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Useful STUFFS For Your Game Play Available @commands are available for you to see when you

type @commands in game . @autolootitem This is an autoloot command. Aside from the @autoloot (which will enable you to loot ALL of the monster drop), @autolootitem enables you to loot a specific item only. For example, if you want to loot blue herb, type: @autolootitem blue_herb or if you know the item number, you can replace the name with the item number. Also, @autoloot can be used to loot items with a certain percentage. For example , you want to loot only items that drop for 50%, type: @autoloot 50 @autotrade : Allows you to vend online while client closed. @changegm : Change guild leader. @go : Warps you to specific location. (do @go for a list) @gstorage : Opens guild storage. @idsearch <(part of) item name> : Returns corresponding item ID. @ii : Displays item information. @jailtime : Returns remaining jail time. @me : Displays message in a /me IRC style. @mi : Displays monster information. @hominfo : Returns info on your homunculus. @homtalk : Makes your homunculus talk. @showexp : Displays EXP earned while leveling. @storage : Opens Storage. @time : Returns server time. @warp : Warps you to given map. (x and y optional) @who2 : Returns basic information on online players. (name optional) @whodrops : Returns monsters given item. Custom commands made by and for DarkRO @autolootitem : Autoloots given item. @bot <(part of) player name> : Send alert message to online GMs for a possible b ot. @commands : Display this message. @dance : Makes you dance. @garbage : Allows you to bypass dropping delay but items will disappear when dro pped. @lock/@unlock : Lock or Unlock your account (talk to Security NPC to set up a pa ssword) @noallychat : Filters alliance chat or not. (PM to 'Alliance' to use alliance ch at) @nobc : Filters broadcasting messages from players. (not GMs) @pk : Changes your PK state so that you may attack/be attacked or not by other p layers. @rcs : Warp you to the Helper's town and creates a chatroom with your question. @seeitems : Shows item or not on the floor. (useful for PVP) @sleep/@afk/@brb : Makes you sleep. @ss : Searches player's shop for given item. @status : Displays a list of the states you're in. @viewpk : Allows you to see which PK state others have. Custom @go locations @go mall : Warps you to the shopping mall. @go base : Warps any siths to the sith base. @go pvp : Warps you randomly to the PVP Izlude. @go gvp : Warps you randomly to GVG Prontera. @disco : Warps you to dancefloor in Comodo. @go dun1/2/3/cursed : Warps you to any of the custom leveling dungeons. RO commands

/notalkmsg or /nm : General chats will not be shown in your chatbox only whisper s, party chat, gm announcement and guild chats are allowed. /notalkmsg2 or /nm2 : Same function as /notalkmsg (/nm) but this time even guild chat is blocked. /noctrl or /nc : Automatically attacks the monster without pressing the ctrl key . /noshift or /ns : Able to attack/cast spell on players without pressing the shif t key. Can also be used for Resurrection Bombing (Ygdrassil Leaf) and Heal Bombi ng. /bingbing : Rotates your character counter-clockwise. /bangbang : Rotates your character clockwise. /doridori : Turns character's head left/right. /aura : toggles on/off aura effect. /set1 : Switches /noctrl, /showname, and /skillfail "on" if they're "off" or vic e versa. /lightmap : Toggles on/off the use lightmap from the RO set up /fog : Toggles on/off the enable fog from the RO set up /mineffect : Simplifies effects. /font : Makes your character name appear above you instead of below you. /quickspell or /q1 : Use the skill assigned on the F9 hotkey by right-clicking. /quickspell2 or /q2 : Rolling mousewheel upward to use the skill assigned in F8, rolling mousewheel downward to use the skill assigned in F7. /miss : Toggles the %u20AC%u0153Miss%u20AC sign when you miss hitting a target. /notrade or /nt : Automatically cancels trade request from other players. (Use t his in WOE please) /battlemode or /bm : Typing it will cause the following: Q - O keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #2. A - L keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #3 Z - > keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #1 You cannot chat while this command is activated, if you do want to chat press "s pace bar" once and type what you want to say then enter. Chatbox changes into a purplish color whenever /bm command is enabled. /skillfail or /sf : Removes the "Skill Failed" message. /showname : Changes your character's name display and font /emotion : Shows the current emoticon listing /emblem : Removes guild emblem /h or /help : Displays the list of commands/keys available. /memo : Memorizes warp point. (For Acolyte/Priest/Monk/Super Novice class only) /savechat : Saves your chat log. /where : Displays your current location including the x,y coordinates. /w or /who : Displays current number of players online. /sit : Makes your character sit, otherwise it make your character stand. /stand : If your character is sitting it makes your character stand, otherwise i t make your character sit. /effect : Toggles magic/item effect on/off. /skip : Lowers your frame rate speed /tip : Displays the tip of the day. /bgm : Toggles background music on and off. /sound : Toggles sound effects on and off. /v (0-127) : Adjusts the sound effect volume. /bv (0-127) : Adjusts the BGM volume. /ex : Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored. /ex (Character name) : Ignores the specified character. /exall : Blocks all whispers from anyone. /inall : Accepts all pm from anyone. /in (Character name) : Un-ignores the specified character. /chat : Opens the create chatroom dialogue box.

/camera : Toggles camera zooming on and off. /q : leaves a chat room. /snap : Snaps the battle cursor on or off. /skillsnap : Snaps the skill cursor on or off. /itemsnap : Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off. $ (i.e. $Hello) : Sends a message to your guild. % (i.e. %Hello) : Sends a message to your party. Note: When a command is activated there will now be a notice if it is ON or OFF. /blacksmith : Displays your Blacksmith's/Whitesmith's ranking on the fame system . /alchemist : Displays your Alchemist's/Creator's ranking on the fame system. /am or /automsg : An Auto Message that you can edit so that when AFK the client will automatically message the person who PMs you. Keyboard Shortcuts -----------------------ESC : Open/Close menu to end the game or return to the main menu Insert : Character Sit/Stand. (Basic Skill Level 3 Required) Page Up or Page Down : Scroll up or down while in the text windows. (Mouse wheel can be used as well) Shift + click on Character : Follow a character that was clicked on (left or rig ht click on character using mouse) Ctrl + tab : Adjust the mini map's mode (transparency off / on / no mini map) Ctrl + v : Activate / Minimize Basic Info window Alt + a or Ctrl + a : Open / Close Status window, Activate / Minimize Status win dow Alt + q or Ctrl + q : Open / Close Equipment window, Activate / Minimize Equipme nt window Alt + o or Ctrl + o : Open / Close Option window, Activate / Minimize Option win dow Alt + e or Ctrl + e : Open / Close Inventory window, Activate / Minimize Invento ry window Alt + h : Open / Close Friend window Alt + I : Open / Close Friends Setup window Alt + z : Open / Close Party window Alt + p : Open / Close Party Setup window Alt + c : Open / Close Chat room window Alt + s : Open / Close Skill Tree window Alt + F10 : Open / Close Chat window ALT + M : Shortcut Keys window Shift + Click Direction : Change where your character is facing to the direction you click without moving ALT + D : Open / Close Arrange Detail window, Adjust sprite and texture resoluti on Alt + Home : Ground cursor on / off Alt + End : Character Status Bar on / off (HP & SP Bar) F1 to F9 : Use items or skills in the Hot Key window F10 : Adjust chat window size F11 : Exit all windows except Basic Info and chat window F12 : Open/Change Page of the Hot Key Window ALT+ Enter : Send your guild a message CTRL + Enter : Send your party a message CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click Drag : Change camera angle to the lowest possible SHIFT + Right Click Drag : Slightly change the camera angle CTRL + Right Click Drag or Rotate Mouse Wheel : Zoom in/out the camera CTRL + c : Copy Shift + Insert : Paste