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MIHAEL STOICA 596, Forestwood Crest. Burlington L7L 4K3 Phone 905-633-9438 Cell 905-630-5345 E-mail servus@cogeco.

ca Web PROFILE: Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer position involving: Computer aided design in conjunction with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment Automation and industrial robots professional design 15+years conception and design experience SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Conscientious, productive, honest Very reliable, quick learner, punctual Able to work independently and well organized Grasp new ideas quickly Excellent team player CERTIFICATIONS: PEO eligible registration #100181528 Certificate of Completion AutoCAD 2D (Autodesk) Certificate of Completion AutoCAD 3D (Autodesk) Certificate in EUCLID 3D used for Advanced 2D-3D modeling CAM (MATRA DATAVISION) Certificate of Quality Assurance (ISO 9000, 1, 2 and 3) Training Certificate of Training Course for Internal Auditors Member of Associations of Romanian Engineers in Canada AREC Yellow badge radiation protection NEW (Bruce Power ON, Point Lepreau NB) Governmental security clearance valid Nov 2010 PERSONAL ACHIVEMENTS: Centering device Patent # 104098 available upon request Innovations: Multi-axles device (work on milling machine) Milling on the lathe (heavy shafts) Trimming device (for thick steel sheet) EDUCATION: July 1990 - Master Degree of Mechanical Engineer (2 years program) Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara, Faculty of Industrial Robotics, ROMANIA July 1983 - Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineer (5 years program) Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nov 2010 Aug 2012 Whiting Equipments Sr. Design Engineer Welland Design using Pro E Shipping modules for pressure vessels : vapor heads, crystallizers, condensers Zirconium Fusion Furnace Aug 2009-Oct2010 CANDU Service Sr. Design Engineer, AECL Canada- Mississauga Design using SE Calandria vessel debris removal tools Metal sheet scoops for training Solid scoops for sampling Solid scoops for removal

Metal sheet vacuum funnels Surface follower vacuum end tool 2 inlet cyclone Calandria vessel inspections Pin surface detector assembly Chisel assembly Modeler for Bruce Power unit 1 & 2 champagne Nov 2009 Modeler for Bruce Power unit 2 champagne Dec 2009 Modeler for Bruce Power unit 1 champagne July-Aug 2009 Feeders cleaning tooling design

Jun 2007 Jun2009 Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer- AUTOMATION TOOLING SYSTEMS, Cambridge Design using Solid works 2007 Insert retaining ring / check ring and bearing presence Check spline shaft /laser bar code mark Laser station Dial table : Insert cover/Insert screws/Check screws presence/Unload Robot in feed conveying system Unload slide Unload table IR cure panel Feed table, deck assembly EOAT for elevator Shuttle pallet Clamping Load conveying system Transfer box to in feed conveyor Degater machine - Magna Automatic scraper machine 6NSilicon Automatic feeder machine- 6NSilicon Mobile frame feeder 6NSilicon Automatic dispenser- 6Nsilicon Aluminum cutter machine - New product Testing fixture vents Honda Aliston

Aug 2004 May2007 Lead Design Engineer, CIMTEK AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, Burlington Design using Solid Edge V18 Element Aging Station-DELPHI, Kokomo Hazard Switch Warning-OMRON, Oakville Universal Floating Switch Tester-OMRON, Oakville Position Tester- SEAGWAY 4 button press, sound level, photo eye Tester SEAGWAY Mini Helmoz Coils magnetic tester- DELPHI, Kokomo Telescopic torque arm Chrysler BENTELER 2nd Gun caliper install Chrysler BENTELER Lubricating station for 8 bushing press insert Chrysler BENTELER 2 Guns lock in place mechanism Honda ALLISTON Head rest press Lear G.M. Universal balancer arm- Toyota -Cambridge May 2003 Jun2004 Lead Design Engineer, ROHWEDDER AUTOMATED SYSTEMS, Markham Design using Solid Works 2003 Grease nests (8 stations 4 cells)(Valeo) Cell rotary table 4 stations, load/unload riveter for 16 pins outlet ,pick and place, leak test Pico spot-welder (Bosch)

Press and clamping installation for connection plate + tooling (transmission Chevy Avalanche)

Double rotary table, vibe infeed, thread check, pneumatic blow ,distributor for 6 bolts + tooling
(GM) DETROIT Water pomp gasket feeder + tooling (GM) DETROIT Retrofit auto parts checker SLIDE MASTER Step lift feeder ICD Automated station for 2 operations: spring winder and mount bracket for seat adjuster + tooling Brose London Pick and place to transfer the adjuster to next station.

Jan 2000 Feb2003 Design engineer, NEW AUTOMATION, Burlington (Closed bankrupt) Design using Solid Works 2001 In feed conveyor DOFASCO DE MEXICO Unload table - DOFASCO DE MEXICO Magnetic crane - DOFASCO DE MEXICO Laser loader CINCINNATI Cross transfer ROCKETT In feed conveyor + clamping cylinders + measuring cart + carrier cable-ROCKETT Cutting table (5 axis plasma cut) ROACKETT Enclosure + collecting bin + exhausting system ROACKETT Out feed conveyor + kick off system ROACKETT Transfer car using timing belt NORPAK / PEPSICO Pallet Stacker / De-stacker - NORPAK / PEPSICO Conveyors line - NORPAK / PEPSICO Scissor lift Pallet Stacker / De-stacker RAPISTAN DEMAG Turn table RAPISTAN DEMAG Lift conveyor KNOLL FURNITURE Transfer car FKI / DUPONT KINGSTON Side, end and pop-up cross transfer conveyor using pop-up driven rollers FKI / DUPONT Pop-up skate wheels cross transfer conveyor- FKI / DUPONT KINGSTON Shuttle conveyor FKI / DUPONT KINGSTON Double transfer car with double turntable NISSAN / HANDLING SYSTEM Conveyors line - NISSAN / HANDLING SYSTEM Clutching sensor rollers - NISSAN / HANDLING SYSTEM Load conveyor pneumatic pick and place (lift and shuttle) unload belt conveyor WESTROC INC Automatic spot welder +tooling SELKIRK Robot glue cell +tooling AUTOSYSTEMS Cap applicator (tooling application) PFIZER Web guide conveyor(tooling application) PFIZER Viagra vision system PFIZER Reverse osmosis installations Jan 1990 Design Engineer, Head of Design Dpt., HEAVY EQUIPMENT, ROMANIA Coordinating the activity of design and research focus in: Increasing the quality of products (machining and heat treatment field) Machine-tools, special tools and dies (casting, forging and injecting) Improving efficiency of technologies Sept 1983 Design Engineer, Group Leader ,Design Dpt. HEAVY EQUIPMENT,ROMANIA Coordinating the activity of research and design

COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE: Utilities: Solid Works, Solid Edge, Inventor, Pro E, Iron CAD, Visual Basic, MS Office. Programming languages: Basic, C++, FORTRAN.

Operating systems: MS-DOS, WINDOWS, MAC

LANGUAGES: English fluent French fluent German fair Romanian mother tongue HOBBIES AND Building and designing electronic devices Mechanical repairing Fishing REFERENCES: By request