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Typical prokaryotic gene => poly cistosis mRNA 1. Sequence analysis organisms genetics => genomics 2.

Fluorescent nucleotide => DNA sequences 3. Enzyme catalysis => Rate of both forward and reverse 4. Interact with histones to form nucleosome => DNA 5. Site of transcript by RNA polymerase 2 => euchromatin 6. Translation as mRNA codon will pass through => A site, P site, E site 7. Acceptor stem of tRNA will have LCA at the 3 end bind to the amino acid 8. Required during the initiation of protein synthesis => eIF2 9. Energy required for DNA representative => Tri phosphate deoxynucleotide 10. Solitary gene => represented only once in the haploid genes 11. Found never in the anticodon => 5-CUA- 3 12. a pictue of URACIL 13. Allosteric inhibition of an enzyme => bind of an inhibitor other than substrate 14. DNA used polymear different than PCR => DNA polymerase intensifies to high temperture and survives many cycles, of heating required to perform PCR 15. A solution contains DNA polymearase 1 an appropriate buffer dATp, dGTP, dCTP, dTTP, DNA molecule serves what template => A single stranded closed circle base-paired to a shorter linear strand with a 3 terminal hydroxyl. 16. PCR with single DNA molecule. 10 RR cycles => 1024 17. Repitious DNA is not true => repetitious DNA is present to meet the cellular demands for template 18. Chemical reaction Change G= 3.67 => spontaneous under standard conditions 19. Tetracycline bunds to A site => all of the above 20. mamilian protein cDNA => most genes have introns that cant remove used rather for genomes 21. RNA moecule exhibits catalytic activities => ribozyme 22. Zinc fingers important in cellular regulation => a structural motif in many DNA binding 23. Lead loss of gene function => frameshift mutation 24. Ribosome in all following except => aminoacytilation of tRNA 25. Nucleopore complex => multiple short hydrophobic sequences in nucleoporins 26. DNA transcription only active => more susceptible to DNAase 1 digestion 27. Not characteristic of eukaryotic enhancer element => actively dependent on distance from the start site 28. Lipid soluable hormore activate transcritopn => binding to a nuclear receptors 29. Hydrolysis of ATP=> none of the above 30. RNA editing => Post transcriptional alteration of the bases of mRNA 31. Type of RNA contains 7 methylguanins at the 5 end => nnRNA 32. Types of bonds interation are least likely to stablize the 3 dimensionaly folding => ester bonds

33. Termination of protein synthesis in eukaryotes=> release factors 34. Function of eIF3 and eIF6 => they form complexes not be engaged in translation 35. Active site enzyme => binds competitive inhibition 36. Integrate genome of an infection eukaryotic cell => HIV 37. Following is the site of 45S RNA processing => nucleolus 38. DNA molecules of different species differ in their => sequence of bases 39. Heterochromatin true except => heterochromatin found in interphase 40. Direction of upstream => to the left 41. Where is the TATA BOX=> upstream in the non-coding region

-CCA 3 careless -5 CUA 3 not found stop codon -DNA binding site near C term= FALSE -short DNA at 35 C, not 37 C mutant DNA show -upstream, non-coding -structural domaintertiary -after start codon is recognizedcomplete ribosomes

-eukaryote ribosome40s -hydrolyses of ATP does not require energy coupling -mRNA5end7-methylguanisine -deficiency of cysteine residues -terminalrelease factor -polyA after 3 end cleaved -nuclear receptorvariable region, dna binding domain, ligand binding domain -active site competitive inhibitor -monomericnever contain quaternary -H>0 S>0- spontaneous -repititious DNA -RNA mostly ribozymes -primer in dideoxy -complex TS unitnot in bacteria -Heterochromatinmetaphase -Tetracycline media -E synthesis first with C -RNA primer-A->U(UTD) -lipid soluble hormone nuclear region -peptidyl transferase large ribosomal subunit -5AGCCAATT3TS 5AAUUGGCU3 -Km value correlates with affinity, RXN is Vmax -redundancy -hydrolysis of ATP condensation-dehydration -RNA editing- post TS modification of mRNA -polycistronicprokaryotes -NLS

-lariatdebranching enzyme -Actin.bound GDP -CTD-phosphorylated -sticky ends- not ligate to all -frameshift, nonsense -lysinehistones -proteosome-ATP -condensation rxn- release water to join molecules -