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UTEC Faculty of Social Sciences English Department

Module 2 Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language (Part I) Professor: Martn Ulises Aparicio Morataya

Planning an on line course 20% of final grade 1. Groups members: 1. Oscar Ernesto Segovia 2. Cony Lizeth Estrada 3 Ana Virginia Ramrez Flores 4. Carina Lizeth Aquino 5. Francisco Fernando Ortz Ventura 2. Topic of the course and explain why do you think would be a good course. THE MOST PROFITABLES TYPES OF TOURISM IN EL SALVADOR. (Coordinator)

We have observed that tourism has become a new option for the economical development of the country and realize how important this is in order to know the different touristic places of El Salvador having students promote these areas with national and foreign tourists.

3. Audience: write a description of the people that will be taught with the course. Bachelor students from the tourism option

4. General Objective Students will be able to know the characteristic of types of tourism in El Salvador in order to become a professional in tourism.

5. Units of study UNITS 1 Introduction to the Tourism area. TOPICS What Tourism is? Required Factors Travel elements ( Accomodation, Food and beverages, Tours and Souvenirs) History about Tourism industry The UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) The organization in charge of Tourism industry in El Salvador Adventure Tourism Cultural Tourism Ecotourism Gambling Tourism Sport Tourism Disaster Tourism Dark Tourism Ghost Tourism Slum Tourism Pop- Culture Tourism -Salvadoran cuisine -Typical Salvadoran desserts -Salvadoran typically drinks

2 The main types of Tourism

3 Types of Alternative Tourism

4 Gastronomy in el salvador

5 tourism marketing

What Is Tourism Marketing? What Should Tourism Marketing Include? How Does One Measure its Success?


Management Strategic in a Touristic Company. Planning and Control in a Touristic Company. Fundamental of Organization in a Touristic Company Administrative Design in a Touristic Company.

7 national vs international tourism

Differences between national and international tourism The economic impact of tourism World tourism trends el salvadors tourism revenue growing faster than economy The projects to be executed

8 tourism incomes

6. Bibliography Snacks & Sides in El Salvado