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Fil-Am Guide: Weekend Balita, US Asian Post, Balita Media, Luchie Mendoza Allen, Law Offices of Paul M.

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Newspapers Balita Media inc. is responsible for publishing two successful Filipino-American newspapers including Weekend Balita and The US Asian Post. These two newspapers have provided persistent news coverage to a wide variety of Filipino American constituencies throughout the years, and will continue to do so. The newspapers are distributed free of charge to the community in thanks to advertising partnerships in the local community. Both The Us Asian Post and Weekend Balita are distributed on a weekly basis; Weekend Balita, as the name infers, is distributed every Saturday, while The Us Asian Post is distributed every Wednesday. The publications are strategically distributed in a wide variety of locations to better serve the FilipinoAmerican community; these locations include Filipino supermarkets, newsstands, restaurants, money remittance centers, balikbayan box or cargo centers, salons, and several other ideal locations. Southern California is home to the largest Filipino population in the United States, therefore it is a very lucrative niche market, and an ideal community to work in conjunction with. Advertising with Weekend Balita and The Us Asian Post has become standard practice for any organizations wishing to market to or target the Filipino community in southern California. To advertise with these websites, call 1-818-552-4503 or e-mail

Online Http:// is a representation of the Weekend Balita print publication. The website and the newspaper generally distribute similar articles and topics, yet, they do have minor differences in subject matter. For example, the website will often have more of a general focus on Life and leisure and general Fil-Am news. On the other hand, the newspaper will introduce several categories including legal matters, photos, videos and various applications that are specific to the newspaper. also serves as the online representation of its respective print publication. The website reports on several topics including life and leisure and general Fil-Am news. The newspaper also introduces several unique categories including legal matters, services, videos, photos, and various applications. If you are interested in visiting either of these websites, feel free to share pictures and commentary with the community by sending them to, for a chance to be featured on the websites respective main pages.

To advertise with these websites, call 1-818-552-4503 or e-mail Bankruptcy The Law Offices of Paul M. Allen can offer clientele a wide variety of services in regards to bankruptcy law, specifically chapter 7 and 13 related issues. Atty. Paul Allen also provides a wide variety of related services including foreclosure defense, immigration, lien stripping, and other forms of legal relief and debt management. The following services can be provided: stopping foreclosure, repossessions, wage garnishments, creditor harassment, lawsuits, IRS levies, and liens. Bankruptcy can give you the opportunity to get a fresh start, regain control of your life, have some peace of mind and save your financial future. Call now to schedule your free confidential consultation. Glendale: 1-818-334-5445, Cerritos: 1-562356-9931, Online:

Immigration The Law Offices of Paul M. Allen also provides assistance in achieving your immigration goals, and ultimately in fulfilling your American dream. Atty Paul M. Allen will personally help you analyze your current situation, at which point he will help you find a solution to your unique situation. The following green card services will be provided Green Card services: spousal petition, relative petition, employer petition, PERM, and extra-ordinary ability. Visa services: H-1B temporary, student (F-1), intra-company transfer, and investor visa.

Atty. James G. Beirne, a well known, and respected member of the legal community has provided service to the Filipino community for over 19 years, serves as counsel to the Law Offices of Paul M. Allen. Call now to schedule your free confidential consultation. Glendale: 1-818-334-5445, Cerritos: 1-562356-9931.

Notice for Legal Advertisement Nothing contained in legal ads implies any guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter or the result of any legal representation. Bankruptcy services are rendered by federally designated Bankruptcy relief agencies pursuant to title 11 of U.S. Code. These law offices provide legal assistance and help people file for Bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy code. All attorneys are members of the California State Bar and all services are supervised by an attorney.

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