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August 23, 2009

Sanjida Hossain Sinior Lecturer Faculty of Business Northern University Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of report on business communication on behalf of the group leader. Dear Madam, I am pleased to submit my report titled Customer service for IBN SINA Hospital which has been prepared as per the requirement of the BBA report program. This report has given me a valuable opportunity to pursue information about IBN SINA Hospitals and to develop a more realistic and stronger understanding of their customer service operations and their unique corporate culture. I have made this report as comprehensive as possible on the issues concerning the customer service about IBN SINA, while pertaining to the requirements of IBN SINA confidentiality policy. I hope that it will answer many of the questions regarding the issue. I enjoyed preparing this report as it has given me an opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to a holistic business situation and to develop an understanding of the business world. I am grateful for the help of all concerned people in preparing this report. Yours Sincerely, --------------------Md: Abu Bokkor Siddik ID: 080202718---BBA

It is my pleaser to them and my grateful appreciation goes to IBN SINA Hospitals authority for rendering me their expertise, knowledge and giving me the opportunity of having a practical experience through this internship program.

I wish to thank the following persons for their immense support and cooperation towards the compilation of this Term paper. I also wish to mention that without their help, this Term paper could not have been possible and I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to them for their assistance and empathy.

# Sanjida Hossain, Senior lecturer, Faculty of business # Ashraful Islam (Shamim), Manager Customer care # Md. Akhter Hossain Khan, Asst. Manager (Admin)
I would also like to thank the management of IBN SINA Hospitals to allow me in doing the case study and for their cooperation in arranging the interviews of non-medical staffs at IBN SINA Hospitals. Last but not the least; we would like to thank any person(s) who has helped me in any way during the course of this report. I wish to apologize to anyone whose name has been unintentionally left out in this acknowledgement.


Executive Summary
The Ibn Sina hospital is committed to serve the humanity by providing the highest quality of products to its valuable customer and maintaining the ethical standards in all its functions. The Ibn Sina hospital is the pioneer hospitals in Bangladesh. Ibn Sina presents world class technology and medical expertise and provides a complete range of latest facilities. The Ibn Sina Trust was found on the 30th June, 1980 with a view to implement the noblest ideology of Islam which enjoins welfare of the people, services to the humanity and alleviating the sufferings of the distressed people. The Ibn Sina trust started its glorious functions with the objective of Services to the suffering humanity and people welfare oriented activities and performing its activities with huge reputation. The main objective of this report is to find out current customer services of Ibn Sina hospital and after awards, find out the issures that need improvement and modification. With the background study and survey, the report has been prepared. Back ground study gave the idea about the current health care scenario in Bangladesh. The survey among the patient through questionnaire draws the actual scenario prevailing in Ibn Sina hospitals. The quality of the medical services is still in question and still in need of much development. The study revealed that both patient satisfaction and patient orientation of doctors and supporting staffs are apparently moderate in case of Ibn Sina Hospitals. Conscious efforts are required to make service providers, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to be patient oriented. Hospital industry is a vast growing area in todays market. Ibn Sina hospitals, though it is a small venture compared to the large potential market, has proved its competence and secured a prominent place in the health care scenario of Bangladesh. But the success of a hospital is determined by its patients satisfaction towards its services.

Perception of service Quality at Ibn Sina Hospitals

The following survey is being conducted to find out if you are happy with the service you are currently receiving at Ibn Sina Hospitals. We hope to find out exactly what will make you fully satisfied after receiving diagnostic services. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. 1) Ibn Sina Hospitals has modern looking equipment 2) The administration is strong and prompt at Ibn Sina 3) The surroundings at Ibn Sina are clean and comfortable 4) Employees at Ibn Sina look clean 5) What you think the service was worth it at Ibn Sina 6) What you are satisfied with the service at Ibn Sina 7) You are happy with the attendants behavior at Ibn Sina 8) At Ibn Sina they understand exactly what you need 9) The equipment used at Ibn Sina is always clean 10) Do you have never heard anything bad about Ibn Sina Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No