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A LEADING UNIVERSITY, TURKEY One of Turkeys most prestigious universities set out to provide students, staff and visitors with high-speed mobile internet access. The network not only had to support hundreds of simultaneous connections, but also connect across several campuses each with numerous buildings. Following a competitive tender, the university deployed a wireless broadband system from Motorola Solutions. Based on RFS7000 wireless switches and high speed Access Points, the network provides data speeds of up to 54Mpbs. Users can access the network in libraries, lecture theatres, cafes and throughout the grounds and its helping to improve the learning experience. Students can easily conduct research and spend their breaks more productively online. And in future they will be able to access a library of video lectures thats currently being prepared by the university. In addition, the university is looking to drive more value from the network by installing wireless CCTV cameras to enhance security on campus and may use VoIP to reduce call costs.

CUSTOMER PROFILE Organisation A major university in Turkey Location Turkey Industry Education Partner N/A Motorola Solutions products FS7000 switches High speed Access Points Applications High speed wireless broadband


The campus buzzes with people but I still get a really fast connection to my iPad and laptop. The speed is great for all types of study tasks including searching the net, watching video tutorials, and accessing online learning tools. I use the internet across the campus in the library, caf, lecture rooms and while out and about and have come to see it as an essential tool to improve my studies.
Student, one of Turkeys leading universities


Providing high-speed broadband across a campus is increasingly seen as a key indicator of a forward-thinking learning environment. And with the objective of providing this connectivity the university selected to replace its aging wired network with a new wireless system. There were two key technical challenges. The university has several campuses with numerous buildings on different streets so network coverage had to be achieved throughout the entire area. Also, as many of the buildings are of historical value, special care had to be taken with the installation of the structured cabling and wireless communication equipment.


The RFS7000 switches deliver secure, resilient and scalable carrier-grade performance to support huge numbers of simultaneous users. Speeds of up to 54Mbps are available and users can access services from virtually any location on campus. The rst phase of the network roll out is already helping to enhance learning. The university is seeing improvements to knowledge sharing and collaboration while students are also spending their leisure time more productively by connecting to the internet in breaks. Also, students can more easily access online educational programmes. And, in future, they will be able to watch past lectures over the internet and access administration services online such as assignment submission to drive further efciencies. Plans are in place to extract more value from the network: the university is considering installing a VoIP system to reduce its call costs and wireless CCTV cameras, connected by the network, to improve campus security.


Following a competitive tender, the university opted to deploy a wireless network from Motorola Solutions. The rst phase of the network was rolled out at the universitys main campus, which houses the administrative and registrar ofces. Its based around Motorola Solutions easy to deploy indoor and outdoor wireless Access Points (APs) with high gain antennas for maximum coverage. The APs are connected via structured cabling to a central RFS7000 WLAN switch. A backup switch has also been installed for continuous service should the main switch encounter a problem. The RFS7000 centrally manages all the APs across the network, bypassing the need to manually congure or upload rmware. In phase two of the network build, three other campuses will connect to the main site. Each site will also have its own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) with RFS7000s installed.

Key benefits Enhanced reputation: High speed mobile broadband enhances the reputation of the university for providing a forward-thinking learning environment Improved learning: Students spend their leisure time more productively and can conduct research and access online learning tools New learning tools: The university is building a video library of lectures accessible online Better collaboration: The network supports more effective collaboration and knowledge sharing Reduced administration: Faster connectivity will help administrators improve efficiency

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