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Exercises in Sanskrit Translation (With Guide Lines for Translation From Sanskrit to English & Vice Versa) by T. K. RAMACHANDRA AIYAR, M.A., B.0.L. Retd, Principal. Government Sanskrit College, Tripunithura, Kerala State. PUBLISHED BY R. S. VADHYAR & SONS, Book-Secters & PunLisHERS, KALPATHI :: PALGHAT - 678003 S. INDIA, 2004 EXERCISES IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION by T. K. Ramachandra Aiyar, M.A., B.O.L. Retd. Principal, Government Sanskrit College, Tripunithura, Kerala State. All Rights Reserved Published By R. S. Vadhyar & Sons Book Sellers & Publishers Kalpathi : : Palghat 678 003 Printed at Rajan & Co. Printers 1, Goomes Street MADRAS-600 0C1. PREFACE By introducing this book we are supplying a long- felt need of college students for a book that will serve as a self-instructor in Sanskrit Translation. There are Books giving a collection of graded exercises and glossary but a modern college student requires some guidance without which he may not be able to translate the passages, In my days as a lecturer in Arts College, I used to devote one hour every week for oral work and guidance but now-a-days there is neither the time nor the atmosphere to do such oral work in colleges, In the guidance, I have stressed the importance of studying by cote the Siddharupas (Declensions and Conjugatione) as it has become a fashion of modern educationists to condemn the traditional method of studying by-heart, For Sanskrit study the Siddharupa' is like the multiplication table to mathematics, and for young boys, it is not a difficult job to master it, Formerly, Siddharupa was taught in the High School classes and sufficient time was allotted for the same. Now condi- tions have changed and the students have to be told