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3 ACT structure Assignment

- Mihir Karlekar

1. Agneepath ACT I - The story opens in the island village of Mandwa. A school teacher, Dinanath
Chauhan (Chetan Pandit); highly respected by the villagers tries to dissuade them from giving away their lands on lease to Kancha Cheena (Sanjay Dutt), the son of the village head who plans to start a drug mafia. Knowing this, Kancha decides to get rid of the school teacher. He ambushes and murders a young girl inside the school, framing Chauhan for the murder. Inciting Incident - With the support of the villagers, Kancha then kills Chauhan by hanging him to death from a tree which is witnessed by young Vijay Chauhan (Arish Bhiwandiwala), the son of the teacher.

Plot Point 1 -

Vijay Chauhan along with his pregnant mother Suhasini Chauhan (Zarina

Wahab) leave the village. Destitute, they find shelter in the city of Mumbai but Vijay harbors intentions to go back to Mandwa and kill Kancha. While in Mumbai, Vijay's mother delivers a baby girl named Shiksha. Vijay is attracted to Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor), a local girltrafficker and importantly an enemy of Kancha and wants to get into his company. He earns his favor and joins his gang.

ACT 2 -

A grown-up Vijay (Hrithik Roshan) now works for Rauf Lala and finds himself

as his trusted wing-man. Once inspector and now commissioner, Gaitonde (Om Puri) acts as a silent guardian for Vijay and tries to eliminate crime in Mumbai. During the time when Rauf's influence over the drug business in Mumbai is falling, Kancha decides to grow his influence as a drug lord in the city and sends his aid, Shantaram (Ravi Jhankal) over to Mumbai for the process. Vijay with the help of the commissioner disrupts this plan and is lauded by Lala.

Plot point 2 -

Vijay Chauhan further gains the trust of Lala by taking a bullet shot

which was aimed for Lala's son, Mazhar (Rajesh Tandon); but is later revealed as a conspiracy involving Vijay and Shantaram to eliminate Mazhar. After murdering both Mazhar and Shantaram, Vijay brings Mazhar's corpse to Lala, who falls sick and is admitted into a hospital. In the meantime, Vijay takes over Lala's empire and stops all the crimes committed by Lala's gang. He is then contacted by Kancha and offers to go to Mandwa for a business agreement.

ACT 3 - While in Mandwa, Vijay tries to strike a deal with Kancha to hand over the drug
business in Mumbai over to Kancha and in return taking Mandwa. Though Kancha initially suspects this deal, he later agrees on the condition that Gaitonde must be killed. Meanwhile back in Mumbai, Lala regains health and finds out the truth behind Mazhar's death. He gets hold of Vijay's sister Shiksha (Kanika Tiwari) and tries to sell her off. Vijay is notified of this by Kancha and he flees back to Mumbai and kills Lala. Soon after, Kancha sends a man to assassinate Gaitonde. This man identifies Vijay to be the son of the teacher killed by Kancha and reports this to Kancha. However, while he tries to assassinate Gaitonde, he is killed by Vijay. Vijay, meanwhile marries his love interest Kaali Gawde (Priyanka Chopra), who is killed right after during a shooting spree by Kancha's men.

Resolution -

Vijay leaves for Mandwa to avenge the death of his father and his wife and

after an intense battle with Kancha, kills him by hanging him from the same tree in which his father was hanged. However, Vijay succumbs to his injuries and breaths his last in the hands of his mother, who forgives him of his sins.

2. Aitraaz ACT 1- Aitraaz is a film about Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), Priya Malhotra ne Saxena
(Kareena Kapoor), and Sonia Roy (Priyanka Chopra). Raj and Priya accidentally meet each other and fall in love. One day Priya gets pregnant and the couple is very happy. Raj even buys a bungalow for the couple. They are very happy with their new lives. Raj is expecting a promotion to C.E.O. on the annual company day. The chairman (Amrish Puri) arrives with his new wife, Sonia Roy. Sonia Roy sees Raj and goes to the stage. She discusses something with the chairman and then announces the promotions. The post that Raj was expecting was given to his friend Rakesh (Vivek Shauq). To Raj's surprise, he was included in the list of Board of Directors.

Inciting Incident - They had a party that night and Priya also comes with Raj and they
all enjoy. Sonia starts flirting with Raj even in front of Priya. Priya doesn't like Sonia's behavior and warns Raj to watch out for her. Raj agrees.

Plot Point 1 -

The next day, Rakesh tells Raj that they have a defect in their new

mobile handsets and its production needs to stop. The defect is that the call goes to two people at once, the one we are trying to call, and another in the phone book contact list. He needs the permission of Sonia to do this work. Raj thus goes to Sonia's home. Sonia there tells that she has got a chance to meet him after long years and thus she is very aroused. She hugs him from the back all of a sudden while he was talking to his friend in Bangkok.

ACT 2 - She tries to seduce him but Raj denies her and goes home. Sonia is angry with
Raj and tells her husband, Mr. Roy that he tried to rape her and exploit her. Roy becomes angry and gives Raj his resignation notice. Raj decides to fight against Sonia. Raj requests his lawyer friend, Barrister Ram Chauthrani (Annu Kapoor) fight his case and he agrees. In the meantime, Sonia and Mr. Roy have hired Lawyer Patel (Paresh Rawal). They fight a lot but Lawyer Patel discloses that Raj was the one who raped her. When it looks like there is no hope, Raj's friend who was in Bangkok returns and hands him over a tape in which

their talk in Sonia's house was recorded. He gives it to the lawyer and the lawyer tests it in a forensic lab and concludes that it is real, but he is run over while returning by a person deployed by Sonia. At the moment his assistant takes the cassette and puts a destroyed cassette in its place and hands it over to the person who ran over his senior. It is handed over to Sonia.

Plot Point 2 -

Priya asks Raj why he called the bank manager at Sonia's house, and Raj

realizes he didn't call the manager, but Rakesh, and the defect in the mobile connected the line to the bank manager, as well. Priya, who is also a lawyer, now fights the case due to the accident of Raj's previous lawyer, Mr. Chauthrani.

ACT 3 - Priya uses Rakesh's mobile as evidence against Sonia along with the fact that
Sonia met Raj in South Africa eight years ago. Their infatuation for each other led to Sonia being pregnant with Raj's child. However, Sonia and Raj split as Sonia wanted to abort their child, for she lusted for money, status, luxury and power. The baby was a wall between her dreams of becoming rich. After Raj left her, Sonia aborted their child and bumped into Roy. Seeing her chance, Sonia hit the jackpot, and married Roy, who was much older than her. However, Roy wasn't able to give Sonia any sexual pleasure, so Sonia tried to seduce Raj, but being the loyal husband, Raj rejected her sexual advances.

Resolution - Priya wins the case and Roy leaves Sonia. Feeling humiliated and guilty,
Sonia is unable to bear the shame and commits suicide by jumping from the top of a building. The film ends with a song, showing that Raj and Priya have a baby boy and live together happily ever after.