes

` share the explanation to their group. Teacher gives question in worksheet to each group (a) Exploration The students discuss the meaning of problem in the worksheet. The students discuss anything of worksheet in their group and teacher guide them. (b) Elaboration Teacher asks each student to make a problem about linear equation with one variable on a paper, then, the paper is made like a snowball. Students throw the ball to their friend. The students have 2 minutes to solve the problem. (c) Confirmation Teacher checks the students work and gives reward to student that has higher score. Teacher and students together solve the problems that students need more explanation. 3. Closing activities Some students give summarizing from the topics, guided by the teacher. Teacher asks students to answer some reflection questions: 1. What did you learn today? 2. After following this lesson, what is your opinion today? 3. Which part of the lesson needs more explanation? 4. Which part of the lesson do you feel more interesting and more understandable? Teacher informs learning topics for the next meeting and gives home work to the students. F. Equipments and Learning Resources a. Equipments : LCD Projector b. Learning resources : Pictures Power point. Nuharini, Dewi dan Tri Wahyuni (2008). Matematika Konsep dan Aplikasinya untuk Kelas VII SMP/MTs. Jakarta: Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional

Assist team work and study

Test over materials

5 minutes

` Worksheet.

G. Assesment Technique: Test and non-test (for students worksheet) Kinds: written Types: essay Example of problem: The price of 1kg grape is 3 times the price of 1kg orange. If Ana buy 2kg grape and 5kg orange then she must pay Rp38.500,00. Find the price of 1kg grape and 1kg orange. Alternative Solution: Suppose x is the price of 1kg orange, then the price of 1kg grape is 3x 2(3x) + 5x = 38500 6x + 5x = 38500 11x = 38500 x = 3500 so, the price of 1kg orange is Rp3.500,00 and the price of 1kg grape is 3x Rp3.500,00 or Rp10.500,00.

Approved by: Supervisor I Supervisor II

Banda Aceh, November 24, 2011 Student,

Dr. Rahmah Johar, M. Pd

Linda Victoria, M. Sc

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