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Carlton Lodge Carlton Miniott Thirsk North Yorkshire YO7 4NJ Charity number 1116521 Company registration number 05883684


M Dobson MBE

Vice-President Trustees

John Dennis MBE

C Les - Chairman P B Triffitt - Treasurer L J Gibbon S Collison B Hitchen L N Baynes E Mitchell T Roberts T Swales

Company Secretary
T Roberts


Chipchase Manners 384 Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough TS5 6HA


Lloyds TSB Bank Plc Market Place Thirsk YO7 4HB

My second year of tenure has certainly been an eventful one, however the commitment of staff and trustees has shone through, and with hard work we managed to implement several significant changes for the better. The most notable challenge was the departure of Simon Hills as Chief Executive, and after 5 years in the role we wish him well. This left a significant gap in our Senior Management Team, which provided an opportunity to review the organisation and ensure it remained fit for purpose. As a result, David Sharp was promoted to the role of Chief Executive. and strategies for fundraising and marketing, as well as allowing work with external specialists. The outdoor centre continued to go from strength to strength this year, with over 5,500 young people involved in activity. Our marketing efforts are proving their worth and there have also been some improvements to domestic facilities based on customer comments.

The Youth Development Team have been working hard to support provision for young people across the county and were successfully involved in the initial stages of recruitment for the Governments flagship youth proDavids first change was to relocate the gramme, the National Citizenship Administration and Youth Support teams Service for Summer 2012. to Carlton Lodge. With only a small amount of re-shuffling, this facilitated This year NYY also achieved Open the centralisation of all staff and made College Network accredited centre significant cost savings in the process. status. As such we are now able to offer accredited training courses, which A staffing restructure was a further are invaluable to those young people major change, effectively removing one disengaged from formal education or of the Senior Manager roles and placing requiring a different learning style in an emphasis on sales for Carlton Lodge. order to achieve. An award from the Transition Fund subsequently provided resources to establish the roles of Business Development Manager and Customer Relations Manager. These two posts were subsequently integrated into the current team on a permanent basis a move which continues to produce significant results. I would like to thank all our staff for the effort and teamwork they have shown, and for helping in no small way to change the lives of our clients. I would also thank board members for their wise counsel and continuing enthusiasm. We will continue to run the operation as a successful business, and will spend some time this winter looking at new product development. The future has many The Transition Fund award also challenges, but we will meet them facilitated to the production of a head on , and we will succeed! new business plan, corporate websites 3 Carl Les, Chairman


201112 has been a year of consolidation and transformation at Carlton Lodge. We have made significant progress in replacing lost business from last year. New customers include Millthorpe School from York who brought 118 pupils in the last week of the summer term. Because we could only offer 98 beds in accommodation we housed the overflow in two twenty-man scout tents, providing the students with sleeping bags, mats and pillows - our first foray into catered camping packages. Another School from York, Manor CE Schools came on 3 consecutive 3-day inclusive packages, each with 72 people. We also hosted a group who were piloting the Governments new National Citizenship Service project, a programme with which we will be much more engaged in 2012 -13. The year saw a successful campaign to encourage FE colleges to use activities at the Lodge as part of their induction programmes. Kirklees and Middlesbrough colleges were but two of several who benefited from using adventurous activities to help young students to get to know each other through their shared experiences of the day. Our Holiday Activity Days have become well established in the local community as an alternative to child care for 8 14 year olds with attendance growing throughout the year. The Family Fun Day at the end of July was also attended by over 250 people. Through the dedication and energy of Miles Bradshaw the Carlton Lodge Bursary Fund was established. Carlton Lodge was selected by Ladbrookes Northallerton Branch as their charity of the year, and we also received generous grants from many of the Lions and Round Table groups around the county. In September 2011 50 volunteers from O2 Telefonica carried out various tasks around the site as part of their Think Big programme. The relationship continued into 2012 when a second team converted the games room into a facility that could be used as a dining area, renovating the kitchen and preparing the old staff showers in the Stables to be converted into a laundry. Finally, as part of the staff reorganisation, we recruited seasonal facilities staff to replace our previous reliance on casual staff supporting the housekeeping and catering delivery. This was a great success, leading to improved cost-effectiveness and efficiency, as well as increased scores on evaluation forms. 2012-13 promises to be our busiest year ever and the foundations built in 2011-12 will serve as a firm base on which to build. Mark Faulkner, Head of Centre


YOUTH CLUB SUPPORT This year we have continued to support our members by carrying out regular youth club visits, responding to leader concerns and providing useful resources. We have resumed our membership to Keyfund and continue to offer young people access to this funding. The nature of the support we provide to our 45 member clubs is always diverse, and this year was no exception. Our Fieldworkers continue to provide advice and support on developing appropriate policies and practices, and advice on access to the latest funding, resources and activities. In return, conditions of membership are followed in order to record and demonstrate the sectors provision of safe and appropriate activities for young people. This year saw a significant change in the way we report voluntary youth activity across the county as we made the move to using North Yorkshire County Councils Aspire database. The intention of this is to allow voluntary sector youth work to be recognised and recorded in comparable terms alongside statutory provision. Finally, congratulations to Richie Bastow, our Youth Work Apprentice seconded from NYCC. Richie completed his apprenticeship earlier this year and achieved a level 3 in Youth Work practice. NATIONAL CITIZEN SERVICE The team worked intensively from December to promote the scheme and secure expressions of interest from young people across York and North Yorkshire. Progress in recruitment by March 2012 was on-target. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE... In the coming year we will be mapping youth activity from all providers and identify potential areas for development. We will be offering further volunteer training and producing tools to help clubs improve their safety and increase their engagement.

Our training activity has developed since we became an accredited centre with OCN. From January to March 2012 we delivered to 21 learners, with 3 learners accumulating the 10 credits required for an Award in Youth Work Practice. Lucy and Clare started an assessor course with OCN, and Lucy has also undertaken a Level 4 course to improve practice. We developed a short course as part of the Starting Fresh NEET partnership. As an accredited provider we can work with small groups of young people as part of their progress towards work, training or education. Our training programme and Starting Fresh work enables us to progress our aim of providing devlopment opportunities for young people and adults, and wil secure our status as a training provider in North Yorkshire. Lucy Gratton, Head of Youth

North Yorkshire Youth Limited Statement of financial activities (incorporating the income and expenditure account) For the year ended 31 March 2012
Unrestricted funds Notes Restricted funds 2012 Total 2011 Total

Incoming resources

Incoming resources from generating funds: Voluntary income Investment income Incoming resources from charitable activities

2 3 4

43,157 1,740 458,069 502,966

247,959 247,959

291,116 1,740 458,069 750,925

487,327 2,770 414,134 904,231

Total incoming resources Resources expended

Charitable activities Governance costs

5 7

271,597 216,022 487,619

194,527 85,967 280,494

466,124 301,989 768,113

653,053 299,691 952,744

Total resources expended Net incoming/(outgoing) resources for the year / Net income/(expenditure) for the year
Total funds brought forward Transfer between funds

15,347 714,125 729,472

(32,535) 78,240 45,705

(17,188) 792,365 775,177

(48,513) 840,878 792,365

Total funds carried forward

Extracted from the full financial statements of North Yorkshire Youth Limited

The notes on pages 10 to 17 form an integral part of these financial statements.

North Yorkshire Youth Limited Balance sheet as at 31 March 2012
Notes 2012 2011

Fixed assets

Tangible fixed assets

Current assets
Debtors Bank and cash

12 13 15,378 11,396 26,774 14 (183,556)

1,293,735 11,832 21,312 33,144 (137,435) (156,782) 1,136,953


Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current liabilities Total assets less current liabilities Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year Net assets Funds

(104,291) 1,186,415 (394,050) 792,365 78,240 420,620 293,505 714,125 792,365


(361,776) 775,177

16 45,705 435,967 293,505 729,472 775,177

Restricted income funds

Unrestricted income funds: Unrestricted income funds Revaluation reserve Total unrestricted income funds

Total funds

The financial statements were approved by the board on

23 August

2012 and signed on its behalf by

C Les Chairman

Extracted from the full financial statements of North Yorkshire Youth Limited

Last year, I reported that North Yorkshire Youth had suffered financially from the austerity measures that had been implemented by the then new Coalition Government. We anticipated that these measures would continue to adversely affect our historically core business in the current year, and we therefore undertook a root and branch review of all our systems and costs, with a view to increasing our efficiency and cost effectiveness. This review was completed, and together with the diversification programme facilitated by the Grant received from the Governments Transition Fund, has placed the Organisation in a much stronger position to succeed in the current challenging economic conditions. RESULTS The measure of our success in identifying cost savings and new business opportunities is the level of Incoming Resources from Charitable Activities shown on the Accounts. Our income from Booking Fees and Awaydays etc has increased from 414,134 last year to 458,069 this time, an increase of 43,935, or 10.6%. In these recessionary times, I believe this is a remarkable outcome, and I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating the Chief Executive and the whole of his team on achieving this result, and thank them for the enormous amount of hard work that has been necessary to reach this position. However, there is still much work to do. As you will see, the Organisation has still incurred a slight overall loss of 17,188 in the year, and this needs to be reversed in order to put the Charity on a firm financial footing. I am confident that the continued cost savings and new business will achieve that result despite the continuing harsh trading conditions. In the meanwhile, our Bankers, Lloyds TSB, have remained hugely understanding, approachable and supportive, helping us over short-term cash flow problems, and generally offering sensible and prudent financial advice, advice that has been reinforced by the continued support of our Auditors, Chipchase, Manners. My thanks to both of these organisations. THE FUTURE Trading in the current year is on budget, and I hope that we will see North Yorkshire Youth producing a surplus in the year. This is the result that we are all striving to achieve, as only by making these surpluses can we produce the cash we need to continue to improve the services that we offer to the young people of North Yorkshire and the wider area. Philip Triffitt Honorary Treasurer.

AUDITORS STATEMENT TO THE TRUSTEES FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2012 We have examined the summary financial statements set out. RESPECTIVE RESPONSIBILITIES OF TRUSTEES AND AUDITORS The trustees are responsible for preparing the Annual Report. Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on the consistency of the summary financial statements within the Annual Report with the full annual accounts and trustees report. We also read the other information contained in the Annual Report and consider the implications for our report if we become aware of any apparent misstatements or material inconsistencies with the summary financial statements. OPINION In our opinion, the summary financial statements are consistent with the full annual accounts and trustees report of North Yorkshire Youth Limited for the year ended 31 March 2012. Copies of the full accounts will be lodged with the Charities Commission and can be obtained from North Yorkshire Youth Limited. Chipchase Manners, 23rd July 2012


CARLTON LODGE The accommodation was brilliant and the food and service excellent. Youth Worker, Hull Ive left my fear behind because of your help and your instructors thank you! Lizzie, aged 10 NYY TRAINING Ive seen some of them show skills and behaviour they normally hide - they made me very proud. Learning Mentor The training has enabled us to improve greatly the service we provide to our young people in terms of providing informal information and guidance and safe practice. Training Participant, Tadcaster. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT TEAM The Youth Club has improved immensely over the last 18 months with the advice and support given to us by NYY. The facility has been able to recruit more volunteers and the junior and senior groups have benefited greatly from the support given by the team. Volunteer Youth Worker, Hambleton Always nice to know theres expert advice when needed - dont know what we would have done without them. Youth Club Volunteer, North Yorkshire


Our membership in the year 2011-12 comprised the following clubs and projects for young people: Sherburn Youth Club South Milford Youth Club Huby Youth Club Sinderby & District Youth Club Sherburn in Elment Youth Drop In Topcliffe Youth Club Sidewalk Detached Youth Project Wolds Valley Youth The Fire Place Ebberston Youth Group HYPeR Snape Youth Group Hellifield Youth Sheriff Hutton Youth Club Thirsk Clock Can Do InterActive Whitby & District Wistow Youth Club Glusburn Theatre School Moor Lane Youth Cafe Vale of Mowbray Senior Section Sinnington Youth Club Pickering Town Youth Council Ripon Youth Theatre Osmotherley Youth Club East Harsley Village Hall Youth Club Melmerby Youth Club Hovingham Youth Group Stainforth Youth Club Ryedale Youth Theatre Allhallowgate Drop In Ampleforth Youth Club Malham Youth Group Carthorpe Youth Club Bentham Youth Cafe Ripon Cathedral Youth Group Foundation Scarborough Amateur Boxing Club X:Talk Youth Group East Coast Tigers Hunmanby Young Peoples Organisation North Stainley Youth Club Hambleton & Richmondshire Young Carers Pheonix Explorer Scouts Lower Wensleydale Youth Project



FUNDERS: North Yorkshire County Council North Yorkshire Police Why Should They? Fund The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation The North Face Explore Fund EU Transition Fund (Cabinet Office / Big Fund) SUPPORTERS: BJ Shaw The Willis Family Mr. Paul Smith Miles Bradshaw Brett Edgeworth And all our donors through Virgin Giving and Just Giving, too numerous to list!


North Yorkshire Youth Carlton Lodge Carlton Miniott Thirsk North Yorkshire YO7 4NJ Registered Charity No: 1116521. Registered in England No: 5883684 t: 01845 522 145