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<b>Reporting ( USE ABAP OBJECTS)</b> 1.write a program to I add a pushbutton on the application toolbar of report selection screen?

2 write a program to indicate progress while executing a program? 3.write a program to pop-up my own selection values for a select-option ? 4.write a program to let user display program documentation while on a selection screen? 5.write a report program name text? 6.write a program to protect certain field on selection screen? 7.write a program to get the address of a company given company code? 8.write a program to read an EXCEL file for upload. How do I download to an EXCEL file? 9.write a program to add a selection screen parameter to get a local file name with pull down? 10.write a program that will read a file on your C:\ drive and/or a file residing on UNIX sub-directory? 11.write a program to print standard header and footer on all pages of a report? Do you have code for standard header & footer function module? 12.write a program to print selection screen values on a report? 13.write a program to show valid month and their description as the pull-down option on a month selection field? 14.what are the various ways you can make the user execute a report program 15.There are flat files residing on UNIX sub-directory. How can a report program list all these files for the user to select one of them. 16. Write a Program which will transfer a file to application server and read the data from the application server and display output. 17. Write a program to create its own User Menu Bar and Tool Bar? 18. Write a program which will display day of the month given a calendar date in a year and find the no: of working days in a month? <b>Dialog Programming/Table Control ( USE ABAP OBJECTS)</b> 1.write a program to hide a column in a table control at runtime? 2. write a program to change attributes of an item in a screen and in a table control at runtime? 3. write a program to go to a transaction by double clicking on a field in the screen?

4.write a program to know that user has changed something on a dialog screen? 5. Write a program that will delete entries in the table control and updates a Ztable in the background?

<b>ABAP General ( USE NORMAL ABAP)</b> 1.Write a program to send mail to a user(s) from an ABAP/4 program without using SAP Office? 2. write a program to capture the screen sequence and values of a transaction for data transfer? 3. write a program to copy and paste from one session to another? 4.How can a programmer register a function module as RFC enabled?

5.What are the various ways UPDATE table will update all the records instead of one record. 6.How to download text elements of a report program? 6.How do you write an ABAP program to find out menu path for a particular transaction screen. 7.How can you view the entire program which will also expand all includes, function modules, subroutines & subprograms. 8.How can you change value of a field and download internal table values in debug mode?

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