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All Rohingyas of Arakan are with your call and demand from Mr.Harn Yawngshwe !

Monday, July 4, 2011 3:02 PM From: "Burmese Immigrants Welfare Association of US" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,,,,,,,,,,,, more
Dear Br. MSK Jilani and all Rohingyas of the world, Assalam Alaikum WR WB

SUB: All Rohingyas of Arakan are with your call and demand from Mr.Harn Yawngshwe !
Thanks for your mind-provoking message in which I find no any deniable facts. I could not understand how these graduated people of Maungdaw who were claiming to defend the Rohingyas of Arakan since 1975 replacing old Mujahid movement never come to sense to realize that it is a must and pre-requisite to unite the all Rohingya people of all Arakan to fight the Rohingyas rights properly united way against Burmese brutal forces and government. How they are so narrow-minded that after 35 years of repeated failure,still today,they can not correct their mind-set. Self-claimed Prof. Nur Islam and Dr. Yunos destroyed the whole Rohingya nation due to their selfishness and demand of presidency in the party. Again they are fighting to become the chairman of ARU and DG Fakruddin is in bad situation to substitute SFK Jilani as chairman to keep the 2 power monger tigers away from the crowd of goats. Br. MSK Jilani, you, Hyder Ali, Sayed Alam and Abdul Rauf Arakani as well as Mohiuddin can write hundred emails to them but there will be no change at all. They don't care anyone and they even do not read your email.They are happy and proud of their selfish achoievement in Jeddah in the name of Rohingya convention and formation of ARU with Maungdaw majority leaders,council and Director General.

Do not waste your time and energy sending emails to them. If you want to topple their sand castle of ARU and dismantle their wrongly created ARU, please write directly to EBO office and its 17 year-old dictator and only director Mr. Harn Yawngshwe who left the suffering Shan people and instead mastering the Rohingya cause for personal benefits with some misguided Rohingya ugly activists whose hands are dirty with blood of many innocent Rohingya youths. You must write direct letter and send fax to OIC Secretary and 57 Muslim head of the state explaining your points in diplomatic way. Ask the OIC Secretary General that being members of OIC. If Pakistan represents Bangladesh (old east Pakistan) in OIC FM Meeting, will it accept it? If the answer comes No, then how Maung Daw people can represent other parts of Arakan States like Akyab, Kyauktaw, Mrauk-Oo and other townships of Arakan where Rohingya community live. I do not accept ARU and their disqualified leadership. They gave some posts to Buthi Daung people such as Abdul Hamid and Tun Khin to save face. I want ARU but dissolve the council and leaders to replace with all major 7 townships of Rohingya dominated area in the overseas, particularly from young generation. ARU as formed on pre-planned way by Mr. Harn Yawngshwe and Prof. Nur Islam. Dr. Yunos and AFK Jilani, the participants just signed it and taking photos for making a good album only. In my analysis and decision, EBO and OIC want to help Rohingyas but the greedy four name-saked leaders made it worst and failure forging disunity. I want to request all patriotic overseas brothers belong to Buthi Daung township not to co-operate selfish ARU people who insulted us by giving 2 posts and buying all Buthi Daung people whereas they took DG post and 10 council members. The two persons from Buthi Daung can not make any decision except to say YES SIR to 14-member-majority ARU. On the other hand, I couldnt understand and also wonder how both Abdul Hamid and Tun Khin attended and indulged those Rohingya murderers Nur Islam and Dr. Yonus. Mr. Harn Yawnsher must answer if your email and question if he has no ulterior motive or an honest person. I heard AFK Jilani is in Malaysia and saying that MDW and BTD are brothers and brothers. So, they are important not other people are needed to unite. They want to save these two townships people only. I can predict that ARU is bound to failure as it is built on wrong foundation well begun is half done. Similarly, wrong begun is half failure to end in total failure. I also severely wonder how those Islamic followers who claim to be Islamic inheritors round the clock engage to malpractice absolutely contrary to Islamic religion. That whether their Islamic religion as well as their ancestors and teachers teach them the same lesson to harm and hurt other fellows in any means in any circumstances for their own cause and interest? If not, how we can accept them

they are Muslim? I also cant understand how they graduated in bachelor, master and doctorate degrees while their respective faculties are in such tactics? Regards Capt. Dr. Aung San Lein Washington

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Your worst immorality & misbehavior and also how both of you are playing with FIRE to sink the boat of Rohingyas
Monday, July 25, 2011 7:00 AM From: "quests justice" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,,,, Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,, more
Hi Waqar Uddin & Reza Uddin (aka) Rohingya CID Your worst immorality & misbehavior and also how both of you are playing with FIRE to sink the boat of Rohingyas Although I do not wish to write you the same as it is not my nature while I am not a graduate in any faculty like others especially both of you, but I have finally been compelled to get support of keyboard because of your absolute inhumane attitude, worst immorality, misbehavior, rudeness and insulting etc. towards other human beings no matter whoever be; whatever be their respective financial and living status are; whatever condition they are living in; whatever be their respective religions/faiths, caste, colors, regions, languages etc. It is indeed, absolutely intolerable, and strongly condemned. I believe, no one ever expects the same from you.

I remember the childhood and culture in our motherland, which all Burmese regardless of caste and languages know that both parent especially mothers and teachers of school and/or religious institutions give strict moral instruction to the children/students besides studies. And I feel you didnt get it. Such your inhumane attitude and foolish behavior included harsh uncivilized words and insults to others etc., which you finally practically prove of your origin and reality that what you actually are despite self-claiming of being highly educated and belong to a good family background. I now suspect of your ancestors, parents, elders and teachers as well as the society you have been grown up in. I also suspect of your basic religious learning which definitely taught you the same lessons. I know you will absolutely deny it. But your denial doesnt prove of your claim of being good human beings and/or good Islamic followers as well. Since your mails were through my eyes, I wonder how a person holding doctorate and higher degrees underestimates, discriminates and insults others while both Sayed Alam and Abdul Rauf Arakani are your community members, probably possibly your relatives or neighbors or colleagues and also graduates from American and/or Burmese universities. Please do not forget your local proverb zuban shiri mulluk gari = Although both of you may be graduates of higher education with name-sake graduation certificate in USA but you both brothers are nothing in front of both of them in politicos, I recognized. Have you both brothers have ever raised the Rohingya issue during your student life and/or professorship in Penn. University. USA? So, from which universities both of you graduated, and are you really graduated or just bought the degrees with huge bribe? The bribe is a normal thing amongst your like-minded followers in particular, like a candle with fire as well as hurting, harming others in any means. I know, you all are disguising Muslim but munafik and pro-violent (fitnah) elements. Additionally, you were finally caught by U Aung Tin, Md. Abdul Aziz, Maung Ni, Mr. Habib that you are fooling the Rohingyas with RohingyaCID fake ID by pretending and misusing your concurrent DG post mistakenly assigned to you by the tactical artist Mr. Harn and 25 fake-representatives of Rohingya organizations included insurgent groups RSO and ARNO. Do you know what means of CID in your own language (mother tongue)? It means JASOOS, which you can also translate into English as INFORMER. Waqar Uddin, you are renowned scholar of Fungus infection in the grass based on your botany Ph. D. You can find the curing of fungus infection. How can he instead, find the cure of Rohingyas disease of disunity? How a car driver can become a pilot of the aeroplane without having flying training? Putting him in ARU DG driver seat by EBOs Harn and gang of four permanent thugs will prove very soon a big blunder in the near future by resignation of Waqar Uddin from DG post for his big mistake in 100 days of DG appointment. I couldnt understand and I am confused how ARU was formed with solely supporters and well-wishers of insurgent groups RSO and ARIF. Do you think Arakan is only with Maung Daw? How Maung Daw would represent entire Arakan? It is absolutely out of sense. Being highly educated persons, what do your (both

brothers) sense and mind say about it? What about other sense of all those invitees, especially of those graduates in any faculties? Do you know the meaning of ARU in the languages of Burmese and Arakanese? It calls MAD. I believe, you all would become mad in the near future. It is very shameful. We say dignified death is better than shameful life =sharamat tuwaro izzad awr maut bala =sharam ki zindagi se izzat ki maut behtar hay. I also came to know that your younger brother Ekram Uddin has also faithfully been serving the Burmese military, military intelligence and NASAKA as informer providing the information of the activities of Rohingya freedom fighters and parties. So, you preferred to be Rohingya CID of Burmese military rulers in USA by using your OIC/EBO trusted new posting and working under the Islamic flagship. However, I dont know yet why your brother Jawad Uddin was repeatedly visiting Naypaydaw, it seems you four brothers are championing the cause of Rohingyas in opposite way. What kind of a professor you are in US Penn. University lacking very simple commonsense of labeling patriotic Rohingya youths as thugs, hypocrites, destructive elements and other bad names they don't deserve as well as to attend family and supporters-based convention. If you RohingyaCID dare to confess your mistakes and withdraw the wrong accusation as well as your immoral words to both brave Rohingya political activists, it will be your wise act. Otherwise the new generation will crusade until they unmask you both and prove entire community that you TWO are very dirty politicians who will sink the boat of Rohingyas in Naaf River very soon with the gang of thugs you rely on. All conscious Rohingyas have every rights to express their respective opinions in Rohingya politics and catching the wrong-doers who proclaims himself as Rohingya CID (Rohingya Jasoos). Today, the overseas Rohingyas are not coward like you to play puppet master game, you should be aware of it. Meanwhile, I was delighted to read your idea which you conveyed to Rohingya community to be aware of the danger of a gang of thugs, hypocrites such as N Islam, Dr. Yonus, AFK Jilani and Mulla Salim. What kind of a President are you Reza Uddin of Oregon Rohingya Society? The above named Abdul Rauf Arakani is the founding member and General Secretary of ORS but you did the same mistake as Sayed Hussain (of Norway) who went to OICs Rohingya Convention without telling RCN members to represent them. You, Reza Uddin went and came back from OIC-sponsored Rohingya Convention in Jeddah but you did not call a meeting or informed yet its members what were the achievements and developments in Rohingya convention. In fact, I want to tell the Rohingyas worldwide that Reza Uddin must immediately resign from ORS Presidency for his irresponsible activities like Sayad Hussain who was brave enough to become clean and honorable in front of Rohingya Public resigning from the post and giving RCN the way to continue. Now all Rohingyas are with Sayad Hussain because of his high moral and heroic action to embrace the mistakes.

Mr. Abdul Rouf Arakani in his online posted messages has pin-pointed out those mistakes to re-correct what was done wrong. But he was blamed by you that he is a bad person and the the Rohingyas need to be aware of him as destructive force. What is it? All these condemning letters you have been receiving because you psychologically harmed and heartily hurt and severely insulted your colleagues. My first advice to both of you is to seek apology from all Rohingya community including both victims and inform U Aung Tin by email. You said you always come to see Clinton in white house, but this time you come to see me first for mutual consultation before going to white house to get my advice. We will continue to write if still you show stubbornness and arrogance. In conclusion, I would liked to advise you both to voluntarily resign from the DG post and council membership immediately before it is too late when the time comes so unfavorable to resign with disgrace. In conclusion, I would like to advise you both to voluntarily resign from the DG post and council membership immediately before it is too late when the time comes so unfavorable to both of you to resign with disgrace under compulsion with Rohingyas pressure. This time your AFK Jilani and other members of gang of thugs like ARIF, RSO, EBO and OIC etc. can not protect you both from down-fall. Being doctorate and engineering graduates as well as willful office-bearers of general directorship, you had/have to play a vital, constructive, cooperative, coordinative, concretive and productive role. I intentionally didnt use Dr. and Eng. as you are not entitling for the same for the time being. May God bestow you all with good sense, Amin. Mohammed Amin Burma Minorities Observer Washington DC,

Eradicate discrimination & underestimatiion amongst U

Friday, October 21, 2011 11:14 AM From: "quests justice" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,,,,,,,,,, more

Hi (Dr.) Wakar, Greeting!

Please do refer your recent letter attached below which emailed to your dearest and nearest colleagues concerned about your community debate. I sincerely appreciate for your opinion concerned about concurrent issue of debate as well as your patriotic spirit, and hope the same in future. Being an executive of BRANA and ARU as well as candle of your community, an American citizen and also holder of doctorate degree, you need to play wonderful dynamic role for the cause of your community. But your letter indicates of severe discrimination. Why you handful people discriminate to each other instead of standing on a platform in order to resolve your community issues. No matter whatever be issues, you shouldnt need to discriminate in any circumstances. I believe, it is your ancestral inheritance and main subject and lesson of your doctorate degree. There is one Mohi Uddin who is considered a good community leader and historian of your community. He has well and wide experience related to Rohingya community/history and also had been devoted for the Rohingya cause for decades ago as well as he is also active today for the Rohingya cause, as per my knowledge and belief. Otherwise he is not my friend and/or relative and/or from my community as well. But whatever is right, right; whatever is wrong, it is wrong. If Obama does something wrong, it doesnt mean that he is right. I ever focus about minorities no matter wherever be they are. If you, being clamant of senior smart and expert one, engage in such things, so what would happen with and amongst illiterates? Till date, what you have done for your own community. Just only jointly creating an association for your own benefits is not considered to be patriotic, Waqar. We have a proverb, to get respect, first you have to respect others; to get dignified, you have to understand/value others' dignity; and submit/degrade your personality and status. Why you abandoned him in your correspondences while those responders whom you delivered your letters also use the same emails recipients? Instead of such discrimination probably because of your doctorate degree and naturalized American citizenship as well as financial status and post, you have to bring and stand with all community brothers and sisters. If you practice the same (righteous) way, it will be more helpful to new generation. If you continue practice with similar ill-treatment, inhuman attitude and uncivilized behavior etc., it would not only affect to your personality but also your doctorate degree might be considered meaningless and you would become a cowboy so-call in your language HAIWAN & GARUSUDA DEGREE. Because of your doctorate degree, I am not going to magnify it further because I hope you will soon adopt the actual theology to love and respect others. Hence, it is my advice to you not to practice further in future any thing which damages and

affects to your religion, community and your colleagues. Religions and their respective followers are deeply concerned with to each other. I hope you will secure the humanism and real Islamism in future. Thank you Regards Khin Maung Shwe Washington, DC

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be human being, at least Muslim

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 8:35 AM From: "quests justice" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,,,,,,,,,, more Cc:,,,,,,,,,,, more
Hello M. Hussain Azmi What you wrote in English alphabets? If you belong to Burma as you may probably claim, you should write in Burmese language as you wrote in English which is your mother tongue. Do you know who you are, and what is your nativity? Who you are nonsense (Muslim) to advise others elder than your parent. If you reach today in any standard and developed country which doesnt mean and guarantee that you became very much smart and expert in your community and its issue as well as a senior politician. Why you all senseless guys whoever moved to those countries consider very much expert and politician but like rat. Without understanding anything about your Rohingya community and circumstances as well as concurrent situation and role of those selfish irresponsible self-claimed leaders as you were born in a third country as I guess, what you know about Burma, and its people.

You should see yourself who you are, what is your status and knowledge, whom you were going to address, etc. dont be very smart bloody nonsense thugs, ok. Is it sense, nonsense animal? Do you even know how to eat foods rather than any other else. Why bloody you people pretends to be politicians without any knowledge and information. If you dont stop such nonsense mailing, otherwise you would have to face its consequences. How much depth of water, you dive in? Do you ever pinpoint the same to your father and mother? You also are disguising to be a doctorate degree holder on cyber and a politician. How many conference you have attended? Bloody nonsense, if it doesnt enough for your sense, tell me so I can send hardest spicy one. Remember, the dogs cannot be united in any circumstances as you are. Ok, dont be rude more.

Khin Maung Shwe Washington DC

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Voice against discrimination, underestimation & racism

Friday, November 4, 2011 12:31 PM From: "quests justice" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,, Dear Mr. Rehan: Greetings ! Hope you are in sound health. Also hope the same with all members at home as well as your dear and near ones. Thank you very much for your letter of voice against discrimination, underestimation & racism etc. I would like to convey my heartiest and sincerest thanks and appreciation for the same roles against those racism minded people in Muslim community. I feel ashamed before you to have not being able to bring such adequate word to put my feelings of appreciation and thanks as you indeed deserved becaue I am not a graduate/doctorate

and master's degree holder person like those from Rohingyas community's who are agitating to be cybernetic Rohingya politicians. I sincerely and highly appreciate you again for your strong voice against those willful people. You are absolutely right, but even if their ancestors do not teach them, they have at least to learn from their Islamic religion as what is Islamic teaching, what was intruction and practical life of Prophet Mohammed PBUH etc. Please do keep in touch forever. Thank you Khin Maung Shwe Washington, DC

Rehan Aan Alam tomaung kyawnu <> "Free Rohingya Campaign <>,, aung tin <> (FRC)"

Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 6:37 AM Subject: Try to be a gentelman ! Lear how to deal other community!!

Hello! Mr...Mg Kyaw Nu.... wassup? Hope u only one Arakani rohingya. ...others Bengali. .....what do u thinking about ur future in Arakan? are

Hope u r a perfect politician in cyber world but u have to learn something coz ur father doesn't teach u to respects others.... .....Thz......

Your Humanism Vs Islamism

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 8:23 AM From: "quests justice" <> Add sender to Contacts To:,,,,,,,,,,, more Cc:,,,,,,,,,,, more Hi Maung Kyaw Nu, Minglaba! Hope you are fine. I believe, this letter surely makes your health good especially to your senseless mind and bustard religion. Although I hesitated to write it on the respect of your age and especially when you confessed and apologized for your mistakes but I have been compelled to deliver it because of your additional dishonesty on google chats. As I know and believe, you have already posted your letter and chatting to all of your community members especially to a bloody person from Germany who misguided you. Your emailed letter makes me a great grief and on the other hand, a laugh and worriless just only because of your senseless words decorated with your reality. Your letter indicates that you didnt clearly understand what the definition of contents of my letter are because you are well educated with double doctorate degrees and a cyber politician while the writer is not only uneducated/unschooled plus with poor English but also a drunken sweeper from footpath as you claimed. Likewise your doctorate professor, I couldnt understand how you want to prove yourself to be a good human being, and belong to a best religion and civilized/educated ancestors, to be a good member/literate of a good community, to be a doctorate holder and/or a wise politician.

I am well aware of your culture and nature, especially Rohingyas of Maung Daw as well as your Islamic and ancestral teachings. Do you know whether your ancestors have been schooled, what type of degrees, at least any diploma they have had? I simply wrote that letter extreme in the best interest of your community and in protest, in order to eradicate any racism, discrimination and underestimation etc. and bring you Rohingyas unite on a platform as well as to clearly understand what the weakness and lack-ness of behavior and knowledge amongst you are, which is one of the main reason to be in this situation and also affects to your religion. As per cross correspondences recognize and believe that Mr. community members who has Rohingya history in particular strategy. of your community I received, I Mohi Uddin is one of your senior wide and well knowledge about and has also Rahingya political

I also protest how the EBO-brokered and OIC-sponsored ARU was formed with those nonsense, ugly and thugs but without such a person who has ability and is capable of such a responsibility of your community along with any other right persons. The OIC had to invite such selected people belong to every locality of Arakan rather than insurgency groups and their affiliated and their Southwestern of Arakan based well-wishers. The majorities of those invitees are not only well-wishers and supporters of those insurgent groups of Dr. Mohammed Yonus and Prof. Nur Islam but also belong to Maung Daw Township as if Maung Daw is the sole city of Arakan State. Isnt it absolutely senseless? It means all Islamic-flagged OIC and Rohingyas as well as EBO eat grass as their foods. I really confuse what your best Islamic religion and humanism teach you, what you have learnt from your Islamic religion which is being claimed best as well as teachings and guidance of your prophets? Do you all Islamic followers ever compare with your sole claims with sweety lip services and actions? Instead of ensuring the correction of the same (mistakes, lackness), the blame and complaints by a senior responsible person of your community like you is deeply regretted. Like other communities of Burma, especially Yekhines, we never discriminate and/or differentiate on any grounds like color, language, race, caste, nativity, financial and living status etc.

If someone spent times in jail for any reason and/or lives in a standard and developed country and/or became financially stable and/or secures living standard and/or claims to be civilized etc., but it does not mean and guarantee that he/she holds doctorate degrees and becomes a good human being and/or a wise politician. In order to prove a good human being no matter whatever be his/her faith and religion etc., he/she should possess by background and agitate with humanity. I feel regret that despite you have been behind bars for a decade, but you do not come a perfect man while you have been practically experiencing what the roles of those degree holders in the world in general, in your community in particular like Dr. Mohammed Yonus and Pro. Nur Islam etc. Both of them are murderer of your own people. They have killed many Rohingyas with no reason but for their own interest. But you people havent sense that to justify right and wrong. Instead, you blame to others. Being a human rights campaigner, activist and observer, I am deeply concerned with to pinpoint out the mistakes, weakness and lack-ness (of knowledge) in order to make them correction for your future generations. Similar correction is the key to your generations. You should raise your issue politely and solve it wisely. The discrimination and underestimation etc. are considered an offense as per our culture, nature, civilization and also humane policy. The same is also found here in the U.S. Hence, I am not against any religions teachings but I have ever been against those portraying/ pretending and extreme meaningless claiming followers. Just claiming is not enough but you should prove it practically. Similar is also with Yekhines community. I dont know what Buddha teaches them and what the Yekhines learn from Buddhism. I appreciate of your religious and cultural artistic tactics that you are trying to own the heart of and sympathize your respectable professor while you have already protested him earlier with more bitter words on his RFA interview whereas he damaged your communitys identity and history.

Since he is a respectable professor of a prestigious university as you claim, I think he is smarter and also understand well than you. But I am agree and happy to know that you all would become united. I am proud of being a human being as well as belong and raise from human family background with human culture, civilization and nature. So, we can prove rather than claim. But you can only claim but cannot prove. Because you people claim a lot but the selfishness, bribery, inhuman behavior and attitude, ill-treatment, hurting and harming others, discrimination, underestimation and racism etc. are your culture, your civilization and also teachings of your religion and ancestors like handful Yekhines. It is not a question that whether I am a Non-Rohingya. Similarly, it is not a matter that you should necessarily know me. It is not a case that I might be compulsorily from your community. The main concern is the truth. Telling truth and correcting the mistakes, eradicating of inhuman behavior etc. are not considered rude. I properly know and understand the nerves of you claimant people. We never hire you as dog walker/keeper because you are worse than animals. So, dont try to teach me any thing. You are nothing, and even your ancestors and generations cannot teach me. Bring your foolish culture and Islamic teachings before your eyescreen, I mean a mirror, you will definitely get certain response. So, it will help you avoid any argument further in future. So, also dont try to know me in detail as this not gone a benefit to you but except loss. Being a Burmese I am, and you people also claim to be from Burma, no matter whatever is your locality, color, faith, race and status etc., I will ever remark the same. I dont care even if you hold dozen doctorate degrees and/or billionaire and/or sons of insurgents and/or holding any citizenship. If you dont want to listen, dont rush and discriminate, ok. The discrimination is worse than cancer disease, which easily and quickly affects others. Also dont damage your Islam by your foolish act and dirty roles. I think, someone from your community namely Mr. Rehan Alam also currently advised you to learn how to deal with people and other community as well. So, instead of directing others, first of all secure

yours bloody civilization etc. So, you try to be gentle and respect other community. You should protest your bloody friend who misguided you instead of complaining me for anything. You are not sincere and honest as you are yet not ready to disclose his name. You are also copy of Yekhine community, who also engage in similar racism and discrimination from their birth inside and outside of Burma included those living in USA. They think, not only Burma alone but also the whole world was created for them. I dont know how they havent enough space to live in wide world. Although they have been living in different developed and socialized countries amid passing through various miserable situation but they do not abandoned as yet their ancestral nature of discrimination and do not learnt any thing from their homeless and stateless life besides Gadama. The entire situation in Arakan State became worse because of their dirty mind, dirty nature, foolish/selfish civilization, senseless racism and discrimination despite their staple food is also rice. I wonder how they exercise their ancestral ideology and theology here in the socialized countries and modern world rather than broaden their mind and knowledge. I think, they also want to prove animals. Before any argument and/or suggestion, they should have to study world history. No one can deny to the world history made by highly honorable distinguished historians. These the handful quantity of Yekhines also doesnt learn from Rev. Ashin Gadama Paya. I couldnt understand how they engage harming and damaging his teachings and guidance by themselves. These Yekhines became a serious dangerous virus from the beginning in our Burma. There are many other communities with different caste and sect like Shan, Chin, Kachin, Kaya, Moon, Karen etc. as well as Chinese, Hindus and Christians. The Yekhines also are conceited people/community! Both Rohingyas and Yekhines should get lessons from animals (birds, cows & Buffalos). Do the Yekhines have seen when the animals meet each other and/or visit to each other cage (from one to another firm), they lick each others forehead.

I sincerely request also to all Yekhines disguised historians, academicians and intellectuals to live in harmony in cooperation and coordination by eradicating underestimation, discrimination, race and hate etc. with any other communities wherever be they live with. Sincerely regretted if you dishearten but thats the truth. Regards Khin Maung Shwe Washington, DC

Hi Hello Khin Maung Shwe, I've read your full letter to day. According to your letter you are not a Rohingya. I don't know you. How did you rudely comment some one who is not from your community. Is that your civilisation? Is that your job in overseas to inter fare others community's affairs and defaming a respectable Professor from a prestigious University. What kind of business do you have with him?? It's not prove that your wording as if like a drunken sweeper from foot path. Check again your writing which I quoted above. You really need to go to school and learn civilization and live in peaceful co-existence. Please try to be a gentleman and show respect to other community. ******************* Me: if u r sincere & honest, pl give me his name
maung: how i have to say u.with out some one permission ,how can i give his name.instead i'm forwarding the chatting of last night about you,by ommiting his name,if u give me 10mins time.i'm not a critical person.i respect every activists. could u please cold down till my posting regarding you.

me: where is his name , just i need his name since he misguided u, u no need his permission while i may have his email address, if i get his name, I can check his email in the existing emails only name , nothng else maung: please wait for chating , i'm forwarding to u .how i was confused ,then u understand me. me: no i no need any thing except his name , i have to leave can u give his name or not maung: hello, mingalaba. did you get my posting. Me: but i need his name from germany maung: i'm telling u truth, if i were there ,i will come to u and ask your pardon persnally. me: just simply asking for his name simply give me his name

not else


maung: whose name, they guy i catted is not from germany. he only told me KHIN MG

me: u told me earlier , one of yr friends from germany told u as K M saw, swe etc maung: i'm so sorry . me: pl see/check yr earlier chatting maung: i chated two friends last replyed me no idea,.the 2nd one i already posted to u chacked please. i agree yur letter to wakar, only i thought is the writer was u khin mg saw. me: u told me earlier that when u ask about me from one of yr friends from germany told u I m KMswe or else & yekhine maung: that was my mistakes. me: now u r refusing maung: no, sir.

me: why how u denied, yr chatting/ yr talking/ yr word/ your sentences are here recorded maung: could pls talk me on gmail? me: u can also check above , pl be fair
maung: my be due to my poor writing.

me: otherwise i will have to add more in that spicy letter maung: believe me. maung: i didn't lei to u. me: so yr community and Yekhines can know yr tactics maung: how? me: u included to 3 person maung: idon't use any tactic. me: i have to deliver to 540 persons , couple of them are Yekhines u also recieved a letter from your community yesterday, his name is Rahim Alam like that wht he wrote in his letter maung: yes ,after that i thought you are rohingya. me: i also dont know him , who he is, from where maung: i don't know himtoo. me: no, sorry, i m lucky for that , i mean I m not Rohingya, i got his mail first time i dont know how he got my email maung: my intention is not to u. me: i will unviel and unearth u all tomorrow , u r not sincre honest person despite 55 first u also told me how u can give his name w/out his permission maung: could you pls receive my call. me: now, u tell, u didnt tell like that , why differnces in yr word u r 55 , i will bring this topic also in tomorrow's spicy letter maung: it's up to you. me: R Alam never described about me maung: you are a gentelman.

me: just he criticized whatever u abused me r not sincere

, still u

maung: by mistake of shwe and SAW ,I wrote that way. me: do u remember, u also told me how u can give his name w/out his permission i m telling u now abt that ROhingya who told u i m Yekhine maung: did u got the chat ,i forwarded to u. me: i only need his name , be honest u r 55 pl tell me his name frankly & honestly i m fair with u , u should be the same pl do not write any thing else except his name maung: he's just a simple activist .only i asked him who is U khnin mg shwe.then he wrote ,he is a rakhine and lives in germany. again i asked him, who live in germany U KHIN mg shwe or U KHIN MG SAW.THEN HE OFF THE LINE. me: ok,, what is his name , i have nothing to do with him, instead, u have to protest against misguide maung: WE WILL BE A GOOD FRIENDS .PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND ME.THIS'S NOT DEFAMING YOU. NO ,NO. NOT AT ALL. me: pl give me his name only if you all Rohingyas inside & outside write against me, that is not gone a happen to me doesnt affect me in any means, pl tell all yr community members to write abt me against me
maung: I CAN'T. i think he thought ,the name is knin mg saw ,so he wrote live in germany.

me: ok, whtever be, pl simply give me his name

maung: do you know wakar groups are so fed with me becase of my pointing out his blunders.

me: i have al information , pl give me his name maung: i can't .unnessarily he will angry with me 4 nothing. me: how 4 nothing , since he misguided u, maung: i know u hurt a lot.

me: u r saying nothing for his misguide , i m not going to fight him maung: i'm sure he thought it khin mg saw. me: leave this whtever yr /his thoughts only his name, pl. i promise i will not disclose him anything maung: i again ask ur pardon. i'm very much regrate about this posting. me: pl, i will not ask more, wl u give his name or not maung: sorry. pls forgive me. me: ok, dont talk with me more as u r not sincere, honest, frank fair is yr bloody Islam teach u the same unfairness, dishonesty etc. maung: u will know me later. i'm not critical as u think. i always have respect to all specially who r in democratic politic. maung: if u like u can insult me ,not the religion. me: i will ask about yr fairness, teaching of yr religion tomorrow from your community u all Muslim around the world prove what bustard religion yrs is, which u also prove now bcoz religion & respective followers deeply concerned with each other On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 11:05 PM, Burmese Immigrants Welfare Association of US <> wrote: Hi Mg Phyu I havent intention to say like that as I respect all religions' value etc. but you people and/or your colleague has jostled me to say the same. Blame to Thailand-based Mr Maung Kyaw Nu and his close aide from Germany. Also see M K Nu's letter written to me earlier. Dont blame and teach me any thing. Check out yourself what you claim and what you do instead of pointing others. If your role, attitude etc. are the same as you claim, I have no complaints.

So, invite your community members all to be Islamic followers practically. I think you are clear now.