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Chapter 3- Jingo Unfortunately I woke up the next morning from the same dream as the previous night.

It wasnt any clearer this time either. I decided that it must be my subconscious working overtime on overthrowing Eris evil spell over Satyr and Rout. Okay that could have been a bit of an exaggeration. Either way whatever evil Eris was capable of I was ready for. I had two great friends at school and two on their way for a girls-weekend. Nothing Eris did could take that away. Or so I thought. I spotted Mara as soon as I entered the school; talking to Eris. They seemed to be in a deep discussion so I decided not to interrupt. Instead I walked to my locker taking soothing breaths and ignoring all of the looks from the other students. Caitlyn and Christie had been right; people believed Eris rumours about me. I reminded myself that I didnt care and that I had friends of my own. After getting my books I went to find my usual group of friends. They were all glad enough to see me which gave me hope. Oh hey Ray, could I talk to you for a second? Jarred asked and led me aside. Sure. Whats up? I said, Are you mad at me or something? Jarred asked. What? No of course not. I replied, Oh good. I thought that you were mad because I snubbed you in English yesterday. Jarred explained looking relieved. Wait, what are you talking about? I asked confused. Yesterday you suggested that Milton was talking about marriage when he said the old Law and I said that he wasnt. Jarred said, I dont even remember that. Besides we agreed that he was talking about the will of god. Thats a far way from a snub in my books. I laughed, Good, I thought so too. He smiled back. Wait why would you think that I was mad then? I asked, Eris called last night. She said that Satyr told her that you were really upset about it. Jarred explained, Eris? I asked and he nodded. Eris is a lying cow. I mumbled under my breath. So were okay? he asked, Yeah of course. I said with a playful punch. Jarred went back to the group and I looked around for the culprit. What the hell was wrong with Eris? Was she trying to cause drama for me with everyone? Finally I spotted her standing beside Mara. Mara looked pissed except it wasnt at Eris; it was at me. Mara shook her head at me then turned away. Eris smiled smugly at me and shrugged before following Mara. I was wrong, she was only trying to cause drama

for me with one person. And it seemed as if she had just succeeded. Even I knew that Mara was insecure about her non-relationship with Jarred; I should have seen it coming. Eris obviously had tried to convince Mara that I wanted to steal Jarred and when Mara denied it Eris showed her the evidence, Jarred and I talking alone. A talk that meant nothing to Jarred and I but would mean everything terrible to Mara. A talk that was conveniently based on a phone call Eris had made. That was enough; she had taken a friend from me. My Eris problem wasnt going away on its own so I would have to take care of it. I wanted to barge right up to Eris revealing all of her little manipulations then claw her pretty little eyes out and feed them to her. I wanted to slap Mara for believing any rubbish Eris would spread about me and tell Jarred that he was just a little pawn in Eris game. For my grand finale Id punch Satyr and Rout in the testicles just for getting me involved in their pathetic love triangle. Satyr twice for relaying what happened in our English group to Eris. All of that would make me the weak and pathetic person Eris wished I was. Luckily I did none of those things. Instead I walked calmly to the girls bathroom to collect myself and formulate a plan. 1. Get Mara to talk to me and explain everything to her. (Without chewing her out for believing Eris in the first place.) 2. Act as if I was cool with all members of the Tragic Love Triangle at any cost. Meaning Satyr, Rout and especially Eris were just ordinary classmates! 3. Destroy Eris. Id bared witness to several pranks at Alyssas hands and figured that I could pull some off. I checked my car for anything of use. I found Christies flask of rum, some pink nail polish that would look great on Eriss school skirt, ash from the cigarette tray that might fall into her lockers vents and finally superglue that gave me too many ideas to mention. Unfortunately to completely down-and-out Eris I would need to take a sick day to save face. I was not getting detention for Eris. I grimaced as I took out my period-pain pills. When taken on an empty stomach they induced severe nausea, a cold sweat, shaking, weakness and a pale look almost instantly. I took three, enough to get me to the sick bed for the most of the day.

Why do you look like youre going to war? Caitlyn said appearing beside me as I walked to my class. Ive decided to start fighting back. Eris got to Mara. I said then explained the story and my plan. Id always thought that you were nice. She laughed; there was something about the way that she said that. Generally always referred to sometime longer than two days. Do you think its too extreme? I asked honestly not able to tell when it came to Eris. No, Eris needs to be put in her place. Its not just for you its for all the sheep trapped in her spell. Caitlyn teased. I spotted Eris bag in front of our class (as if I could miss the Princess bedazzled in pink). Discreetly I bent to drizzle a tiny bit of rum on its inner side. I rinsed out the flask in the bathroom then went into class already feeling the effects of my medication. Hey how are you feeling? Satyr asked actually looking concerned. I rolled my eyes internally, how dare he act concerned when he was so obviously on Eris side? Im feeling a bit sick actually. I said honestly. The symptoms were worse than I remembered them being. Then again I usually never took more than two at a time. Damn it I wasnt actually supposed to get sick! I tried to fight off the feeling as I walked towards my desk. Of course I tripped over someones bag or something. Just as he had promised Rout caught me before I could fall on my face and loose any dignity I still had. Not looking too good there sweetheart. Rout whispered so only I could hear him. Oh okay, thanks. I mumbled pushing at him to get his arms off of me. Was he trying to cement Eris rumours about me? Could you hold onto her for a moment longer Mr Areson? Ill get the school nurse. Our teacher Mrs Kempt asked. Routs surname was Areson? It was strangely similar to Apolloson, Satyrs surname. I just tripped. I muttered trying to clear my blurry vision. No, you just passed out. Satyr informed me. If you cant hold her still Ill take her. Satyr then offered Rout although it sounded more like a threat. Im fine. I caught her after all. Rout smirked back at Satyr. Im really okay, you can let go. I said weakly. Geez desperate for attention much? First she faints getting one of her love-slaves to catch her. Then she pretends that shes some kind of martyr; suffering in silence. Eris huffed with indignation somewhere nearby. Maybe thats why this would have happened to you but shes not like you Eris. I heard Mara mutter. At that low level

and in that soft tone, I shouldnt have been able to hear Mara. The only reason I did was because everyone around us was silenced by her speaking back to Eris. Then Rout laughed and a few people joined a little more cautiously. Rout! Eris called sharply. What? You called me a love-slave. Rout replied. Well you are. Youre totally in love with the new girl. Eris threw at him. As if she didnt remember my name! Please Eris, weve spoken to each other for less than five minutes alltogether. Rout said with the easy dismissiveness only a never-to-be-dethronedpopular-kid could muster. What is everyone doing crowding around her? Give her some breathing room! Mrs Kempt cried as she entered the classroom. Then the school nurse checked me out. Has this ever happened to you before? she asked. Why yes I occasionally forget to

eat then OD on prescription painkillers! I thought to myself. I get very bad

migraines. Itll pass in a few hours I just need to lay down. I explained to her. At least that was mostly true. Fine. I have to get back to class; choose a friend to sit with you while we wait for your parents to come fetch you. The nurse nodded. Ill go with her. Rout and Satyr offered at the same time. Mara will go with me. I said putting as much strength into my voice as I could. Duh. Mara replied, But Im not carrying her all the way to the sick room. She added as an afterthought. Ill do it! Rout and Satyr offered again at the same time. I could walk if you would actually put me down. I said. He didnt move, Mr Areson. The nurse warned and finally he listened. Mara immediately put my arm over her shoulders. She already had my bag slung over her other arm. Thanks guys. I muttered as we hobbled out of the classroom. I was damned if I didnt do at least one thing on my list. This morning with Jarred; it wasnt what it looked like. I said as soon as I was sure that we were alone. I know. She sighed back. Eris called him last night to say that I was mad at him. Obviously she wanted you to see us talking alone. I said; the words tumbling out of my mouth clumsily. It took Eris comment to remind me that youre not the type to play underhand games. Mara said looking sheepishly. And suddenly all was right with the world again. Also I was no longer interested in a war with Eris. Mara was right I just wasnt the type. We sat in the sick room for a half an hour before my dad

arrived. Mara explained that Eris had called the previous night saying that she had seen Jarred and I together at the movies. Mara called Jarred only to have him tell her that he was watching a movie and couldnt talk. When he called back later he was dumb enough (or perhaps manipulative enough) to tell her that he was worried that I was mad at him. Still she hadnt believed it and then she arrived at school the next day to have all of Eris friends tell her the same thing and I didnt come and find her but instead she finds me chatting alone with Jarred. She really went all out didnt she? Mara muttered, She knew how important you are to me. I smiled. I then explained my evil revenge scheme asking her to tell Caitlyn that it was off. You went all renegade for me? Mara teased. I was going to get her back for it. I assured Mara. Thats your idea of being evil? Youll never make it as a bitch. Mara warned me; I shrugged in response. By the time my dad came the worst of the nausea was over. I decided to take the day off anyway. Passing out in class was embarrassing enough once. I met my dad at the reception area where he had to sign me out. How are you feeling? my dad asked as soon as he spotted me. Kind of better. I said honestly. I keep telling you to keep your migraine pills on you at all times. He complained. In truth the last time I had had a bad migraine was about a year ago and that was mostly due to the stress and lack of sleep in my final exams for that year. I know. I grumbled wondering if I could hide the true cause of my illness from him. If you take your migraine pills as soon as you get the aura you can avoid the entire thing. My dad continued lecturing me. By aura he was referring to a symptom that warned me that my migraine was approaching. Most people saw flashing lights or spots in front of their eyes. I saw a white light coming from inside people for a few moments before the migraine. During these episodes I felt a bit dazed and disorientated. I was so worried when I heard that you were sick! my dad cried instantly breaking any resolve I had to lie to him. On the car ride home I admitted that I had made myself sick so that I would have the opportunity to prank Eris. He gave me the speech about being very disappointed in me and went on about how I was spiting myself by trying to spite Eris. Gracie, this isnt like you at all. Either this girl is a real problem or this place is

influencing you badly. My dad concluded. Shes out to hurt me! I cried, Okay then Ill talk to the principal. Maybe I could meet with her parents. My dad said thoughtfully. He wasnt trying to embarrass me; in fact he probably thought that that was the most logical step forward. No dad. I can handle it myself. I huffed, Im not too sure about that. He warned, I promise I will handle it like an adult. Ill go talk to her tomorrow and ask her to back off. I insisted, And if she doesnt listen well take it to the principal. My dad nodded. No dad! Just trust me to do this. I sighed, Fine. I just dont want you to change who you are because of a manipulative little girl. My dad explained. Okay. I got it. I promised feeling every bit the child I had been acting like. After sleeping for two hours and having a nice long bath I decided to get a head start on the projects we had been given for the semester. I had developed my dads passion for work and, like him, I often zoned when I was busy. For some reason it just didnt work for me today. We had to write a brochure advertising world heritage sites for geography, I had randomly drawn Delos. Mindlessly I saved information about the site to read later when I was more interested. Eventually I decided that it was break time and made toasted cheese sandwiches for my dad and I. I was just heading back to my bedroom when there was a knock at the door. I heaved a dramatic sigh and went to answer the door. Can I help? I asked opening the door. Hey, I was just coming to check on you. Satyr said from the other side of the door. It took me a few seconds to comprehend the situation. Hi. I finally murmured. Could I come in? he asked, Um, sure. I said feeling around for the keys on the hooks behind the door while balancing the plate and smiling politely at Satyr. Did I interrupt lunch? he smiled unperturbed by my discomfort. Yeah, would you like some? I offered finally catching the key. No, Im fine thanks. He replied. I opened the gate and made room for him to pass me before I closed it again. So how are you feeling? Satyr asked as I locked up. Much better thanks. I just needed to sleep it off. I replied honestly. Hello. My dad said popping his head out of his office. Hed obviously heard Satyrs voice and been curious. Hey dad this is Satyr Apolloson. I said. Oh. My dad said looking confused. I attend Steve Biko High with Ray. Satyr explained when I didnt. My dad was probably confused by the

fact that Satyr (a boy) was visiting, not who he was. Nice to meet you Satyr. My dad said disappearing into his office. Come on up. I said leading him upstairs to my room. I almost instantly regretted it realising that we could only sit at my desk or on my bed. I settled on my bed hoping that he would be more comfortable on a chair. I just wanted to say Im sorry. Satyr said sitting down at my desk. For what? I asked, Not catching you when you fainted. I was right beside you but I didnt see it coming. Satyr explained. Youre kidding right? I didnt expect you to catch me. I laughed. No, but I should have caught you anyway. Satyr said shaking his head. This was officially too weird. Ok what is up with you and Rout? I asked, What do you mean? Satyr asked looking surprised. He promised to catch me if I ever fell and now this with you. You guys take chivalry to the next level. I teased. My brother and I are too similar for our own good. Satyr muttered. Brother? I asked. No one had said that they were brothers. They didnt share a last name and didnt look at all alike. I didnt say that. I said Rout. Satyr said looking puzzled, No you said my brother. I corrected. Satyr turned away from me thoughtfully. I ate my sandwich in silence while processing that. Eris had the power to turn brothers against each other? What are you researching? Satyr asked looking at my open laptop screen. Oh its my geography project. Im doing a brochure on the heritage site in Delos, Greece. I explained. Youre kidding right? Satyr said turning to me. No, why would I joke about that? I asked. Why did you pick Delos? he asked although his voice was accusatory, I didnt. It was a random pick remember? I said in my defence. No it wasnt. He replied. Yes it was, Mrs Wright gave me mine. I said. That gave him pause. Oh, I must be mistaken. Satyr said backing off. I had no idea what Satyrs problem was. Im sorry Im a bit disoriented. He explained. Can I get you anything? I offered not sure what he could need. Im fine. Anyways Im glad youre okay. You scared me for a second there. He said finally sounding more like himself. I was fine. I sighed, You blacked out for a few seconds and you say you were fine. He teased. Perhaps teased was the wrong word. It sounded playful but Satyr was definitely not playful. He was alluring and mysterious

all at the same time. Perhaps he could tantalize, provoke, entice... You zone out a lot. Satyr said interrupting my pathetic thoughts. I frowned at him and he just smiled back. I dont remember blacking out. I said distracting him. Well you werent conscious for that part. He shrugged, True. I nodded taking a bite of my sandwich. Im also sorry about Eris. He said in a low voice, What about her? I asked, You know. Satyr said dragging his hand through his hair. She hasnt been very nice to you. He explained, Its not your fault. I shrugged. Yeah it kind of is. Eris doesnt like me paying attention to other girls. He said apologetically. But you didnt pay me any special attention. This is the first time weve actually spoken and it hasnt been about school work. I said. Satyr mumbled something I couldnt hear. Excuse me? I asked politely, You made me laugh. Eris didnt like that. He admitted. Heaven forbid! Lock me up and throw away the key. I said sarcastically. Its small to you. He grinned at me. Hows she going to cope when she finds out that you visited me? I asked, She thinks Im at the gym. Satyr answered averting his eyes. Whoa, Im not cool with that. Im the worst liar so I avoid it altogether. Im not getting involved in your and Eris relationship. I warned. There was no way that we were only going to hangout when Eris wasnt around. I dont expect you to lie for me. Just dont tell anyone I was here. He shrugged. Satyr you know that these things always come out. I appreciate the visit but if you cant tell Eris about it then maybe its better if you dont visit. I suggested. Maybe youre right. Ive made things difficult enough for you already. I should go. Satyr said standing up. I put my plate aside and walked towards him. Thats not what I meant. Im not blaming you for Eris issues. But I do deserve better than a secret friend. I clarified. Youre right; you do. He said coming closer. He stared down at me and for the first time instead of noticing just how bluegrey his eyes were I realised that he seemed kind of zoned out too. Youre staring at me. I said quoting his earlier words. Sorry you distracted me. he replied, his voice was deep and entrancing. Um... I said turning away; his intensity was too much for me. I should go. He repeated. I nodded without looking at him and lead him out with a short good-bye.

Sitting in front of my laptop I tried to make sense of the visit. First Satyr apologised for not catching me. Then he announced that he and Rout were brothers. After that he denied saying that they were brothers and started acting weird. He was upset because he thought that I had purposefully picked Delos for my geography project and argued that it wasnt a random assignment. Then he apologised for Eris acting psycho. He wanted me to keep our visit secret and was lying to Eris about it. Finally he looked at me like that. What was I supposed to make of that? One thing was for sure though; I was not going anywhere near Satyr until I knew what was going on between him and Eris. With that kinda sorted out I turned to my work ready to lose myself in the wonders of Delos. Delos was an island off the coast of the Aegean Sea. It had been a trading centre for the Greeks in the second century BC. It was also known as the place of worship for the Greek god Apollo. It turned out that Apollo and his twin sister were born at Delos. There he killed a huge dragon (named Python) who had been sent to kill his mother. He then claimed Delos as his homeland by constructing a temple for his followers. I managed to finish my brochure late in the afternoon just before my dad and I were supposed to go out for supper. Hey are you ready? My dad asked walking into my room. Almost. Just proof-reading my brochure and then Ill do my make-up. I said as I read. Why dont you go do that and Ill read through it for you? he asked. Okay but remember not to use words that are too big. I warned, Ill just correct any errors. He promised. When it came to languages my dad was a perfectionist so I trusted him. Its good. Interesting, informative and there werent too many mistakes. My dad said once Id finished getting ready. Thanks. I beamed. Now I guess we know what started Satyrs parents interest in Greek mythology. He said as we walked to the car. What do you mean? I asked not understanding. His surname is Apolloson. Dont forget that surnames originated from either the occupation or name of the father in the family. Satyr could probably trace his ancestry back to Apollo the Greek god. My dad explained as we got in the car. Wait, if Apollo was a god like you say then how was he also Satyrs ancestor? I asked. Mythology has to come from

somewhere. I imagine that the people of that time named a heroic young man Apollo. My dad shrugged. Huh, that doesnt make sense. And Satyr told me that Rout is his brother. They have different surnames so they probably have different fathers and the same mother. She must be the one with the interest in Greek mythology. I said thoughtfully. What is Routs surname? my dad asked, Areson. I replied, Ah, Ares is the Greek god of war. What are the chances of their mother finding two different men with Greek surnames? They probably belong to some kind of genealogical group. My dad rambled on thoughtfully. A group based on their ancestry? That is so weird. I said in wonder. Its a bit extreme but who are we to judge? He replied. So Eris and her parents are probably also involved in it. That explains why theyre so close. I nodded to myself. If I were you I wouldnt share our theories. For one we dont actually know if it is true. And if it is true Im sure its not something the three of them are proud of. My dad advised. Youre right as usual. But it is interesting. I said wondering what it would be like to be a part of something like that. What if they could only date within the group? Could that be why they both wanted Eris so badly? By the time we arrived at the restaurant I wasnt any less confused. I ordered my food in a bit of a daze. So this thing with Eris has gotten me to thinking. Maybe we shouldnt have moved. We were happy in Johannesburg. What do you think of moving back? my dad asked shocking me out of my stupor. I gaped at him; not sure what I wanted to say. I was conflicted. I missed everyone in Johannesburg. It would be so easy to slip back into that life. I could go back to dating Chase who wanted me and no one else. Id have Christie and Alyssa who would never doubt me. No mysteries of a secret Greek society. Best of all I wouldnt have a psycho, controlling cow creating havoc in my life. On the other hand, I wouldnt have much contact with anyone from Cape Town. Perhaps I would keep in touch with Mara and Caitlyn but we hadnt really known each other for long enough to have sleepovers and late night chatting. Id never see Satyr and Rout again. I wasnt sure whether that was a pro or con. More important than any of those reasons was my pride. Was I really going to run away because of one girl? No, I wasnt that lame. I explained how I felt to my dad and he accepted it.

Dad, why did we move here in the first place? I asked. When I had asked before the move hed dodged the question. Id let it slide but now I was curious. If it had been so important for us to move to Cape Town surely he wouldnt consider moving back to Johannesburg so quickly. I just felt that it was something we needed to do. He shrugged. But now we dont? I asked. We were interrupted by the waiter bringing us our food. When he left my dad began eating as if he hadnt heard me. Dad, now we dont? I repeated sharply, I think that we need to be here but if youre not happy then we should move back. He explained. But why did we need to move here? I asked watching him carefully. Because I said so. Dont you think its much nicer here? We dont have to travel such long distances to school or the shops. It doesnt rain as much. There are beaches. My dad muttered to his chicken cordon bleu. I stared at him letting him know that I didnt buy a word of it. I got some news and decided that moving here would be better for us. he finally relented. What news? From whom? I asked now completely thrown. My dads work colleagues were the only people my dad was close to and most of them lived in Johannesburg. Thats really all that I can explain Gracie. My dad said. Fine but you will tell me eventually. I teased. I knew that he was being serious when he refused to look at me. So word of the day? I asked softly. Jingo, there are several forms. The first was an expression of surprise for example by Jingo!. It was used in a song in the late eighties by G Hunt. He was singing about blind and extreme patriotism, meaning being extremely loyal to your own country. Jingoistic people are patriots to the point of hating other countries. My dad explained relaxing slightly. By Jingo dad! What a strange word. I exclaimed. He couldnt help laughing. So guess which movie I got us tickets to. My dad smiled. If its a documentary you better buy me a huge box of Astros. I warned knowing his preferences. Its not a documentary. He assured me. Biographies are documentaries too. I clarified, Its titanic in 3D. He smiled. I love that movie! I cried pleasantly surprised. I know. When I heard that it was coming out I knew youd want to go. He shrugged. Yes! When does it start? I asked looking at the time. Not for another half an hour. He laughed.

Needless to say I was a ball of excitement for the rest of the evening. This was the best dad-daughter date ever. I smiled as we arrived home. It was. I think that we should hang out more. Soon youll be moving out and we wont get to do this as much. He explained unlocking the gate. Not too soon, I still have at least a year. I laughed. Hed been a bit weird about me going to college after matric but this was the first time that he had mentioned me moving out. He nodded and we went inside. Well do it every week. he suggested obviously referring to our outing. Deal. Well goodnight. I called as I went my room.