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PRESENT DESIGNATION: Mechanical Static Equipment design Senior engineer in L&T Valdel Engineering Pvt Ltd. NATIONALITY QUALIFICATION : Indian

: B.Tech (Mechanical) from college of engineering Trivandrum of kerala university in 2007 with first class with distinction (82%). Almost four years of professional experience in Pre Bid, FEED, Basic & Detail Engineering and Procurement of HVAC, Static equipments heat exchangers (shell and tube, air-cooled & plate printed circuit & frame heat exchanger), pressure vessels (high and low pressure), storage tank, package boilers and columns in oil and gas (onshore and offshore (process platform and floating system)) and petrochemical industries since May 2007. Also having 6 months onsite experience at IOCL Mathura refinery as a part of execution of BBU revamp project. Conversant with PVELITE, Calcoade, Compress, Familiar in usage of MS office (Word, Excel, etc.), Introductory AutoCAD, Iron cad, Natasha (Surge analysis in pipe flow) and pipeflo-7, HTRI etc.

Professional Experience:


DESIGN CODES / STANDARDS / BULLETIN: Knowledge in the following codes, standards. ASME Sec I for power boilers, ASME code section VIII Division I & II, ASME Sec II Part A, B & D Pressure vessel & heat exchanger design codes, TEMA. IS 875, IS1893, BS 6399 CP3, ASCE 7 93 Seismic & Wind Load design. NFPA 2000, 2001, 12, 17 & 15. UL 142, BS 4994 (FRP Tanks), API 12B (Bolted tanks), API 579 API 660, 661 and API 662 etc, Additional standards like ASME / ANSI B 16.5, 16.47, 16.2, 16.21, 16.11, 16.9, 36.10, WRC 107 / 297. API 2000, NFPA 59, OISD, EJMA, NACE MR 0175 and NACE TM 0284, etc. MAJOR EQUIPMENT HANDLED: Boilers: Package boilers direct fired natural circulation forced draft type D type boilers along with deaerator, feed water pumps, chemical injection skid and blow down tanks.

Storage tanks: API 650 site fabricated as well as shop fabricated tanks, bolted tanks and FRP tanks. Heat Exchangers: Shell and tube heat exchangers, Air-cooled heat exchanger and plate and frame heat exchanger. More than 50 nos of heat exchangers are designed and constructed and 6 floating type exchangers are erected, commissioned including piping works. Shell and tube heat exchanger: 300 ID to 1500 ID and Max upto 8 pass and pressure upto 4o barg with transverse and longitudinal baffles. Special type of shell and tube exchangers are designed as per ASME Sec I and IBR (waste heat boilers, condensers,) in which tube side fluid are liquid sulfur of temperature 1200 degree and it is refractory type and in shell fluid are water / steam . tubeside welded to shell side as jacketed type to accommodate refractory in tubeside and tubesheet is extended and welded to shell part. Designed all the type of shell and tube heat exchanger as per TEMA requirement and ASME Sec VIII Div 1 of part UHX. Types: U tube type: AEU, AKU, BEU, BXU, BKU etc. Fixed tube sheet type: BEM, AEL, NEN with expansion joints both horizontal and vertical (bracket supported) exchangers. Cladded and non-cladded heat exchanger and titanium tubes (SB 334) etc. Floating head type: AES, AKT, BKT etc. including site hydrotest. One pass floating head type heat exchanger (Well fluid heater). Prepared a programme in Visual Basic for fast tube sheet layout Design includes material selection (according to service, temperature and pressure), complete tube sheet layout, design of pressure parts and non pressure parts of the whole heat exchanger and preparation of complete data sheet and fabrication drawings. Air-cooled Heat Exchanger: Having experience in air cooler detail engineering and also mechanical design as per ASME sec VIII Div 1 Appendix 13 using Calcoade and guideline of API 661. Plug type and coupling type header air cooler is designed with stay plates (Sketch type 8) and max upto 8 pass with max 350 temperature and Super heater tubes are used. More than 15 air coolers are done with max 12-meter bay size and 5 meter width. Plate and frame heat exchangers are used for offshore projects with ss and titanium are used, but mechanical design

are done ALFA Lavel vendor. Only guideline of API 662 and material selection are done by STEP. PRESSURE VESSELS: All type of vessels including vertical (Skirt, bracket, lug supported) and horizontal vessels (Mounded and Unmounded). Common types are Production separator, stabilizers, surge drum, K.O Drum, Suction drum, Storage vessel, Agitators, Reactors, Air receivers, filters upto 10% microns (Both Cartridge and Basket Filter), LPG Bullet, etc. LPG Mounded Bullet design. Design of Jacketed vessel also done as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 appendix 9. Pig Launcher / receivers (Bi Directional) are designed as per API 5l Gr X60 and as per 31.3 etc. COLUMNS: Columns are designed considering vibration, deflection of column and also considering wind and seismic loadings. Columns with trays, packing, and agitators etc are being designed, circular bedplate design etc being done. Amine absorber, amine regenerator, Desuperheater, Absorber stripper column, debutanizer column (All are flared columns and designed as per BS 6399), CFO stripper column (Bracket supported) etc. Major Packages Handled: Flare package, IUG package, Glycol regeneration package, Gas dehydration package, chemical injection package, Produced water conditioning package, Fuel gas conditioning skids, Deck cranes, co2 snuffing system, dry chemical skid, potable water maker system, Fire suppression system. HVAC Design and selection of HVAC system and procurement assistance in offshore platform. EXPERIENCE: Almost experience in the design of static equipments. Experience in Pre Bid, FEED, Basic Engineering, Interaction with Process Group/Licensor, Engineering for Procurement (Preparation of Material Requisition, Technical Bid Evaluation, Technical Recommendation, Preparation of Purchase Specification, Review of Vendor Data & Drawings.).

SINCE MAY 2010:L&T Valdel Engineering Pvt Ltd.

PreBid Engineering / FEED (Worked as a proposal Lead engineer) 1. B series and N series Well head platforms projects (ONGC) 2. BG ESD Migration project (Maturity engineering) 3. ADMAOPCO 100 MBD Upgradation project in Das islands (Onshore facilities and offshore facilities) Ongoing project. 4. Cluster 6 well head series project 5. PLQP GSPC Process platforms TG Module and Bridge 6. Modifications work for DDW1 GSPC Well Head platform Detail Engineering: GSPC DDW1 Well head platforms project: (HP platform) 1. Static equipments and deck crane 2. Material handling study MHN MLQ Platforms 1. 2. 3. 4. Misc Vessels and Tanks STP Package ECU Pakcage Potable water maker


SAIPEM TRIUNE ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., NEW DELHI. A pioneer Engineering Company engaged in offshore as well as onshore Oil & Gas Projects and Refineries.

1. AQUILLA FEED (GENERIC FPSO FOR MARGINAL FIELDS) (SINCE AUG07) Responsibilities: Design of heat exchangers (vertical and horizontal) Preparation of mechanical data sheet for columns and pressure vessels. 2. PRE BID OF ABAN PROJECT (SEP07) Responsibilities: Designing of around 30 nos of Pressure vessels and preparation of MDS for preparing Budgetary MR. 3. BBU (Bitumen Blowing Unit) REVAMP IN MATHURA REFINERY, DETAILED ENGINEERING AS A PMC CONTRACTOR JOB (OCTOBER 2007 TO JUNE 2008). Responsibilities: Preparation of man hour estimation, Document Control register, Design, Material Requisition, TQs & Technical bid Analysis, Purchase Requisition and Review of Supplier Documents / drawings Review of filters, heat exchangers, reactors, etc. Preparation of MTO for insulation. Major equipments are Heat exchangers 6 nos of floating heat exchangers of one side Bitumen and other side Feed to recover the heat from product. And three nos of Bitumen filters, and modification of reactors. Got exposure in site for erection & commissioning.

4. GAS COMPRESSION IN GC-16 AND 26 UNIT OF KOC (KUWAIT OIL CORPORATION) (MAY TO SEP 08) Responsibilities: Preparation of Mechanical Data sheet for Pig Launcher / Receiver with intelligent pigging and Preparation of MR. Calculation of amount sludge formation in LP, HP and GRIP pipe lines Using a new software pipeflo-8.416. Assistance to preparation for MDS and drawing for vessels. Handling of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger design and Vendor drawing checks. Preparation technical queries and TBA all the vessels and tanks. 5. MOISTURE CONTROL AND DEHAZING OF GAS OILS IN MAA REFINERY IN KNPC (AUG08) (BASIC ENGINEERING AND FEED) Responsibilities: Preparation of DCR, design basis & scope of work and Preparation technical specification scope of work, design basis, mechnical data sheets which includes one surge drums followed by 2 plate and frame heat exchanger, then two electrostatic coalescers. 6. CFO STRIPPER COLUMNS IN BRPL ASSAM IN DELAYED COKER UNIT (DCU I & II) (SEP08 TO TILL DATE (Job not closed)) Project includes detailed engineering in two CFO columns on bracket supported with tray type valves as internals. Responsibilities: Material Requisition including design and preparation of MDS, Technical queries (TQ), TBA and VDR. 7. CLOVE FPSO (BASIC ENGINEERING)(NOVEMBER 2008 TO DECEMBER 2008)(BASIC ENGINEERING) Responsibilities: Design and Preparation of Mechanical Data Sheet and technical specifications for heat exchangers and pressure vessels. 8. OMAN REFINERY INCREASING LPG HANDLING AND TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES. (Jan 09to Aug09) (BASIC ENGINEERING) Project description: It includes increasing the capacity of LPG handling facilities and Production of LPG from Propane recovery units and LPG area in the ORPC. Project divides into two main area one is LPG area where mainly LPG loading and unloading facilities is to be installed so mainly 4 LPG mounded bullets of 6m dia and 30 meters long are to be installed so that it can be used for loading and unloading of LPG. The choice of which bullets to be used for loading and unloading is decided by the DCS. And similarly one mercaptan storage tank and knock out drum is to be installed to prevent the leakage and detection of leakage very fast. PRU mainly mixing of feed gas from LPG and PSA system to recover the propane and LPG. In this area mainly distillation columns absorber stripper columns and no of vessels mainly scrubbers to eliminate the water content and 13 nos of heat exchangers are installed of fixed tube sheet type (NEN, BEM) (both vertical and horizontal). Responsibilities: (LPG & PRU AREA)

Design and preparation of MDS for LPG mounded bullets and offspec. LPG bullets. And it is designed for the earth load external load and differectial soil settlement of 1:200 etc. Preparation of Technical specifications for vessels, heat exchanger, bullets & columns etc. Design and preparation of MDS of columns (23 to 30 metre columns), vessels, air cooled heat exchanger & shell & tube type heat exchangers of NEN type and BKU type with expansion joints of thick type in NEN type. Designed as per UHX because of coded one. 10. ONGC JOB NEELAM HEERA RECONSTRUCTION WORKS (NHRC): (Sep09 to till date) (Detail Engineering) Responsibilities: This project is a one to one replacement of existing equipments in Neelam and Heera Platforms of ONGC. Equipments handled by me are hot oil expansion tank, hot oil filters, hot oil trim cooler (air Cooler) & waste heat recovery unit (WHRU), in hot oil system. Cooling water tank and Cooling water cooler, are the two equipments in the cooling water system of HEERA process. Produced water conditioning skid, chemical injection system. Well Fluid heater (AEL) type 6 no.s with inlet nozzle 20-inch size so channel section is directly connected to inlet pipe by making a conical transition part and also thin expansion joints. 11. FEED DOCUMENTS FOR HDG UNIT IN HPCL MUMBAI FOR KAZSTROY CONTRACTOR. (SRU, TGU, ARU & SWS unit) (Just for 4 Weeks) Responsibilities: Preparation of design of drawings of all the types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers (BXU, AES, NEN, BEM, AEL, AKT etc.), air- cooler, gas dehydration package, columns and preparation of budgetary MR. and design of special type of heat exchangers are done in this project.


(Sharath Krishnan)