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Digital Re-print - September | October 2012 A packaging evolution Grain & Feed Milling Technology
Digital Re-print - September | October 2012 A packaging evolution Grain & Feed Milling Technology
Digital Re-print - September | October 2012 A packaging evolution Grain & Feed Milling Technology

Digital Re-print - September | October 2012

A packaging evolution

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FEATURE A PACKAGING EVOLUTION by bpi.visqueen, United Kingdom I n all areas of modern society, the
FEATURE A PACKAGING EVOLUTION by bpi.visqueen, United Kingdom I n all areas of modern society, the

by bpi.visqueen, United Kingdom

I n all areas of modern society, the animal feed industry included, packaging is the subject of constant scrutiny. No longer is it enough for a solution to deliver advanced product protection, it must also do so in a way that is cost effective, efficient and green.

To achieve these goals, companies across the UK are increasingly looking to forward thinking manufacturers like bpi.visqueen. With over thirty years of experience in the field, this British based business is perfectly placed to offer the animal feed sector high quality, high performance packaging that delivers a whole range of next generation benefits. As Mark Shaw, Sales Manager at bpi. visqueen, explains, “As a long established manufacturer of polythene packaging for a wide variety of applications, we’re able to draw on our considerable infrastructure and technical expertise to develop technically advanced packaging that really pushes the boundaries in terms of innovation, perform- ance and quality.” He continues, “When it comes to the ani- mal feed sector, we recognise that packaging that fails to perform can prove incredibly costly, both in short term financial implica- tions and in the long term damage to a com- pany’s reputation. It’s for this reason that we continue to invest time, effort and resources into developing packaging that not only offers exceptional durability and strength, but

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that is also tailored to suit the specific needs of an individual customer or packing line.”

Pioneering new packaging solutions

By combining on-going product develop- ment with the latest advancements in technol- ogy, bpi.visqueen continues to develop solutions that push the boundaries both in terms of their performance and their fit for purpose nature. In particular, this includes bpi.visqueen’s Polisax range. Available in a wide selection of size and colour options, this range of heavy- duty sacks has been designed to ensure bet- ter product protection during transportation and storage. “Created specifically to address the grow- ing demands placed on modern animal feed operations, the Polisax range can help users to significantly reduce spoilage rates and to extend the shelf life of a product,” says Mark. “A further example of bpi.visqueen inno- vation is the Ventisack product – a high- strength, tear resistant, co-extruded FFS film that can be used to create sacks with a revo- lutionary back seam. This unique seam allows air to vent from the formed sacks quickly during packing, but still has the ability to keep the weather, and water in particular, out. “These product features are particularly important in the animal feed sector, where products are often packed on high speed packing lines and are often stored outside at the mercy of the elements and at serious risk from water ingression.”

Going greener by going thinner

As well as striving to offer users greater levels of product performance, bpi.visqueen has also invested in the latest manufacturing processes to help meet the increasing demand for more sustainable packaging solutions. In line with this approach, the business has been quick to embrace new manufactur- ing techniques including the latest advance- ments in packaging downgauging. Essentially, this entails using the state-of-the-art extru- sion technology and advanced polymers to offer films with all the strength and perform- ance of conventional products, but from a considerably thinner film profile. This ability to create packaging using a thinner film and by virtue, less film by vol- ume, delivers environmental benefits through a marked reduction in the level of packaging waste to dispose of post-use. Plus, in the case of bpi.visqueen, all of its downgauged packaging products are 100 percent recy- clable. Further green benefits come downgauged packaging’s thinner profile which allows more product to be wound onto a standard reel. This helps to reduce delivery requirements and as a result, associated vehicle emissions.

Enabling commercial dividends

Aside from these impressive environmen- tal credentials, the extra length of film per reel offered by downgauged polythene pack- aging also enables users to enjoy important commercial gains.

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As Mark explains, “With most animal

feed producers facing rising material, energy and other costs, it’s arguably more important than ever for packaging to play a part in reducing outgoings and in helping to pre- serve tight margins. “Downgauged packaging’s ability to deliver more from less is as beneficial from

a commercial point of view as it is for the

environment. For example, its thinner nature can actually deliver film savings of up to 15 percent, leading to a reduction in packaging costs.” In addition, the extra length of film of film per reel offered by downgauged polythene packaging means a reduction in packag- ing deliveries. This in turn results in fewer associated administrative demands - such as the need to order product, to deal with deliveries at goods inward and to process related invoices.

Advanced technology

As well as investing in the latest packag- ing materials, it’s also equally important that users don’t overlook the importance of choosing the product that’s best suited to the challenges of their own particular packag- ing operation. As Mark points out, “As packaging materi- als for the animal feed sector have evolved, so has bagging and packing machinery that these products are used with. For instance,

in recent years we’ve increasingly seen a shift

towards using advanced, high-speed packing lines which employ films supplied as a flat single wound sheet. “The reasons behind this shift are manifold. They not only run at a higher speed than traditional tubular film lines, but the supportive design of the machinery also allows for the use of the latest downgauged, thinner films. The result is a more cost effective, productive and efficient approach to animal feed packaging. “In addition, single wound sheeting allows for all around printing on the finished prod- uct. Compared to tubular film, where the

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edges of the film can’t be printed, this offers feed producers enhanced print quality and additional opportunities to maximise brand awareness. He continues, “That said, some ani- mal feed producers still choose to employ packaging created from tubular film. This packaging format offers certain advantages when packaging particularly dusty products, which can contaminate seams and affect seal quality. Tubular film lines are also better suited to shorter runs and lower volume orders, as they allow for quicker and easier reel changes.”

Developing bespoke solutions

To allow its customers in the animal feed industry to make the most of the machinery at their disposal, bpi.visqueen is able to offer bespoke packaging solutions that directly reflect the needs of the individual customer or the demands of a specific packing opera- tion. “To get the best results, it’s important that users select the right product for the application in hand,” explains Mark. “For example, any film employed on today’s high speed, fully automated packing lines is able to accommodate the pace of operation. To reduce the likelihood of unnecessary stop- pages, a film must have a good reel profile and just the right level of slip, which allows the film to move smoothly over the machin- ery with reduced drag. “At bpi.visqueen, we not only have the ability to offer films with enhanced consist- ency and slip levels, but we’re also able to tailor the polymer blend to give bespoke solutions according to the specific require- ments of our customers.” He continues, “This includes developing films that offer users superior sealing qualities as well as characteristics such as a lower seal initiation temperature. This can help to con- tribute towards faster packing speeds and increased output and productivity. Plus, the lower sealing temperature also allows the

film to seal with less thermal energy, reduc- ing necessary heat-up times for machinery as well as associated energy demands and costs.”

Offering enhanced printing techniques

As part of its commitment to adding long-term value to all its customers in the animal feed industry, bpi.visqueen also offers users greater scope to raise their company profile and to promote brand awareness. As Mark points out, “In today’s market- ing-aware world, companies have to take advantage of every opportunity to raise brand awareness, maximise the effective- ness of marketing messages and to set themselves apart from their competitors. On-going advances in printing technology now enable polythene packaging to play a greater role in achieving that than perhaps ever before.” The Polisax range can actually be printed in up to eight colours using process print technology to give enhanced aesthetic quali- ties. This can prove invaluable in helping products to achieve greater ‘stand out’ at the point of purchase. In addition, print can also be applied to the gusseted section of the pack. This 360o coverage around the entire film tube means no wasted areas of plain white space along the sidewalls of the resultant sacks and no lost opportunity to promote a marketing message.

An on-going evolution

Despite its many advances to date, the on-going evolution of polythene packaging solutions for the animal feed industry shows no signs of slowing. To stay abreast and frequently pre-empt the sector’s needs, bpi. visqueen continues to invest not only exper- tise but also considerable resources into enhancing their product range. The business has many new developments planned for the imminent future and continues to invest heavily to develop increasingly innovative packaging solutions. As Mark concludes, “As one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers, bpi.visqueen is committed to finding new ways of adding real, long term value to its customers in the animal feed packaging sector. “This includes developing packaging that not only protects and contains a given product, but that also plays a role in reducing outgoings, improving green credentials and in improving brand identity. The bpi.visqueen sack ranges offers animal feed producers a wealth of value adding benefits.”

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