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British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the The Kingdom of God on Earth Deception

From Ken Adachi <> July 10, 2005

British Israel Uses Christian Fundamentalist Evangelicals to Promote the Kingdom of God on Earth Scheme to Deliver Up A One World Society-Both Feudal and Fascist
British Israel is a term used by Helen Peters in her 1970 book The Union Jack, to describe the manipulative efforts of elite British oligarchs to create a one world feudal society-controlled by British oligarchs of course-by rst creating the state of Israel (the 1917 Balfour Declaration), and then using Christian fundamentalists to promote the idea that Christ will physically return to Earth and will rule a Kingdom of God on Earth for a thousand years (the Millennium) from His throne in -you guessed it-Jerusalem. The only problem is, after those million upon millions of Christian fundamentalists passively give up their constitutional liberties, their countrys sovereignty, and their freedom in the mistaken belief that the Apocalypse/Armageddon and End Times scenario is an inevitable prophecy from God that must take place before we can be delivered

into the happy world of the New Millennium, they will nally discover that theyve been delivered into a satanic, feudal slave society that will no longer tolerate any talk of Christ or Christianity- assuming they are still alive to enjoy the Kingdom of God on Earth. The frontline promoters and propagandists of the Kingdom of God on Earth scenario include all the well known TV evangelical personalities like Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Robert Shuller, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe, Jerry Falwell, Paul & Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting , Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, Fred Price, Kim Clement, and Kenneth Hagin among others, but their ranks are also swollen with lesser known evangelical, pro-Israel promoters who show up on UHF, cable TV, and radio stations every Sunday morning to pitch the soon-to-be-realized Great Tribulation and End Times prophecies. The Illuminated Ones play both sides of the Christianity card to manipulate the gullible into delusion. They either utilize pseudohistorians like Acharya S ( The Christ Conspiracy, The Greatest Story Ever Sold) to sell the idea that Christ never even existed, or they use their opposite, the fundamentalist Kingdom of God on Earth promoters, to sell the Apocalypse/Armageddon/End Times package. Either way, the naive and gullible lose. They either lose their spiritual foundation altogether and acquiesce to the humanistic or Masonic Gnosticism ploys, or they go whole hog into cheering for Armageddon and the End Times scenario to unfold so they can get it over with and race into the arms of Jesus who will greet them from His golden throne in the newly rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. These End Time prophecies have no relationship whatsoever to the words or earthly mission of Jesus Christ. . Sincere Christians need to recall an important statement that Christ made while on Earth. Christ said that My Fathers Kingdom is not

of this world. Christ was specically rejecting the notion being promoted by a dominant Jewish sect of the day known as Pharisees. The Pharisee priests had been predicting that a Messiah would come to earth and establish a Kingdom of God and rule from his throne in Jerusalem, after overthrowing the Roman oppressors who ruled Judea at the time. This is EXACTLY the same tale that the above named Christian fundamentalist preachers are selling to multitudes of deceived people around the world. Its Pharisee-ism plain and simple! Once this realization sinks in-and you need to remember that it was the Pharisee priests who got Pontius Pilate to condemn Christ do deathyou can then begin to remove the mist from your eyes and recognize these fundamentalist Christian propagandists for what they are-agents of the satanic British oligarchy. Christ came to Earth to remind humanity that man is more than esh; that man is spirit clothed within an outer vestment of esh. Christ wanted to remind mankind that the virtues of love, honor, and forgiveness were the most important attributes to guide your daily life. Christs example thoroughly rejected the materialism, corruption, and deception so plainly witnessed in the lives of the above named End Times propagandists. Honest Christians need to awaken and throw the satanic inltrators within their midst-and in their pulpits-out of their churches and return to embracing the true message of Christ. The articles posted below will further illustrate the deception (and the promoters) of the End Times hoax described above. Helen Peters book, The Union Jack, will also be posted in its entirety as time allows.

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