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The Muslim World ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 5

Fiqh Academy to set guidelines Call to expel Israeli diplomats

Kuwait: A Kuwaiti Islamist MP called for moving Arab League headquarters from Cairo to Caracas
for Fatwas after Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves expelled Israeli diplomats. An Israeli trade office in Qatar
Israel’s ambassador because of its onslaught on .also remains open
Makkah; An international conference to discuss problems related
to randomly issuing fatwas was scheduled to be held last month, at the Gaza Strip. “I call for moving the Arab League Tabtabai also criticized Egypt, which hosts the
the headquarters of the Muslim World League (MWL). “In view of from Cairo to Caracas,” MP Waleed al-Tabtabai headquarters of the 22-member Arab League, for
the significance of fatwas in the lives of Muslims, the Fiqh Academy, said during a special debate in parliament over the “refusing to open the Rafah” border crossing to
a subsidiary of the Muslim World League, is organising a conference Israeli offensive. Tabtabai said that Chavez “has allow the passage of food and medical supplies to
to determine the methods and terms and conditions that should govern proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs,” the battered Palestinian territory. He was echoed
fatwas,” said Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL. Al- after he expelled the Israeli ambassador in protest by other MPs who also called for sending more aid
Turki said religious scholars and researchers from all Muslim countries against the Israeli offensive against the Palestinians to the Palestinians in Gaza. Shiite MP Ahmad Lari
and communities were invited to the conference. Custodian of the .in Gaza urged Kuwaitis to donate on month of their wages
Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah, who is concerned about the light Chavez expelled Israel’s ambassador to Caracas to the people of Gaza. At least 1,000 Palestinians
manner in which people appearing on television channels were issuing on January 6, 2009 and Israel retaliated a day have been killed and more than 4,500 other
fatwas, is keen on convening the conference, Al-Turki added. “Some later, saying it was expelling Venezuela’s charge wounded, many of them civilians, in the Israeli
people make their fatwas on issues that they do not know in-depth d’affaires. Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania, the only ■ .offensive
and without due consideration for the Shariah requirements. Issuing Arab countries to have diplomatic ties with the
a fatwa is a very serious matter as it involves making a decision on Jewish state, have ignored public calls to expel
the basis of the law laid down by Allah and explained by the Prophet,
■ .(Pbuh) Al-Turki said

Divorce rate jumps

Jeddah: The average number of monthly divorce cases in Saudi
Arabia was 1,980 in 2008 against about 1,500 cases in 2007, the
Ministry of Justice said in a statistical report published recently.
According to the ministry, there were 24,428 divorces in 2008, which
is an increase of 5,663 cases over the previous year’s 18,765. “The
average monthly marriages was 9,480 in 2008 while the average
.monthly divorces was 1,980,” the report said
The report said 15,851 marriages were registered at the courts last
year while 99,698 were registered by marriage officials. The ministry
said Riyadh, with 7,085 cases, topped all Saudi cities in divorces while
Makkah, with 5,749 cases, came second. Family medicine consultant
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Moneim attributed the rise in divorce cases to a
number of reasons, including the absence of religious values, low
incomes, intervention of relatives in the personal lives of the married
■.couples and the adverse effect of satellite cable programming


The Muslim World ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 6

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s letter to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin
:Abdul Aziz, urging him to take a clear stance on the unfolding crisis in Gaza

In the Name of God the Compassionate and the Merciful

To the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

”Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings“
s you well know, in the past many days, the innocent and defenseless people
of Gaza have been victimized by the savage and horrific attacks of uncivilized
Zionists. While under full aerial, ground, and naval blockade they have had to
.endure the heaviest bombardments and are going through the most difficult of times
Women, children, the elderly and ordinary civilians are being slaughtered in their homeland.
The scenes of cruelty and violence that are being played out in Gaza tear every free man’s
.heart apart, and set it afire
Aggressive powers that claim to be the upholders of democracy and human rights, have
armed Zionist assassins to the teeth and have established this forged regime for the sole purpose
of committing crimes, abuse, and occupation; not only do they support its actions but also use their
.power over international organizations to buy this regime time to carry out such massacres
Their actions are not far from expectation but it is unfortunate to see a number of Islamic
and Arabic governments in the region condone this unprecedented genocide with their silence
.and smiles of satisfaction
These governments are waiting to see the heroic resistance of a defenseless nation, God forbid,

.fall to the savagery and repression of the occupiers
It is common knowledge that no future awaits the Zionist regime; its actions today show its
.despair, as it clings to its existence in the region
As all free men and nations have raised their voices in protest of the Zionist regime and
the atrocities it is committing in Gaza, it is expected of you as the Saudi Arabian King and
the Custodian of the Two Holy Places, i.e Makkah and Medina, to break your silence on the
catastrophic events and the massacre taking place in Gaza and take a clear stance on the murder
.of your children, who are dear to the Islamic Ummah
I trust that your stance will shatter the remaining hopes of the corrupt powers of the world to
.sow discord in the world of Islam
I pray to God for the victory of free nations and the brave resistance in Gaza, and I look to
.Him for the annihilation of oppressors such as the Zionist regime
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Muslim World ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 7


Allahu Akbar

By Mohammed Ayub Khan

”Muslims are the new “Coolies
several books, and most of
t was 1893 and a young lawyer vacate the compartment
my clothes. The Air Canada
Indian lawyer, dressed in since ‘coolies’ and non-whites
call centre representatives in
an impeccable European were supposedly not allowed in
India said repeatedly that they
dress, was travelling first class in first class compartments. When
are working on locating it and
a train from Durban to Pretoria in the lawyer protested he was
still haven’t found it. I do not
South Africa. All was well until pushed out of the train along with
understand why they can’t find
the train reached Pietermaritzburg .his luggage
when all checked bags have a
in the province of Natal. A The lawyer, who went on to
computerised number tag on
European passenger had attain fame as the apostle of non-
summoned the railway officials violence Mahatma Gandhi, was
As I waited for my luggage I
who ordered that the young
was reminded of Gandhi and his
forced to stay in a cold waiting I was told to board it at the last predicament 116 years ago. The
room. “It was winter,” he later .moment Muslims are the new ‘coolies’
wrote in his autobiography, and When I finally, reached to be harassed and abused with
“the cold was extremely bitter. Toronto I was shocked to find impunity by one and all. There
My over-coat was in my luggage, that my luggage is missing. I was only one difference. At least
but I did not dare to ask for it lest was told that it will be delivered Gandhi had his luggage intact
I should be insulted again, so I to me in the next few days. I with him. I got my bag back after
prayed that it reaches me as ■ .sixteen days of waiting
”.sat and shivered
It was exactly how I felt it contained several research
when I was told by Air Canada documents, rare photographs,

officials in London’s Heathrow
Airport that I won’t be allowed
to board my flight to Toronto.

I had flown in from Mumbai
and was to connect to an Air
Canada flight. Despite the fact
that I arrived two hours ahead
of departure the airline officials
rudely told me that the flight has
closed and that I might be able to
fly in the next flight in another
three hours. The reason being
that because of my first and last

names they will do a security
check. All other passengers who
came along with me on the flight
were given their boarding passes
in Mumbai itself and zipped
.through to the aircraft
I waited in an immensely
crowded waiting area with stiff
chairs, rude staff, and dirty
washrooms. As the departure
time neared for the next flight


Makarsakranti, the only feast of.

the Indian calendar which is not I
. . . .t i s J a n u a r y 1 4 t h 2 0 0 9
Gujarat- Reality Today Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
is regarded as “ Mission accomplished
!”. This bluff was called, when recently,
observed on a particular day of the Lunar
What “Vibrant Gujarat” one is talking about? under an RTI query, the Government of
month. It is generally believed that on Gujarat admitted that just about 25%
this day, the sun enters the constellation The truth is that Gujarat as a State of the MoUs of the last three years
of Makar (crocodile) and begins to move is “Violent”, “Intolerant”, “Bluffing”, were actually in the pipeline !! The
towards the north. In Gujarat , it is known waters of the Narmada Dam is being
as Uttarayan, the day on which thousands “Revengeful”, “Arrogant”, “Negligent” and utilized by the rich and powerful of
of kites dot the skies in order to propitiate . ”“Terror-filled Ahmedabad. The parched lands of
the Sun-God. The newspapers today (as By Fr. Cedric Prakash sj North Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch still
those of yesterday) are filled with stories harbour illusions of the water reaching
of ‘Vibrant Gujarat’... of how the biggest them ! State Government advertisements
industrialists of the country have highlight projects and programmes which
critics of Gujarat fell into the trap, and One only has to skim through the daily
“promised” to invest thousands of are in fact undertaken and executed by the
joined the chorus that “all is well”. Very newspapers to realize how violence has
crores (millions of dollars !) in Gujarat Central Government, like the expressway,
few dare ask uncomfortable questions. .become a perfected art in the State
. Overnight, the problems of the State the airport, the railway system and the 108
Everybody knows the truth about who Intolerant :There is a sophistication
seem to have been solved !! Some have .ambulance service
is doing the “flag-waving !”. There are in the way intolerance has been
decided that Gujarat can now take on Revengeful :In Gujarat today, anyone
voices who say that ‘ the “emperor” has mainstreamed. One can experience it in
China and a couple of industrialists have standing up for Truth and Justice is at the
no clothes on ! ‘, but at this moment, there the chaotic traffic on the roads. If one is
even anointed the CM of the State as the receiving end. The Government pulls
are not too many listening. The plain truth a Muslim, one is denied the right to buy
next Prime Minister of India ! Visitors out all stops (to stop School Grants, to
is that the cosmetic has stifled the reality. a house or a shop in the up-market areas
and dignitaries who came to Ahmedabad impound Passports) to ensure that voices
If one scratches the surface a little, the of Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities.
were welcomed by posters and banners, of dissent are silenced. A few months ago,
bubble of euphoria will surely burst. Let’s One is forced to live on the periphery of
by floodlights and illuminations, with when the Times of India did an expose on
. look into how “Vibrant”, is Gujarat many villages. The Freedom of Religion
newly paved roads and a city which was the Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad,
Violent : For a State that should have Law prevents any one from embracing
cosmetically spruced up for the “mother sedition charges were filed against
had ‘Ahimsa’ as its cornerstone, violence another religion, without permission from
of all events” to flaunt what is termed some of those who ran the newspaper.
has in fact become institutionalized. The the civil authority. Couples in love, are
in Government propaganda, as “Vibrant Honest and objective police officials and
State presided over the killing of hundreds forcibly prevented from marrying if the
Gujarat”. The local (and some national) bureaucrats are transferred to insignificant
of Muslims during the Carnage of 2002. partner belongs to a different religion or
media went “gaga”.....showcasing how postings; Government agencies like the
Trigger-happy policemen have eliminated caste. Movies like “Parzania” and “Fanaa”
Gujarat is more than India, how the “whole Collectorate, the Police, the Charity
several Muslim youth in ‘encounters’. are not allowed to be screened in the
world” had come to invest in this one Commissioner are used to intimidate and
(One high-ranking police officer is now State – one, because it exposes the Truth,
State during the two-day affair know as harass individuals and groups that work for
in jail for such an ‘encounter’.) Innocent and the other, because the lead actor asks
‘Vibrant Gujarat Investors’ Summit’. The the betterment of the poor, the vulnerable
boys are killed in an ashram of a well that the tribals who were dispossessed
Government and their cronies flag-waved and marginalized. Prominent citizens are
known Guru, and, no one can do anything because of the Narmada Dam, to be justly
all’s the Number One State in kept under constant surveillance and many
about it ! Young girls studying to be .rehabilitated
the Country ! The hype put forward by .live under the veil of fear
teachers are raped in government hostels Bluffing :The art of lying seems to
the well oiled propaganda machinery was Arrogant :A sense of arrogance seems
by their teachers for the sake of better have taken a new meaning in Gujarat
so compelling that even the most diehard Cont. on page 12
grades. Female foeticide is rampant. . This is obvious when even a sheer

Editorial Letters ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 10
Central Madrasa Board Bouquets and Brickbats
?A Bitter or Better Pill Foot in Mouth civilians who do not possess any fighter planes,

tanks or the most sophisticated weapons. This is not
The opinion of Netherland’s Astrid Essad
ecently, there have been talks about the setting up of a a war between two armies. This is mere murder and
(Denial of Burial, Bouquets and Brickbats, IV Jan
Central Madrasa Board. There are both negative as well .a real holocaust created by none other than Israel
2009) is exasperating. The decision of the Indian
as possible positive aspects of this proposal, some benefits Mohd. Salahuddin, Mumbai
Muslim council is right, but the reasons given
as well as some drawbacks. We will have to wait and see which is
by them could have been substantial and more
more. What is certain, however, is that the Board will have some
positive, absence of which will give credence to
very negative consequences. The Board would fund the madrasas
that affiliate themselves to it, and obviously this would lead to
the theory which some people in India sermonize Bizarre Logic
that “all terrorists are Muslims even though all Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s article, “ Muslims
interference by the state. The state would deal with these madrasas
Muslims are not terrorists”. Notwithstanding, the have lost their Wisdom,” Islamic Voice, January
on its own terms. Such funding can be used to build and consolidate
un-Islamic conduct of these terrorists, we do not 2009 made distasteful reading. I am at a loss to
vote-banks and might lead to the politicization of madrasas, leading
even know if they were Muslims at all even in their understand what kind of wisdom he was speaking
to competition for government patronage. This would negatively belief. They could well be hired mercenaries of about, a wisdom to allow the aliens to capture one’s
impact on the teachers’ passion for and commitment to their work. any religious belief and even atheists. At one time country and accept such illegal occupation as the
They will become more concerned with raise in their salaries and it was even suspected that they were of European will of God? According to his logic, the Muslims in
other such benefits, and would not hesitate to take to demonstrations origin. By asserting that the terrorists deserved a Afghanistan should have accepted the occupation
and strikes for this end as in other educational institutions. It would good Islamic burial, the Netherlander has put his of their country by the erstwhile Soviet Union as
further increase corruption. It would also lead to a situation like that foot in his mouth. He seems to be convinced that their fate. Likewise, the Palestinians should have
which prevails in many madrasas affiliated to the Madrasa Board .they were indeed Muslims accepted the occupation of their land by Israel as
appointed by the Bihar government, where numerous teachers Dr A. Ahmed the decision of God! The Maulana should know
have never even seen the madrasas where they are supposed to that progress does not take place in a vacuum,
be teaching. They sit at home and draw their salaries, like in
progress is synonymous to economic and political
.government-run schools Brilliant Piece liberation. What kind of toleration is he speaking
Because the salaries of teachers and staff in the affiliated I was very pleased to read ‘Manual for Social about when the sons of soil live in refugee camps
madrasas would be much higher than what is presently given in harmony for Muslims’ by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in and the usurpers let loose all kinds of repression?
the independent madrasas, political links and personal contacts will Islamic Voice, December 2008. It is a wake up call It would have been wiser if the Maulana had given
become more important than capability, expertise and experience for all of us to follow and build bridges with others his sermon of non-violence to the ex-President of
in staff appointments. The managers of the madrasas will then have in the society. I only wish enough tolerance towards US, Bush. Then the political situation in the world
to seek to please the ruling party to keep the funds flowing in. So, others is drilled in our mindset and a message of .would have been different
in all, the setting up of a Central Madrasa Board might seriously love and understanding is injected into us to change Md. Rashed, Kolkata
.impact in a very negative way on the madrasas our attitude to learn to live in peace and harmony.
Board-affiliated madrasas would give their teachers better !Congrats for the brilliant piece Government Schemes
salaries and service conditions. So, it is possible that teachers M. A. Khalid
working in independent madrasas, whose salaries are very low, CEO, Karnataka Board of Wakfs, Bangalore for NGOs
would seek to make a beeline for these madrasas. Till now they We introduce ourselves as NGO advisors. We
have been relying on God and leading a very simple lifestyle. But Excellent Manual for Harmony are dedicated to the success of NGOs and their
Financial, Technical and Material appeals. Our
obviously the opportunity of earning a government salary would The article by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in
impact on the minds of several of them. So, two classes of ulema Islamic Voice, December 2008, titled “Manual mission is to strengthen the resources of NGOs.
would emerge, and there would be a sort of conflict of interests For the past ten years, I have been conducting
for Social Harmony” is very important and serves
between them. The teachers in the independent madrasas would workshops and training in resource mobilization
as guidance to Muslims to maintain cordial and
feel that despite their better qualifications and experience and their for the NGOs. As a result, hundreds of NGOs have
pleasant relations with members of the society in
greater commitment, they are paid much less than those in Board- .benefited through our services
general. Luckily we are following some of the
.affiliated madrasas things Mr Siraj has suggested. For example, on
Many madrasa teachers labour under the arbitrariness and whims both Eids, we invite prominent citizens, politicians,
of the managers of the madrasas. The Board, if it is established, local administrative officers to the Idgah, making
would certainly lead to greater and more open articulation of this suitable separate enclosure for them to sit. After
resentment. Teachers would be motivated to ask for higher salaries, prayers, we offer them snacks. On Diwali, Muslims
threatening that if their demands were not granted they would shift greet them. We welcome the new government
.to Board-affiliated madrasas officers and pay adieu to the transferred officers. I
Many madrasa students may welcome the setting up of the Board will attempt to translate Mr Siraj’s article in Urdu
if it enables the madrasas to get affiliated to various universities that to convey his valuable suggestions to people here in
would recognize their degrees. This is what the Sachar Committee Jodhpur and around. Congratulations and a bouquet
Report also advises. This would create two streams within the .of roses for Mr Siraj
madrasa system, one group of students would study in madrasas for Kazi Mohammad Ayub
a couple of years, say till the middle level and then would be able Shehar Khateeb & Pesh Imam
to join high schools and universities. Others, who want to spend Shahi Ikminara Masjid, Jodhpur
their life serving the cause of the faith, can carry on with specialised The crucial role of Non-Governmental
religious education. Unlike the case now, only those students who organisations in welfare and development has
have genuine interest in serving the faith as ulema, and have not been well recognised by the Government of India
taken to madrasa education out of economic compulsion, would
A Real Holocaust and they offer various Financial Schemes for the
The UN’s Western members have been dealing
.thereby go on for higher Islamic learning in the madrasas NGOs from time to time. We have with us a
with the situation in Gaza as a humanitarian crisis Directory, first of its kind which covers ministry-
The Board can act as a bridge that can help reduce the hiatus
rather than an Israeli occupation. They deny wise and issue wise schemes in all the sectors
that exists between the madrasa and the ‘modern’ systems of
Palestinians their right of self- defence and offer including the policies, guidelines, notifications,
education. This role can be further promoted if the Board can
them, instead, humanitarian aid in return for their circulars & press releases, application forms,
select bright madrasa graduates and arrange for them to go in for
complete surrender to the Israeli occupation. The declarations, specimens, and hundreds of schemes
short courses in English, Social Sciences and so on, so that they
UN Security Council ignored the fact that the Israeli .of Government of India
can thereafter join universities. For this, it can open a university of
army is attacking Palestinian civilians within their This CD-ROM costs Rs. 350/- and is available
its own or else special departments in existing universities. So a
own cities on Palestinian land. The Israeli army is -:and can be ordered from the address below
Central Madrasa Board is like a bitter pill, may heal, but also has
a well equipped, well trained, and state sponsored Ed. Sheikh Gulzaar
■.its own side-effects
murdering organisation. It is not fighting another POB: 667 GPO Srinagar J&K 190001
army in Gaza. It is murdering virtually unarmed Ph: 09858986794, E.mail: iirc@rediffmail.
Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 11
Leaders call for liberating Darul Uloom Deoband tightens admission rules
New Delhi: Darul Uloom Deoband, has decided to tighten the admission rules in a bid to save its
Wakf Properties reputation and academic excellence. The decision areas of West Bengal and Assam will have
has been taken following reports that students to produce attested copies of identification
New Delhi: The recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary
Committee (JPC) on Wakf have stressed the need of freeing the from some of madrasas which are under cloud of documents, which include transfer certificate of
Wakf properties from illegal occupations and utilizing their income suspicion want to enter the renowned madrasa any government school, ration card or passport,
for the welfare of the Muslim community. Delegates from 28 states for ulterior motives. The latest guidelines for at the time of admission. Other foreign students
and 6 union territories deliberated on the issues concerning the Wakf the admission proposes to make it mandatory wishing to get admission in Darul Uloom have to
administration. The idea was to identify modalities for implementing for every entrant to submit his identity proof, take education visa from Indian embassy in their
the recommendations made by the joint parliamentary committee including birth certificate, a copy of the ration country. Now Darul Uloom will not admit students
on Wakf. The committee has presented its IXth report on October card, details about family and certificate of on the basis of tourist visa. (Reported by Andalib
23 2008, in both Houses of Parliament. Inaugurating the conference conduct from the previous school or madrasa ■ )Akhter
attended by delegates from all over the country, vice- president of in case the candidate had enrolled himself in
India, Hamid Ansari said that it is a matter of great concern for one. From now separate files for each student
the community that a vast property of Wakf properties are lying would also be maintained. More specifically

UGC study confirms Muslims most

useless or generating very little income. Minister for minority affairs, those students who come from the border
A. R Antulay suggested that if Waqf properties were freed from
illegal occupation, the community would need no help from others.
■ )(Reported by Andalib Akhter
backward educationally
New Delhi: After the Sachar Committee report which exposed backwardness of Muslims in India
in every sphere of life including education, a The report, which examines socio-religious
comprehensive study conducted by the University disparities in higher education enrollment for the
Urdu educational Grants Commission (UGC) has now established first time in such detail, will form the basis of the
the fact that the largest minority of the country 11th Five Year Plan strategy for higher education.
programmes on AIR has lagged far behind in higher education. The Among the religious communities, Sikhs are at
Hyderabad : The Maulana Azad National Urdu University Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in higher education No. 3 with 12.69% in GER, while Christians are
(MANUU) will now offer distance education programmes for its is the highest for Christians at 19.85% followed ahead of all religious groups in overall enrolment
students over state owned All India Radio (AIR). To start with, an by Hindus at 13.13% but the Muslims are at the .in higher education as well as at graduate level
half-an-hour long programme will be broadcast every Sunday at 5 lowest – among religious communities – at just If we see rural-urban divide among the religious
p.m. by 31 AIR stations in seven states - Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, 7.7%, reveals the 293-page report titled “Higher communities in higher education, we find urban
Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka , Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Education in India: Issues Related to Expansion, Christians and urban Hindus have registered about
and Maharashtra. The programme was scheduled to go on air on Inclusiveness, Quality and Finance.” The study a three-fold rise in GER, but this is not the case
■.January 9, 2009 which is the foundation day of MANUU
which began in the middle of 2006 took almost with Muslims. The total GER of urban Muslims is
two years to complete and was made public in .10.49% and their rural counterparts are at 05.78%
.November 2008 ■

New houses for PEOPLE

Tsunami victims Lifetime Achievement Award for Zoologist Prof. Shameem
New Delhi: The Tamil Nadu Relief Committee (TNRC), a service Jairajpuri
organisation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, handed over 38 houses Guwahati: Renowned Zoologist, Prof. M. Shamim Jairajpuri of Aligarh Muslim University has
to the victims of Tsunami in the village of Kottaikuppam near been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award in Zoology by the Zoological Society of India at the
Puducherry on January 3, 2009. TNRC has been doing relief National Congress of Zoology held in Guwahati. Governor of Meghalaya, Moosaharry presented the
and rehabilitation work in the state since Tsunami hit the Indian award. This is for the first time that anyone has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the
coastlines on December 26, 2004. Soon after the disaster, TNRC Zoological Society of India. Moosaharry also presented him the eminent Indian Zoologist Gold Medal
sprung into action and established 100 temporary shelters in .together with the Lifetime Achievement Award
Nagapattinam, which was the worst affected town in Tamil Academic Excellence Award for Prof Rashid Khan
Nadu. It also provided Relief Kits comprising of rice, food New Delhi: Prof. Rashid M. Khan of Department of Anaesthesiology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical
grains, bucket, utensils, soaps, blankets, mattresses etc, to College, AMU, Aligarh has been conferred upon the “Academic Excellence Award-2008” by the Indian
■ .7000 families Society of Anaesthesiologists, Bhopal. The Award was conferred during the recently concluded 56th

Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 12
.UGC to set up Maulana Azad Benches Gujarat- Reality Today
IGNOU to start Persian course
Cont. from page 9
to have puffed up the chests of a few who try to control the lives and
i n New
MaulanaDelhi: The University
Azad BenchesGrants Comm-ission (UGC)
religious studies, has decided
secularism andtoco-education.
establish destinies of others. Such arrogance was very visible in the hey day
different univer-sities across Other research areas include Maulana Azad’s of Nazism when Hitler brutally trampled on those who were “not
.the country contribution in the Indian Freedom struggle, like him”. Key people in the State roam about with immunity and
Chairperson of the values and ethics”. Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi impunity and are also elected to positions of power. The underlying
UGC, Prof. Sukhdev National Open University (IGNOU) has message that is conveyed is that “no one can touch them”. One
Thorat said, “The decided to start a certificate course in Persian needs to look at the judgments that are given from the Lower Courts
UGC has decided to language in the current academic session with and the High Court of Gujarat, in order to experience the subjectivity
establish Maulana the cooperation of Iran Cultural House, New .and partiality that has permeated the system
Azad Benches in Delhi. The Iranian embassy will conduct Negligent :Large sections of society in Gujarat are totally
six universities of interviewS for admission to the course. The neglected. Systematic efforts are made to snatch the forests from
the country. The course is designed to help students in acquiring the hands of the adivasis. A recent study says that more than thirty-
research in these in-depth knowledge of Iranian history, culture five thousand families will be displaced from the banks of the River
Benches would include ■ .and literature Sabarmati because of the Sabarmati River Front Development Project.
subjects like journalism, Development- induced displacement is also the lot of several poor
literature, higher education, and marginalized farmers and others. Fisher-folk along Gujarat ‘s
vast coastline, continue to be marginalized. Dalits are at the receiving
Higher incidence of diphtheria among end and many of them continue to live in inhuman conditions. The
status of women in Gujarat is way down in comparison to several
Muslims in Hyderabad other States of the country. Children are denied their rights: a large
percentage of them constitute the labour force; the textbooks dished
By Kashif-ul-Huda
A study of diphtheria cases between 2003 and The study found that 70% of 2,685 patients were out by the Gujarat State Secondary School Board is a clear violation
2006 in the city of Hyderabad found that rate of the Muslims. This was found to be 3 times higher than of the rights of children – full of errors, inaccuracies, myths and
disease is higher among children of 5-19 years of other communities. Incidence of diphtheria was distortions; only about 59.6% of the rural children of Gujarat can
age, women, and Muslims than other social groups. higher in predominantly Muslim populated areas .read Std. I text as against the All-India average of 66.6%
The study conducted by the National Institute of .of the city The Constitutional rights and freedoms of an ordinary citizen are
Epidemiology, Chennai is published in the July Diphtheria is a contagious disease affecting not safeguarded. In fact, in several cases, when a victim approaches
2008 issue of peer reviewed journal, Emerging upper respiratory tract and nervous system. One the system for help, he / she is made the perpetrator of the crime !
Infectious Diseases. Published since 1995, journal reason for higher diphtheria rate among Muslims is The diversity which has been characteristic of this State, has been
Emerging Infectious Diseases is published by lower coverage for later doses. Rate of coverage for totally decimated as communities are forced into ghettoization. There
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) non-Muslim and Muslim children under primary is palpable fear all over. What “Vibrant Gujarat “ then, does one
.of the United States vaccination was same but it dropped significantly talk about ? The truth is that Gujarat as a State is “Violent”,
In 2005, 71% of the 4,161 Indian cases of for the fourth and the fifth dose. Since children are “Intolerant”, “Bluffing”, “Revengeful”, “Arrogant”, “Negligent”
diphtheria came from Andhra Pradesh. The study getting the primary dose equally, it indicates that and “Terror-filled” . Let’s not live in lies, half-truths and illusions.
found that between 2003 and 2006 there were parents and community leaders are not opposed to ■ .Gujarat , wake up, before it is too late
2,685 patients admitted to Hyderabad hospitals for the idea of vaccinations, but as children age, proper Fr. Cedric Prakash sj is the Director of “Prashant”, the(
diphtheria cases. The fatality rate was low at 1.2% ■ )health care needs are not met. (
Ahmedabad-based Jesuit Centre for Human Rights, Justice and
but the study saw increase in the rate of incidence
over the years. Diptheria cases were lowest among
infants, but increased with age and reached a
maximum among children of 10-14 years of age.
Bricks of Harmony
Patna : Muslims have joined hands with Hindus to lay the foundation of a new temple, dedicated to
.the sun god, in a Bihar town with the construction of temple, said. According
The two communities got together to lay the to police officials in Kurtha, Hindus, along with
foundation of a temple at Manikpur Bazar in Muslims from surrounding villages, presented a
Kurtha in Arwal district, about 80 km from the show of harmony when each of them donated a
state capital. “Like Hindus, Muslims also brought ■.brick for construction of the temple
a brick from their houses to lay the foundation for

the new temple,” Sudama Yadav, who is associated

Associating Islam with terrorism wrong: Dalai Lama

New Delhi: The perception created by media that Islam is associated with violence and terrorism is
totally wrong, said Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai
Lama at the World Religions Congress held at
Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi on January
17. In his keynote address at the three-day global
congress on World’s Religions after September
11: An Asian Perspective, Dalai Lama said
that people irrespective of their faiths are doing
irreligious things as soon as they are out of their
places of worship. They try to show themselves as
sincere followers of their religion when they are
in temple, church, mosque or synagogue, he said.
The three-day Congress has been organised by the
Centre for the Study of Comparative Religions and
Civilisations, Jamia Millia Islmia and the Faculty of
■.Religious Studies, McGill University, Canada
Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 13
Centre revives plan to Two Muslim women are winners for West Bengal Assembly
By Andalib Akhter
establish Madarsa Board New Delhi/Kolkata:
Contrary to the perception
when somebody asked as
to how she will present
New Delhi: The UPA government at the centre has
revived its plan to establish a Central Madrasa Board to that Muslims, particularly the Nandigram and its need
regulate education in madrasas. The proposal was dumped women from the community for development in the
two years ago amidst opposition from Muslim groups. live in cocooned traditions, Assembly, Feroza shot
The madrasa chiefs feared that the government would two women of West Bengal, back: “My people have
interfere in the functioning of madrasas through such a .have proved otherwise brought me this far. I am
Board. According to reliable sources in the ministry of The women not only sure they will teach me the
human resource development, a cabinet note for a Central jumped into politics, but also things to do in such a big
Board for Madrasa Education has already been drafted. The won the recently held by-
”.)place (the Assembly
note clearly specifies that affiliation to the Board will be .polls by huge margins
voluntary. It also made it clear that the proposed Board An early school Another young Muslim
is aimed to standardise the Madrasa system of education. drop-out, Feroza Bibi, woman, Mausam Noor
However top ministry officials are still in the process of 60, has not only won the has also reached the state
screening the note and having consultations with madrasa well-known Nandigram assemble by trouncing
as the symbol of political of the Bhoomi Ucched
chiefs in several states. The National Commission for Assembly seat, but also her rival, CPM’s Haji
violence and the pan-India Pratirodh Committee
Minority Educational Institutions has also recommended the hearts of thousands debate on using farmland (BUPC), which had led the Ketabuddin, by over 21,000
setting up of a Central Madarsa Board through an Act of of locals who see her as .for industry Nandigram struggle was votes. Niece of late veteran
■ )Parliament. (Reported by Andalib Akhter .their messiah Since 2007, Nandigram seen during the election Congress leader, A.B.A.
Acquitted youth unite Feroza Bibi of
Trinamool Congress
remains the theatre of
political violence when
campaign as the “good
woman from Sonachura”
Ghani Khan Chowdhury,
Mausam Noor, retained
for justice defeated her closest rival,
Paramananda Bharati
the government tried
to acquire farmland for
(which witnessed some of
the fiercest CPM-Trinamul
family bastion Sujapur, in
New Delhi: Over 200 Muslim youth who were of the CPI by a margin Malda district. Her mother
acquitted of terror charges in different states have united a chemical hub that it clashes over two years),
of nearly 40,000 votes. ultimately had to shift who lost a teenage son to Ruby Noor, who passed
to seek justice from the government. These “tainted” Trinamool chief, Mamata .from the area .police bullets away was the previous
youths will jointly place their demand to the government Banerjee described
to rehabilitate them with jobs or fund their studies. They Feroza Bibi, despite The poor woman, a Congress MLA. Mausam
Feroza’s victory‘ as a losing her son Sheikh mother of three, had seen is a social worker and
also want severe punishment for the police and other
”.“sign of change Imdadul alias Raja in her youngest son Raja ■.lawyer in Kolkata
officials responsible for the arrests and the media leaks.
About 170 km south- the battle with police to being killed on March 14,
These youth have not only lost their prestige, but also
east of Kolkata, at the protect the farmland, .2007
their jobs and careers after being wrongly held as terror
confluence of the Hooghly continued her struggle Vo t e r s w e r e n o t
suspects. The youth from Delhi , Mumbai, Hyderabad
, Calcutta and Azamgarh, have been acquitted, and and the Haldi, Nandigram against the state govern- bothered about her CV
the rest freed on bail, after months of detention and occupies a place in the .ment while casting their votes
interrogation and alleged torture.Talha Amir was picked Indian political lexicon Feroza Bibi, a member in her favour, however
up from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, by the Maharashtra
anti-terrorist squad last month on suspicion of being a
conduit between the Indian Mujahideen and the Lashkar-
Railways examination in Urdu
New Delhi/Patna: Minister for Railways Lalu Prasad Yadav seems to be implementing his promises to minorities,
e-Toiba. He was also accused of involvement in the Delhi particularly the Urdu loving people. The latest example Madrasas to participate in the examination. The script of
blasts and the Mumbai attacks. When he got bail two of his promise is to conduct Railways competitive the question was not only in Urdu, but the questions were
weeks later, after the police failed to find any evidence examination in Urdu. Recently Railways conducted group also asked in pure and simple Urdu. It may be recalled
against him, he had lost his IT job in Hyderabad . The D examination in which questions were asked in Urdu, that Lalu Prasad while presenting the Railway Budget
Uttar Pradesh Ulema Council and the Muslim Political much to the pleasure of Urdu students. The competitive for 2008-09 in the Lok Sabha said that instructions have
Council ((MPC) are backing the proposed rally. “The test was conducted in Patna in which hundreds of been issued to permit Urdu as a medium of examination
government must rehabilitate the youth who have been candidates from Bihar,, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, for Group ‘D’ posts in states where Urdu is the second
acquitted of terror charges in Hyderabad and other parts Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh participated. Candidates ■ .official language
of the country because their detention has destroyed their for the first time saw questions in Urdu apart from Hindi
career,” said a member of the Muslim Political Council. and English. This initiative helped several students from

Advt Advt
Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 14


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For all types of diseases and health counseling by Unani Herbal way
)Dr. Syed M.M. Ameen (BUMS (OSM), MD (Herbal Med), Ph.D. (Med), MNSA (IND
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Muslim Perespectives ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 15

Struggling to Survive: Muslims in Slums

There are many Muslim- managed educational schools in Mumbai, but their access to slums dwellers
is negligible. Most of them cater to the middle and upper
.middle class
By M. Hanif Lakdawala DOORSTEP SCHOOL

ifty three per cent of the working in restaurants, garages
Muslim population of or small factories, not only are
Mumbai lives in just extra hands, but enable adult
19 per cent of its land area — labour to seek employment away
an alarmingly disproportionate .from the villages
figure by any standards and Migrating to towns and
enough to give the community cities becomes an important
.leadership sleepless nights component of this survival
Much is written on the strategy where children are
inhuman living conditions in employed in carpet factories,
slums and their role in breeding brick kilns, lock-and-toy making
crime and disease. Contrary to units, the sports goods industry
popular belief, slums are highly and other enterprises in the
structured and regulated spaces. unorganised sector. The ever-
They arise in particular places at increasing numbers of old and
particular times and so are very young migrant workers living
context-specific. Migrants to the in the slums and shanty towns
city choose to live in particular change in the conditions of the children of poor construction .municipal school
in cities constitute the low-wage,
slums on the basis of a host of deprived section? Why zakat and workers, seasonal migrants, The idea is not do to be
low-skill labour for the small and
factors such as proximity to the donations by Muslims does not and other representatives of a parallel school, but the
.medium enterprises
workplace and the demographic ?reach them the unorganised sectors with objective is that kids under any
Those who ask for help;
.composition of the slum There are many issues which no permanent address. They are circumstances should not miss
most often they get the help,
The poor have to redefine can be solved with some focus also human, they are also part school. The teachers of Door
but those who deserve help, but
their survival strategies, in such from the community without of our community, and how can Step School are educated at least
because of self respect do not
a way that each member of the huge investment. Muslim ?we forget them up to Class 10 and are trained
ask for help and they remain
household, including children, intelligentsia is too pre-occupied How the concept of door- according to the needs of the
impoverished and suffer. There
has to contribute either through with decorative issues such step schools work? The bus, school. The children are taught
is a substantial Muslim upper
direct participation in the labour as discrimination, political parks in a regular slot every basic subjects like mathematics,
middle class and elite class who
market or through helping in the empowerment, higher education day while the staff caters to science, social studies in the
do contribute Zakat. But the issue
house as a caretaker. Children, etc, totally neglecting the issues the schooling needs of local .Marathi medium
is why there is no discernible
of the most deprived section of children. If there is a municipal Says Rashida Anwar ,
.the community school nearby, they help coordinator, Door Step School
The pressing issue is .children enroll in it
, Study Centre: “We have a
not political empowerment Alternatively, social
different kind of classroom.
of Muslims, but the high workers look for a site where
In one class itself, children
percentage of illiteracy amongst permanent arrangements can
Muslims. There are many be made for a door-step school of different age groups sit -
Muslim- managed educational in the area, sometimes in an there are some kids who have
schools in Mumbai, but their existing Balwadi or in a space never attended school at all. It
access to slums dwellers is donated by a kind resident. After takes a while to get them into a
negligible. Most of them cater setting up the school, the bus ”.discipline
to the middle and upper .moves on to a new area Doorstep School has also
.middle class Normally, a tin shed is created ‘parallel’ schools for
There is no creativity to tackle erected at the site so that the drop-outs, like adolescent girls
the task of illiteracy. Poorer kids do not have to travel long who do domestic work during
sections of the community distances, then volunteers inform the day, whose needs remain

neither can afford school the parents about the school. unmet. They attend evening
expenses nor find them useful, Most of the time the parents are classes taught in each lane of the
especially when the family is ready. If there is a small sibling slums between 7 and 9 p.m. Once
under-nourished and under- because of which the child is not a Doorstep School ‘graduate’ is
clothed. In some instances, able to attend school, the door enrolled in a government-funded
children from disadvantaged step school provides childcare school, the organisations could
class and poor backgrounds ..facilities for them follow up and conduct study
might stay enrolled in a school The door step school can classes to guide the children
to avail themselves of mid-day
cover most of the construction through the formal school
meal schemes or other such
sites or slum pockets in the city ■ .system
and admits children as young
The community can learn
as three. It also provides books
from the experiments such as
and basic stationery. Door Step
doorstep schools, i.e. school-
School provides the kids with a
on-wheels. These door-step
platform and gives them a good
schools or a classroom in a
bus enables us to reach entire foundation to prepare them for
communities of children a municipal school. If need be,
outside the system: street kids, it even provides transportation
to children to reach a nearby
Clippings from Urdu Media ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 16
Communalism and terrorism are inextricably“
.Sikand America, who are being helped allegations leveled by Katiyar Representative to the UN
Maulana… Q: For some years now, by the Sangh Parivar in India.
I believe that this game started
and Praveen Togadia. Even the
rector of the Dar ul-Uloom,
Security Council, Abdullah
Hus ain Haroon, made a
charges have been levelled
Abdul Khaliq against the Dar ul-Uloom ever since our country’s relations
with America and Israel became
Maulana Marghub ur-Rahman,
has done so, and has said that the
statement claiming that only
the Dar ul-Uloom Deoband,
Deoband of being allegedly
Madrasi associated with terrorism. increasingly close. Muslim
intellectuals, ulema and also
Government must respond to and
answer the specific reference that
can reign in the terrorists
active in the tribal areas of
?Why is this so
The Dar ul-Uloom A: This requires a detailed the leaders of the Dar ul-Uloom Katiyar has made with regard to North-West Pakistan because
at Deoband, explanation, but I will be brief. Deoband have consistently been the Moily Commission Report, these terrorists are associated
stressing the point that this and that the Government must with the Deobandi school of
which played a After the fall of the Soviet Union,
unholy and dangerous game of take notice of Katiyar’s false and thought. What do you have to
the West, principally America,
leading role in the required an enemy to sustain terrorism is being jointly played .baseless allegation ?say about this
struggle for India’s itself, and this it conjured up in by the Israeli secret service Q: But why has the Dar A: The Dar ul-Uloom strongly
the form of Islam. In this project, agency Mossad, the American ul-Uloom not taken any legal condemned this statement of the
freedom from the the Jewish lobby had a key and intelligence agencies and the action against people like Pakistani Representative and
British, has, in leading role to play. Following Sangh Parivar, acting together, ?Vinay Katiyar demanded that Pakistan should
who have sought to place the A: All major decisions of the question him and make him
recent years, been the attacks of 9/11, the Western
blame for this squarely on the Dar ul-Uloom are taken on the withdraw what he had said. This
powers invaded Afghanistan
targeted by certain and Iraq, and, at the same time, Dar ul-Uloom and on Muslims basis of collective consultation statement is also a reflection
forces that have also launched a sustained attack in general. This is clearly evident (shura). As far as I know, the of the Pakistani Government’s
against Islam itself. Hence began from the terror links of some shura committee of the Dar ul- consternation in the wake of
sought to link it a well-planned conspiracy to people associated with the Sangh Uloom has not deliberated on the pressure that is mounting
with terrorism. defame Islamic institutions and Parivar that were unearthed by this issue. We also believe that, on it in the wake of the Mumbai
the chief of the Mumbai Anti- in contrast to the communal attacks. It has tried to wriggle
In this regard, to seek to link Islam and Muslims
Terror Squad, the late Hemant forces, the secular and fair- out of this by wrongly seeking
with terrorism. In such a situation,
Shahid Zaidi, how could one expect that the Karkare, a brave officer who was minded people of our country to blame the Dar ul-Uloom, but
correspondent for anti-Islamic forces would not .recently martyred do not believe in these false in this has been unsuccessful.
make the Dar ul-Uloom an object Q: The report of the Second allegations. The elders of the Dar At the same time [through this
the Urdu Alami of their attack? However, not only Administrative Commission, ul-Uloom have very forcefully wrong allegation], it has tried
Sahara, recently has the Dar ul-Uloom effectively headed by Veerappa Moily rebutted these hollow charges. to mislead international opinion
that was commissioned by the This is for the first time that to believe [its claim] that it is
interviewed rebutted this malicious and false
present UPA Government, has, communal forces have made a
propaganda against it, but it has India that is responsible for
Maulana Abdul also unleashed a jihad against in its section on countering reference like this to the report this terrorism. However, the
Khaliq Madrasi, terrorism. And, besides tearing off terrorism, claimed that the chief of a Government-appointed benefit of this baseless allegation
the veil behind which American of the Jaish-e- Mohammad, Commission as a basis, and was reaped not by Pakistan but
the Deputy Rector global terrorism masquerades, Masood Azhar, paid a secret that is why the Dar ul-Uloom by the Sangh Parivar. Further,
of the Dar ul- it has also sought to expose visit to India in 1996, where has been demanding that the behind this fallacious claim of
he met with leaders of the Dar Government should make the
Uloom, to elicit the growing terrorism within
ul-Uloom at Deoband. On the truth about the report public,
the Pakistani Representative is
India itself, and this struggle the long-standing resentment
his reactions. It .continues basis of this report, Vinay otherwise it would stain the
that Pakistan nurtures because of
appeared in the Q: But why is it that within Katiyar, a senior BJP leader, .Government’s image
[the Dar ul-Uloom’s] opposition
India some forces are seeking has accused the Dar ul-Uloom As far as Masood Azhar is
17th January, 2009 to present a very negative of harbouring terrorists. What concerned, he was never a student
to the creation of Pakistan and
.’the ‘two nation theory
issue of the paper. image of the Dar ul-Uloom ?do you have to say about this of the Dar ul-Uloom. He was
Q: Do you have any other
A: If it is true that the report released from jail by the NDA
Below are excerpts ?Deoband
of the Commission has said government. Top BJP leader message for readers of this
A: This is not limited just
of the interview, to the Dar ul-Uloom Deoband. this, it must present whatever and the then Foreign Minister, ?interview
A : Te r r o r i s m a n d
translated from Islam and Muslims themselves proof or evidence that it has Jaswant Singh, arranged for
communalism, I wish to tell
are being sought to be projected to substantiate the claim. The him to be sent to Afghanistan,
Urdu by Yoginder in the same light. Behind this, allegation that Vinay Katiyar and Singh claimed that this them, are grave threats to the
has leveled against the Dar was backed by the then Home prosperity and peace of our
too, is the hand of Israel and
ul-Uloom, based on the report, Minister, Lal Krishan Advani, country and to harmonious,
is serious, and it is the duty of and on the instructions of the brotherly relations among the
the Government to establish .then NDA Cabinet different communities. We must
its veracity or otherwise. We Q : O n 1 9 D e c e m b e r,
have earlier also firmly rebutted 2008, Pakistan’s Permanent

Advt Advt
Muslim & Education ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 17

Training Centre for Madrasa Teachers

The Centre for the Professional Development of Urdu-Medium Teachers at the Hyderabad-
based Maulana Urdu-Medium Teachers at the Hyderabad- for heads and teachers of Urdu-medium
based Maulana Azad National Urdu schools. More than 400 teachers from
Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) assumes particular madrasas in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,
importance. Established two years ago, Maharashtra and Kerala have participated
University has and funded by the University Grants in these workshops, where they have
been working to Commission, the Centre has been working been exposed to such issues as modern
with heads and teachers of Urdu-medium teaching methods and teaching aids,
promote reforms in madrasas in southern India to seek to inter-personal skills, students’ psychology,
teaching methods in promote reforms in teaching methods in institutional organization and management
madrasas as well as to help broaden the and the need for expanding the scope of
.madrasas .scope of traditional madrasa education madrasa education to take into account
By Yoginder Sikand Says Dr. Mazheruddin Farooqui, noted .contemporary needs and challenges

o reliable estimates are educationist and Urdu scholar who heads Farooqui and his team of four have
available of the number of the Centre, ‘We don’t want to impose major plans for the Centre with regard to
madrasas in India and of their anything on the ulema of the madrasas the madrasas. These include preparing, subjects that they would need as would-be
teachers and students. India probably has from without. Change has to come from with the help of madrasa authorities, teachers, but which they get little exposure
the largest number of traditional madrasas within. For this, it is crucial that we textbooks on new teaching methods for to in the madrasas’, Farooqui says.
in the world, employing literally tens of dialogue with them, and this is what we madrasa teachers, commissioning in-depth These subjects include the history of the
thousands of teachers and with many are trying to do. Madrasas must reform, studies about madrasas and their problems, development of madrasas in India , their
times that number of students on their but only with the consent of the ulema and conducting long-term orientation role in promoting knowledge of Urdu, the
rolls. Despite this, no modern facilities and in such a way as to enable madrasas programmes, up to a month’s duration, for interface between madrasas and the wider
exist anywhere in the country for training to better fulfill their basic purpose of madrasa teachers. The University Grants society and important facets of Indian
madrasa teachers. Most madrasa teachers promoting good and effective religious Commission has provided a generous grant society, besides more technical aspects of
simply enter madrasas after finishing a ’.and community leaders to the Centre to build a hostel which will be modern pedagogy and relations between
lengthy course in a madrasa that takes Working with the ulema of the used by madrasa teachers attending these ■ .students and teachers

several years. Bereft of any sort of madrasas has not been easy. ‘Initially, .programmes
skilled training, many madrasa teachers, many of the ulema we approached to Farooqui tells me excitedly about
so the complaint is often heard, are not come to our programmes were reluctant the proposal that his Centre has just
well equipped to deal with students or and suspicious,’ relates Farooqui. ‘They submitted to launch a one-year diploma
to introduce badly needed reforms in the felt that the government wants to interfere course in teaching, especially for madrasa
curriculum and pedagogy of traditional in the madrasas in the name of reforming teachers. This would be the first such
madrasa education. This is one of the them. It was with considerable difficulty initiative in the country. In order to make
major reasons for what, besides others, that we managed to convince them that our it easily accessible to madrasa students,
even many clerics or ulema who run the Centre has no such intentions and that we most of whom come from poor family
madrasas themselves readily admit is the only want to help improve their teachers’ backgrounds, the fees have been kept
overall stagnation of India ’s traditional skills.’ ‘And now’, he adds, ‘the response nominal—a mere three hundred rupees for
.madrasa system ’.is quite enthusiastic .the entire programme
It is in this context that the work of the So far, the Centre has organized We have structured the course in‘
Centre for the Professional Development of eight madrasa teachers’ orientation such a way as to provide students with
workshops, in addition to eight others an basic understanding of crucial issues

Advt Advt
Interview ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 18
Muslims must get out of this sense of victimization…” Ajit Sahi“
Q: You have been associated with ?Islam must only localize
the media for several years now. How Also, the Hindutva lobby is

do you see the way in which the so- obsessed with military power and
called ‘mainstream’ Indian media
jit Sahi is an investigative reporter with the desperate lust for India to be
responds to or projects Muslims and t h e N e w D e l h i - b a s e d Te h e l k a recognized as a ‘super-power’. But
Islam, particularly in the context of magazine. He recently published the irony of the thing is that while
the recent spate of bomb attacks, in several startling reports clearly indicating it brands Muslims as ‘anti-national’,
which the media, despite the absence that scores of innocent Muslims, including there are an overwhelming
of evidence, has blamed Muslims and number of middle-class
?Muslim organizations for
some former members or associates of Hindu families in this
A: I think the media does not want the banned Students’ Islamic Movement country whose
to recognize or admit it, but it sees these of India (SIMI), across the country sons and daughters
issues from basically a Hindu, or at least have been falsely implicated by the have gone, or
a non-Muslim, point of view. I tell my police, intelligence agencies and who want to go,
media friends that if they were Muslims to settle in the
they would not believe any of this media
the media as being behind various US and thereby
propaganda about Indian Muslims taking terror attacks. In this interview with turn their backs
to terrorism, or at least would be greatly Yoginder Sikand, he talks about how to India. Strange
suspicious of these claims, because these influential sections of the Indian as it may seem,
claims are largely dubious and false. Their media are playing a major role in NRI Hindus
typical answer is, ‘No, we are secular, are one of the
liberal and progressive. We are not
.demonizing Muslims today fiercest backers
communal’. But I do not agree, of course. of Hindutva
I think the way they respond necessarily lobby that
indicates that they are influenced by their pushes son-of-
not being Muslim. A hidden anti-Muslim the-soil nationalism. I think that it is
bias pervades the media, although media these people who have abandoned India
persons who like to call themselves secular called ‘mainstream’ media, even in those communities and castes, in the media. But, for the American life that are pathetically
and liberal would hate to admit this. This newspapers, magazines and TV channels like India’s bureaucracy and the judiciary, anti-national. Why shouldn’t they be first
is reflected, for instance, in the fact that that see themselves as ‘progressive’ or the Indian media has a very heavy over- asked to show their patriotism toward
in most cases of Muslims arrested on ‘liberal’. Now, some might say that this is representation of ‘upper’ caste Hindus, India by returning to the motherland?
grounds of terrorism, all that we have are because there are relatively very few well- who are otherwise a numerical minority I mean, how do you turn your back on
‘confessions’ before the police, which are educated or well-qualified Muslims, but .in our society your parents, on the land of your birth,
not admissible as evidence before courts, I don’t buy that argument. Surely, if you The Indian news media has become its mountains, the air and the rivers of the
because obviously such ‘confessions’ have a staff of a hundred people it should even more blatantly communal and anti- country that nurtured you, and defect to
are often false and procured after brutal not be difficult to find twelve or fourteen Muslim in recent decades. A turning point America, a country founded on genocide
torture. But the media simply projects educated Muslims to employ to reflect came when LK Advani became Minister and still practicing it on a global scale, and
these statements as supposed evidence, the proportion of Muslims in the Indian for Information and Broadcasting in the ?yet be not considered anti-national
population. But I would be surprised if Janata Party Government under Morarji
and then weaves this picture of Muslims Q: What do you think Muslim
any of the so-called ‘mainstream’ papers Desai in 1977. That gave a tremendous
.as terrorists organizations should do to counter the
have even half that proportion of Muslims boost to the RSS, which started pushing
At the same time, there is a distinct demonization of the community in the
.among their staff in large numbers of hardcore RSS-walas
lack of willingness in large sections of ?media
The argument is also often made that into various newspapers. Before that,
the media to recognize the very obvious A: To expect that the media, the
and very deadly fact of terrorism being ensuring a proper representation of the the Hindutva ideology was considered courts, the police and the politicians
engaged in by people linked to the Muslims or the marginalized castes; the so demeaning that people would not would deliver on their own is futile. For
Hindutva camp. Thus, for instance, there Dalits and the Adivasis, in the media even discuss it in their drawing rooms. this, one has to build public pressure.
is huge evidence against Narendra Modi would impact on the media’s quality or It was considered a pathetic contrast to Muslim organizations and ordinary
of being responsible for the massacre of merit. I think this cry about merit is the the uplifting moral ideology of Mahatma Muslims must get out of this sense
Muslims in 2002, and if it was somewhere biggest hoax. After all, we all know that Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, which of victimization in which they are
else in the world Modi would have been appointments in government services and aimed at healing our society and nation- trapped. I can empathise with them,
tried as a criminal, and would probably even so often in the private sector are often .building given the concerted assaults on their
have been sentenced to death or a hundred not made on the basis of any sort of merit Q: In which way does nationalist lives and liberties. But they alone can
years in prison. (For the record, I am at all. Give me another story! I’d rather jingoism feed into anti-Muslim bring themselves out of it. They have
opposed to capital punishment.) I mean, believe that the British are going to come ?biases to mobilize their community and battle,
he should be tried under international back to rule India than swallow the claim A: I think there is a very clear and without doubt in a non-violent way, for
criminal law and charged with ‘ethnic that appointments are always made on the direct relationship between the two. The their civil rights as Indians. What can
cleansing’, but, of course, our supine, .basis of merit sort of nationalism that is being projected they do? Well, if a hundred Muslims
so-called ‘mainstream’ media is not Q: How do you think this sort of by the Hindutva lobby is fiercely anti- were to arrive in a courtroom when an
demanding this. You really can’t expect portrayal of Muslims in the media can Muslim. It is premised on a Brahminical innocent Muslim, falsely accused of
anything else from India’s weak-kneed ?be countered worldview. It projects Muslims, but also being a terrorist, is brought before the
so-called intellectuals. They do not have A: The media is a reflection of the all non-Hindus and those Hindus who magistrate, there would be immense
the guts to correctly describe Hindutva as middle class of any country. It is the do not agree to its ideology, as ‘anti- pressure on that magistrate to record
it really is—as fascism, in the same league middle class that inhabits the media. So, national’. The Hindutva groups say they the statement of the accused instead
.as Nazism unless the dominant views in a middle are willing to accept Muslims so long as of leaning the way of the police and
Q: How do you explain what you class change, the media cannot change they don’t “look Westward”. This is a sending him back with the police, to be
have referred to as the deep and substantially. People have to be sensitized cunning strategy aimed at forever stoking tortured more. need to dread the evil
pervasive anti-Muslim bias in large to realities, but this is not what the media the flames of divisiveness. For what is a state and the public bias that our Muslim
?sections of the Indian media is really doing. This can only happen Muslim worth if he doesn’t look westward, brothers face. (Ajit Sahi can be reached
A: One reason for this, of course, is when there is a fair representation of toward Makkah? Isn’t it bizarre to argue ■ )at:
that there are very few Muslims in the so- all social groups, including religious that capitalism is good to globalize but

U n d e r m i n i n gGaza
Noted linguist, a transfer. They were perfectly
author, and foreign frank and open about it. In
policy expert. Noam fact, they extended settlement
building programs in the West
Chomsky speaks Bank at the very same time that
to Sameer Dossani they were withdrawing a few
about the conflict thousand people from Gaza.
between Israel and So Gaza should be turned into
.Gaza a cage, a prison basically, with
Dossani: The Israeli Israel attacking it at will, and
government and many Israeli meanwhile in the West Bank
and U.S. officials claim that the we’ll take what we want. There
current assault on Gaza is to put was nothing secret about it. Ehud
an end to the flow of Qassam Olmert was in the United States
rockets from Gaza into Israel. in May 2006 a couple of months
But many observers claim that after the withdrawal. He simply
if that were really the case, announced to a joint session
Israel would have made much of Congress and to rousing
more of an effort to renew the applause, that the historic right
ceasefire agreement that expired of Jews to the entire land of
in December, which had all Israel is beyond question. He
but stopped the rocket fire. In announced what he called his and unable to live a decent life settlements, which as Israel Now that control is enhanced
your opinion, what are the real convergence program, which is and if they want to leave, great. knew and as everyone agreed by the collaborationist forces
motivations behind the current just a version of the traditional Or else they will be picturesque were in violation of the Geneva that the U.S., Jordan, and Egypt
?Israeli action program; it goes back to the figures for tourists — you know conventions. The United States have trained in order to subdue
Chomsky: There’s a theme Allon plan of 1967. Israel would somebody leading a goat up a hill either vetoes the resolutions or the population. In fact if you
that goes way back to the origins essentially annex valuable land in the distance — and meanwhile sometimes votes for them, but take a look at the press the
of Zionism. And it’s a very and resources near the green line Israelis, including settlers, will with a wink saying, “go ahead last couple of weeks, if there’s
rational theme: “Let’s delay (the 1967 border). That land is drive around on “Israeli only” anyway, and we’ll pay for it and a demonstration in the West
negotiations and diplomacy as now behind the wall that Israel super highways. Palestinians can give you the military support Bank in support of Gaza, the
long as possible, and meanwhile built in the West Bank, which make do with some little road for it.” It’s a consistent pattern. Fatah security forces crush it.
we’ll ‘build facts on the ground.’” is an annexation wall. That somewhere where you’re falling During the Oslo years, for That’s what they’re there for.
So Israel will create the basis for means the arable land, the main into a ditch if it’s raining. That’s example, settlement construction Fatah by now is more or less
what some eventual agreement water resources, the pleasant the goal. And it’s explicit. You increased steadily, in violation functioning as Israel’s police
will ratify, but the more they suburbs around Jerusalem and can’t accuse them of deception of what the Oslo agreement force in the West Bank. But the
create, the more they construct, Tel Aviv, and the hills and so because it’s explicit. And it’s was theoretically supposed to West Bank is only part of the
the better the agreement will on. They’ll take over the Jordan .cheered here lead to. In fact the peak year of occupied Palestinian territories.
be for their purposes. Those valley, which is about a third of Dossani: In terms of U.S. settlement was Clinton’s last The other part is Gaza, and no
purposes are essentially to take the West Bank, where they’ve support, the UN Security Council year, 2000. And it continued one doubts that they form a
over everything of value in been settling since the late 60s. adopted a resolution calling for again afterward. It’s open and unit. And there still is resistance
the former Palestine and to Then they’ll drive a couple a cease fire. Is this a change, explicit. To get back to the in Gaza, those rockets. So yes,
undermine what’s left of the of super highways through particularly in light of the fact question of motivation, they they want to stamp that out too,
indigenous population. I think the whole territory — there’s that the U.S. did not veto the have sufficient military control then there will be no resistance
one of the reasons for popular one to the east of Jerusalem to resolution, but rather abstained, over the West Bank to terrorize
the town of Ma’aleh Adumim ?allowing it to be passed the population into passivity. Cont. on page 25
support for this in the United
States is that it resonates very which was built mostly in the Chomsky: Right after
well with American history. 1990s, during the Oslo years. the 1967 war, the Security
How did the United States It was built essentially to bisect Council had strong resolutions
get established? The themes the West Bank and are two condemning Israel’s move to
are similar. There are many others up north that includes expand and take over Jerusalem.
examples of this theme being Ariel and Kedumim and other Israel just ignored them. Because
played out throughout Israel’s towns which pretty much bisect the U.S. pats them on the head

history, and the current situation what’s left. They’ll set up check and says “go ahead and violate
is another case. They have a very points and all sorts of means of them.” There’s a whole series
clear program. Rational hawks harassment in the other areas of resolutions from then up
like Ariel Sharon realized that and the population that’s left until today, condemning the
it’s crazy to keep 8,000 settlers will be essentially cantonized
using one-third of the land and

much of the scarce supplies in
Gaza, protected by a large part
of the Israeli army while the rest
of the society around them is just
rotting. So it’s best to take them
out and send them to the West
Bank. That’s the place that they
really care about and want. What
was called a “disengagement”
in September 2005 was actually
Life & Relationships ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 20

Voices from the

of future are the driving forces .”to other peoples’ lives
in our lives. We all spend our Now I feel as if I have“
lives either clinging to the past or dropped my burden down the
ramifying about the future, thus lane. I learnt to live in the
depriving ourselves to enjoy the present and stopped cursing

present. Shubana Bhat says: “This or thinking about my past and
workshop helped me to discover future. My future is based on
the Real Me which was oscillating my present. I have come to put
between the past and the future. my trust in Allah and work for
Despite the ongoing political turmoil curfews and harsh Although all of us know that my future without any fear,”
weather conditions, hundreds attended the 3-day Discover Islam means living in peace, reflects Safoora Mantoo in a
but knowing Islam is altogether .confident tone
different from practising Islam. Says Shayista: “Before
It is difficult to practise Islam joining this workshop, I was
completely, but this workshop has living life like cattle. There was
taught me nothing is impossible no meaning in my life, but after
and everything is possible for joining this workshop, I witness
.”me if I live in the present a total change. I was living in the
This workshop really helped
past, but in the workshop I got
me to ‘Discover Myself’. It
to know nothing is in the past,
helped me to be what I am-a
everything is in the present. I
Human Being” assures Sobia
Hamid who has stopped playing am thankful to Khan Sir, who
the blame game. “I held myself showed me the right direction
Yourself Workshop and living in present. Nasreen and it is a fact that we can act in a
accountable for any wrong for my life through the Islamic
justifies this claim. F. Kacho better manner only when we are
conducted by A.W. because it is I who has to make .”path
states: “My parents have taught .”conscious
a change and make a difference T h e 3 - d a y w o r k s h o p “
Sadathullah Khan me everything in the light of Fatima Jameel says: “I was
in Srinagar on divine teaching, but I feel sorry making myself right, others ”DISCOVER YOURSELF“
that they failed to teach me wrong, blaming others for my 3-DAY WORKSHOP ON
December 20, 21 how to practise them in life. own problems, useless, unhappily
Personality Development through Self-intorspection
.and 22, 2008 By this workshop, I got to give searching for peace here and there. )Based on Islamic Principles(
By Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad practicality to my knowledge I even used to take medicines, The workshop aims to achieve empowerment
learnt from my parents. Now I as there was no peace in my through self Realisation

came to know how to practise mind and in my soul. I could not
y Va l l e y o f my knowledge in life. Khan sleep for the whole night. I was
K a s h m i r, t h e Sahib gave a structure to my restless and I was not sharing In the first day of the workshop your anger disappears and you enter into a
solitary paradise .”knowledge my feelings with anybody. My state of peace and tranquility. You feel free and light and your view of life, people
on earth. Nature endowed my The same views are echoed perception was that nobody loves .around you and the world transforms
land with its bountiful gifts in the by Umer Imitiyaz: “I really me, nobody understands my The next day you get rid off the burden of the past and the constrains the past 
form of snow peeked mountains, imposes on your view of life. You get access to live in the present and create a new
believed that I was a nomad feelings. Although I used to future. You have the power, freedom and self-expression to take any challenge
lush green meadows, beautiful before attending this workshop. pray Salah, but there was no that life throws at you and life is no longer a burden. Your view of life alters. You
waterfalls, fresh water lakes and We all know Islam stands for spirituality, it was like doing five- create a new you, surrendering to the will of Allah. You purify your heart and truly
above all its scenic beauty with complete submission of your times exercise. But this workshop .get connected with Almighty Allah
.which everybody falls in love will to Allah, but how to do has changed my perception and Third day you witness a whole new world around you by demolitioning (fana) 
Discover Yourself” a three-“ your ego. You see life as simple with Truth prevailing and Falsehood perishing.
it was a big challenge for me. context, thus resulting in a change You experience, love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment and bliss, a gift Allah
day workshop was held in the This workshop not only gives .”in my actions and words .has given you to experience and share with others
Valley from 20-22 December us knowledge, but also gives us The workshop helped me“ Unless there is individual transformation there will be no Universal
2008 in the coldest part of winter a practical way of applying that in purifying my thoughts, my ,Transformation. Now we need a revolution, not for changing others
called Chilay-Kalan. ‘Discover .”knowledge words and my intentions,” says but to change ourselves
Yourself’ even proved Francis Saqib Suraya also reflects Zienat Saleem who attended WORKSHOPS IN UK
Bacon wrong who claims, the same views: “It was for the this workshop. “After attending
“Prosperity doth best discover DATES : 20, 21& 22 February 2009
first time that I came across a it for just two days, I discovered Timings: 9.00 to 6.00 pm
vice; but adversity doth best workshop where some practical myself.. who am I and what I
discover virtue”, as Sadathullah Organisors: Aksaa Management & Training Consultants
things were taught (and not am actually on this earth for? I .West Yokshire, U.K
Khan practically described some boring theory). Practicality realised that Almighty Allah is
that vice-versa is possible and Contact: Mr. Kaushar Tai: 0044 781 3811914
was a part and parcel of this there to decide and I am just a Email:
feasible also. The participants workshop. Some basic things creature. Now I respect Almighty
who entered with heavy burdens Rizwan Seedat:
were taught which are there in Allah’s will otherwise I used to
of past and fears of future, after our sub-conscious, but here they .ask why and how”, she adds WORKSHOPS IN NORWAY
three days left relieved enjoying are brought to our conscious level The failures of past and fears DATES : 27, 28 February 2009 & 1st March 2009
Organised by: Islamic Womens Association, Stavanger
Contact: Hussain Noor M. Email: :
Zerina Parker-Knapp, email:
DATES : 13,14 & 15 th March 2009
Organised by: First Global Knowledge Centre
Contact: Mr. Ikram Thowfeek
:Workshop Designed and Conducted by
,)A.W. Sadathullah Khan  B.Sc, B.E (Mech
,Editor, Islamic Voice
Cell: 0091-9845158996/ 0091 80 41126165
Life & Relationships ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 21
Carrying the Message of Love and Peace to
my husband, my mother, my attitude in me. This workshop
sisters, brothers happy. Why? should be conducted in offices
Because, I was willing to live in .for men
It was an the present from now onwards. Rafiq: This workshop was
My children were observing the not about discovering yourself,
emotional moment it was about cure yourself,
changes in me. They are really
for editor of very happy because I am not improve yourself and it was about
Islamic Voice, A.W. scolding, criticizing and giving diagnosis and treatment of some
them orders. I have changed my psychological heart diseases.
Sadathullah Khan Change in understanding and
language. I am giving them this
when he flew over feeling that I do care and love .tolerating others’ views
to Pakistan and Fawad: Before the workshop,
them. I must say Jazak’Allah
I felt as if I was a stranger to
conducted the Khair to you that Allah has sent
myself. I was really on a journey
you here to give this wonderful
3- day Discover .workshop
to discover myself. Now I find my
family members really working
Yourself Workshop Sarah: I was depressed and according to my intentions. I
in Karachi on did not know what to do, felt were so many discoveries at the bounties in this world and in the felt my power of focus, for the
January 9, 10 & stuck, wished my life was short. workshop which I would find .next world. Ameen first time in life. This workshop
Cried, mostly and asked Allah’s almost shocking and oh my God Ayesha: Life before the gave me the key to control my
11, 2009. Over 300 help. And Alhamdulillah, Allah’s is –this Me? Am I doing this to workshop was self-centered. reactions. The workshop was a
Men & Women help came. I realized it is in my my loved ones? I understood the I thought I am responsible at very dynamic one, it was very
attended the hands to make myself happy and word ‘experience’ and I realised home, but I was not. Now I powerful and it filled me with a
I was making myself depressed, why I am so burdened? I have know how to take control of .drive to serve Islam
Workshop and some I did not realize it. Now I know to work really hard to make a my life. I used to blame the Lakho: Life was like cattle,
and it’s a good feeling to know visible change, but I am on the environment and others and now not understanding the real values
of them share their that it is in my hands to make road to change. Jazak’Allah I stopped. I am feeling that I am and principles. I realized during
.experiences here myself happy and Inshallah I .Sir a different person. I am quite, the workshop that man puts
Nazir : My family and me are will, and I have started in my calm and more responsible. I
deeply grateful for your visit to self and my home, with parents,
Karachi. We feel  enlightened and siblings and friends. I am very
energized by the sessions we thankful to Star Link School and
attended. We probably knew brother Sadathullah and I will
most of the things you explained, pray for him to come back soon.
but we never practised. Your May Allah give him success
sessions have given us clarity .wherever he goes
of thought and impacted our Adil: Before this workshop,
personalities as all this was I was never satisfied with what
explained by demonstrations was happening, blaming Allah Salama: Before the have special feelings for my himself in problems. Problems
with absolute simplicity. May and parents for everything. I was workshop, my life did not parents, brothers and sisters. I are self-centered, so we also have
Allah bless you and give you looking for faults in everyone have any specific direction. I am thinking positive for them. power to create solutions. Such
courage and strength to continue and was very stubborn. I had know there is a purpose for me I learnt the art of living in the workshops should be conducted
.with your mission always been a positive thinker, to come into this world, but present. Now my mind is empty,
.very frequently
Irfan: I really had a but still I had no peace. In could not recognize it. After I started a new life with different
attending the workshop, all my objectives. I have cleared my Hadia: I stammer when I
wonderful experience. It is just the workshop, I realized I am
blindness is gone, and all the .mind and heart speak at times, and I always had
a mind-blowing experience. It nothing, thus all the pride and
things are clear and visible. I will Maryam: Before the stage fear. In the workshop I
takes you out from darkness to stubbornness got away, all my
light and helps you to be a good Inshallah practise all the things workshop, I was angry and, rude overcame my stage fear. I took
grudges against my parents,
.human being and spread it among the people. or I can say a person who does up the challenge to speak up.
Allah and friends washed away.
Najma: Before this I feel a heavy load is lifted from .The workshop was excellent not know how to spread love The 3rd day of the workshop was
workshop, I was sleeping, but my heart. I changed my focus Shenaz: Before the but now, I am really a different .the best
this workshop made me wake and I am expecting victory and workshop, I was feeling very person. I know now, how to Khawaja: The day I came
success in my present life. I feel angry, tensed and worried. But spread love and peace. Doing in for the workshop there was
up with full alertness. The most
very lucky to be a part of this now I feel so much light, happy small things for others and then a lot of chaos, confusion, heart
difficult thing was to change
workshop. May Allah bless our and content. The family members in return getting love, really
MYSELF. When I went back ache, pain, suffering, anger
sir, and everyone who had played are also very happy and we all .gives peace to me
home after the workshop on the and frustration. But there was
a role in helping me to attend this are enjoying the light and happy Saira: This workshop was
I st day with full spirit, I was atmosphere in our home. Now an eye opener. There are so always the hope of everything
feeling like” flying in the air” I .workshop being fixed by a miracle, magic
Fahmida: I thought I have I do not see anybody wrong. many things in human nature,
was so happy and had a feeling Strange! I am listening to my which we are not aware of. wand of Allah! By the end of
that “ I got some ‘treasure’” Now, control over my life, but I
children and not bossing them. This workshop led to a positive the second day, my spirit was
realised it was an illusion. There
I can easily make my children, May Allah bless you with all His
Qur’an Speaks to You ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 22
In the name of Allah the Merciful the Beneficent would refuse his judgment. They them through their test when usury, bribes and the prices of
Messenger, be not grieved by those who rush into sent some of their people to seek they have brought confusion false rulings and false testimony
disbelief; such as those who say with their mouths, his ruling. That explains their upon themselves: “If Allah wants come at the top of the list of
“We believe”, while their hearts do not believe. statement: “if this be given to to test anyone, you shall not be what they devour, again, this evil
you, accept it: but if you are not able to avail him anything against quality spreads in all communities
Among the Jews are some, who eagerly listen to
given it, then be on your guard” Allah.” Such people have sunk that deviate from Allah’s law.
falsehood, eagerly listen to other people paying no they have indeed gone that far their hearts into impurity, so Allah In the Arabic original, the term
heed to you. They lift words out of their context, and in playing games with Allah’s is unwilling to purify them.” He used for “unlawful” here also
say, ‘If this be given you accept it; but if you are not law and in being dishonest in will cause them to suffer ignominy connotes the lack of blessings.
given it, then be on your guard.” If Allah wants to test their dealing with Allah and his in this life and grievous suffering Indeed, a blessing is the first thing
anyone, you shall not be able to avail him anything Messenger. It is a stage which in the hereafter: “They will have which is obliterated in deviant
against Allah. Such are the ones whose hearts Allah could be reached by any people disgrace in this world, while in the communities, as we see with our
is not willing to purify. They will have disgrace in this who having received divine life to come, awesome sufferings .own eyes nowadays
revelation, have long ignored is in store for them.” He tells the Allah has given the Prophet
world, while in the life to come, awesome suffering their duties, a situation which Prophet not to worry about them, the choice whether to judge
.is in store for them make their hearts harden and and not to be grieved by their between them or to turn away

Playing Games with

They eagerly listen to falsehood and greedily
devour what is unlawful. Hence, if they come to you
(for judgment), you may either judge between them
or turn away from them. If you do turn away from
them, they cannot harm you in any way. But if you do
judge, then judge between them with fairness. Allah
loves those who deal justly. ( The Repast: Al-Maidah: 5:
Divine Judgement
.Commentary by Sayyid Qutb
Translated by Adil Salahi believe”, while their hearts do the light of faith in their hearts .disbelief. Their fate is sealed from them if they ask him for

t is apparently clear that not believe. Among the Jews has stifled. Evasion of the laws The surah goes on to give us judgment. If he chooses not to
these verses were are some who eagerly listen and duties of their faith becomes further details of their situation: pay any attention for them, they
revealed in the early to falsehood, eagerly listen to the goal for which means are “they eagerly listen to falsehood can harm him in no way. But if he
y e a r s a f t e r t h e P r o p h e t ’s other people paying no heed to to be sought and rulings and and greedily devour what is chooses to judge between them,
(Pbuh) settlement in Madinah you. They lift words out of their justifications should be found. un-lawful. Hence, if they come then his must be a fair judgment,
where the Jews were part of its context, and say, “If this be given Does this not apply today to to you (for judgment), you may unaffected by their prejudices or
community. This means that to you, accept it: but if you are not those who claim to be Muslims either judge between them or their rushing into disbelief or by
”.given it, then be on your guard and who “say with their mouth, turn away from them. If you do their plots and schemes: “Allah
they were revealed at least prior
Some reports suggest that ‘we believe’ while their hearts turn away from them, they cannot ”.loves those who deal justly
to the attack on Madinah by the
these verses speak of a group do not believe. Do they not seek harm you in any way. But if you Allah’s Messenger and a
confederate tribes and before
of Jews who committed certain rulings to evade their religious do judge, then judge between Muslim ruler and a Muslim judge
severe punishment was inflicted
sins including adultery and theft, duties, rather than to carry them them with fairness. Allah loves deal directly with Allah in such
on the Jewish tribe of Quraithah,
which are punishable by specific out? Do they not occasionally try ”.those who deal justly
if not earlier. Most probably, matters and exert the efforts to
punishments outlined in the to pay lip service to religion so Their listening to falsehood
they were revealed when the two establish justice in order to serve
Torah. The Jews, however had that it may approve and endorse is repeated again to suggest that
Jewish tribes of An- Nadheer and Allah because Allah loves those
established different punish- their desire? If religion insists this has become an established
Qainoqaa were still in Madinah. who deal justly. If people commit
ments because they did not want on the word of the truth and habit of theirs. They are pleased
The first of these two tribes were the ruling of justice, they have to listen to evil and falsehood, injustice or perjury or deviate
evacuated from Madinah after to enforce the punishment of from the truth, justice remains
the Torah on those of them who no need for it: “they say, if this and they are annoyed when they
the battle of Uhud in the first be given to you, accept: but if hear the voice of the truth. This above all that. Fair judgment
year of the Islamic calendar and were in power in the first place. is not passed in order to please
They later wanted to waive these you are not given it, then be on applies to all deviant hearts and
the other was evacuated even your guard.” The two situations corrupt souls. Falsehood has its them, but in order to please
punishments of the Torah in all Allah. This is indeed the most
before that. In that early period, are identical; perhaps Allah has appeal in deviant communities,
cases. They replaced them with
the Jewish concocted many of given us such account of the and the word of truth is felt to be effective guarantee provided by
other punishments, as has been
their tricks and maneuvers, and history of the children of Israel, too hard. In these miserable days, Islamic law everywhere and in
done by some of those who
the hypocrites received much so that future generations of false-hood sells like hot cakes, ■.all times
claim to be Muslims these days.
support from them. Both groups Muslims may be forewarned while the word of truth has no
When some of them committed
plunged headlong in disbelief, these sins at the time of the of the slips that lie along their .buyers
even though the hypocrites might Prophet, they thought to seek his .way Those people do not only
have claimed by word of mouth judgment, if he judged according Allah, glorified be He, says listen to falsehood, but they
that they were believers. Their to the lesser punishments which to His Messenger with regard to greedily devour what is un-lawful:
actions grieved the Prophet and they had legislated, they would those who rush in to disbelief and
.caused him much distress enforce them and justify their those conspirators who engage in
Allah, limitless He is in his action to Allah by saying that such schemes: do not be grieved
glory, consoles his Messenger they have enforced the verdict by those who plunge headlong
and comforts him. He exposes to of a Messenger. If he judged in disbelief. They seek to create
the Muslim community the truth that they should be punished confusion and they will fall victim
about those who plunge head according to the Torah, they to it, while you have no say in

long into disbelief, as did some the matter and you cannot help
of the Jews and the hypocrites.

He directs his Messenger to
the line of action he should
adopt with them when they
come to him for arbitration after
explaining to the Prophet what
plots they have concocted before
coming to him: “Messenger, be
not grieved by those who rush
into disbelief: such as those
who say with their mouths, “we

Good Manners and Gentle Character

Commentary by Adil Salahi a mercy to mankind. A sinful Hadith tells us that our characters attitude is not Islamic. Allah tells take him out of the realm of faith

ood manners are very practice is indeed the more are given to us by Allah. This us to work in order to earn our altogether. He is still a believer,
important and difficult choice, although it may means that by nature, we have living. If we do not work, we but his motives have not been
Prophet Muhammad appear easy or more enjoyable. the aptitude to follow a certain earn nothing. The Prophet once refined enough by his faith. The
(Pbuh) rated them as the best The ease and enjoyment can course, or adopt a certain line. It saw a man spending all his time Prophet prescribed for him that
way to ensure a high position only be momentary. They are, does not mean that some of us are in the mosque. He asked who he should repeat praises and
in heaven on the Day of however, attended by Allah’s created liars while others are, by supported him? When he was glorification of Allah. By doing
Judgment. We are using the term displeasure which puts people nature, truthful. We can certainly told that it was his brother, the so, he reminds himself of his
“good manners” as denoting .in very difficult position develop our characters, taking Prophet said that his brother was position in this world and that he

universally accepted virtues, M o r e o v e r, a better worshiper is totally dependant on Allah. He
such as forgiveness, generosity, t h e P r o p h e t Hadith which is of great significance .than him remembers that Allah has given
bravery, forbearance, fidelity, n e v e r s o u g h t ,is reported by Abdullah ibn Masood The second him so much of his grace that
looking after other people’s vengeance for who quotes the Prophet (Pbuh) as sentence in this he should always be thankful.
.interests, etc himself. Seeking Hadith tells us He may remember that when he
vengeance is
saying:” Allah has apportioned to you your that wealth is not fulfills his duty and sacrifices his
The Prophet is the most
perfect example for people to characteristic of a characters in the same way as he apportioned that important wealth and shows his readiness
follow, he practised what he hard person who your provisions. Allah gives wealth to those in an Islamic to sacrifice his life, Allah will
preached and conducted himself finds it difficult he loves and those he does not love, while he v i e w . A l l a h give him more. That may come
as required by the highest to forgive. The does not grant faith except to those whom he gives wealth to in this world or may come in the
standards of good manners. We Prophet was believers and .next life
willing to forgo
.loves non-believers, to
will speak about certain aspects Repeating such praises of
of his character showing that he any personal those he loves Allah is important even if it does
was the one to follow in every injury he may have suffered, but free decisions to be, for example, and to those whom he does not not bring about such a change
.respect he was unwilling to forgive the generous, forgiving, reasonable, love. When we see a man who of attitude. Allah rewards us
The Prophet disliked hard violation of Allah’s strict bounds. etc. This is no different from the is very wealthy, his wealth does generously for praising him and
attitudes and hard character. We can easily see the distinction opportioning of our provisions not signify that he is dearer to glorifying him. More over, we
He believed that there was between the two. When it was a by Allah. It does not mean that Allah. Nor is a poor person less feel our relationship with Allah
nothing worth causing hardship matter of principle relevant to we will get our money whether favored by Allah. The Prophet to be more intimate. We know
or affliction to other people. His what Allah has made lawful or we work for it or not. Allah tells us: “had this world (and all that His grace and bounty is so
wife, Hazrat Ayesha (RA) says ,forbidden certainly does not shower money its riches), been worth even one great that we cannot thank him
of him: “Allah’s Messenger was then the Prophet was or provisions on us from the wing of a mosquito, not a glass enough for it, were we to spend
never offered the choice between unwilling to sacrifice even the clouds. He facilitates for us of water would He have allowed
all our time in worship. After
two alternatives over matters smallest of his principles. He our work and makes our efforts .of it to any non-believer
all, our worship does not benefit
of this world without choosing .honored them all successful. The more we do, the If this world and all its richest
Allah; it benefits us only. Then
the easier one, unless the easier Another Hadith which is of greater are our earnings. People are so worthless in Allah’s view,
great significance is the one we should not hold it as a favor
choice be sinful. In that case sometimes suggest that it is better then being wealthy does not
reported by Abdullah ibn which we do to Allah . We should
he kept furthest away from it. to spend time in worship than to mean that one is favored or
Masood, who quotes the Prophet work for one’s living. They argue loved by Allah. It is faith with remember the qudsi hadith in
Allah’s messenger never sought
as saying:” Allah has apportioned that what Allah has apportioned, which Allah favors those whom which Allah tells us that if all
revenge for himself, unless it
to you your characters in the for us, we will get. That fatalistic he loves, faith gives a person human beings and jinn, in past
is something which violates
same way as he apportioned your good character. He earns respect generations as well as in future
what Allah has consecrated. In
that case, he sought to set the provisions. Allah gives wealth to Whatever in his community even by those ones, were as devoted and pious
those he loves and those he does who do not share his faith. This as the most dedicated believer
record straight for Allah’s sake.
(Related by Al- Bukhari, Muslim, not love, while he does not grant would please is due to the fact that when one to have ever lived, they would
.)Abu-Dawood and Malik faith except to those whom he
loves. He who holds his money
people and has faith, one tries his best to
behave well with others, improve
not increase Allah’s kingdom
in any way. Conversely, if all of
Choosing the easier alternative
is kinder to his followers. He too dearly to spend it (for Allah’s ensure their his manners and adhere to noble them were as wicked as the most
thus taught his nation to prefer cause) and is prevented by the moral values. That is bound to evil unbeliever to ever walk this
the easier course in all matters. fear of the enemy from fighting comfort and earn him the love and respect of planet, they would not decrease
and is too weary to stand up at every one. That is true wealth,
Whatever would please people
and ensure the comfort and night in worship, should often happiness was which is indicative of Allah’s
Allah’s kingdom in any way. As
already said, our worship refines
happiness was always preferable repeat that: there is no deity save
Allah, glory to Allah, praise to be
always pref- .favor
Faith places certain
our characters. If benefits us, and
to their profit. The only provision does not benefit Allah in any
is that this easier course must Allah and Allah is the greatest. erable to the requirements in people. They way. It is only through Allah’s
be legitimate. If it was sinful, (Related by Ahmad, Al Bukhari are supposed to sacrifice their
he would steer away from it. in Al Adab Al Mufrad and Al- Prophet. The money and their lives for Allah’s
grace and generosity that He
■ .rewards us for it
.)Hakim cause. Yet such a sacrifice does
That is to be expected from the
Prophet who has been sent as The first sentence in this only provision not come so easy to all people.
is that the easi- Man is sometimes governed by
his narrow view of this world.

er course must He finds it difficult to part with
his money even for a good cause.
be legitimate. He may slacken when he is
If it was sinful, called upon to join a campaign
of Jihad. He may prefer to rest
Wanted partner to start educational institution

he would steer
from Lower Primary School up to Medical
at night and finds it difficult to College. Person having infrastruct-ure, good
wake up in the middle of the financial background from any part of India

.away from it night in order to stand up for

./ Abroad
:Contact for details
worship. When a person shows 77055 0091-080-93410
such reluctance, that does not E-mail: khazi_08@yahoo.
Our Dialogue - By Adil Salahi ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 24
Ruling on Yoga Using Salat al-Istikharah
Q: A ruling issued by a learned scholar in Malaysia says that Q: An administrative problem arose in our office because a certain employee failed to take the
Yoga is forbidden for Muslims to practice. The scholar urges the necessary action when I put in my requests. That employee pleaded that he was not informed. A
government to make clear that Muslims must not practice Yoga. couple of days later our boss accused me of lying, stating that the said employee told the truth.
.Please comment When I asked on what basis he made his judgment, he said that he used the prayer known as salat
A: The ruling states that Yoga is traced back to Hinduism, and that ?al-istikharah. May I ask whether this prayer can be used in this way and for such a purpose
it has religious and philosophical aspects. If this is the case, then the A: The short answer is that it cannot. It is not a method to establish facts. Otherwise, Muslim judges
ruling is sound and religious scholars everywhere can only endorse would have resorted to it in all cases where they not right. There is no suggestion that a dream should
it. However, many people practise Yoga today without being aware needed to establish the truth and find out the guilty follow pointing out which action to take. When we
of any religious or philosophical overtones. They merely take up its person in any case they are considering. At no time have done the istikharah prayer, we should simply let
aspects of physical exercise and contemplation. While these may be did the Prophet’s (Pbuh) companions or leaders or things take their own course. Thus, if it is a matter of
proper and beneficial to many people, the problem remains that as judges in any subsequent generation feel that they travel and you find out that you cannot make your travel
people advance in these practices, their teachers may lead them on could know the truth through offering this prayer. arrangements easily, then this is an indication that it is
.to the philosophical or religious aspects Your boss is relying on evidence that does not better not to travel. If you want to change your car and
Physical and breathing exercises, as well as contemplation, may exist. The istikharah prayer is recommended by you encounter difficulty in selling your old car in order
help many people, training them to be relaxed. This is certainly the Prophet to help us choose a course of action, to buy a new one, this indicates that you better keep the
beneficial, particularly because life today involves much stress. particularly when more than one option looks one you have for the time being. On the other hand,
Islam encourages both methods. Many are the Qur’anic verses that appealing. Therefore, it is offered to help find an if you call a travel agent and discover that everything
invite people to contemplate on God’s creation and what we see in answer to questions like: Should I undertake this about your travel can be arranged quickly and easily,
the world around us of miraculous aspects. The Prophet (Pbuh) lays travel? Should I buy this car? Will the project I am you have a clear indication that undertaking that trip
much stress on ensuring that a Muslim should try to be strong. He considering be successful? Would I benefit from .is the better option
tells us to teach our children to practise such sports as horse riding, ?this course of action Now your boss is using the istikharah prayer
.swimming and archery In such cases where the answer is indeterminable to find out which of his two employees is telling
All this shows that a Muslim does not need to resort to the because we have no way of looking into the future, the truth. This is wrong and he cannot use it in
traditions of any other religion. What we need is to be free of we offer the istikharah prayer to appeal to God to this way. Any decision he makes on this basis is
all restrictions imposed by such traditions and to follow Prophet help us choose what is best for us. The form is faulty. What he should do is to establish the fact
Muhammad’s advice. We will be able then to overcome much of the to offer two rak’ahs and then to say a particular through solid evidence. If he cannot because it is
■ .stress that life presents supplication. The supplication merely requests God a case of your word against the other employee’s
to make the choice for us and to make us happy word, he should overlook the matter as a case of
Adopted Child and with it. Thus, it removes the burden of making the an unintended error. He cannot label you as liar on
decision from us and makes us trust God to do it ■.the basis of his istikharah prayer
Property Matters .for us
Q: A woman died five years ago, leaving behind her husband, How the choice is made has its own importance.
one adopted son, her father who died subsequently, and a number Many people have the impression that they would have
of brothers and sisters. Could you please explain who inherits
?her and what is the share of each heir Shares in Property
a dream telling them which course to follow. This is

A: Islam does not recognise adoption. If the young man is not Q: My father died eight years ago leaving behind his wife, two sons, three daughters, one brother
related by blood to the deceased lady, he does not inherit anything and two sisters. Both his parents died long time ago. His estate is mainly a house valued today at
from her. Her only heirs are her husband and her father. As she around 1.8 million rupees. How is his property to be shared out? If the two sons want to have the
had no children of her own, her husband takes half of her property, house, how much should they pay to each of the other heirs? May I also point out that the eldest
whether this is in cash, real property, jeweler, or any other form. Her .son used to maintain the house and receive the income from the rooms rented
father takes the other half. Her brothers and sisters inherit nothing A: What I am saying about the sharing out of your father’s inheritance applies to the house and to
everything else he left behind, including any cash .estate
from her. As her father died subsequently, and his wife predeceased
amount, payment from his work, furniture, etc. The complication arises from the eldest son’s
him, his heirs are his children, i.e. the deceased woman’s brothers
Because he had children of his own, including two work in the house and income from it. You say
and sisters. Thus, if the woman’s estate was not divided among her
sons, his brother and two sisters are blocked from that this was the case for several years during your
heirs, it should be divided now. Her brothers and sisters will share
inheriting him. In other words, they get nothing. father’s lifetime. It all depends on the arrangements
among themselves the one half which was due to their father. They
Siblings inherit only when the deceased has neither your father and brother had. If it was agreed between
divide this half among themselves on the basis of one share for each them that the rent was in compensation for the work
.sons nor parents surviving him
■ .sister and two shares for each brother your brother put in, then it belongs to him. If no
The only one of your father’s heirs that has a
such agreement was made, you and your brothers
fixed share is his wife, who inherits one eighth of all
and sisters need to agree some arrangement. If there
his property. The remainder, which is seven eighths, was such an arrangement, you are recommended

is divided into seven shares, one for each of the to consider that it has continued for the years that
.three daughters and two each for the two sons followed your father’s death. If not, you need to
Thus, in this particular case, each of the .look into the matter carefully
daughters inherits an amount equal to that of the The only thing I want to say is that you should
man’s wife. This does not apply in other cases. If sort it out amicably. Unless there is clear and
you want the shares to be determined in figures, unwarranted favoritism to one party, it is better to
then each of the four women takes 225,000 rupees, let things as they are. You make the division now
and each of the two sons takes 450,000, assuming ■.and everyone takes their dues
that the value of the house is 1.8 million. The same
proportion applies to other items of your father’s


Advt Advt
Conversations ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 25

A Verse a Day keeps Satan

Kaleemullah Khan is a bio-science post-graduate and a successful
businessman. Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander met him at his home
located at Salman Farsi Heights near Shalimar Garden, Srinagar. He is
the founder of Adult Quranic Education Programme(AQEP) or the 18-81
Quranic Educational this remark as half-truth and teachings to my friends Then in
Programme. Here he demanding that the correct remark 1978, AQEP began to function
should be like this: “Quran is the formally. Only a minority
speaks to Mushtaq most widely read book in history, among the 1.2 billion Muslims
.about his mission

but simultaneously the least can understand the language
s a student of Sri understood”. How to cure this of the Quran i.e Arabic, but
,Pratap (S.P) College ignorance? How to make people for majority of Muslims Arabic and English) Twenty five and I coach them in Quranic
I once encountered understand the message of Quran? is an alien language. So this classes every week are co- meanings while traveling as I
the Encyclopedia Britannica in These questions continued to programme is a ray of hope ordinated by me in different drop them to school or to tutorial
the college library and went on baffle me. Then I decided to for such people. Talking in Masjids of Srinagar and special .centres
to search for the word “Quran” myself read, understand and context of Kashmir where Islam classes for male and female AQEP does not ask or accept
under the alphabet “Q”. I was then propagate the message of spread through the teachings of physicians conducted separately. donations from its participants. If
astonished by the remark from the Quran to others. Though it Sufis, afterwards no movement Another innovative programme anybody wishes to donate,copies
the authors about Quran that, took me five years to complete was initiated to understand the for students is the “Class On of Quran will be great.AQEP
“Quran is the most widely read my first revision of the Quran, .teachings of the Quran Wheels”. The ‘Class On Wheels’ every year also conducts Hajj
book in history”. This led me but I had read the book cover These education progra- as its name depicts is a class Guidance Programme and
to write a letter to the editors to cover with understanding and mmes are today conducted in which takes place in my spacious I am the chief editor of the
of this Encyclopedia, alleging initially started to proclaim its three languages(Kashmiri,Urdu car with a bunch of students Urdu Monthly” Al-Hayat”.

Undermining Gaza support for the expansion

programs, which are just
Cont. from page 19 criminal programs. The world
at all and they can continue to court unanimously, including
maybe some mutual modification
do what they want to do without the American justice, agreed
of the border. That’s been there
interference, meanwhile delaying that any transfer of population
officially since 1976 when
diplomacy as much as possible into the Occupied Territories
there was a Security Council
and “building the facts” the way is a violation of a fundamental
resolution proposed by the
they want to. Again this goes international law, the Geneva
major Arab states and supported
back to the origins of Zionism. Conventions. And Israel agrees.
by the (Palestinan Liberation
It varies of course depending In fact even their courts agree,
Organization) PLO, pretty much
on circumstances, but the they just sort of sneak around
in those terms. The United States
fundamental policy is the same it in various devious ways. So
vetoed it so it’s therefore out of
and perfectly understandable. If there’s no question about this. It’s
history and it’s continued almost
you want to take over a country just sort of accepted in the United
without change since then. There
where the population doesn’t States that we’re an outlaw state.
was in fact one significant
want you, I mean, how else can Law doesn’t apply to us. That’s
modification. In the last month
you do it? How was this country .why it’s never discussed
of Clinton’s term, January 2001
?conquered Sameer Dossani, a Foreign(
there were negotiations, which
Dossani: What you describe the U.S. authorized, but didn’t
?is a tragedy participate in, between Israel and
Power Generation through Sea Water
Chomsky: It’s a tragedy the Palestinians and they came
which is made right here. The .very close to agreement ur enterprise has been researching on power generation by utilizing sea water (owing
press won’t talk about it and Bush’s problem was that he to its availability in abundance round the year) and has successfully extended a program
even scholarship, for the most neglected the issue. That’s not Hydro Active Power” which is available for application. Our work is backed by our“
part, won’t talk about it but the the problem. The problem is that seven years of research and we are ready for its implementation. We have also studied the different
fact of the matter is that there has the United States has been very efforts to harness sea potential and thereby generate power being carried out by different nations.
been a political settlement on the much engaged, and engaged in Even the popular amongst them such as the Wave Farm Project, OWC and Tidal Fences has its
table, on the agenda for 30 years. blocking a political settlement shortcomings and we understand their complications and assure you that our program is entirely
Namely a two-state settlement and giving the material and different and workable. Given the cost of generating power via thermal, hydro (dams) or nuclear
on the international borders with ideological and diplomatic means, we assure that our methodology if applied would reduce production cost drastically and
would not have any climatic affect over production. Additionally, it would help overcome power
.drought radically
We know that power generation through mechanical process, for example, fuel, gas, coal, wind

pressure, solar system, atomic energy, tidal wave, and thermal power are costly and limited. But
our research by Hydro Active Power to generate power through sea water can generate a maximum
power upto 3000 MV. Another advantage is reduction of cost of per unit and the time taken to
install the unit will not take more than 3- 4 years. Investment cost on the project will be very much
.less than any conventional power generating process
If our ideas sound too innovative, but interest you, we are ready to get together and explain the
.intricacies. We are looking for global financial partners to set up plants on turnkey basis
■ Contact Mr. Muhammad Saeed Khan at

A Kind Word is better than Alms Giving

.Allah desires people to live in peace, love and orderliness. This is possible when every individual adopts sweet language
By Dr. Syed Liaqath Peeran

he holy book, Quran sons of his various duties, points and soul is far better than alms in speech and outward behavior. time that a person is faced with
reminds man of his out that the voice should not be giving. When one cultures the Harsh behavior is due to mental a testing time. It is at this hour
various obligations raised while speaking with others mind and heart to refinement, a aberrations and out of anger, one should show restrain and
and duties, which he has to and the worst of the voice is of person becomes kindly and good jealousy and hatred. When these speak to the needy person in a
fulfill in his life time. The first the ass and the donkeys. When hearted. It is goodness which is qualities are subdued and springs kind and affectionate tone and
and foremost is of his duty and they bray, they bray so loud that important for a society which of love and affection burst forth not show anger or shout at the
obligations towards the creator .it is unpleasant to the ears aims at bringing an Islamic from the heart, the speech of a indigent person. Such behavior
– Allah. And the next is his Charity is one of the way of living. Soft and smooth person becomes soft, kind and .is not appreciated by Allah
duties and obligations towards obligations in Islam, to openly words are honeyed words. It loving. This spreads good culture The writer is editor of Sufi(
the mankind. Among them is or secretly help those in distress instills love and affection in and the society becomes well World. He can be reached at
the man’s foremost duty towards and in need. To feed the poor and the minds of the people, while .mannered and godly internationalsuficentre@ gmail.
himself in as much as to purify clothe the needful. To give alms harsh words breed cruelty and It so happens that some ■ com
his own thoughts, mind and from the wealth in a proportionate hard-heartedness. Allah desires needy persons approach for
behavior and refine himself in manner as laid down in the people to live in peace, love and help when a person is either
all aspects of his living. His holy book. All this is very fine. orderliness. This is possible when not having any means to help
talk towards one and all should But to speak a kind word to a every individual adopts sweet or is so busy in work that the
be respectful, affectionate and wounded heart, to relieve pain language and shows kindness in needy person’s appearance is
.loving of a heavily burdened mind every action more particularly a great distraction. It is at this
Luqman, while reminding his
Towards Light
prayer and it gave me
In the Ring of ”.goose pimples
,hen British heavy weight

Islam Danny Williams stepped into

the ring to face Mike Tyson,
most experts believed that the talented fighter
Danny Williams admits that did not have a chance against the former
undisputed champion of the world. Instead of
an incident in Turkey, guided buckling under the pressure, Danny stepped up
.to the challenge and knocked out Tyson
him towards the faith. “I Like his boxing, the soft spoken fighter’s
approach is well thought out and very methodical.
remember hearing the call to It is clear that fame and fortune has not got to
Williams head,
Salath Timings for Bangalore retaining a humble nature,
Month End Sun Asar Asar Sun and thinking about each
Mid-day Isha
Date Sahri Rise Shafi Hanafi Set answer before hitting the
.Feb 01 5:32 6:46 12:34 3:53 4:44 6:20 7:34 target with his replies.
03 5:32 6:46 12:34 3:53 4:45 6:21 7:34 This attention to detail
05 5:32 6:45 12:34 3:53 4:46 6:22 7:35
07 5:32 6:45 12:34 3:54 4:46 6:23 7:36
can be traced back to his
09 5:31 6:44 12:34 3:54 4:47 6:23 7:36 childhood. “When I was 1999. “It was a gradual process.
11 5:31 6:44 12:34 3:54 4:47 6:24 7:37 born, my father had a dream for me It took a few years of searching
13 5:31 6:43 12:34 3:54 4:48 6:25 7:37
15 5:30 6:42 12:34 3:55 4:48 6:25 7:37
to become the world champion.” before I converted to Islam. I was
17 5:29 6:42 12:34 3:55 4:49 6:26 7:38 Although Williams admits that he not comfortable with the Bible
19 5:29 6:41 12:34 3:55 4:49 6:26 7:38 didn’t enjoy boxing at first and only because there seemed to be too
21 5:28 6:40 12:34 3:54 4:49 6:29 7:38
23 5:27 6:39 12:33 3:54 4:49 6:29 7:39
did it because his father pushed him many contradictions. I started
25 5:26 6:38 12:33 3:54 4:50 6:28 7:39 into the sport, he soon found that reading about other religions
27 5:25 6:37 12:33 3:53 4:50 6:28 7:39 he was good at it. Williams started and when I came across Islam,
.Mar 01 5:24 6:36 12:32 3:53 4:50 6:28 7:40
03 5:23 6:35 12:32 3:53 4:50 6:29 7:40 training from the age of eight and it grew on me.” Williams admits
. The Latitude of Bangalore is 13 North and the Longitude is 77 36> East
n o o used fighters like Rocky Marciano that an incident in Turkey, also
Late Dr. Syed Abdul Zahir M.S., Astronomer and Muhammed Ali as his role guided him towards the faith.
.models “I remember hearing the call
HIJRI CALENDAR Williams believes that bringing
Islam into his life made him
to prayer and it gave me goose
FEBRUARY 2009 become a better fighter because
Safar / Rabi Ul Awwal 1430 it made him more comfortable.
Although Williams found
himself being drawn to Islam, for
“I was always a nervous fighter. a short while there was a battle
SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT Since I have become a Muslim, I inside his head until he started to
am more relaxed in the ring. I was look for answers. “Every time I
1February Safar

6 7 8 9 10 11
5 2 3 4 5 6 7 so relaxed that I dreamt that I was
going to knock Tyson out in the
tried to prove the Islamic faith
wrong, my belief in it became
8 12 9 13 10 14 11 15 12 16 13 17 14 18 fourth or fifth round and it came
true. I believe Allah fulfilled my
Strengthened and there was
an answer to every question I
15 19 16 20 17 21 18 22 19 23 20 24 21 25 ”.dream
Born and raised in Brixton by
Williams cites South African
Rabi Ul Awwal
his West Indian parents, Danny
22 26 23 27 24 28 25 29 26 30 1
27Rabi Ul Awwal February 2 was brought up as a Christian with
Muslim scholar, Ahmed Deedat
as one of his main inspirations in
his two brothers and sister. Then becoming a Muslim and reveals
he went on a whole new journey that his close family and friends
when he converted to Islam in
Miscellany ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 27

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Besides showcasing the skills of the volunteers of technical and static people stationed all over the ,E7, SBI Colony Road 29-177 Bangalore-05. Cell: 9343728824
in the web, it will facilitate a process of finding globe. Volunteering is all about sharing your skills
Nandyal - 518501. A.P S.R.ENTERPRISES
an opportunity for the volunteers in the network to impact the lives of the poor, marginalized and IN MUMBAI No.4, D.C.Compound, K.G. Road,
Islamic Books International Bangalore-9. Cell: 9448404570
of voluntary organization working on different ■.growing people ,Tandel Street, North Dongri ,54 S.J.BAKERY & STORE, Imamia Manzil
social fields. The volunteers are free to choose their .Mumbai - 400009 ,No.173/F, South Cross Street
field of interest from the broad and varied area of IN Goa .Neelasandra, Bangalore-47
Mr. Sarfaraz Cell: 9342812015

Helpline for Karnataka Muslims Islamic Information Centre

Near Musjid Ul Abrar, Sirvodem,
)SHABARI (Magazine & News Paper
M.B.S.Building, H.Siddiah Road, ,#280
At a recent meeting of the Federation of Karnataka Muslim Associations (FKMA) in Bangalore , it was .Margao, Goa - 403601
Wilson Garden, Bangalore - 27
decided to set up a group, consisting of some well- in the Bangalore-based Daily Salar, the group Ph: 9822163132 / 2734442
known Muslim leaders of the state, to provide help might create a special fund for providing legal IN SRINAGAR
IN jharkhand M/S. Abdullah News Agency
and guidance to Muslims in Karnataka, particularly aid to Muslims, and is also planning to set up Mustafa Hussain, Mohalla Park, At PO, ,Lalchowk, 1st Bridge
in the wake of growing harassment of Muslims in committees to deal with the educational, economic, Hazaribagh - 825301 .Srinagar - 190001. Ph: 2472621
the state. The group consists, among others, of the political and legal issues related to the Muslims of IN CHENNAI IN PUNE
noted educationist Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, Mr. .Karnataka M/S. Quality Book Centre, Quality ,Miss. Naseem A. Omer
Shopping Complex. No. 31/2, Triplicane ,C/O. Vogue Furnishers, No. 313
Roshan Baig (MLA), Mr. Naseer Ahmad (MLC), For more details, contact Mr. Naik Vadi (retd. High Road,Chennai - 600005. Ph: 28527118 M.G. Road, Pune - 411001. Ph: 26131160
Maulana Shams ul-Huda, Azizullah Baig (IAS Managing Director, KPTCL) on 9945421111 and
retd.), Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan (KAS retd.) and ■ .Mr. Mir Munir Ahmad on 9880480664 P e r c o p y R s . 15 IN ASSAM
M/S. Ravi Agencies Anisur Zaman
Mr. Agha Sultan. This group will function under Annual Subscrip- News Paper Agent), Agia Road,(
the aegis of the FKMA, which is headed by Mr. tion Nayapara, Galpara - 783101. ASSAM
Qari Mohiyuddin. According to a report published Rs.150 )IN Guwahati (Assam
Mr. S.K. Gani Ahmed

Bangalore Kamarpatty, Musjid Lane,Pan Bazaar,
ADVERTISEMENT Match making for Executives/Doc- Qualified Boys & Girls IN MYSORE
Dealer with all Branded &
TARIFF Assembled Computers.
tors/Engineers/IT Professionals/ WIDE CHOICE OF HANDSOME BOYS, PRETTY Mr. Syed Abdul Basheer .1
Widows/Divorcees from Aristo GIRLS FROM GOOD FAMILIES No. 137, 1st Stage, 3rd Cross, Rajendra
Inside Page : Single Colour, Laptops, Accessories, Cartridge cratic & Affluent Muslim family/ Doctors / Dentists / Engineers / Executives / .Nagar, Kesere, Mysore - 570007
Rs. 100 per Col. cm (free Home Delivery). We also Cutchi Memons/Halai Memon. .Architects / Industrialists / Businessmen Ph: 0821 - 6556432
.Based India / Gulf / USA / Canada
,Front Page : Multicolour undertake repair of Computer, .India/Abroad for the best Match M/S. Hilal Book Centre .2
Rs. 300 per Col. cm .Laptop, Printer & Networking Contact: Fathima Sait DEANS No. 42/6, B.N. Street, Durrani Building,
,Standage Road, Fraser Town ,13/1 MATRIMONIAL SERVICES Mysore - 570021. Ph: 0821 - 2448806
,Back Page : Multicolour St. Johns Church ,#124/6 Flat No. 103, Maria Green, 1st Floor, Ra-
Rs. 250 per Col. cm .Road, Bangalore-5
.Bangalore- 560 005. Ph. 25485608
,makrishnappa Road, Cox’s Town
e-mail:, match- Bangalore - 560005 Nasheman, C-111, Lane 9
: Inside Page Cell: 9845371613, Ph: 41232453 Okla Vihar, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi -
Multicolour, Glazed For Service Rs.200/- Only 01092 - 98452 ALL
110025. Mob.: 0-9891073635
Rs. 200 per Col. cm IN KOLKATA

Printing by Offset, Column width 4.5 MATRIMONIAL Islamic Bookstore - Mr. Zafar
cms, Material : Artwork in C.D’s (format ”CONSULTANT “AMC .66A Park Street, kolkata - 700017
in Coreldraw, Pagemaker & Photoshop) MARRIGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN ,Tajammul Hussain Khan
Positives, Colour Transparencies, Matter
along with payment in favour of Islamic
Match making for
Katerers Lower Chitpur Road, Kolkata - 73 120
,Dr. Shabbir Ahmed
Voice should reach on or before 22nd Professionals/Widows/Divorcees
P16, Narkel Danga Main Road,
.of the month Kolkata-11
From Aristoratic and Affluent ”One Trust is Worth Thousand Expert Opinions“
.Muslim family IN SINGAPORE
Contact: Nazim Ali Khan
Advertisement Manager on Contact: Syed Munzeer Ahmed Agha Celebrated Caterer for any Celebration M.A. Abubakar Marikar
,4th Cross, Rajappa Block South Bridge Road, Masjid ,218
Mob: 98453 22481 J.C. Nagar, Behind AIQuds Masjid .Kool Paradise, # 156, Narayan Pillai Street, Bangalore - 560 001 .Jamae Chulia, Singapore - 058767
Tel: 25544483, 25574815 Bangalore – 560 006 .C/o. Shareef Brothers, # 50-51, Meenakshi Koil Street, Bangalore - 51 Ph.: 62214165
Email id :
E-mail: aghamatrimonialconsultant@yahoo.
Ph : 2559 2667 (R) : 2557 7325 Cell : 98440 11067




Matrimonial ISLAMIC VOICE, fEBRUARY 2009 28


Remit Rs. 300 for each insertion
Kindly send the typed matter in bold letters not exceeding 30 words. Each
additional word will be charged at Rs. 5/- Box No. Advt. to Add Rs.50/- extra.
Matter should reach ISLAMIC VOICE on or before 20th of the month. State
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Cheque / D.D should be drawn in favour of ISLAMIC VOICE. Out station
cheques to Add Rs.30/- as bank charges. Please provide your email ad-
dress as Matrimonial Advertisements will also be on our website www.
Advertisers should send us accurate facts. Only grammatical errors will be
.corrected by the Advt. Dept

Arafat Marriage Link ’A Condensation‘

/ Best Alliance for MBBS / MD / ME / BE / MS
/ MCA / MBA / MSC.Phil / B.Ed / B.Sc / BL Sachar Committee Report
.M.Tech & any other Degree from India & Abroad
It says onus for improvement of Muslims is on
.Also for professionals and business class peoples
themselves and on no one else. It is an essential need
Contact: Vazeer Ahmed
for all NGOs, organisations and concerned individuals.
Ph: 22132808. Cell: 94483 34317 / 99019 69497
.Pages 65, Price Rs. 25 including postage
,4th Main, Chinnaya Palya, Opp. Mico Factory ,#26/2 ,Send M.O in favour of Islamic Voice, #3/1, Palmgrove Road
Near Masjid-e-Ala, Bangalore - 560025 .Victoria Layout, Bangalore - 560 047. Ph.: 25544483


Perfect & good Alliances for Professionals / Engineers / Graduates / Under Graduates / Doctors /Lawyers / N.R.I’S / Business Men’s / Employees /Divorcees from India /
,Contact: Shameem Ahmed Mob: 98451 30331, Off: 080 - 22450108, 1625, 1st Floor, East End Main Road, Near Food Corporation
4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 069. Email:,, Website: