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From a single laboratory servicing the oil & gas sector in Salford UK, in 1982, Exova Coatings has grown into a leading international multisectored testing and advisory business.

Exova currently offers Coating Services in 18 locations across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia /Asia Pacific. Our network allows us to transfer knowledge and deliver global best practice, locally. Our collaborative approach helps to advance collective learning and pushes the limits of what can be achieved for our customers in each and every location.

A developing global presence

Exova Coatings performs more tests for local industries around the world than you can measure. We provide testing, inspections, failure analysis, research and development and consulting services to local markets in each of our specialist service areas

From hostile and remote locations to highly corrosive and demanding environments these are just some of the challenges facing the energy business, where materials performance is at a premium

With over 25 years experience servicing the energy sector, Exova Coatings is recognised as a world leader in both the established hydrocarbon and emerging renewable energy markets.


coatings - testing and inspection Large scale pipe tests Service simulation Advisory service for Wind and Nuclear Forensic analysis Coating Inspector Training

Line Pipe Coatings with the development of thermal insulation coatings to combat deeper water depths, there are new challenges required of testing laboratories

Field Joint Coatings - Exova has a range of expertise to complement testing for the pipeline industry.

Inspection and Consultancy

Wind Energy Exovas expertise in inspection and consultancy alongside some of the newest testing techniques developed especially for this industry. Nuclear Energy Exova has established an inspection programme for both routine and maintenance of new, running and decommissioned reactors.

From the worlds tallest building to tunnels deep underground, Exova provides the construction industry with reliable, accredited testing and advisory services.

Project owners need to be reassured that their investments will stand the test of time and Exova supports major civil engineering projects with its unique and unrivalled experience in ensuring that materials and components meet specification.


testing Inspections Failure Analysis & Consultancy Site investigations Site laboratory developments Coating Inspector Training

Offshore Facilities oil rigs and other petroleum industry facilities require coating of the highest standard, Exova are established has one of the leading laboratories for testing to the NORSOK Specification Roads & Bridges also require the highest required covered in Europe by the HAPAS qualification

Inspection and Consultancy

Protection and Maintenance Once a facility has been erected Exova offer a unrivaled service including the Development of Maintenance Painting Programs, Project management , QA/QC Inspections, Condition surveys, and Training Should something go wrong unexpectedly, we offer a full failure analysis service

As an increasingly competitive market facing economic and environmental challenges, Transport is driven to continually improve products and so requires a strong testing services partner.

Exova Coatings supports this vital industrial sector with product development and conformity testing at the materials level, sub-structure / assembly level and at full vehicle scale.


testing Inspection and Training Environmental chamber tests Surface treatment & materials degradation Salt spray Scratch resistance UV resistance

Ballast Tank Testing Exova was the first independent testing facility to be accredited for carrying out the Ballast Tank simulation test for the Marine industry. This service offers shipbuilders and owners confidence that the coating they use will have a 15 year usable lifespan.

Inspection and Consultancy

EXOVA Coatings works closely with the likes of the Dutch Railway, delivering coating application and/or corrosion control maintenance for clients, based on a broad scope of specification.

Exova, in partnership with NACE, offers Coating Inspector training around the world. The new NACE CIP level 2, with Marine Emphasis, is designed especially for the marine industry and in particular the new IMO PSPC specification for Ballast Tanks.

Challenging legislative or pre-qualifications requirements means that companies need testing services that they can trust.

Exova Coatings provides accredited coating testing, inspection and consultancy for manufacturers, general engineering and associated supply chains across a wide spectrum of industries including OEMs, oil & gas, construction, aerospace, automotive and marine.


testing Inspection and Training Expert advisory services Environmental chamber tests Surface treatment & materials degradation Salt spray UV resistance

Exova Coatings works closely to develop specifications for longevity, including testing new products and offering independent plant audits. Out scouring of pre-treatment and painting quality control.

Inspection and Consultancy

Exova Coating work in the preparation and review of specifications. Offering Maintenance strategy and Project management Input/advise in designs with regard to optimising corrosion resistance of designs/plans and reducing need for maintenance

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