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How to be happy healthy and holy

the exercises are designed to direct the breath to a certain area and stimulate, relax and purify and massage from within.

P. 60

If you think you have strong nerves:

Lie on your back, legs up and behind head, toes on ground (plough pose), hold with relaxed breath, legs straight ,for three minutes,keep legs straight, slowly lower hips to the ground, stop when legs are at ninety degrees, hold for ve minutes...long deep breathing...

P. 61 Pancreas ect. and for lower back ect. Sit on heels, hands on thighs, push out navel point, inhale, exhale, let spine collapse back, repeat rapidly, with vigorous breath, 108 times.

Adapted from:

Front Cover:

Back Cover: (Photos of Michael "Singh" North demonstrating Kundalini Yoga (1971) on the roof of Rochdale College,Toronto) Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan of New Delhi,India