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Schoo School Subject Class/Semester Theme : : : : SDN Siberuk English The Fifth grade/One Telling times

A. Competence Standard and Base Competence Listening Identifying the expressions used in telling times Understanding and respondingthe teacherss instruction verbally Speaking Imitating and pronouncing times well with the correct intonation Making dialogues about telling times in English correctly Reading Reading text aloud with good pronunciation and the correct intonation. Reading aloud about telling times concerned with daily activities Answer the questions based on the reading passage Writing Drawing and writing the times related to the activities with the right spelling Writing a dialogue about the times B. Indicators Students can identify times in English correctly Students can respond the teachers instruction well Students can mention times with a good pronunciation and correct intonation Students can make questions and answer about the times in English correctly Students can read, write and draw the times correctly. C. Objective of the Study Students can communicate to the teacher and friends, both spoken and written English fluently and accurately in accordance with its social context i.e. asking for and telling times. D. Material of the study What time is it? Theme : asking for and telling times E. Steps of the Study 1. Building knowledge of the field - The teacher says a part of greeting slowly and cearly based on time. Then all the students reply. And the teacher explains that the students will study about asking for and tellig times in English. - Afterwards, the teacher shows the clock with different times to the students. - The teacher read the times shown slowly and clearly in English. The students listen to. - The students are asked to imitate what the teacher said and repeat, again and again. - The teacher inquires the students, aroud asking for and telling the times by giving examples to the students first. - The teacher and students make some dialogue in turn. 2. Modelling of the text

The students listen what the teacher has said and imitate. The students respond the teacher talks and understand them. The students can mention and understand how to ask for and tell times in English. The students answer what the teachers questions. The students make a short dialogue in groups of two.

3. Joint Construction of the text - The teacher asks the students about Asking for and telling times in English. - The students answer what the teacher asks - The students can draw the times and also match times with words in English. 4. Independent Construction of the text - Asking for and telling times in english orally in every meeting. - The students are given a task to practice a dialogue about asking for and telling times i English. F. The study method Drill (Audio lingual method) Guessing Question and Answer Role Play G. Instruments/Sources of the Study English for children Start with English Oxford English Picture Dictionary Other English relevant books LKS Fokus. Etc. H. Score Aspects of Score : (pronunciaton, style and Spelling) Listening /Speaking Reading Writing (Copying) How to score : Oral / written test Observation of the class The teachers score Siberuk, . . . . . . July 2012 The English teacher,

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